My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 02

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{continued from part 1. Randy Tucker, age 19 had met Laura, a prostitute in a brothel. She suggested they spend a weekend together in a Phoenix hotel suite. On the first night of the weekend they slept in separate rooms.}

In the night, I have no idea what time it was, Laura slid into my bed. Half awake, half asleep, I put my arm around her. It seemed like the natural thing to do. Her body quivered as if she was crying but I didn’t hear her cry. Her body became still. She had her back to me with my left arm around her waist. Still half asleep I was aware of her body, warm and soft against me but there was nothing sexual about it. I was too sleepy to be in danger of becoming hard. We must have gone back to sleep. When I awoke she was gone.

I got up and used the bathroom and my new toothbrush. As I left my bedroom I could see that a breakfast trolley had been delivered. Taking a glass of orange juice, I found Laura on the balcony, sipping coffee. She was still wearing the nightgown and had scuffs on her feet. Her light brown hair sparked in the sunlight but there was no sign of makeup on her face. She smiled at me.

“How did you sleep?”

“Fine,” I answered. Neither of us mentioned her visit to my bed during the night.

“Let’s have breakfast, I ordered eggs for you, I hope that’s okay.”

In addition to eggs, there was bacon and toast. She had a fruit cup, cold cereal and more coffee. “We’ll go shopping,” she said. “You need underwear and socks.”

“I could get used to this,” I said laughing, “staying in a plush suite and spending your money.”

“Thank you for last night, that was fun,” she looked at me and smiled, with no trace of the guarded look I had seen on her face in the brothel. “Now put that new razor to use, I’ve got a whole day of being Laura to look forward to and I want you to be clean shaven.”

She wanted to buy me some casual clothes. We settled on a pair of short twill pants, a short sleeved sport shirt, underwear and socks. When it came time to pay I realized there was not enough money left from the money she had given me the night before. As the sales clerk rang up the items Laura stepped past me to place another package of sheer silk briefs on the counter. She was wearing a Harvard University T-shirt, a Boston Red Sox baseball cap and gray baseball pants. The pants were baggy but the material clung to her body as she moved. She took my hand and moved it to her hip. I felt the soft material and the smooth curve of her butt as she guided my hand into the small hip pocket. Feeling the unmistakable crinkle of money, I moved my chin down to her shoulder, smelling her hair and feeling her cheek against mine. The clerk, having keyed in the price of the briefs that she had selected for me, looked up to see us grinning at one another.

She wore the Red Sox cap most of that day, her light brown hair sticking out the opening in the back of the hat and flowing down in a loose pony tail. She wore the hat even while trying on various items of ladies underwear. I sat in a chair just outside a dressing room door, holding my bundle in my lap as she paraded in front of me in skimpy bra and panty sets, thongs and shear over garments that left nothing to the imagination. I was getting skin and the sight was affecting me. Two sales clerks, a middle aged matronly looking lady and a skinny young girl attended to our needs. The older lady kept the younger one busy chasing around the racks, sending her to fetch more items of styles in which Laura expressed interest, going back for a smaller size or a wider selection of colors. They indulged us, seeming to know Laura. As the stack of selected items grew, I wondered how we would pay for everything. I probably had $50 left in my pocket from the two 100 dollar bills Laura had given me.

I swallowed hard when she appeared, wearing a tiny green bra that only covered the bottom half of her tits and a matching thong. “How about this honey?” Laura ask, the pony tail bouncing on her neck as she whirled to give me a view of her smooth butt cheeks. I held my bundle in my lap, squirming to reposition my cock. I’m sure the look in my eyes was appreciation enough but I said, “yellow would probably go better for your hair.”

“We have this in yellow,” said the older woman, snapping her fingers to send the other clerk to find it. Laura stood in front of me, her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips. If she bent forward any more I was certain her tits would pop out of the bra. “I’m glad your paying attention,” she said, grinning at me.

From somewhere in the baseball pants she produced a credit card and signed the receipt for nearly $ 500. I carried both bundles back to the hotel, mine being heavier than hers. I was hoping she would model her purchases for me in the hotel suite but it was not to be.

