My Pregnant Sister in Law Ch. 05

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The second night we spent together wasn’t as blissfully intimate as the first. Kathleen was strangely reticent in our discussion about her friendship with Lydia and I struggled when faced with her insecurity. I was replete after enjoying the two orgasms that were the result of Kathleen’s considerable talents for oral sex and my seeming lack of interest in her warm and naked body seemed to strengthen her doubts; she had the impression I was a bit too keen on discussing Lydia.

“I am pulled both ways; between confidentiality and loyalty to Lydia and my openness with you.” She said.

“But it’s your life Kathleen, it’s not something she has told you in confidence, it’s your secret as well as hers. You would be talking about yourself”

“It’s not that easy; just because you share a secret doesn’t mean you own it. Perhaps you should ask her yourself.”

Having said that she took a sharp pained breath and seemed both regretful and unsure;

“Remember I won’t share you; wait until I am in South Africa.”

“What brought that up Kathleen? Nobody mentioned sharing; I don’t want anyone but you.”

I hugged her hard as if to emphasise the truth of my feelings but she squirmed her way out of my arms and sitting up turned on the bedside light.

“Three months ago you could manage to make love four times a day and more, if I wanted you to. But now…Well, I feel uncertain; It seems you don’t find me so attractive anymore and If you discussed my intimate details with Lydia I know which way it will go; you would end up in her bed.”

She was distraught as she said that and after a long pause where she dried her eyes with a handkerchief she whispered quietly;

“Fairly soon, perhaps in just a few days, my life will change for ever. It may change so much that i may not recognise myself. I am a sexual person and my sexuality is an integral part of my relationship with you,”

She paused as if it pained her to continue;

“And with your brother.”

She turned and reaching out to me stroked the side of my face.

“I may go right off sex when I am a mother and then where will I be? Tell me, will I still be attractive to my husband…,”

She corrected herself quickly and I was suddenly very glad;

“Will I still be attractive to the two men in my life or will I end up playing second fiddle to women not ruined by giving birth?”

She was anxious and wide awake now and I tried self-consciously to reassure her or at least change the subject and as I fished awkwardly for a diversion I picked up an object from her bedside table and asked her to explain. She replied impatiently;

“It’s my headlight; that’s the battery pack and the wires, that’s the lens and the stretchy straps hold the lamp on my head. I use it while running in winter. I have it here because it would be useful if we had a power cut; but don’t try and change the subject!”

But I attempted just that anyway, anything to get her thoughts away from worrying about her attractiveness and the birth and I attempted to say something humorous.

“It looks like something an intruder could use while inspecting a sleeping woman; both hands free and all that…..”

She sniggered;

“It may well be that I will have to make do with that in the future; Intruders feeling me up I mean.”

I detected a glint of interest and a spark of humour in her voice.

“I am thirsty Peter; could you make a pot of tea?”

Before I was finished making the tea she had shouted down to me in the kitchen several times and the tray I took back up to her had both tea, toast and a plate of scrambled eggs.

“Oh, talking about sex always makes me hungry.”

I wasn’t aware that we’d been talking about sex but said nothing, experience teaching me that my silence would provoke her to air her innermost thoughts. Listening to her chatter I felt a sudden frisson of excitement as I noticed the headlamp was now on my bedside table. Had she put it there deliberately? Did she want a night time visit? Should I play the intruder breaking in to abuse her or should I re-enact the fumbling innocence of her younger brothers and their night time exploration of her sexuality? I felt my cock stirring, as I thought about the luxury of having her passive and naked body before me to do with as I wished. How would I know what was permitted, how would I know what was on and off limits?

Later, as we finally tidied the bed, took a last trip to the toilet and turned off the lights I pressed myself up against her backside and formed my body to hers. I already had an erection but she just chuckled;

“Too late for that, but thanks for the compliment anyway.”

And as I drifted off to sleep I felt her hand burrowing between us as she lifted her leg and placed my cock between the cheeks of her bottom. I nestled against her warm smooth thighs as she pressed herself against me. My glans was pressed in the moist warm furrow formed by the parted outer lips of her sex and I felt her fingers fiddling with herself as sleep took me.

