My Son In My Clothes Ch. 01


I’ll never forget the day it started, the day we caught him. My husband Nick and I had gone out with friends for our anniversary. We intended staying the night at a hotel, but my husband was on pills so he couldn’t drink, and we decided to drive home.

I pushed open the bedroom door and the giggling and smiles changed to gasps and shocked looks. Staring back at us was our teenage son, Kevin. The 18 year old boy I had brought into this world was shaking, and the tears had already caused his mascara to run. His blonde shoulder length hair was held back by my black nylon scarf, the one I bought just yesterday. My eyes dropped to what he was wearing, my favourite black dress with the low neckline, and my black bra that looked quite ridiculous popping out of the dress. I looked at where the breasts should be! Kevin had padded them out with something. He had black tights on his legs, and he had forced his feet into my size 6 red court shoes. What was even worse was my lovely dress had a bloody tent in the front!

“You little queer!” my husband yelled.

Kevin just stood there terrified as his father started towards him. I grabbed Nick and hauled him back with all my might. I forced my body between my angry husband and my frightened son.

“Nick, go downstairs and stay there,” I said, trying to stop him doing something he would regret.

The rage never left Nick’s face, as I forced my body against his. His pushing started to relax until he just stood there.

“Why, why is he doing that, why is he wearing your clothes?”

I saw the pleading look in his face now, he just didn’t understand. I didn’t either, but I thought it would be best for me to deal with this. Finally Nick relaxed back and he slowly moved backwards, but I kept between them until he was at the bedroom door.

“I don’t, understand why he is wearing your clothes?” he asked again.

“Nick, just go downstairs. Please, let me sort this out.”

He turned away at the door and half turned back. I grabbed his arm and made sure he didn’t look at Kevin again.

“No darling, just go downstairs,” I said in a soft voice.

I shut the door and turned my attention to Kevin. I took a deep breath and started to walk across the bedroom. I stopped halfway and picked up my pearl necklace that Kevin had dropped when we came in.

“Were you going to put this on?”

I looked at the necklace, and then chuckled at my own stupidity for asking the question.

“Mum, I should, get undressed,” Kevin mumbled.

“Oh, do you want me to leave my own bedroom while you turn back into a…boy?” I hissed.

I looked at the dressing table, my dressing table! All my creams and makeup, bundles of cotton wool balls, and my jewellery box all spread everywhere.

“Oh my god, Kevin, look at the bloody mess,” I said distantly.

I heard him sniff back a tear. I looked up at the makeup smudged across his face.

“What’s dad going to do?” he whimpered.

“How the hell should I know? This is our anniversary, 20 years we have been married, and we had such a nice time tonight, and look what we come home to?” I said, throwing my arms up in the air.

“Mum, I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” he mumbled.

“Don’t tell me that. Go and look in the mirror, look at what your father saw, go on!” I snapped.

He moved slowly to the full length mirror.

“Why do you look so upset? I bet you’ve pranced around in front of it before. God, you had a fucking hard on!”

He turned back from the mirror with tears rolling down his cheeks, and a shocked look on his face.

“Yes, I’ve never used the F word in front of you have I? A few shits and damns, but I’ve never said fuck before now, that is how shocked I am….bloody hell.”

“Please mum, let me get changed,” he whimpered with big frightened eyes.


I looked at the closed bedroom door. I shut my eyes in exasperation.

“Nick, go back downstairs, let me deal with this, please?”

I heard my husband trudge away from the door.

“You have really kicked your father in the balls, with, this,” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin said again.

I walked back to my dressing table. My eyes just scanned over everything.

“God, it looks like a bloody schoolgirl’s dressing table. Oh Kevin, that was my favourite bloody lipstick, you’ve snapped it,” I cursed, as I picked it up and threw it in the bin.

I took a deep breath and looked at him.

“Right, sit down,” I said, pointing at the stool.

Kevin watched me squirt some makeup remover on a cotton wool ball.

“Mum, you can’t be serious, Jesus, no,” he half shrieked.

“Oh believe me I am bloody serious. Now sit down,” I hissed.

I stood over his trembling body, just staring at his face in the mirror.

“Humiliating, isn’t it?” I asked, staring into his eyes in the reflection.

He lowered his head, and nodded a little.

“Tip your head back,” I said.

I stepped round him and looked down, just before I got to his face with the cotton wool ball I noticed something that made me stop.

“My god, do you shave your legs?” I asked in disbelief, as I peered through the black nylon.

