My Silence Will Cost You Ch. 01

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This story was dreamt up over the past few months and is the sole property of me. The characters in this story are at least 18 years of age and none of this happened in real life, only in my filthy mind and soon to be yours.

WARNING: This story will contain bullying, sexual coercion, and blackmail. If this is a potential trigger for you or not your cup of tea, then I highly recommend you move on.

If however like me, you enjoy a complex story with competing views, interests, and attractions then I highly suggest giving ‘My Silence Will Cost You’ a read. Our goal is to publish one chapter a week until our 6th and final chapter. Enjoy.


Hot as balls. This day is perhaps the hottest of the entire summer, and it’s move-in week at the dorms. Well, I say it’s move-in week, but really it’s only move-in for the football team, cheerleaders, and the folks like me who have a job on campus. Working at the University Book Store was OK. Certainly wasn’t nearly as difficult as working food service or janitorial work, so I was happy when they invited me back for my Sophomore year.

I was hoping I would get paired with another working schlub or perhaps helpers for the football team or cheer squad. Yet no. I would not be having any such luck this year. Instead, I am going to be in a living nightmare. I am to room with the second-string quarterback of the damn university football team. Mr. Jock himself. And fuck, if he wasn’t the hottest guy I have ever laid eyes on. How in the hell was I going to be able to make it through this semester with this hot guy living, studying, and fapping a few measly feet away from me?

Yup, you guessed it, I am gay. It was never really a question for me, though I suppose it did take me some time to tell people. My family knows, my friends know. My roommate from last year found out and he was weird at first, but then we fell into a groove. It helped immensely that I wasn’t attracted to him at all. He was super skinny, like me, but unlike me he was only 5’4. We looked so ridiculous standing beside each other as I am nearly a foot taller at 6’3. Even though I wasn’t attracted to him, I did sneak peeks at him from time to time. Who doesn’t, right? We had bunk beds and never once did I hear him spank his pud so, he must have taken care of that business in the stalls.

Anyhow, last week I reached out to Kyle Montgomery, my new roomie. I was completely terrified to do so, as I had been stalking him on socials for the past month and Jesus, this guy was hot as hell. He was the perfect specimen of a man and looked like he was directly out of central casting. Jet black hair, a chest made by the Goddess herself, and apparently not a hair on his chest at all – save this beautiful happy trail leading down to an ample bulge that seemed impossible to hide. This man was going to be my roommate and like all jocks, he will likely make the next 8 months of my life a living hell, cuz why not, all jocks have every day of my life. I always want to hate them, but their bodies and their cocky attitudes all just melt me into being their loyal pet. Yes, I am just as ashamed as you would expect.

As early as I can remember, guys with athletic prowess have always taken aim at me for their ridicule and worse. I was pudgy in my early years and when I started to grow I shot up nearly overnight. That quick growth spurt caused me to be quite clumsy and never really that inclined to do what I call “the sportsball.” Avoiding would be putting it mildly – I would have run from all sports if I was coordinated enough to do so. I faked sickness, I faked injuries, heck I even made up elaborate stories to get out of any sort of physical exercise or sport.

The jocks hated that, they smelled my weakness. They seemed to feed on my fear, devouring it and growing stronger daily, teasing me incessantly from grade school through high school. I had hoped that in college I could leave those days behind; alas, not if I wanted to be able to afford college. I had to work, and working in the student book store means you have to report to work a month before classes begin, right as the football team is moving into their permanent dorms.

I was planning to reach out to Kyle via student uni email. I must have written, re-written and trashed that email 50 times, trying my best not to give him any reason to key in and hate me right from the start. Just as I was getting ready to hit “send” on my email to him, I get an email from Kyle.


I am so sorry that I haven’t reached out before this, but football has been eating me alive this year after having an injury last year at the end of baseball season. I hope you will forgive me for that.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you. I looked you up on socials and found some of your artwork and bro, damn you are really good! I am so jealous of your talent cuz so far it seems I am just a dumb jock, but I hope this year I figure üvey kız kardeş porno out where I am going.