We took the car out and drove around the area, admiring the lush fields, green with all sorts of growing vegetables, brown with bare backed pickers. About lunchtime we happened on to an outdoor garden restaurant. marmaris escort Glass topped tables were arranged around a pool of water with a fountain in the center. Roses were in bloom on the perimeter walls and baskets of cut flower arrangements had been placed around the poolside.

A man squeezed himself between the back of Laura’s chair and the chair behind her to drop some coins in the pool. Looking down at her he spotted the shirt. “Is that your alma mater?” he ask, pointing to the ‘Harvard’ across her chest. He stood next to the wall of the pool, gazing down at her, ignoring me.

Laura, seeing that I was ruffled because the guy had approached her without regard for my presence, fluttered her eyelashes at the man and in her Alabama accent, “my, nooo sir mester, this here’s my loover’s shirt an this here’s his cap,” she said, smiling up at the man.

He smiled back at her, glancing in my direction before saying, “your lover has good tastes.”

He may have seen the way my jaw was clinched or the white of my knuckles. He excused himself and as he moved away Laura said, “We’re hopin my little brother here will go to school there some day.” The guy turned and smiled at her. We had a light lunch, cold soup, small dainty sandwiches and a pitcher of iced tea. When the bill arrived Laura gave me a frightful look, having forgotten to slip me any money. I smiled and nodded, reassuring her that I had plenty left to pay the tab. I noticed the laugh line reappear in her cheek.

In the parking lot I was opening the passenger’s door for Laura as we saw the man exit the restaurant, a female on his arm. “Kiss me,” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck. Her body molded to mine as our lips met. “You can do better than that,” she whispered into my ear, her cheek next to mine. I could feel the soft curves of her body blending with mine. I opened my mouth, felt her soft lips crushed to mine, her hands on my neck and in my hair. I lowered one hand to her hips. She responded, moving her pelvis even closer.

“That was fun, that lecherous bastard will be horny all afternoon,” she said, when we were seated inside the car. I noticed that same satisfied look I had seen when she had brought me off early, making me think that Laura had a competitive nature.

“Where did you really get the shirt?”

“That was the truth, there was this guy I knew, he went over to Boston to visit one of his kids and brought me this shirt and hat as a present. This is the first time I’ve worn them.”

She had said, ‘there was this guy,’ I wondered if she was really speaking in past tense. A past lover? I drove aimlessly. She must have known my mind was racing.

“They were gifts, I wasn’t working, we need R & R’s too you know.”

So that was what this was to her. She was on R & R for the weekend. I was part of her rest and relaxation getaway. “Let’s stop here,” she said, pointing to a miniature golf park.

As we played she told me about her affair with a dentist. They had met quite by accident. He was estranged from his wife and had kids in college. He knew her only as Laura, they spent three days each month together for over a year, like now at the end of the month, like now when business was slow because most of their customers were short on cash.

“What happened with this guy?”

“He was going through a tough time, he fancied himself as a playboy, wanting to sow some wild oats. His wife decided they should get back together and, for the children’s sake, he agreed.”

“And you let him end it?”

She gave me a sharp look. “Sure, no strings attached. He was my R & R, that’s all.” She watched to see if I understood. She must have seen that I was still stunned that she could let a guy do her that way. We were holding up the play of a group behind us so we stepped aside.

“Sex?” I didn’t know any other way to phrase my question. She laughed.

“That’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about Randy. I didn’t work Thursday. I checked into a room at the hotel and worked up the nerve to call you. When we spoke on the phone I was so happy to know you would spend the weekend with me, that’s when I moved to the suite. Of course there was sex but as Laura, he never knew Tess. It was Laura sex, no money exchanged hands.”

I still had questions. I wanted her to be Laura when we were together but I could not help but remember Tess, the tough shelled calculating cock sucking whore with a knack for bringing guys off. I envied the relationship she had with the dentist.

“Am I your R & R?”

She put a hand to my cheek and gazed into my eyes. On tiptoes, she touched her lips to mine. “Yes, I think so, let’s go.”

“I’ll bring you a T-shirt and baseball cap sometime,” I promised. We were back in the car. She lost control, laughing.

“I said no money exchanged hands, I did NOT say there were not other rewards.”

I looked her way. “You mean there is more, a T-shirt and baseball cap won’t be enough?”

She took a deep breath and settled back in her seat. marmaris escort bayan “I didn’t have much schooling, he taught me things, gave me books to read and tutored me. Remember how I analyzed the movie we saw last night? He took me to the theater and concerts. I owe him for all that he taught me. But there was more.”

