My Sexy Sister in Law Pt. 11

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It was noon, and when my smartphone chimed, it was Kittie, and she was standing naked with her arm around the waist of her equally naked girlfriend, Robin Evans.

The sight of these two sexy ladies, what with Kittie, the green-eyed, blonde-haired, long-legged sister-in-law with the big jugs, and Robin, the sultry brunette, with warm cocoa-colored eyes, full luscious lips, full 36D breasts, and a beaming smile, her voice was a husky purr, “Nice to see you again, Jason.”

Kittie cooed, “Can you come over here for your lunch break? If you can, we both will make it worth your while!”

I felt my cock turn into a raging hard-on, and I replied, “Say no more, I’ll be there very soon!”

Robin then replied, “Sounds wonderful, this time, I want you to come over to my house, we have a nice surprise for you, we are sure you are going to love it!”

I got the address and wasted no time in getting there. When I knocked on the door, Robin answered, and once the door was closed, she stripped off the robe she was wearing, and let me fill my eyes with the sight of her nude body.

“Now the fun can begin, follow me, Jason.”

She led me downstairs, and when I saw what was waiting for me, I stopped and stared. The downstairs was a rumpus room, with a ceiling built of cross beams to give it a slightly rustic look.

A rope had been slung over the rafters, at each end of the rope, felt-lined cuffs were attached, which were secured around Kittie’s wrists. The sight of 2 totally nude ladies with me really got me going.

Kittie’s arms had been pulled straight up, and with just enough slack in the line so she was not being stretched painfully. Her eyes were wide and full of fire, a black ball gag was tucked between her sexy crimson lips, and she mewled with impatient need as Robin had me stripped in a few moments, my cock swollen and eager to take the plunge.

“Now, go behind Kittie, and ram her cunt, after you get your load inside her, I’m going to ram her with this! This is her favorite fantasy, so we decided to make it happen, with you, as Kevin might not be up for it.”

Robin pulled out a stainless steel buttplug, and with a dab of lube and I good hard shove, Kittie growled into her gag as her ass was stuffed.

“Perfect, now give Kittie a good fucking, just before you start, give her ass a few good whacks!”

I was happy to do so, and Kittie growled into her gag as she felt her ass take two hard whacks, listening to the whacking sound of her ass getting spanked had me fully fired up. I grabbed her hips, she spread her stance for me, and I poised then drove in.

She made a muffled grunt into her gag, the fire of her spanked ass cheeks had started her cunt throbbing, making her hot and soaking wet, the heat and the juices quickly surrounded my prick, her şişli escort butt plug rubbed over my cock, fuck that felt so good.

Robin purred, “Yes, yes, fuck that tight little cunt!”

Robin came up, face to face with Kittie, her hands cupped her boobs, Kittie’s head lolled back, her long moan of pleasure gagged as she felt Robin’s hands caressing her breasts. Her mouth eagerly descended, and she went to work on my sister-in-law’s tits. She sucked and laved at them, adding in little nibbles, and when she pulled her mouth away, I could see over Kittie’s shoulder that her nipples, were swollen reddened fat juicy tits.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah, little sister-in-law slut, do you like it when I play with your tits? Does it make you nothing more than a horny little slut when I suck them, making them all big and swollen? A little fuck toy for our pleasure?”

Kittie nodded her head vigorously, as Robin’s hands caressed her swollen, achy nipples. She grinned, then pulled out a chain, in the middle of the chain loop was an O ring, and a chain hung down from there, all three ends had clamps with soft rubber pads attached to each end. Kittie saw what was awaiting her, and she nodded vigorously, eager for it.

“Last time we were at the Toy Box, I saw how you looked at this little item, so I thought, what better time to buy it, and surprise you with it?”

Robin applied the clamps, the soft rubber pads of the nipple clamp bit in to just the perfect amount, Kittie growled into her gag, and Robin smiled at the sight of Kittie’s hard nipples clamped. Something was dangling from the middle of the chain, and Kittie let out a long, muffled growl as she felt the third clamp attached to her hard, stiff clit. Kittie’s head lolled back, letting out a long, muffled moan, her pussy was gushing like crazy.

“Just about right baby? Not too painful?”

Kittie nodded eagerly, and Robin purred, “Oh yes, she loves it, let her have it Jason, fuck her brains out!”

When Robin moved aside, we were facing a full-length mirror, and both Kittie and I could watch ourselves. It was an incredible sight, the chain forming a 3-point connection, her nipples and clit securely clamped.

Robin cooed, “Grab the chain, and give it some gentle tugs.”

I quickly did so, Kittie’s eyes were full of lust, the tugs, the clamps pulling on her throbbing tits and her bulging clit did it, and I felt her body shaking against me as she tumbled into a shattering orgasm, her muffled shrieks of pleasure sounding as her cunt gushed crazily, soaking my prick with a rush of hot juices.

Robin’s hand cupped my nuts, and her voice purred, “Now, flood her cunt, I’m gonna suck your load right out of her, then fuck her with my strap-on!”

I lasted another 5 seconds, then gripping her hips tightly, mecidiyeköy escort I rammed in to the balls, and I grunted and growled as I felt the cum rush up, and the explosion, think pelts of spunk splattering her insides, the silky inner walls milking wildly as I spent all I had.

