My Turn

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Copyright (c) 2019 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


This is one of a series of stories set in what I call Universe-J. Universe-J is very much like this universe with a few exceptions.

First the people tend to be a little more sexual and less hung up on sex that they are in our universe. This does not mean that monogamy is the exception. James and Heather were monogamous for a significant amount of time before they “accidentally” swapped partners.

Second the repercussions of unprotected sex are less severe than our universe. Not to say that STDs and unexpected pregnancies don’t occur, just that they occur less frequently and in the case of STDs, a good shot of antibiotic will put you right again. HIV has yet to be introduced so STDs aren’t a death sentence there.

Lastly, pedophilia and incest (which I will not be writing about) are virtually unknown. Children are to be protected and loved not abused. When they reach the age of consent, they can join in the adult games if they so desire, but there is no pressure on them to do so.

The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living or fictional is coincidental.


Editor’s Preface

The following is a work of fiction by one of our lovers, Sissy. If you have followed my previous adventure tales, Sissy is the daughter/granddaughter of one of my business associates. I’ll let her explain that relationship if she chooses. Sissy is currently staying with us as our houseguest while she pursues her degree at the local university. She has gradually become one of the centers of our life to the point that Heather calls Sissy her “sister wife”. I don’t know if that portends good things for me or not, but for now I am just going with the flow.




If you have read some of James’ adventures you’ve probably read a lot about me, Sissy. But for some reason the dickhead [Ed: Hey watch the name calling] has never really described me other than my tits. I am 5 foot 11 inches tall. I know, a tall girl, very slender with legs that have been described as going on forever. But, I only weigh 115 pounds dripping wet. So my 38C tits really stand out. I am a natural blonde and I have been letting my hair grow again, so it hangs down just over my shoulder blades. I keep my pussy hair clipped down pretty short and shaved at the top so I can wear a teeny thong to the beach when I want to cock tease a bunch of strangers. I am a big fan of silky panties when I wear panties and soft lacy bras when I wear bras.

I found out about James’ little writing hobby by accident and I decided to give it a shot. Reading about his exploits gets me so hot. The first time I read one of his stories I just about wore him down to a nub, it got me so hot. I hope it gets all of you just as hot and you go fuck your partner or partners once you are done.



Chapter 1 — We are the Sum of Our Experiences

If you have been following the adventures James has been publishing, you know how we met, but you don’t really know how I got to be who I was when I met James. As Pops says, “We are the sum of our experiences, go back and take away any little thing and you won’t be who you are now.” So I want to take a little bit to explain the sum of my life so far. If you are just looking for the sex (this is a porno story after all), you can skim over this next part and then get your lotion and tissues back out.

The story of how my grandfather is also my father takes a little explanation and it isn’t the usual backwoods hillbilly explanation either.

I guess it all started with Mom and Dad. Dad was the manager of a “Gentleman’s Club” or as most people know them, a strip club. Mom was one of the strippers. The two of them hit it off and they got married. Eleven months later, I came along. I know it was eleven months because I have their marriage license and my birth certificate and I can do the math between the dates. So no shotguns were involved, even though Mom said, “It wouldn’t have mattered because I haven’t seen my parents in fifteen years, since they kicked me out at 11 and moved.” I’ve asked Pops and he said it was true as far as he could tell. He tried to find her parents to tell them about me but was never able to. So I don’t know anything about my maternal family.

When I was almost one year old, Mom almost presented me with a baby brother for a birthday present. She missed by a week. So Bobby and I grew up together for the first 6 years, until That Day. Everybody has a That Day. It’s the day that your whole life changes. For me, it was my 7th birthday. We had a wonderful day over at Grampa and Gramma’s farm. Bobby and I went out playing with the animals and feeding them and just having a good time being kids. We went back in the house for a late lunch trabzon escort and birthday cakes (Gramma always made sure we each had one) and afterwards I retired to the living room to watch an animated movie that was one of my presents. Bobby decided it was a girl’s movie and went to go bug Mom and Dad. I fell asleep shortly after that and Pops has said that Dad got a call from the Club and he needed to come down to sort something out. Mom decided to come along and take Bobby because he was being a pest. Gramma said that they would watch me until they got back. She didn’t know what that would ultimately entail.

