My Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving day. I’ve been working at a marina in the town I lived in. I also worked at the gas station my grandma owned. My family and and some family friends were all at my grandma’s house. I just got my truck so I loved driving everywhere. We realized we were running out of beer and ice. The store was closed but they gave me a key to it so i could get the beer and ice. I drove up there in my truck blasting some music. I opened up and turned on the lights and went on getting what I needed. A girl walked in as I was about to turn off the lights. She was really pretty. About 5’6″, thin, blonde hair that was a little messy, big blue eyes, a perfect tight little ass and really nice boobs. not huge but not small. Just perfect little teen boobs. She looked familiar but I wasn’t sure from where. I figured I must have seen her in the store or marina.

“hey were aren’t really open” I told her.

“Oh well can I just get a few things while your here?” she asked

“Yeah I guess so.” I said

She went to the back and got two bottles of Dr. Pepper and one bottle of Ozarka water. She came up to the counter with a smile on her face.

“It’s so cold out there!” she said as I was ringing her items up.

“I know! I didn’t think it was supposed to get this cold!”

She looked up to me and blushed. “Do you think I can get a ride home? I walked up here from my grandparent’s house.”

“Yeah sure, I don’t escort mind. I was going to go through the car wash after I left here. Do you care if I do that?” I said as I was grabbing the beer and ice from the counter.

“No. I don’t mind. It will give us a chance to get to know each other” she said smiling

“Okay cool.”

We got in my truck and left. On the drive to the car wash we learned we had a lot in common. We listened to the same music, liked the same things, and I even found out we have the same religious views (none). We seemed to be very comfortable with each other. she scooted over to the middle seat and put her hand on my thigh. I put my arm around her and kissed her on her head. She layed her head on my shoulder and put her hand on my chest. Her hair smelled amazing. It was fruity. We were stopped at at long light and she started kissing me. I kissed her back and she started using tongue. I started too. Tickling the roof of her mouth and having a tongue fight. The light turned green and we stopped kissing. We were quiet after that. She started touching my crotch. Gently stroking my cock through my jeans. I was getting hard. She started to unbotton my jeans. She pulled them down a little and pulled my now fully erect cock out of my pants. She tickled the head with her finger tips then started going farther down. Her warm soft hands felt amazing on my cock. I’ve masturbated a lot before that but it never felt this good. izmit escort bayan She started stroking it really fast, squeezing it nice and tight. She would slow down occasionally. She did this for about 3 minutes and honestly I have no idea how I didn’t cum right then. Then she leaned down and started licking my rock hard cock. I thought I was going to cum. I yelled “Baby I’m gonna cum!” but some how I continued to keep it in. She moaned as she sucked my dick. She put the whole cock in her mouth and started choking on it. She would circle her tongue around my cock as she would suck it. It felt amazing. I came in her mouth with out warning her. She gagged first then looked up and me, smiled and swollowed. She said ” cum on my face.” I stroked my cock and came all over her face. She loved it. She wiped it off with her hand and started licking it off her fingers. It was sooooo sexy.

We got to the car wash and I paid and entered. I asked if she wanted me to eat her out. She said yes and I took her pants off. I slipped two fingers into her tight shaved pussy. She moaned with pleasure. I explored inside her pussy with my fingers for a while. Then I kissed it. She giggled a little. I put my tongue in there. Licking around and flicking it. She was getting really wet and screaming with pleasure. Her juices exploded onto my face and I wiped it off with a towel.

“You want to fuck?” she asked me still kinda izmit sınırsız escort moaning.
“Hell yes!” i said

I grabbed a condom out of my glove box. ” No need for that. Cum inside me if you want” she said.

“Okay babe”

We pulled out of the car wash and drove to this secluded part of the beach. My truck had a camper shell on the top with a mattress in the back because we camped while surfing. We got in the bed and she laid on top of me. We started kissing then i took her shirt off. She was wearing no bra and her tits were nice and perky. She had small nipples that were hard from the cold weather. I started sucking on her beautiful tits. I licked the nipples and she moaned. She grabbed my cock and put it in her pussy. It was tight and warm. She threw her head back and screamed. she hopped on my cock for about 3 minutes then we switched places. We went doggy style and I inserted my penis slowly into her then built up speed. “oh yes baby fuck that pussy with your huge cock. yes baby that feels so good. fuck me!” she screamed these things for a while. “i’m gonna cum!” i said. “cum inside my pussy baby!” I did as she said and shot my hot load inside of her. I moaned from the amazing feeling. I kept going until I just couldn’t go any more. I took my cock out of her and we laid there for a while. We were silent and calm. We cuddled for a while and then decided to go home. On the way home we exchanged numbers and I told her where I was living. I dropped her off at her grandparents and went back to the thanksgiving dinner.

We hung out every chance we got after that and fucked every day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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