I looked her way, thinking, ‘my god, there was no way I could match that, theater, concerts, what could I teach her?’

“See my front teeth? see how straight they are now? he paid for cosmetic surgery.”

“My god, Laura, I could never match any of those things,” I said, convinced that she would send me away. Instead, she removed the cap from her head, shook her hair into place and put the cap on my head. “A gift for you,” she smiled.

On the drive back to town she wanted to know about my love life. Did I have a girl? With all that she had told me about herself, I opened up to her.

I told her about the girl back home, explaining that it was nothing serious, then I told her of the sessions with Mary Ann. She laughed when I told of my plans, getting her to wear a skirt, parking on a deserted road, the skirt moving its way up her thighs as we dry fucked, unzipping my pants, moving the soaked crotch of her panties aside, the feel when my cock made the slightest contact with her wet inflamed pussy and the frustration I felt when Mary Ann said Stop!

In the hotel suite I showered and put on a pair of the new shorts and a T-shirt. When I came out of the bathroom Laura was there, laying on my bed. I had intended to look for my new short pants but when she motioned for me to join her, well, what would you do?

We lay side by side, looking into one anothers’ eye. She still wore the Harvard T-shirt and baseball pants. We were both barefoot.

“I don’t have a skirt to wear but I’ll be Mary Ann for awhile if you like,” she offered, her eyes serious and caring. It was Laura talking. Six inches separated us. Desire flooded my body but I was too hesitant to make the first move. She tried to reassure me.

“I think I would like to be a virgin our first time together,” she said, quietly explaining why she was willing to play the part of Mary Ann. I was dubious. In the first pace, this would not be our first time together, ‘had she forgotten our 15 minutes in the brothel?’ Also, I had considered Mary Ann’s virginity sacred. That is probably the reason I had never spoken frankly to her about it. Down deep, I feared that she would say it was okay, even that she wanted to loose her virginity to me. I did not want to be that guy that she remembered.

“Put your pants on,” Laura suggested, wanting, I suppose, to make the experience as realistic as possible. Stepping into the pants I made sure she could hear the zipper go up.

“I think Mary Ann heard the zipper, how could she miss it?” she said when I returned to take my place next to her, near enough for my body to touch hers.

We kissed. She rolled onto her back and I moved with her. I kissed her deeply, mashing my mouth to hers and at the same time, my chest to her breasts. Then I was on top, my pelvis between her legs, making rhythmic thrusts against her. Laura accepted my advances but did not initiate actions beyond the bounds that I had established. I felt her arms stroke my back as we kissed and her legs were open to give me access but she did not push back or outwardly show excitement. When my tongue slipped inside her mouth she followed my lead and when I moaned my approval, she moaned back.

She broke the kiss and brought her lips near my ear. “Since I’m not wearing a skirt and you can’t push it up, let’s take my pants off,” she whispered.

Seconds later as I was untangling her feet from the baseball pants, I was surprised to see the plain white cotton panties she was wearing. I was also surprised to see the large wet spot at the crotch. We resumed the kiss and I resumed the dry humping.

I had an idea. Reaching under her T-shirt I found the clasp that held her bra together and separated the two parts. “Mary Ann doesn’t allow that,” Laura whispered in my ear. Then giggling, “but since you found the catch,” she whispered.

I moved the T-shirt over her head, surprised to see the plain white bra which she helped me remove. In turn, she stripped me of my T-shirt. My lips went for her nipples, sucking hungrily. She made little puffing sounds, moving air between her lips. I stopped and looked at her face. “God damn it, if your acting, I’ll….”

“I’M NOT ACTING,” she shouted back at me, taking my head in her hands and holding it to her breast. “I’m not acting,” she repeated, still clutching my head to her, making those little puffing sounds again, “puf, puf…..pu..”

I reached down and slowly lowered my zipper. “I heard that,” Laura said laughing, then, “I’m sorry, Mary Ann didn’t hear anything, really.”

Damn it, I was wearing the red silk briefs she had bought me. There was no way my stiff cock could be fished through the tiny entrance in the fabric. I pushed my pants escort marmaris and the briefs down, freeing my cock. Now, for the next move. The crotch of her panties was soaking wet but the cotton panties were new. The leg band was too tight.