Again he gave a little faint nod. I closed my eyes, wondering what the hell Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort else he shaved, his chest looked smooth and even his arms didn’t have much hair! I took another deep breath, and then I started dabbing the cotton wool ball on his face.

“Jesus, you’ve plastered it on. My favourite bloody lipstick, I can’t believe you used it. Sit bloody still!” I snapped, “And stop whimpering, sissy.”

“Don’t say that word,” he mumbled.

I threw the cotton ball at the bin, it missed.

“What word?” I asked, as I gave the next cotton ball a bigger dollop of makeup remover.

I rubbed away and thought about what he said.

“Oh, what would you prefer? Leanne? Come on tell me, what do you call yourself when you are all dolled up like a bloody clown?”

I rubbed the cotton ball harder on his skin, gritting my teeth. His hand gripped mine. I must have been hurting him. That was when I noticed how well manicured his nails looked. I grabbed his hands, twisting them to watch the light on his nails.

“You are wearing nail varnish!” I said a little shocked.

“It is clear varnish,” he said, pulling his hands away.

“Well you must have bought that, because I only wear colours. God, you actually went and bought some, in a bloody shop!”

The thought of my son going into a shop and buying nail varnish seemed to throw me completely. I shook my head trying to let go of that thought. I carried on cleaning his face, and then I felt my headscarf that my son was wearing tickle my chest. I always left them tied down a little. I loved the feeling of the nylon ticking my bare neck, did he? Suddenly I was thinking of why Kevin would want to dress as a girl. I tried to get it out of my head but it just wouldn’t go. I became angry with myself now. I didn’t want to think why he would like it, but I was. What made him want to feel feminine things close to his body? Was it that big a thrill that it was worth the risk of getting caught!

“Cross your legs over,” I mumbled.

He didn’t move.

“Go on, cross your legs,” I said more firmly.

“What. Mum, what for?”

I nudged his head with my finger and stared at him in the mirror. I watched him pull his left leg over his right. He even straightened his hem!

“Stay like that, like a woman,” I snapped.

He lowered his head again.

“Head up, come on. You want to be all feminine, now is your chance, sissy Leanne,” I mocked.

I worked on his face for the next few minutes, until all trace of makeup had been removed. I pulled the scarf from his hair and started brushing it out. No wonder he liked to keep his hair long. He sat there with one hand over the other in his lap. I smirked a little at that. As I brushed his hair I could feel little goose bumps on his neck. So there he was bloody enjoying this now! It wasn’t going to last long though, god knows what speech his father had lined up for him when he went downstairs.

I tried to shake the smile from my head, as I thought of Nick pacing up and down, trying to think of something to say. Nick is in the navy, he was used to being around men. He would be off soon for a three month stint. But first he had to deal with his son wearing my clothes! Nick wanted Kevin to be all macho, and finding Kevin dressed as a girl would hurt my husband, beyond belief!

I was feeling for them both now.

“Oh darling, why are you doing this?” I asked, looking down at the top of his head.

I sniffed back a tear, I felt for my son, like any mother would. I would defend him no matter what. I had brought him into the world, had I failed him?

“I love you baby,” I said, as my lips kissed his neck.

I straightened up quickly. I had caught a faint whiff of perfume, my expensive perfume, on my son’s neck! I was trying to find ways to defend him, but things just kept on slapping me across the face. Why my perfume? Why not some cheap brand that went with his plastered on makeup!

“What is dad going to do?”

I rubbed his shoulder, feeling my bra strap underneath the dress that my son was wearing! Yes, another fucking slap on my face. Even so I wanted to tell Kevin things would be okay, but, I just couldn’t. He needed to be punished. I thought I was doing just that. But now instead of protesting he was sat there, with his bloody legs crossed, swinging his foot in my high heels!

“Stand up!” I snapped.

He was stood in front of me now, and his face had dropped. It was like we had just come back to the real world. Had I been too easy on him? Did he actually get to like the idea of his mum helping him? Was that it, was I helping him with his fantasy in someway?!

“Stay like that, and don’t take any thing off,” I hissed.

“Don’t get dad, please don’t,” he whimpered.

“I’m not getting him. I think he is a little too upset to see you like this again. I just need a, a time out.”

I rushed to the bathroom and stood staring at the face in the mirror. I took several deep breaths, and straightened myself up. I said a little prayer that when I faced Nick in the next minute I could keep him calm, and not have him racing up the stairs.

“What is he doing up there? Get him down here,” Nick snapped.

“No,” I said firmly, “I’m dealing with Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort this, get me a glass of gin, please?”

I threw it down my neck, and coughed and choked a little. I then pressed the empty glass back at my husband’s chest.

