My Sister, My Therapist Pt. 05

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*All Characters are 18+

*Light BDSM

*This is a continuation of My Sister, My Therapist Pt.5

Just as I was closing the car door I realize I had cum on the back of my hand. Wiping it off on the spot where Kat marked my wife’s seat, I decide to hold off on jerking off and head home. In the cup holder, a day old coffee sat unfinished & as I pull into the driveway I quickly spill it on myself covering the smell of sex and giving me an excuse to shower.

“Hi hun! You’ll never believe it. I spilled fucking coffee all over me. Thank God it wasn’t piping hot!” I walk right past her laying in bed and immediately into the bathroom. As I shower I hear the door open.


“What’s up?” I barely can mutter the words as fear seizes me. Does she know? How could she? What can I say? Who will she tell? Why…

“Can I join you?”

Relief floods me and I manage to look excited as I wave her in through the glass shower door. Then I have a thought, “why don’t you let me finish up in here and you go lay in the bed to wait for me? I want you completely naked and wet when I get out of here. Can you do that for me?” She practically skips out of the room.

I hurry to clean up, but leave the shower running so she thinks I’m still in it as I towel off. I need to buy a little time. I retrieve my phone from my coat and find exactly what I was looking for, a text from my sister Kat. Turning the volume way down so even I can barely hear it, I hit play.

My sister is still in her bed. The one I just left. She’s moved the picture of her with my wife and me into the nightstand next to her. She’s completely naked and full of cum. My cum. I turn up the audio just a tiny bit.

“Logan I miss you so much. I wanted you to remember this is all part of the treatment plan to fix your marriage.” At the word marriage she moves her cum covered hand away from her clit and smears it across the photo of my wife and me. “I just want to help you get the most out of family therapy.” She’s moved her hand back to her clit and I still can’t believe how much of my cum is sliding out of my own sister.

I’m rock hard. Even a little sore, but I turn the water off and I know fucking my wife is a chore I can face because I can’t get the image of Kat out of my head anyway.


I hear Sara calling from the bed, “Coming, my eager slut.” I yell playfully, but I know she doesn’t go for that kind of talk. I wait to be chastised, but no response. Quickly I shoot a text to my therapist saying I have to fuck my wife now with a pick of my dick attached. Sara hears the notification when my sister’s reply comes through.

“Who’s texting so early?”

“It’s Kat. Apparently, I don’t need to pick her up until 3:30.” I lie about what the text says. I’m pretty sure telling my wife, my sister just demanded I call her and let her listen to me fucking my wife isn’t therapist recommended.

Although, the text specifically says, “therapist recommended”. We are so bad. I dial Kat, put it on mute so she can’t be heard, & then put it on speaker so she can hear everything. I don’t say a word to her. I just walk Into the bedroom & place the phone facedown on the nightstand so I know she’ll hear every single thrust as I fuck my wife.

“Sara did you do what I asked? Are you wet for me honey?”

“Yes Logan, but I almost wasn’t. You know I don’t like it when you call me a slut.”

I swear I can my sister’s eyes roll and I’m glad she can hear how rediculous Sara can be. I almost laugh and realize Sara is staring at me expectantly. “I’m sorry sweetheart.”

“Thanks for understanding. I appreciate how hard your trying Logan, really. Thank God for that sister of yours.”

I basically lunge for Sara sending her into a fit of giggles. I quickly thrust into her and watch her eyes widen. “I want to hear you. I want you to talk to me luv.” I’ve never called Sara luv, but I know Kat just gushed hearing my pet name for her being used on my wife. Sara is cooperating for once and her moans are letting Kat know I must be picturing my sister because I’m doing such a good job. Suddenly Sara’s phone begins ringing. It just keeps ringing. After özbek gaziantep escort the fifth call, I pull out of my wife and toss her phone to her. I see Kat’s name on the caller ID and I almost cum immediately. My cunt sister is playing games and I find this so fucking sexy.

Sara snatches up the phone, but I see her face soften when she realizes it’s my sister. I shake my head in disbelief and I’m moving back towards her.

“Hey Kat. Something wrong?”

I’m poking my wife with my cock as she’s batting me away. I don’t stop until she rolls over and let’s me enter from behind.

She gasps a little as I enter but says, “Oh no! I’m so sorry Kat! We’ll do anything to help we can just tell us what?”

Sara offering to help Kat causes me to speed up. I’m going to cum soon.

“Absolutely! I’ll send him right now! Do you want me to come over, too?”

I’m almost there. I’m trying to send my thoughts through the phone, “Just talk a little more to my wife, li’l sis. Just a little longer so you’re big brother can cum because my wife can’t make me cum all by herself. Keep talking sis.”


I can’t tell if Sara is responding to me or to Kat.


I realize Sara is barely hanging on and that Kat knows exactly what’s happening. I fucking love my deviant sister. She’s making Sara talk through the orgasm and she’s making sure I have time to finish.

