My Special Playtime


Daddy said I could play while in the shower.

I grabbed my toy and started to think what daddy would say to me while I play:

“Babygirl slam that fucking cunt” daddy commanded.

I grab my 7″ pink suction dildo. I ran the toy into my pussy; while saying “like this daddy?”

“No babygirl, harder!”

I thrust the toy into my soft pink pussy so hard that I lost my footing. Then daddy ordered “I want to see you with some beads in your ass.”

I grab my 5″ anal beads. It’s pink with 6 beads on it and a ring at the end.

My ass greedily takes each bead. The ring is all that is left sticking out. “Good fuckpig. Now those better not fall out. Do you understand?”

I nod my head. “What was that cumslut? Daddy said while slapping my tits “I don’t understand head shakes.”

“Yes daddy I understand” I say almost crying.

“Now fuckpig slam that worthless cunt again. Those beads had better not fall out,” Daddy commands in a stern voice.

I slam my dildo into my cunt and within a few strokes my beads fall out.

Daddy has fire in his eyes. Bycasino He pulls my hair and lowers me to my knees. I picks up the freshly used anal beads. ” Open up fuckpig, you’re going to suck on them since you can’t keep them in your ass.”

Daddy never talks to me like this, so I do what he says immediately.

I opened my mouth and he rams the anal beads down my throat. Making me gag. Not from the smell or taste, but from how hard and fast down my throat he shoved them.

Daddy takes my dildo and suctions it to the shower wall. “Fuckpig you will suck the dildo as I put the beads back in your ass.”

I start to suck the dildo and Daddy starts to push each bead into my ass. After all the beads are in daddy smacks my ass and my cunt. I let out a moan. Daddy looks at me and sees that my I am barely missing the dildo with my teeth. He smacks my ass and I loose my balance. My teeth barely scratched the dildo.

“Why are your teeth touching that dildo?” Daddy asks, “you are nothing but disappointment today fuckpig.”

Daddy pulls my hair and smacks my face. Bycasino giriş “You’re lucky that I don’t don’t hurt you more, but then again you might like that.”

Daddy lets go of my hair and grabs the flogger. He tells me to stand with my right leg up, resting on the edge of the tub.

He swings the flogger and hits my cunt. Getting my swollen clit, “Fuck babygirl, don’t you dare cum.” Daddy yells “you don’t deserve to cum yet.”

Daddy keeps hitting me with the flogger. I never know where he will hit. Daddy would change up from hitting: my cunt, ass, thighs, tits and back. The final stroke daddy gave me was to my cunt. Daddy then reached out and pulled my nipples. Smacked me across the face.

During my flogging my anal beads slipped out. Daddy again was not happy. “Well if you can’t keep the beads in your ass then I guess you can take that fucking dildo up it”

“Yes daddy, may I use lube?”

“No fuckpig make sure your ass is wet from the shower. That is all the lube you get.”

Daddy suctioned the dildo to the tub edge and told me to sit.

Looking Bycasino deneme bonusu at daddy with tears in my eyes, I positioned myself to sit on the dildo.

“Now pig sit on that fucking dildo!”

I pushed myself down into the dildo. I started to cry and that caused daddy to laugh. “Sit there!” Daddy said, after I had the dildo all the way in my ass. “Do not move fuckpig!”

Daddy grabbed the flogger again and started to assault my tits. After 15 hits, daddy told me to ride the dildo like I would ride his cock.

As I rode the dildo daddy sat there laughing and calling me names. “That’s it fuckpig, ride that damn toy.”

“Haha… if you can cum with that toy in your ass then you can cum as much as you want.”

I looked daddy in the eyes “please daddy may I cum?”

Daddy laughs “I just told you to cum fuckpig. Why are you asking?” He keeps laughing. “Go ahead you stupid fucking pig.”

I came so hard that the dildo came loose from the tub. Daddy then grabbed the toy and slammed it into my ass 5x. Daddy stopped and I collapsed in the shower.

“Next time don’t disappoint me and I might actually fuck you.” Daddy said while walking out. “Now get up and get dressed. I’ll drop you off at your house, to your husband. Start figuring out how you’ll explain the marks on your body and why you’re wet.”