When I pulled out, Robin cooed, “First, get that hard cock all nice and clean,” and she swallowed me right to the balls, she really knew how to deep throat.

After a hot tongue washing, she released me, stared at the just fucked pinkness awaiting her, and cooed, “Mmmmm a nice creamy treat waiting for me.”

She moved her head in, sealed her mouth around Kittie’s labial lips, and sucked hard. Both let out moans of pleasure, as Robin’s tongue arrowed into the well-spunked pussy, and she settled in, licking and sucking contentedly, eager to get all the spunk I had pumped into her.

When Robin lifted up, her chin was wet with the rush of juices Kittie’s cunt had provided, and she grinned as she strapped on a black, 9-inch dildo, and showed it to Kittie.

“Now, you need to get a good hard fucking from me!”

Robin nudged against her, and Kittie let out a muffled growl, her eyes flared wide as that nine-inch dildo rammed up into her creaming center. Grabbing her hips, Robin started to rail her, nothing gentle or loving, she was using Kittie like a live sex doll, powering it in, fucking her like a sex-starved slut. I could see the look of wild, savage joy on Robin’s face as she reamed out her lover and Kittie’s look of bliss as she was shafted.

Kittie was letting our muffled moans and grunts, she was wiggling her hips on every plunge, eager to get that dildo rubbing all over her tight cunt. With the dildo and butt plug rubbing against each other, amplifying the pleasure, Kittie was making nonstop gagged noises of pleasure, as Robin powerfucked her, my cock was quickly building back up.

“Do you like to see me fuck her like this? See my big black strap on fucking her bare, bald cunt? “

I nodded, unable to speak, Robin’s big black strap-on driving in, her red painted fingernails digging into Kittie’s thighs, and raking over her hips. Robin gripped her hips tightly, guiding her as she fucked Kittie nice and hard.

Kittie’s body started to shake, and her screams were muffled as she exploded in orgasm, her boobs shaking like jello as she writhed in the climatic grip.

When Robin pulled out, her eyes were fiery, and she growled, “Fuck me, Jason, fucking Kittie made me so fucking hot, I want your cock to put out the fire!”

She led me in front of Kittie, and cooed, “Watch Jason fuck my tight little cunt!”

She handed me a buttplug, and cooed, “Plug my ass, and fuck me!”

Robin let out a growl of pleasure as she was plugged, and lifted her hips istanbul escort up a bit more, wantonly displaying her wet cunt. Her legs were spread wide, and she wiggled her hips at me, eager for me to drive in.

Robin purred, “I’m so wet for you, let me have it.”

Her hand found my cock, and she gently pulled me towards her waiting hole. Nudging against her wet center, she removed her hand and cooed, “Take me.”

I pushed in, slowly, savoring the parting of her velvet folds, feeling the resistance of her buttplug pushing down, squeezing her cunt tighter around my prick. The feel made me shiver with pleasure, as I bottomed out, enjoying Robin’s loud grunt.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck I love it, give me a long, hard fuck!”

Gripping her hips, I gave her exactly what she wanted, the glorious feeling of her cunt taking my cock, and the insistent rubbing of her buttplug against my cock was sheer pleasure. Robin went over in just a few minutes, shrieking with pleasure, the rippling of her silky walls against my cock, oh yeah, helping me to build back up.

She crested again a minute later, then another one tumbled in, and she gasped. “Just before you explode, pull out, yank out the buttplug and replace it with your cock, I want your load to paint my Hershey road!”

That kept me fired up, and I could feel the stirring in my balls. I felt her juices splashing all over my cock, bathing my prick with her natural lube. It was going to be a real pleasure ride.

“Gonna cum, gonna flood your ass baby!”

“Pull out then ram it in up my ass, fuck my ass lover!”

Her hands reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. In one smooth motion, I pulled out, yanked the plug out of her ass and tossed it aside into a towel, aimed my cockhead, and buried it deep, letting a loud grunt at the feel of her extra tight ass gripping my prick.

“Mmmppphhh, nngghhhh, grawww, yes, yes, FUCK MY ASS, REALLY FLOOD ME!”

I started to stuff her with hard, demanding plunges, buggering her with a full 8-inch stroke, my orgasm was imminent. Robin had reached down and was masturbating furiously, eager to make her asshole the ultimate tight grip.

“Gonna explode, fuck, oh fuck, paint my asshole, CREAM MEEEEE!”

The super tight grip and the pulsing of her ass walls were the ultimate, and I roared like a lion as my cock jetted a thick, creamy load, flooding Robin’s tight dark back door. Her silky pulsing drained me for every drop, god, what a wild ride.

I saw Kittie, still secured, her eyes full of fire as she had watched my taking her lover.

After a few minutes, all three of us were in the shower, passing the soap around and working up thick lathers. As much as I would have liked to stay the afternoon, I had to give a business proposition to Horace Dunbar, the president of our largest client, and knowing his insistence on my NEVER being late, I had to make that meeting.

At the door, tongue-filled swirls of passion were shared among all three of us, and Kittie and Robin groped my cock, and cooed, “Go get ’em, Tiger!”

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