“Christ Claire, you can’t want another?” he asked a little shocked.

“Yes, I fucking do!” I hissed.

I took the second drink a little slower. Nick was just watching me, just waiting for me to say something. Finally he spoke.

“You’ve been up there half an hour, why isn’t he down here yet?”

I looked at my watch. I couldn’t believe I had been up there all that time.

“Get him down here. I want a few words with him. Hiding in his bedroom is he?”

I grabbed Nick’s arm as he went to the living room door.

“No, he has still got my dress on,” I snapped.

Nick stopped and looked at me like I had just shit on the carpet.

“I am sorting this out, just leave it to me,” I whispered so Kevin wouldn’t hear.

“Oh and just how are you doing that, by making him wear your clothes? He is probably up there now pulling….”

“Keep your voice down. He is shitting himself already,” I whispered again.

“Well so he should be. You should have kept a closer eye on him. You let him turn into a faggot!”

I grabbed his arm again and wrenched him back to look me in eye.

“If you go up those stairs I’ll never forgive you. I have to, to bring him up on my own, while you are on the other side of the world 8 months every year. I’m dealing with this. Now, go out for a drive or something.”

He stared hard into my eyes. He took a deep breath and grabbed his jacket off the chair.

“Nick, I love you. Just let me sort this out, please?”

“I’ll be back in an hour. I’ll have words with him then,” he snarled.

I jumped as the front door slammed shut. I took a deep breath and finished the last of my gin. I waited for a few moments by the front door, until I heard Nick pull away in the car. I looked up the stairs and wiped my hands over my skirt.

As I pushed the bedroom door open slowly, I saw Kevin’s anxious face staring at me. He was sat on my bed looking so bloody scared.

“He is going to kill me, isn’t he?” he mumbled.

“No baby, but don’t expect him to understand.”

“Mum, do you understand?”

I shook my head.

“Those shoes must be pinching you. Nick liked me in those shoes. Well, he probably won’t let me wear them now. Stand up.”

“Mum, can’t I just get out of these clothes and go to bed?”

I stiffened, raising myself up.

“No, this is your punishment. I’m undressing you.”

His eyes opened wide, and I got another strange look, from my son this time.

“God mum, you can’t undress me,” he whimpered.

“Why not, I’ve seen you naked before,” I said moving forward.

“Not since I was little though. Mum, please don’t do this,” he said shaking his head.

I moved behind him and pulled the zip down on the dress. I watched the back of my bra come into view. I pulled the straps off his shoulders and tugged my dress down to his hips.

“Stop, please mum stop. This is so bloody humiliating.”

I walked round in front of him and stared him in the eyes. I grabbed the dress and yanked it hard. It fell to his ankles. He whimpered and groaned a little. Kevin stood there with his eyes shut and his body shaking. I looked down and saw a slight bulge between his legs.

“My God, are you bloody well enjoying this?” I snapped.

He shook his head, but he couldn’t look me in the eye.

“Oh, well what is that then? Why are you a little hard?”

His bottom lip trembled a little. I waited with my hands on my hips. Slowly his head lifted up until we were looking at each other. I kept my harsh expression, while Kevin looked so ashamed of himself.

“Maybe we ought to do this in front of your father then? See if you get a hard on then, well, what do think?” I snarled.

He shook his head, but still that lump was there.

“No, maybe you are right, that would probably turn you on too! Would you get all excited stripping of in front of a man?” I hissed.

I batted his hand away from his cock.

“I want to push it down,” he croaked.

“Oh no you don’t, you leave it there. I’ve seen a hard on before, I’m not embarrassed.”

“Well I bloody am,” Kevin snapped.

“Oh, then why are you still hard then?”

He looked to the floor again, until I lifted his head up by his chin. I raised my eyebrows demanding an answer to my question. He shook his head again.

“We will stay here all night like this until you tell me. I don’t mind if you want to explain it to your father as well.”

“It is because of what you said,” he finally snapped, “about me stripping in front of a man.”

He was looking deep into my eyes now. He had changed from the frightened 18 year old. It was like his admission had given him strength and confidence. Again I planted my hands firmly on my hips.

“Oh, so you want to strip for a man do you? Well maybe we should call some of you friends, we could get them round and you could do a strip tease in front of them. You haven’t got the faintest idea what it’s like being a woman. Wondering Kadıköy Ucuz Escort if the guy likes what he sees, or feeling his hand going up your skirt. Is that what you would like?”

My anger was building by the second as I stared at him. I was on a roll now and I just couldn’t stop myself.

