My Sweet Stephanie

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My name is Frank a 48 year old widowed father and my daughter Stephanie 22 is graduating from college. Steph as I always called her was the light of my life, but she was a loner as far as friends were concerned ever since my wife passed away when she was just 5.

We did all the father daughter stuff but when mother daughter events came up she always stayed home. I tried several times to take her telling her I was both her father and mother now but she wouldn’t go. As she grew she became in my eyes the most beautiful girl in the world, not the perfect stereotypical 36-24-36 figure, but at 38-30-34 with a b-cup she was built pretty proportionally. Her eyes were the bluest of blue and her waist length blond hair finished what I, her dad, thought made her so desirable. She only dated a few times in high school and from what she told me only had two or three dates while away at college.

Today as I watched her walk the stage to receive her degree, I was amazed at how sexy she looked. When she saw me in the crowd those blue eyes lit up and she mouthed the words I love you dad. After it was over she came over to see me, I asked her what she wanted to do was go home and relax with me.

After I got into my comfy laying around the house clothes then sat on the couch, Steph came out of her room dressed in short baby-doll pajamas and sat next to me. I couldn’t help myself as I eyed her milky white smooth legs, it was then I noticed what looked like part of a small tattoo at the crease of her pajama bottoms.

Not knowing why I asked, “Steph is that a tat I see?”

“Oh this,” she said moving the material to show me a little heart with the words daddy’s girl below.

“Oh Steph why did you get one of those?” I asked, as I stared I could see at a bit of her light almost translucent pubic hairs.

Steph caught me staring, laughed and said, “Daddy are you checking out your little girl?”

“Um no just that tat,” was all I could say.

“Maybe you might like this one,” she said moving the panties a bit I saw an arrow pointing towards her pussy with the initials FJB above it. It was then I noticed remainder of her pubic Porno hair as she spread her legs ever so slightly exposing the top of her pussy.

“Steph what is that?” I asked.

“It’s your Initials daddy,” she said as she put her hand above the arrow following with a finger down to her slit.

“Steph what the hell are you doing,” I yelled, but my eyes were affixed to what she was doing, I was almost in a trance.

“It’s only natural, you’ve never seen a girl’s love box?” she said.

“But I mean you’re my daughter, I um that’s not natural,” I said.

“But daddy I only love you and you haven’t been with anyone since mom. I had a dream a few years ago dream and mom told me you should be my 1st ever,” she said.

My mind was racing, I imagined what my now stiff cock would feel like in her virgin pussy, shaking my head I thought to myself, “what kind of a father am I thinking of defiling my baby girl.”

“Daddy I have thought about wanting to be with you since I was a junior in high school, everyone else wanted to date the cool guys but all I could ever think of was you. Since I was away at college I tried to date a few times but I only ever thought of you, I thought maybe you might want me too.” she said.

“But I’m your dad, that’s kind of fucked up,” I said.

“So you don’t find me attractive, I know I’m a little big, I know I caught you checking me out when I was dressing in high school a few times I thought maybe you liked me like that,” she said.

“No you are so beautiful, if I wasn’t your dad I would be so proud to be with you,” I said.

“So if I wasn’t your daughter you would want me, but because I’m your daughter you won’t be with me, I don’t think that’s fair.” she said.

“Well yeah kind of,” I said still staring at her finger on her pussy.

“So if I do this you don’t like it,” she said as her other hand began rubbing my cock thru my shorts.

“Um I mean yes on god yes it feels good but I’m your dad,” I said as my head betrayed me leaning back on the couch.

“I guess you like this too,” she said reaching into my shorts stroking my now rock

hard Altyazılı Porno cock.

Reaching for my hand Steph put it to her pussy and said, “no one has ever touched me there, I wouldn’t let them, please be my 1st.”

I was unable to think as my fingers began to massage her soaking wet pussy as my hand felt her fine soft pubic hair. Slowly my finger found it’s way inside her tight wet pussy walls. Pushing my long middle deeper I could feel the soft member covering her hymen, it was then I realized my baby girl was really a virgin and she wanted me to be her 1st.

Steph knew immediately I was aroused as my cock stood to attention the second my finger touched that virgin covering and said, “Daddy do you like my little girl box, hmm I’m so wet.”

“Oh Steph your pussy feel so good, I should stop I shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, but I was unable to as my fingers slowly began finger fucking her.

“No daddy don’t stop, your little girl wants you to be the 1st to make me orgasm. Will you do that for me please, please daddy?” she said.

Pulling off her panties, Steph gave me a complete view as she spread her legs showing me her pink little pussy. Lowering my head I slid my tongue along her whole pubic area, 1st kissing that little heart tattoo and then to the arrow finally following it down to her slit. When I reached it I asked, “Steph are you sure you really want this?”

“Yes daddy, I want your tongue in me, please make me me cum,” she said as she unzipped my shorts taking my cock out and began stroking it up & down.

“Daddy do you like these?” she said as she removed her baby-doll top.

Looking up I saw her wonderful breasts, such light skin with large light beige areolas and gorgeous pointy nipples protruding about 3/4 of an inch and I said, “Oh my god baby girl you grew up to be the most amazingly beautiful woman.”

Going back down on my little girl I ate her little pussy feverously, I could feel her body tighten and knew she was ready to have her very 1st orgasm, this made me so horny and so excited I licked that pussy so fast and could feel my cock was Brazzers almost ready to explode. Suddenly Steph’s hips bucked in the air as her pussy began to spasm my little girls juices began flowing onto my tongue.

“Oh daddy yes, oh my god I never thought it could feel this good,” she said as her body was bucking like a bronco.

Almost simultaneously my cock began shooting a massive load, my baby girl was jerking me off even quicker as if wanting to milk all my cum out of me. My first shot hitting between her tits and neck, the 2nd covered her left tit, the remaining shooting on her belly.

“Does this taste good or as gross as I have heard some say it does?” she said as she scooped a large glob of cum off herself, put it into her mouth and swallowed.

“Hmm a little salty but I like it, my daddy’s cum tastes great.” she said.

“Steph you taste so good yourself.” I said as I raised my finger loaded with her pussy juices to her mouth, opening up she took my finger inside sucking the juices like a popsicle.

Letting my finger out she said, “I think I taste better than you, here see,” she then with a glob of my cum on her finger pushed it inside my mouth for me to taste.

“Yes yours in much sweeter that mine, you win,” I said.

“Daddy would you be the first to make love to me? I want to feel you inside of me, do you think it will fit me?” she asked.

Now I am not the biggest of guys but being just a whisker under 7″ and almost 5″ in girth I know I am bigger than most. I sat there for a second imagining my cock forcing those tight virgin pussy walls open, I knew it might hurt her and said, “If and I mean if we ever do, it will hurt and there will be some blood, but yes your pussy will be able to take it.”

“I want you to be my 1st and I am going to have you one way or another, I love you daddy.” she said.

“Well not tonight this is more than I want to handle,” I said.

Watching tv we both fell asleep Steph’s hand still holding my cock while my head rested on her bare tits.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke from a dream, my dead wife was holding me telling me it was ok. “Our daughter needs you and you should do whatever it takes to make her happy,” she said. Looking down at my lovely little angel as she slept, I looked to the heavens mouthing the words, “ok honey, if your ok with it I’ll teach your daughter everything she needs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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