“Yes, no you’re absolutely right. May as well find an upside here…”

I’m going to cum. I’m so close.

“I’ll send Logan right over, he’ll help, you guy’s can…have..a..” Sara isn’t keeping it together. “What? No, sorry. I’m fine was just distracted.” She’s grabbing my leg and I’m going to cum.

“You two will have a therapy session..”

I cum and Sara squeaks. I hear an exaggerated amount of shock ring through the phone as Kat asks if something happened.

Sara quickly says, “no, no sorry just…uhhh… I’ll send Logan right over okay?”

Sliding out of my wife I casually ask what that was all about.

“Kat seems to have had a pipe burst that she says is just gushing all over the basement. She needs some help and figured you could have a session before y’all head to the reunion. Why are you laughing?”

I didn’t even realize I was, but I can’t help it. Kat actually said something is gushing at her house. My sick twisted fuck-toy sister. Always amazes me. “I’m laughing at you trying to hide what we were doing while you were on the phone with my sister of all people. Pretty scandalous.” I give myself a mental high five for playing that off and adding a little bit of disgust. The ‘how gross it is to be talking to my sis while I fuck you’ is implied.

“Logan don’t make me feel bad. I tried to get you to stop.”

I kiss her quickly. “It was a joke dear. Now I gotta go solve that crisis I guess.” I hop in the shower and dress for the reunion. Sara has no idea what the schedule for today is and Kat undoubtedly is in a hurry to get to see our family. With no actual broken pipe and our neverending sessions, I’m positive I’m meant to just pick her up and head straight to the event. Just as I’m hopping in the car a text comes through, “Ready!”. Yep. One very bad sister wants me to hurry up and pick her up so we can play in front of the family. She’s already stepping out the front door as I pull up to her house.

“What took you so long?” Her words fall away as I’m too busy taking in what I’m seeing.

I eye her sideways, “You’re wearing that? To a family reunion?” It’s a stunning dress. Absolutely stunning with a hi slit up the side and a plunging neckline. Not anything anyone would wear to a family event.

“Why do you think I planned this weekend? This evening is the adult only dinner and dancing. I needed to be able to wear something that left me wide open to my big brother all night. I even made an alteration.” She spreads her legs and places my hand in-between them. She’s wearing micro fishnet stockings, but I can feel she’s cut them. “So you can slide anything you want in me all night, luv.” She winks and I laugh. We’re gaziantep özbek escort both way too excited and I suck on my fingers, tasting my sister.

When we arrive, my mother runs out to the car. She’s “not sure the outfit Kat has on is appropriate, but it will have to do.” I grab my mom and kiss her cheek. Kat stifles a giggle knowing her wetness was just on my lips.

“Hi kids! Kat you look great! You two have a nice session on your way here? Can I help you with your bags? Don’t worry, I made sure your room has two beds and heat this time!” My father slaps on the back laughing. “That little sister of yours is always driving you crazy even now. Your mom and I had a good laugh about how you had to keep her warm at the cabin and your mom said she could here the griping all the way back home!”

“More like moaning.” Kat whispers under her breath so only I can hear.

I laugh at her but say, “Dad thank God. I would have driven straight back home if I had to share a bed with her again. Mom I still question your life choices.”

My mother laughs, “You needed a sister. End of story.”

Acting put out, I throw my hands up in submission, “Fair Enough. I absolutely needed my baby sister.” I bite my lip hoping that didn’t actually sound as dirty as I meant it. The grin on Kat’s face tells me I’ve pulled it off.

Once in our room we all just chit chat a bit. Mom and dad sit on the bad facing the window and I sit across from them. I try not to follow Kat with my eyes too much as she moves about, but that damn revealing dress.

“Well son, how’s therapy treating you?”

His choice of words is going to be the end of me this weekend. “Oh Dad it’s been such a great thing. I feel closer to my wife and my sister. My relationship skills are improving so much.” I see flesh! Kat has gone behind the wall leading into the bathroom and the mirrored closet doors allow me to see her. If either mom or dad turn around they’ll see! Just then Mom begins to turn her head. “Mom! Did you bring any of my favorite cookies? And how is your Bridge Club?”

I don’t hear anything she’s saying. Kat has one leg lifted up on the sink and is teasing her clit. She’s crooked her finger beckoning me to her as if I could just leave our parents there.

“Logan! My dress has a small tear. I need you to run down to the desk and ask for a mending kit. Show Mom and Dad how to use the remote before you do.”

“Need my help at all Kat?” My mom offers.

“Nope. I have to redress anyways, so I’ll take a bath. I’m sure it’ll take Logan time to track down the mending kit and he can call Sara while he’s at it. ” Kat responds as she let’s her entire dress fall to the floor, then steps just out of view, into the bathroom, but leaves the door open.

“Okay, Logan you don’t need to show us anything. Just throw the news on. You don’t need to show us how to work it.”

