My Sarah Ann Ch. 03

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I like to play games with my beautiful Sarah Ann. She has a playful and youthful exuberance that makes everything more fun, even things I might have felt embarrassed to do before. Sarah is so good to me; she dresses up as all manner of sexy character when she knows I’m feeling rough. She always knows how to distract me from the daily grind and the pain of simple living. Sarah is the best medicine for all of my ails.

Sometimes when I’m terribly stressed I will call ahead before I get home. I just have to tell her I’m hurting really bad, that I need some of her special therapy. She dresses up special for me, donning the uniform of my gorgeous, sexy health care practitioner: Nurse Sarah. She is so tender with her touch, so healing with every graze of her soft fingertips. She is in every way the woman I have dreamed of all my life in those harsh times when you don’t know how you’ll get through to the next day. Nurse Sarah cures all my deep pains.

I walk through the door dragging myself like an animated corpse. There are lots of these days. I have worked a million stupid jobs trying to scrape out a living while I pursue my art and my music. It’s a punishing reality, but one I choose to help purge the ideas and obsessions that build in my mind. One these days, when I’m so dragged out I could die, Nurse Sarah brings me back to life.

She is waiting there in the short little dress that does little to hide her delicious, curving assets. Her breasts push out firmly, barely contained by the thin white fabric and tiny bra that struggles to hold on to her massive breasts. The dress is tight, hugging her form erotically. Her legs are smooth and bare, almost as porcelain white as the dress she wears. She tilts her hips with a cocky angle, exerting power and oozing sexuality. I know I’m in for one hell of a treat, my pain slides away almost immediately.

Nurse Sarah extends her hand and I take it carefully. She smiles brightly at me, soothing me already with just her gaze. She guides me to the bedroom, motioning for me to lay down. I lay down and strip off my shirt; I am in desperate need of her soothing bahis siteleri hands today. She immediately straddles my legs and begins to work her magic on my body. Her hands start at my shoulders, coaxing the tension out my tissues with delicate ease. I groan quietly as she moves lower, kneading my muscles with her strong hands and leaving nothing but bliss in her wake. I feel her hand gesture on my side and I roll over underneath her. Her hands begin working their way along my chest. The deep tension in my body is released with each little squeeze of her beautiful fingers. She slides her palms along my stomach, teasing and easing at the same time.

“Now, lets get those jeans off you so I can really start your therapy.” She has a glint in her eye as she says her; her fingers deftly work to unbutton my jeans. I feel her slide them off and her warm hands encase my already throbbing cock. I moan with delight, her touch is light and teasing. She has such a delicate grip on my skin. She slides one hand around on my abdomen while the other carefully massages my cock. She never gets me close, just letting me ride the waves of gentle pleasure she induces in my turgid member. My whole body arches sometimes, pushing into her grasp. After my excitement has built, precum leaking freely from my cock, she leans down and licks off the one drop forming on top.

“Oh God Sarah, yes.” I cry out as her warm mouth envelops my aching cock. She sucks gently and soothingly, never creating enough pressure to hurt me. Her head moves slowly up and down, easing my pain by inspiring my ecstasy. I feel her move all the way down, taking me into her throat and massaging my cock expertly. I write underneath her and just bask in the glorious sensation of her loving blowjob. She isn’t taking me in her mouth to make me cum, she’s doing it to make me feel at ease. Her tongue dances sensuously along the sensitive underside of my head, she swirls and licks around, coaxing unbelievable feelings out of me.

She sits back up, taking my slick cock in her hand and pumping gently. She looks me in the eyes with a smoldering gaze and I know canlı bahis siteleri what is coming.

“Is it time for my special therapy Nurse Sarah?” I ask even though I know what she is about to do.

“Yes it is. It’s time for your Oiled Pussy Therapy now.” Her smile is wide and bright. I love this part, so much. She takes out a small bottle of baby oil and starts rubbing it in her hands. She is slow and deliberate, building the anticipation tingling in my chest. Her hand slides over my cock, spreading the slick fluid on my skin. It is slippery and silky at the same time, creating a slinky kind of friction that enhances every sensation. Nurse Sarah really knows how to make my troubles vanish. Her other hand starts spreading the oil on her shaved lips. Nurse Sarah isn’t wearing any panties today, she rarely does. She knows I like to have easy access to her, so I can touch and enjoy and be healed by her body.

Positioning herself over top of me, she takes my cock in hand and positions my head between her oily lips. Slowly she sinks herself down on me, I feel the baby oil squeaking between our flesh sinuously. The scintillating grip of her milky pussy is incredible, I feel myself bathed in warmth and moisture as she encases me completely. I feel her soft thighs around my hips as she settles down. As I completely fill her, she starts to rock her hips in a slow and deliberate way. Again, she isn’t moving to make me cum, she’s soothing me with her body and healing me with her love. I groan with each movement, thrusting up into her to experience every inch of her delightfully oily insides.

“Oh Sarah, it’s so good inside you.” I reach up and hold her breasts, slipping my hands down the front of her tiny dress. She keeps slowly rocking, clenching and relaxing on top of me to give me a million indescribable sensations. The baby oil conducts the heat inside her nicely, my cock is warmed even further when she starts to raise and lower slowly with her rocking motion. My cock is churning deep inside her tight box, my hands slide down to feel the sexual grace of her hips. I reach for her clit, feeling I canlı bahis must reciprocate, but she shoos my hand back to her hip and smiles.

“Don’t worry about me babe. Just relax and enjoy it, this is for you.” She continues her gentle rocking motion. I cry out in delight, relieved of all pressure and worry, I just lay in bliss and allow her to use her body on me like some wonderful medicine. I start to thrust up harder; she pushes me back down and forces me to capitulate. She is going to make me cum at her own pace, she holds my excitement at its peak with expert precision. I hold her hips in my hands and let her work her magic, I am completely at peace in that one endless moment.

Nurse Sarah feels me throbbing harder inside her. She starts to rock faster, working me into a frenzy of lust and pleasure. My fingers sink into her supple flesh and she moves up faster. I am starting to lose control, crying out her name with each clench of that heavenly pussy on my sensitive skin. She leans down and kisses me deeply, I wrap my arms around her and hold her body close to mine. She slips the dress over her head and presses her warm, naked flesh against mine. I hold her hips and thrust up into her with wanton abandon. I can’t help myself anymore, I cry out her name and hold her against me.

“That’s it baby,” she says as I am thrust fully into her, “cum for me.” I explode inside her, a fountain of cum spilling into her steaming insides. She clamps down as hard as she can, enhancing my experience by a thousand fold. The slick, sticky oil inside her makes her grip even silkier, I cum with one blinding pulse of agonizing pleasure after another. She kisses me as I calm down, still rocking gently and milking the last few spurts of passion out of my cock.

“Thank you so much.” I kiss her passionately as my cock still pulses inside of her. She writhes against me, giving me every last bit of pleasure she can. “I love you so much Sarah.”

“I love you too baby. Do you think you need more babe? You can have anything you want.” Her smile tells me it’s true. I know that my Nurse Sarah will do anything to fix my pains. She already has though, her touch, her attentions, her passion are all I need. I feel complete when she loves me this way, I feel complete and I can’t even remember what the hell was wrong when I came through the door.

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