Anyhow, I am planning to move in on the first day possible because this team dorm we are in now is a nightmare. No privacy, no quiet time and it stinks. So I will arrive likely Friday after morning practice, and not knowing how our room will be set up, I won’t put anything away until we can plan it out together. Let me know when you plan to arrive or text me at 337-xxx-xxxx.

I am really laid back and hope we become friends.

Your roomie – Kyle

Well. Shit. Could it be that this is actually going to be a nice guy? Could he actually be human and not a total asshole? I mean, I have never witnessed a jock use self-deprecating humor before. Shit, how do I respond to this?

I simply let him know that I looked forward to meeting him and that I would be moving in right around the same time as we had an all staff meeting at the bookstore that morning and so I would drive in early and start moving in around 1pm. I also shot him a text – “Hey, it’s your roomie, Sean. See you Friday afternoon.”

I certainly am not going to get my hopes up on this one. But, shit. He looked me up on socials? Damn, well, he certainly has to know I am gay. Nearly all I post on socials is my work drawing hot guys with very little clothing. My most recent were full nudes and the latest – the pièce de résistance – with a huge erection. There is no possible way he doesn’t know I’m gay gay gay. What is positively confounding is that he didn’t seem to take issue with it at all. I wonder if he did this sleuthing a month ago and has been trying all month to get a new room assignment and just found out he couldn’t. Or is this a set up and he and his buddies are going to greet me on Friday with a hazing? Or, fuck… maybe he really is just a nice guy?

The week flew by and on the eve of move-in day, I packed up my car and was ready to head out in the morning. I didn’t live that far away, but there was no way I was going to try to commute back and forth from the other side of town while working and pulling a more than full course load. Dorms it was, and next year perhaps I can look at an apartment or something. But for now, it’s me and Kyle.

As I lay down and try to get a good night’s sleep, I can’t help but think about what I am getting myself into this year. Kyle has been really nice over text and we have been messaging back and forth throughout the week. I am bringing the TV, he is bringing his PS5. He has a ton of snacks for us, so I’m bringing extra sheets and some other supplies for us which included a Costco run.

Kyle: im exhausted, looking forward to tomorrow, roomie

Kyle: these assholes won’t stfu, i need to sleep

Me: shit that sucks, hope we have good neighbors and thick walls

Kyle: dead tired [sends me a photo of himself]

He is shirtless, laying in bed with a soft smile, but clearly exhausted. His hair is a bit of a mess, looking sweaty or perhaps fresh from the shower. He has his hand up showing a peace sign to me. He follows with…

Kyle: night roomie, see you… meet you tomorrow

What is the proper protocol here? Do I return a photo? Do I just reply with something short? Straight guys are so complicated. He seems to be making a genuine effort here. Jesus, this better not be a setup.

I decide to take a photo. OK, actually I take about 25 of them. I finally pick one that I look cute in, if I am being honest, but also just as tired as he is. I too am shirtless – fact is I sleep naked when I am at home.

Me: night roomie [my photo]

I go back and look at his photo and start really looking at it. His pale blue eyes, his slight smile. Damn if it doesn’t make me rock hard looking at him. His pecs are just perfect with two solid mounds making up this beautiful chest seemingly chiseled out of granite. Small, perky nipples with a darker skin tone seemingly demanding attention. Before I even realize it I am fully jacking myself off and the amount of pre-cum that I am producing is slicking the way to what will certainly be a very short session.

I quickly switch over to his insta and start scrolling through some photos. Surely the bulge in those uniform pants can’t all be from the cup he most certainly is wearing. He posted two short videos of him in shorts and his ample manhood was bouncing around, creating shadows that clearly show that he has a lot to be proud of down there.

My 8.5″ cock continues to belch out some extremely slick pre-cum that is helping me have a great quick session. I love the feeling of tightening my hand over the top on the downstroke much as if I were fucking someone. Having only done that once before, it was sheerly by distant memory. Fuck I need to get laid.

Then as I continue to scroll his page, I get an alert that he posted a new photo. This one is more of a body shot of him laying in bed with xnxx porno his hand on his stomach, that same tired but cute smile and this time his faint happy trail is clearly visible – shit though… is he… naked? The caption of the photo is…

“Practice kicked my ass today. Time for some rest. Looking forward to moving into the dorm tomorrow and meeting my roomie.”