I flip on the news and my parents move to lean against the headboard of the bed that shares a wall with the bathroom, but you can’t see the mirrored closet from that vantage point so I am relieved. Kat knows this because my beautiful sister’s is completely naked waiting for mine to join it.

“All set?” I ask. Hoping my hard-on isn’t visible.

“We’re good son. Take care of your sister.”

“Yes sir. I do my best to take care of her.”

“We know you do Logan.” My mom says. “You’ve always been the best big brother. She’s lucky to have you.”

“Logan! Get going already!” Kat is grinning as she yells this and she’s twisting both her nipples.

I roll my eyes, feigning annoyance and grab my coat. I know they can’t see the door to the room, so I open it and yell “Be right back.” Without actually exiting I barely shut the door before Kat jumps me. I push her back against the wall my parents are just on the other side of.

“Everything okay Kat?” My dad yells out.

“All good.” Kat manages to respond flatly.

This is insane. Touching each other under a table is one thing, but I’m going to fuck my sister, in the middle of the day, feet away from parents, in the same room. I have to. I need gaziantep özbek escort bayan this. We need this. Kat watches me slide my fingers in her in the mirror. She moves to shut the door to the bathroom but I cover her mouth and we watch as I finger fuck her furiously in the mirror. She’s grinding into my hand.

“That’s a good Kitty Kat. Put on a good show for Mom and Dad li’l sis.” My words are pushing her over board as she fights to scream through my hand. “Look at Daddy’s little girl letting everyone see what you’re big brother does to you. They could see all of this baby. If they just lean forward a little.” My hand is drenched. Kat fights free desperate for my cock. She hits her knees, looking in the mirror, then up at me, and I nod. She wants permission to keep putting this show on. We are absolutely crazy, but it’s like a drug. I watch in the mirror as she licks me and I can’t help but think of my baby sister sucking a lollipop. I let her tease me because I know she’s pretending they see us. She wants to be defiant and show them she can do whatever she wants with her brother. She freezes when we hear movement but I realize it’s from outside the room so I choke her with my dick. Then I grab her hair and push her against the wall again. I kiss her, raise her leg, and I slowly… very very slowly slide into her as we both again watch in the mirror.

“Good Girl. You’re putting on a very very good show for your family. Yes. That’s it. Move against your big brother luv. That’s it. Oh right there, baby? You like it when your brother hits that spot? Say it once. Be a good little sister and say ‘yes Logan’.”

“Yes, Logan.”

I thrust harder into her. “I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, Logan.”

Too loud. We scramble silently into the bathroom, slowly and quietly closing the door. I bend her over and slide into her, pumping away as we listen to see if we’ve been caught.

We hear a muffled, “Logan must have called her.”

That’s it. Kat feels it. She already knows. I’m about to cum and I’m about to cum hard. She wiggles her ass, tightening around me, and I pump a seemingly endless stream of cum in her. Fucking my little baby sister in the same room as Mom and Dad. Putting on a show and we still have two more days.

I lean over to whisper in her ear, “Such a bad little cum dumpster. Your punishment is you can’t shower. You will go to lunch full of your big brother’s cum.” I feel her tense around me and I know she’s orgasmed again. “You like that don’t you, my little slut? You actually want to feel my cum slipping down your legs as your hugging and greeting our family. Wait until after when I pump your ass full of cum and you’re drenched at dinner.”

As I ease out of her she turns and kisses me deep like a lover does. I grow hard again, but we both freeze when we here the knock on the door.

“Kat are you okay? I need to use the bathroom.”

“No Daddy. I’m so sorry, but I had to call Logan because I started my period and I needed supplies.”

“Well that explains why he’s been gone so long. Tell you what, it’s close to lunchtime so your mother and I will head out and I can use the bathroom in the lobby.”

“Good idea. Hopefully we’ll be down soon.”

I stare at my baby sister in awe at how easily she hides our dirty little secret. We barely hear the door click shut as they leave because we’re kissing again. Tongues swirling in an intimate way, satisfied and reluctant to part. As we do, she looks me in the eye and I watch her hand slip down to her beautiful pussy. I think about jerking off thinking I’m about to watch her finger herself, but she dips her finger into that sweet hole and then sucks my cum off it. “Good girl. Now get dressed. I want to play with my fucktoy right under the noses of our oblivious family.”

I throw my clothes on and head to turn off the TV. Moments later I’m staring at Kat in disbelief, ” You can’t wear that. Cum really will drop down your legs.

“Sorry Logan. It’s a risk I need to take. I need to be able to spread for you when you tell me to, right?’

I start to argue but I see her resolve so I move quickly to her, lift her dress, and almost violently shove two fingers inside her. “I needed to make sure it worked. That your special spot was actually accessible.” She squirms like she’s riding my hand and I withdraw slowly. She looks so sad over it.

“Let’s go my love.” She says as I see the cum spot forming. I love when she calls me that, the dirty feeling that makes me want to touch her more. Tonight should be interesting.

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