“So, that is what you like is it? You know it might sound good in the porn magazines you have hidden on your wardrobe, but believe me it isn’t such a turn on for a woman all the fucking time!”

“Oh, then what about you and that Greek boss of yours, I’ve seen you mum, I’ve seen you in the car when he drops you off. He gropes up your skirt and you jerk him off, or worse. So what parts don’t you like, giving him a blowjob or letting him shoot on your tits?”

My hand stung a little from the slap I gave Kevin. I don’t know if that hurt me more or what he had said. I slumped down on the bed and put my head in my hands. I couldn’t believe Kevin had seen me do it. It was just too frightening to think about.

“Mum, I’m not judging you.” he said in a softer tone, “with dad being away you must get lonely, and I know about his bit on the side. I won’t tell him, I haven’t said anything, and I won’t.”

My head was full of Kevin watching me, and what Nick would do if he found out. But I never knew Kevin knew about my husband’s little tart! Suddenly the tables had been turned, and I was feeling the guilt and humiliation that was suppose to be on my son’s shoulders.

“Mum, I can’t help what I like. When I see you in the car with him behind the hedge, I, I cant help wondering what it would be like to be you.”

I knew I should shut him up, but I just didn’t have guts to tell him off now.

“You asked me what I called myself earlier. I call myself Claire. I call myself your name.”

“Oh, is that right, well, do you feel like I do now? Do you want to feel like I do when that bastard is pawing me? Kevin I do it for the money, I’m useless at keeping money back, I get to the end of the month and I’m in debt. Your dad would go mad, he always used to, and, okay I get lonely, but I think I could do better than my boss.”

“Then why don’t you? I mean, is dad going to leave?”

“I don’t know, I’m trying my best to keep him, but it is hard work fighting against some girl 10 years younger than me. I don’t want a relationship with anyone else, I love your dad, as strange as that may seem now, but I do. I think he is just going through some midlife crisis, we have been through shit before, and I know he loves me deep down,” I whimpered.

“And I love you and dad, but I can’t help feeling like I do. When I see you doing things with your boss, it just gets me horny, just think about some guy doing that to me.”

I looked in his eyes and wanted to strangle him, or rather to shake some sense into him.

“Is that what you really want, to be groped and kissed by some bloke that you don’t even fancy?”

“Mum, what are you doing!” he shrieked.

“Just giving you what you want,” I hissed.

My hand was jerking his cock through my tights and panties. He was panting and gasping, and getting harder!

“Come on then you little slut. Come on and fill your knickers for me!” I snarled.

My hand was going faster and faster. Kevin was stood there trying to resist, but he just gave up.

“Maybe we should tart you up and you could work in the café with me. Would you like that? Would you get excited when he walks by and pinches your ass?”

“Mum, I can’t, I mean…I’m going to….”

“How about you stay behind with me? I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you practicing on his dick, or shooting over your chest,” I growled.

My hand kept going as I felt Kevin shoot into my underwear. His spunk soaked through the tights and panties that my son was wearing!

I let go and took a few steps back, my ass bumped into the dressing table. I started going down on my knees and my head went into my hands.

“I’m sorry, Kevin, I’m sorry,” I cried.

I could hear him panting still. The shame I felt now was even worse than knowing I had gone with my fat Greek boss. At least Kevin didn’t know that he had fucked me.

“Go to bed honey,” I mumbled.

“Mum, I love you, and whatever happens between you and dad, well, it’ll be you I want to live with.”

I heard him go past me as I still knelt on the floor hiding my face.

“Kevin, I love you, and so does your dad.”

Eventually I made myself get up. Nick would be home soon, and I had to try and get myself together before then. I forced myself to stop crying, the only thing I could think of to get me through this, was the tart my husband was having an on off affair with. He nearly left Kevin and me for her. I didn’t know at the time, I found out when he was at sea. My sister had told me a friend of hers let it slip. For 3 weeks I waited for Nick to come back from sea. By that time my tiny little mind had gone searching for revenge. I blew money, a lot of money. Then when Nick came home he confessed to me, before I had even started on him, he just blurted it all out. By that time I had opened my legs for my boss. I used him to replace the money I had spent, and now I was paying it off in instalments. I suppose I could have confessed to Nick, but I had Kevin to consider, and I didn’t want Kevin growing up without his father, and I certainly didn’t want to give Nick any excuse to go running back to her. Not only that, but my Greek boss was there and I just couldn’t resist him. Okay he was fat and arrogant, but, I’m afraid I was the tart my son said he wanted to be!