Reader, I look looooong and hard at that photo and caption as I shoot a huge load up over my head, hitting the headboard and my pillow. Not really thinking clearly, I double tap his new photo and then I panic because clearly he was just alerted to my “Like” and insta-stalking. Oh well. It was a good nut, may not get another one of those for a while.

I cleaned up with my dirty t-shirt that was on the floor and fell quickly to sleep.

Move in Day

Yep, still hot as balls. Work was rather simple, the boss had me lead part of the conversations and tours for the new staff and then they spent time covering the new computer system that had some massive upgrades over the summer.

I made myself an Ice Mocha as I left the store and headed to my new home for the next few months.

Parking in the temporary parking, turning on my flashers, I grab my backpack along with my paperwork and head inside to check in. I get my room assignment from a senior girl who was managing the check in process. She clearly is hitting on me which always makes me blush, but I quickly gather my things, keys and paperwork and head up to the 6th floor, room 609. I’m sure that number will get traction – 609… 69? I suppose it will only go to show just how much sex I am NOT getting.

I arrive at our room and there are some boxes as well as two suitcases sitting up against the wall and an open duffle bag that clearly has been rustled through. I put down my backpack and have a look around.

The room is actually really nice. Last year I was in a much older building and it really showed, this is a quad suite. Two beds separated by about 3 feet, each with a desk and large cabinet with a connected bathroom that we shared with two other guys in the neighboring room. This will be a good set up and I was hoping as sophomores we would get a room set up like this. More privacy and not having to share a huge communal shower will be nice.

“Hey roomie!” I hear behind me and as I turn around rather quickly I am met by a massive sweaty bear hug by Kyle. He crushes me in this hug which normally I would immediately recoil from but this actually feels really nice, genuine.

“Oh, hey roomie! Nice to finally meet you,” I say to him as he keeps hold of me and finally releases a bit abruptly.

“Oh shit, sorry, I am sweaty as hell! Been running back and forth with boxes and decided to take the steps for additional cardio! Damn, roomie! You are tall! Scrawny though, we need to put some meat on those bones, Beanpole!”

“Well, genetics I guess and no issues, I am all sweaty too though I admit I took the elevator!” I say to him and wink.

He kicks over the box he just carried up and plops down on the bed to the right and says “Look, I didn’t know which bed you would prefer and since we were coming in at the same time, figured we could make this easy and pick together. Do you care which bed you get?”

“It really doesn’t matter to me, Kyle.”

“OK, I will take this one, I am a light sleeper, and being up against the outside wall here should help with the sound. Damn it is good to finally meet you buddy!”

“Good to meet you too!” I say as I set down my backpack and place my paperwork onto the desk on my side of the room. “I’m going to go down and get the rest of my stuff here really quick.”

“OK, let’s go!” He says as he bounds up next to me ready to go.

I lead the way out of the room, and head to the elevator. “I’m taking the elevator, brother! I don’t have the stamina or muscles to handle running up and down 6 flights!”

“Oh no problems at all, I’m so tired I could use the help!”

We make quick work of the stuff in my car. First we both carry in the TV fearing one of us could drop it and then we come back for my 3 suitcases as I park my car and head back up.

As I make it into the room, Kyle has already taken off his shirt and is making quick work of hanging the TV. There is a wall mount already included in the room.

“Here, help me lift this and we can get this TV mounted and out of the way!” He says as he takes one end of the TV, and I the other. We both hop up on the desk chairs to hook it onto the mount.

I climb down off the chair and he then jumps off his and I can’t help but notice that it appears he is freeballing in his shorts as his ample package is bouncing around quite nicely. Kyle catches me glancing at his crotch and then just smiles at me as we both start putting our stuff away, making our beds and getting settled in.

We strike up a really nice conversation talking about how we were brought up and zenci porno what it was like growing up. He is from Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is about an hour and 20 minutes from the college. While it is a decent sized city, hearing Kyle tell it he was super bored and just loved being here in Lafayette, away from his nosey family members and the small town environment. I told him the things that I loved about Lafayette, but also the drawbacks, mostly being traffic and lack of things to do.