I awoke with a start. görükle escort bayan It was dark and the streetlights filled the room with a ghostly orange glow. Kathleen was standing by the bed and shaking my shoulder. She wore a warm raincoat, I was stunned and cold. She had ripped the duvet off my naked body to wake me and as she struggled to fasten her raincoat she shouted again;

“Hurry! It’s started. The baby’s coming.”

Holding her stomach she turned and walked awkwardly towards the stairs. I threw my clothes on and raced after her and found her already outside standing bent over the bonnet of the car. I unlocked her door and helped her in. She pushed me away;

“I can fasten my belt myself, get going Peter, quickly now.”

The drive to hospital was straightforward; with typical thoughtfulness she had memorised the route days ago, but getting across Bristol still seemed to take an age and as we hurried into the hospital car park I couldn’t help wondering how much longer we had before the baby would arrive. As a doctor and two nurses helped her onto a trolley she pressed a piece of paper into my hand. As she was whisked away I heard her shout;

“Ring Lydia.”

I found my way to a sympathetic staff nurse who ushered me into an office where I could ring Lydia at her hotel in London. After what seemed like an age she answered the phone and began questioning me professionally.

“Has it started? How many minutes between contractions? How much of an opening has she?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know, will she be ok?”

“I cannot get there in time so you must stay with her.”

I was close to panicking and she heard the despair in my voice. She was well used to talking to patients and put me firmly in my place.

“You must pull yourself together Peter; she needs you now. You must go and support her, the staff are used to coping with hopeless teenage fathers so they will tell you what to do.”

And with that she repeated what she’d said on our first meeting;

“You take care of her, or else.”

I promised I would and hung up and with my heart in my throat I dashed into the ward to find her.

Kathleen sat on a bed, cup of tea in hand talking to one of the nurses and they both grinned at my shocked face.

“Let’s go home,” she said;

“It was just a false alarm; Indigestion!”

And she laughed;

“It was a mistake eating a meal in bed so late last night.”

She held my arm tightly as we walked out over the carpark.

“It was a false alarm.” She said and laughed. There is nothing happening down there.” And I was terribly relieved.

“Come on.” she said. “Let’s get you home; you look like you need some breakfast.”

Kathleen was tired, thoughtful and loving after our hectic night. She leaned tight in to me as we drove home. Dawn was breaking and as we unlocked the front door and let ourselves in she embraced me and said she wanted me to stay close so I helped her upstairs and, forgetting the breakfast, we fell into bed.

We awoke at lunchtime and spent the rest of the afternoon talking though I had to work hard to keep her from dwelling on the approaching birth and the possible changes that could bring. She was not worried about the actual birth but more about her attractiveness afterwards.

“Will you make love to me tonight and later, in a few weeks, before I travel to South Africa we can sleep together again and you can tell me honestly if it still feels the same?”

I struggled to calm her and as I searched desperately for anything reassure her i remembered something I’d heard once while working on a building site. If nothing else, I thought, it may make her laugh;

“The vagina; I’ve heard It will stretch a mile before It tears an inch.”

She gasped explosively and was thrown into a desperate spasm of breathless laughter. She fought vainly to catch her breath and gesticulating wildly pointed that I should slap her between the shoulder blades. Gasping like a fish out of water she could only fight for breath until, eventually regaining her composure, she threw her head back in raucous laughter.

“Oh my god you are clever at making me laugh and I thank you for today’s words of wisdom. But the man who said that obviously hasn’t given birth.”

She grinned warmly and reaching forward to my crotch grasped my cock through my trousers and squeezed firmly.

“But listen; I’ve always been tight down there; indeed I’ve never had anything more challenging in my fanny than your penis.”

“And in your anus?”

She brushed aside my comment and continued;

“My vagina can only just take your penis; a baby’s head is so much bigger than that, that’s why I’m worried my darling”

I could only hold around her and hope that would help.

After a while she disentangled herself from my embrace and took the conversation off in a different direction.

Smiling mysteriously she began teasingly:

“You keep asking about my anus, I can see you are curious and eventually you will want to try for altıparmak eskort yourself. Well I can tell you now; you have no chance of having anal intercourse with me, you are too big.”