“Slide them down,” I heard Laura say as she raised her butt to accommodate the removal of her panties.

She let me move the head of my cock up and down her slit several times before I pushed forward. She made a little jerking motion as I pushed again. “Are you okay?” I asked, thinking I saw a tear roll down her cheek. “Uh huh,” she said, her hands roaming my back to encourage me to push forward again. I pushed again and was certain I heard her say, ‘oh,’ or ‘ouey.’ Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. I pushed again. Her hands were on my butt, pulling me. When we were fully joined I stilled, kissing her. We fucked slowly, her hands came up to my cheeks, drawing my lips to hers from time to time. Her pussy was tighter than I had remembered from the last time but it did not grip my cock this time. I watched her facial expression change as I went deeper. She smiled and I saw another tear leave her eye. Slowly and effortlessly, I fucked her and watched her smile, showing the perfect teeth the dentist had paid for.

She was kissing me when I came. Her lips clamped down on mine as she felt my cum spurt deep within her. She held me close, breathing hard, saying in a hushed tone, “that was nice.”

We lay side by side for a long time before she broke the silence. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Do what?”

“I took your shirt off and made suggestions. I lifted my rump for you to pull my panties down. I didn’t mean to take the lead like that. Mary Ann would never have done those things. I wanted you to have your way with her, I’m sorry.”

I rolled over and put my arm around her. “You were perfect,” I assured her.

“No, I wasn’t. I let you suck on my tits, Mary Ann would not have done that.”

“Was that a tear I saw?”

She rolled me over on my back and looked into my eyes, “I told you I wasn’t acting,” she answered.

“You didn’t climax,” I thought out loud, it suddenly occurring to me.

She rested her tits on my chest, her mouth two inches from mine. “It’s like the baseball cap, a gift, okay?”

We cleaned ourselves up and ordered dinner in the room. That night we slept in her bed, naked. She wouldn’t let me go down on her, nor did she offer to suck my cock. We made love, this time with more animation. Laura was alive, legs open wide, talking, urging me to fuck her hard, screaming that she was coming, changing positions, rolling around on the big bed, announcing that she was coming again, making me come.

Both exhausted, we lay on the bed, breathing hard.

“I was half expecting a knock on the door.”

“Don’t joke about things like that,” she said angrily. I held her, stroking her hair, telling her I was sorry. She put her arm around me and snuggled close. We slept.

Sometime during the night I became aware that she was not in the bed. I found her on the balcony, wearing the long night gown again. I took her back to bed. “Tomorrow I’m going to buy you a present,” I whispered in her ear. By the way she felt in my arms I knew she was smiling.

I fucked her doggy style before breakfast, lifting the long nightgown above her waist and holding it there, my hands cupping her tits. Her ass slammed back at me and she made guttural noises to show her approval when my hands moved to her hips, letting the nightgown fall, its seam becoming entangled with my cock and absorbing some of the juices that had accumulated around her pussy. I leaned down and took the garment in my teeth, lifting if out of the way.

Laura giggled as the edge of the nightgown tickled her back. Catching on, I moved it to different places on her back, dangling it, tickling her, making her giggle more. I released the nightgown from my teeth when I released cum from my cock.

“You didn’t cum,” I said to Laura, almost accusing.

“Yes I did.”



“How many times?”


I grabbed the nightgown and slipped it over her head, making her giggle again. I tickled her ribs until she cried.

“You came six time?”

She sat on my lap, stuck one finger into her pussy and brought the sticky finger to my nose. “See?”

“That’s my cum,” I said, accusingly.

“Nope, I’m sure it’s mine,” she answered, most convincingly.

During breakfast I made the mistake of asking her about the story she had told me. “You and the other girl set up business in a trailer at the edge of a small town, where was that?”

A cloud came over Laura’s face, like a thunder storm that would soon turn into a tornado, immediately making me regret that I had brought it up. She left the room. I finished breakfast alone. When Laura returned she was wearing the same white pants suit, black boots and straw hat that she wore when she picked me up on Friday afternoon.

“Ready to go?”

“Sure, where are we going?”

“I’ll take you back to the base,” she said, picking up the room phone. She called the front desk to ask them to prepare her bill. She wanted to check out within the next 15 minutes.

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