I asked him if he was seeing anyone, figuring that was just a natural course of the conversation.

“No, I dated this one girl this summer but damn she was so needy and so jealous thinking that we needed to spend every minute together. I had to end that; while I will miss having a nice wet hole to be inside, it’s not worth the fuss. Besides I am not driving all the way to Lake Charles to get my dick wet every time I need it. Just started seeing a new girl, but that’s just for fun. How about you? I’m sure the guys are fighting over you!”

Well, I was shocked. You literally could have knocked me over with that damn feather we hear so much about. So much so I turned around and looked him right in the eye. Completely scared and not knowing what to say.

“Oh man, look, did I step in it? I mean with your artwork and all, I just assumed you were gay. If I got that wrong, I am sorry. But I am right, aren’t I, you are strictly dickly, right?”

“You got me, yes. I am gay. I was scared that it was going to be a problem between us and so I didn’t know how I was going to bring it up and… Well wow, you just … did.”

“A problem? Holy shit I just won the lotto! By scoring you as a roommate I have someone who can coach me and make sure I look good when I go out. I got someone who can be my wingman and help me attract the chicks! AND I got a really nice guy who I just know I am going to be friends with for years to come. Fuck, at least I hope so!” He says as he comes in for yet another hug. This time he isn’t as wet but wow, he had a funk about him.

As he pulls back he squeezes my arm a bit and says “Yo, we need to work on this, as tall as you are but your muscles are puny! We need to get some meat on these bones of yours!” he stands back a bit and looks me up and down a bit “Yah, we need to work on this body! You can be a stud like me in no time! So, do you have a boyfriend?” Kyle says as he winks at me.

“No, I don’t,” I say with a timid look back at him. “You know, but maybe I won the lotto as well with you roomie! Perhaps you can break me out of my shell and I can start to meet some people rather than sitting in my room studying all the time. And yah, maybe I do need to work out a bit.”

“Deal! That sounds great! We are on the way to becoming best friends Sean! Fuck, I stink so I am going to shower before our neighbors move in and take up the bathroom. My afternoon practice was canceled so guys could move in, so shower and then maybe a nap and then let’s go and explore and get some dinner together!”

As he is talking to me he kicks off the flip flops he had on and then he just drops his shorts and boom, there he is. Nude. Simple perfection. Of course, I look down and see this beautiful cock and balls that are perfectly manicured – and ample would be an understatement! I realize that I have been looking too long and slowly bring my eyes up to meet his gaze.

“Ha! Caught you looking roomie! Look, I don’t mind you looking at all, hell I kinda get turned on by it! I mean who doesn’t like to have a people look at them and check them out! Right? While I am strictly for the girls, I have no problem with you checking me out. Hell, maybe even one day you will sketch me and I can get the full Sean treatment. You sure will see me nude a lot, so might as well not make it awkward, roomie. Besides, you should know what a REAL man looks like!” He says all of this with this smirk on his face which appears to be equal parts evil and sexy all at the same time.

“Deal, and thanks. I would love to sketch you. I have never really had a live model before so that would really help me if you are willing… but I don’t ever want to make this weird,” I say to him as I exhale a bit and relax. Maybe this jock really is different from all the others. But he does keep making little jabs at me, “real man” and “little man.” I sure hope this doesn’t indicate a turn for the worse.

He goes in and starts showering and singing, terribly off key I should point out, but generally in good spirits and having a good time. Once he was done I went in and showered as well and as I was taking off my boxer briefs I caught Kyle looking at me.

“Oh man, that sucks for you buddy! I figured a guy as tall as you would have a big cock! Looks like you were not as blessed as I was!” He says as he swings his cock back and forth trying to prove something. Fact is, when I am soft I am kinda small, but once I start growing, well… I am quite proud of what is between my legs.

I think for a second about revealing to Kyle that I’m actually a grower… but I decide to let him live his fantasy. “Yah, well roomie you know what they say. It’s not the size of the pen but the penmanship that matters!” I say with a giggle half making it up as I go along.

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