My Pony


You asked to become my pet, my slave. But do you know what that truly means? I hope so. I could love you like none other has ever loved you, but I also will possess you as no one has ever possessed you. I want you for mine, always, by my side, at my feet, when I casually reach down I want you to be there waiting for my every command. I want to look into your eyes and see the submission reflected there, the shadow of your desire flickering in the depths of your dark eyes with my every touch. To feel your flesh quiver beneath my hand whenever I touch you. To make you mine…always mine.

I want to strip you naked before me and watch the play of your muscles as I run my hand down your back to your buttocks and down each leg…a gentle loving caress. Rub my body against you and hear the catch in your breath as my soft warm breasts stroke you. Nuzzle you with my soft cheek, letting the long tresses of my fiery red hair trail down your shoulders and back as my cheek brands you, kissing softly down the centre of your back to your lower back just above your waist and then licking straight up to the back of your neck, biting the back of your neck while my soft growls fill your ears.

I want to reach around and pull you back against me as I hold you captive in my jaws, trail my hands down your belly and touch you lightly with my nails. Feeling the shudders ripple through you I would curl my fingers around your cock and stroke you ever so gently, barely gripping you, enjoying the satiny feel of your flesh in my hand. I know you would struggle some, and your moans of pleasure would be the sweetest sonata, not even Mozart or Beethoven could write such beautiful music as that which you make in your pleasure.

I would step back and look at you watching you struggle with the feelings and sensations and then walk in front of you and run my piercing gaze over your body noting every flex of muscle, every heaving pant, every throb of your cock. Slowly I would peel off my panties and stand there before you and slide one finger between my shaven Bycasino lips and let you watch me finger myself. As my juices began to flow I would step close and remove my finger from my pussy and slowly lick it off and then kiss you, letting you taste me in the kiss, the sweetness of my mouth amplifying the salty sweetness of my juices.

I would look into your eyes and see the desire and longing reflected there, it fuels my arousal and I can feel the tightening inside me as I become even wetter. Your eyes would roam over my body and as I stepped away from you I know you would see the glistening moisture staining my thighs. As much as I love those beautiful eyes of yours I don’t want you distracted and so I come back to you with a blindfold in my hand. Lined with the softest silk and covered on the outside by black leather I slip it over your head and fasten it securely behind your head. My hand lingers on your head and I pull your head forward and press my lips against yours harshly, bruising your lips on my teeth before my tongue slips into your mouth and begins stroking your mouth and tongue in and out with suggestive rhythm.

I love the way you taste but I also know that you would be straining to hold yourself in check and I do not want to punish you for misbehaving, at least, not yet. I break off the kiss and step away from you, I can sense the tension and slight fear at losing your sight. I walk away and you can hear my feet on the floor as I walk away and then back to you and a cool soft piece of thick leather slips around your neck and you can feel me tighten it and fasten a collar around your neck holding your head up. I like the way you look, so helpless before me.

I then take your hands and pull them behind you and fasten a pair of thick leather cuffs around your wrists, a long chain falls from each one and the cold metal swings against your buttocks and thighs. I take the chain and pull it up your body and across your back and shoulders as I fasten each chain to the rings on the collar pulling your wrists Bycasino giriş up and your head back holding you immobile. I love the way you tremble as I run my hands over you, tugging on the chains and forcing your head back further then releasing them and watching the relief run through you.

I move in front of you and you can feel the heat of my body against yours as I grasp the thick ring of the collar and tug you forward, you stumble blindly at first and then carefully follow me your steps so unsure and I know that you feel completely helpless as you have to rely upon me to guide you safely wherever it is I am taking you. I stop and push you forward until the cool hard wooden surface of a table bumps against your thighs and I pull the collar down causing you to have to bend carefully forward and rest your weight on the cold tabletop. My hands move down your backside and caress your ass cheeks softly and my hands grip them and squeeze them before spreading them wide.

You feel a cold chill as I drip some lubricant over your exposed asshole and then jump as I slide a finger in you. So tight, I can feel you try to resist and I stroke your back with my free hand to relax you. Still my finger probes your asshole, sliding it in deeper and curling my finger inside you, letting you feel me invade you. Then you feel my finger slip out and two fingers are inserted, stretching you more. You are shuddering against this invasion and I know sounds of protest are on your lips. You know you can’t stop me from taking you this way, bent over a table, blind and bound. I want to take you right then and there and fuck you, but I too must exert restraint and I merely withdraw my fingers and pat you on the back softly. You relax then, the tension not as fierce but as your ass cheeks are spread once more you tense again and a slight whimper escapes your lips.

You feel pressure against the tight ring of your asshole and you shift trying to escape. “hush pet, relax” my words ever so soft caress your ears and you hold still again. I know Bycasino deneme bonusu you are afraid but I also know that you want to please me and I know that I can have my way with you. I increase the pressure and your asshole opens slowly to accept the butt plug that I am seeking to insert into you. It is rather large and heavy and you can feel hairs stroking your thighs and buttocks as it slides in more. The base so wide it stretches you and you whimper again, almost crying out at the slight pain, but it is fleeting as your asshole slips over the wide base and snaps securely around the narrowed neck. Now you can feel it, a tail, long and full, falling to your knees. Each movement causes it to slap against you, tickling your sensitive skin. Your ass is full and heavy and you shift in discomfort trying to adjust.

I stroke you softly murmuring sweet nothings to you, soothing you with voice and hand until you calm once more. I can see the fine sheen of sweat on your flesh and I wipe your face gently with a cool cloth to refresh you. I know this is hard for you, and you are being so good.

I grasp your collar again and lead you once more across the room. Your blindfold makes the trip seem like hours instead of minutes as you fear falling with each step, and the tail slaps against your thighs. I stop you and run my hands down your arms and legs, touching you to reassure you. I lean down and kiss your lips softly and flick the stud of my tongue ring against your lips. I can see your arousal and I can’t help but to touch it. Grasping your hard cock in my hand and feeling the throbbing hardness.

I release your cock and pull the blindfold from your eyes, smiling at you and the I reach into a box and pull out a mass of leather straps. Carefully I straighten them and before you can do anything I slip them over your head, a round rubber bit rests against your lips and I press it into your mouth securing it behind your teeth and then fasten the buckles of the bridle behind your head.

My pony, so lovely and restrained. At my beck and call to do with what I want. My smile is bright and my eyes are shining as I walk around you, gazing at you. Such sweetness and beauty. So many things I can now do….

If you liked or didn’t like this short story please let me know.