“Better to be too big than too small I guess.”

She looked at me and shaking her head in exasperation waved a finger strictly as if to emphasize what she was saying and grinning ironically she put me firmly in my place;

“Typical man! Size isn’t everything you know. On the contrary; for some lucky men it is an advantage to have a slender cock; it’s they and their partners who are the ones enjoying anal intercourse after all. If you want to know more you may have to ask Lydia or one of your fans at home.”

I realised then that my curiosity about anal intercourse wouldn’t be satisfied by Kathleen and that I had to help her come to terms with her fears and after a few minutes laughter she again became doubtful and sad;

“But don’t you see darling, giving birth will undoubtedly change my body. Every time we make love I am afraid it may be the last time everything down there works, for both me and my partner.”

To divert her from thinking about the birth and its repercussions I asked her to explain about her twin brothers Rory and Liam and their night time visits to her bed.

“Oh my two boys, they were like chalk and cheese.”

“How? Did one have a bigger cock than the other?”

“How would I know? I was asleep or at least pretending to be.”

And she laughed.

“Oh I wish I had, but no, I never took hold of their penises: I lay there passive and let them explore my body as much as they wished.”

“Did they push themselves inside you?”

“No, they usually only rubbed themselves up and down between the lips of my fanny. They barley put more than the head of their penis inside me. If I had tipped my pelvis up against them they would have slid right in.”

She chuckled again at the thought and continued enthusiastically as if she saw the scene unfold in her mind’s eye;

“They could have taken me; one after the other if they had wanted; I certainly wanted them to but I had to maintain the charade of being asleep.”

She shivered with delight as she said that and rubbed her hands over her pantie covered fanny.

“They didn’t know I was watching them the dirty young boys.”

She looked at me as if to check my reaction.

“They would rub themselves around in my juicy vagina for maybe 10 – 15 seconds then they pulled away as they squirted their stuff; I guess they were frightened by the intense feelings they felt. Sometimes they came on my belly sometime in the hair on my fanny or the sheets. They got me really aroused and juicy and when they were done they crept away leaving a wet patch on the sheets. I masturbated when they had gone. I often did it several times and then slept in a lovely orgasmic bliss.”

She laughed at the thought;

“No, it was after, when they grew up that they were different. Rory was kind and considerate; I considered approaching him several times”

“Approaching him?”

“Maybe I was naïve but yes; I considered offering Rory sex, offering to show him how to fuck me properly, but those two were inseparable and I was afraid I couldn’t control Liam. So I didn’t, just as well perhaps. Liam was different; he had a dangerous streak in him; I often wonder why. But I do wish I knew what they were thinking as they explored me.”

As she lay in my arms and related her sexual awakening, whispered her intimate secrets and explained her erotic longings I felt her relax. It was obvious her worries were subdued by our shared intimacy and I resolved to take it further. Tonight I would sneak under her covers; tonight I would play out the role of her brothers and use her while she slept.

I was reasonably desperate as I searched the house; Kathleen’s head torch didn’t work, the batteries were done and I couldn’t find replacements anywhere. If I was to explore her body while she slept I needed the head torch so I could have my hands free. I had searched everywhere without success. I decided to try the garden shed but as I walked across the garden I saw Lydia in her kitchen next door.

Her innocence was stimulating; she moved around the kitchen totally unaware that she was being observed; she reached up to put a dish into a cupboard and the T shirt stretched tight over her breasts and exposed her bare belly. I felt my cock stirring; I imagined spying on her in the bathroom, showering perhaps and I realised I wouldn’t have any problem wanking off as I spied on her. Summoning my courage I leant across the fence between the houses and tapped on the window. I watched her as she moved around the kitchen and realised that she in the bright kitchen couldn’t see me outside in the darkness.

I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to see her close at hand so I knocked on the window again and waved until she saw me and smiled. I watched as she turned and walked away towards the back door. Her backside was tight and round and quite nilüfer escort big for a woman. Did all black women have big backsides I wondered? I was getting more excited by the minute; should her arse sway and tip like that as she walked or was she exaggerating for my sake?

I was pulled reluctantly from my fantasies as she walked across her patio towards me.

“Hello Peter, how are you two getting along, what with your false alarm and all?”

I felt myself blush as she greeted me and i struggled to answer. I was afraid she could sense my voyeuristic interest and somehow read my dirty thoughts but she continued as if all was normal.

“How is she? Are you looking after her properly? So, what can I do for you?”

I stumbled guiltily over the words as I struggled to explain about the lamp and the lack of batteries.

“So, you foresee a power cut tonight?” She grinned and let the comment hang for a while as if deliberately tormenting me for my lack of confidence before continuing;

“I have the same lamp,” she said. “We bought them at the same time for jogging in the winter; I’ll find you some batteries.”

And taking the lamp with her she turned and walked back into the house. Her round arse jiggled in her tight trousers and her breasts filled her white t-shirt and I fantasised guiltily about having sex with her. After a few minutes she returned. I was standing in the gloom and she was lit by the light from her kitchen; I was captivated by the hint of her nipples under her T-shirt. Standing before me she chuckled and asked;

“She’s not going jogging at this time of night?”

“No, it’s for”…….

As if with an afterthought she switched on the lamp as if to check it worked and as I stood there blinded by the glare I hoped she couldn’t see my erection.

“You were saying; it’s for?”

Though I couldn’t see her behind the blinding light I could hear a trace of amusement in her voice and I felt she was teasing me and I was lost for words again and I could only stand awkwardly before her.

“A good fantasy is not the least of your talents I hear. You’ll meet your match in Kathleen.”

She switched off the lamp and sighed gently;

“I’m envious.”

We stood facing each other across the fence until she suddenly pressed the lamp into my hands saying;

“I must get to bed, I am in London again tomorrow and the day after but Kathleen knows how to get in touch with me.”

“You take care of her, or else.” and turning quickly walked back into the kitchen.

I had the headlamp, I was alone in the house with Kathleen and there was nothing to stop me using her while she slept so I locked the doors, switched off the lights crept silently through the house. As I passed the cloakroom with its coats and boots a worn and tattered pair of gardening gloves caught my eye; without knowing why I picked them up and took them upstairs with me.

I stopped on the landing and reconsidered. What if I frightened her? What if I thrust too hard in her and I hurt the baby? The last time we had fucked enthusiastically she had reassured me I couldn’t hurt the baby and I realised that this role-play, a harmless but stimulating fantasy ride into the past was what she wanted.

I was going to try and undress her, explore her, feel her, lick the moisture from her fanny and penetrate her without waking her and I was going to indulge myself. She would stop me if she woke to find me doing what was out of bounds, but what was out of bounds? Only anal intercourse it seemed; but what if she was asleep and I found her sphincter relaxed?

The day she had taken my virginity and she had orgasmed she had cried out “Oh, fuck me like you don’t like me.” as she came. “Fuck me like it’s against my will, fuck your big sister, go on, squirt it all in your big sister, she’s coming now.”

Who was it who didn’t like her and had taken her against her will? Who was it she urged to shoot his come in her, his big sister? Was there something about Liam she hadn’t told me?

It was then my plans fell into place; the gloves, my bare hands, harshness and gentleness; the contrast between the twin brothers. I would play the role of not one but two brothers! Good fuck, bad fuck and I wasn’t sure which she’d enjoy most. My heart beat harder, I felt as if I had run up a steep hill and breathless with anticipation as I tore my clothes off there outside her bedroom I raised an aching erection.

The bedroom door was open and I sneaked in without opening it further. My eyes adjusted to the gloom; I would only use the head torch under the covers. Approaching the bed I see she’s asleep on her side with her back to me. I stop and listen. I am sure the hammering in my heart will wake her. I look closer, her tousled hair is covering her face and she is breathing regularly. As I stand there, amazed at the intensity of my lust I realise why she has been so intent on role play; fantasy could be more intense than reality.

It seems so stupid but I am going to begin talking; I am going to begin a conversation between the two brothers I have never met. I lift the edge of her duvet and sneak my head under and switch on the head torch. She is naked except for her heavy maternity bra and a pair of white pants. I reach gingerly for the bra strap and sliding my fingers under the edge I find the fastener and undo it.

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