The truck that hit Dad’s car crossed the center line and plowed head on into them. The hospital records said that the young man driving the truck was well over the limit for drunk driving but he claimed that he just fell asleep. In any case, the truck and the trailer full of fresh cut tree trunks slammed into the car. The police report said that my parents were killed instantly. I honestly hope that was true. I wouldn’t want them to have any pain. Bobby lived long enough to be cut out of the wreck but he died on the way to the hospital. When Grampa got the phone call he dropped the phone and broke it.

After the funeral, Gramma and Grampa asked if I wanted to live with them and I said, “Of course I do” and that was that. A year later the paperwork was finished and they adopted me so Gramma and Grampa became Ma and Pops. So no backwoods incest in how my grandfather became my father.

Chapter 2 — How I Learned about Pageants

When I turned 18, three of my girlfriends and I got a little bit drunk and signed up for the county fair beauty contest. We egged each other on until we all signed up. By 18, I had lost most of my baby fat and farm work had given my body a lot of muscle definition. Not to mention that my tits had come in big time.

As part of the contest we had to compete in jeans and a t-shirt, a swimsuit and a ball gown. I had everything but the ball gown so I asked Ma if she could help me find a dress. After she picked her jaw off the ground she demanded to know what was going on. I could never lie to her, so I told her about the beauty pageant. Once she heard that, she apologized. That was after laughing for 15 minutes. Then she said, “C’mon let’s go get you the best ball gown we can find,” and off we went shopping.

When it was time to compete, I was so nervous I almost chickened out. Nancy did chicken out and never lived it down. The t-shirt and jeans competition went pretty well, I was the 10th contestant and so I had a chance to see what it was all about. I also noticed that the older girls were competing without a bra, so just before I went on I slipped out of mine and stashed it backstage. I was so excited by parading around braless that I thought my nipples would explode right through the t-shirt. I was a big hit with the crowd, which were mostly young men.

The second competition was the bathing suit competition and I realized too late that I hadn’t read the rules closely enough. It was a one piece bathing suit contest and I had brought my skimpiest bikini.

I went on anyway, as if nothing was wrong and the crowd went crazy. Afterwards, Mr. J, the competition organizer asked me to come to his office. I didn’t bother to change so I went to his office still in my bikini. He started off by saying that he should disqualify me because it was supposed to be a one piece swimsuit and I broke down in tears, begging him not to disqualify me. After holding me close for a couple of minutes he told me that he should disqualify me, but he wouldn’t if I would do something for him.

“Anything,” I said choking back the tears.

“Then suck my cock until I come in your mouth,” he said.

At first I couldn’t believe that he said that. So he repeated it, “If you don’t want to be disqualified you’ll get on your knees and start sucking on my cock.”

As I tried to think of what to do, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect penis and pushed a little on my shoulder. I don’t know why I didn’t run, but I got down on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I had no idea what I was doing, but he started giving me instructions and let’s face it; sucking cock does not require a rocket scientist. So it wasn’t too long and he began to shake and moan and grabbed the back of my head and his cock started spurting warm liquid into my mouth. I had to swallow or drown.

Once his cock stopped spurting, it deflated pretty quickly and he put it back in his pants and said, “You better hurry up and go get into your evening wear before you have to go on stage.” So I stood up and ran out of the room to the dressing room where I got into the ball gown Ma and I bought and fixed my makeup.

I got to my place just as the stage matron called out in a stage whisper, “Contestant number 10. You are on.”

I stepped out on stage to a raucous cheering section that grew louder as I walked to the front of the stage, twirled and then slowly glided trabzon escort bayan to my designated position. I wasn’t really paying attention as I was still trying to cope with what had happened when I vaguely heard the MC say, “And the winner and new Queen of the County Fair is Miss Melissa”.

The girl to my left leaned over to give me a hug and whispered, “Get your beautiful ass up there, bitch,” and shoved me gently to the front of the stage. The rest was a blur.

Chapter 3 — A Goal for My Life

I guess I was pretty insufferable for the next few weeks. Winning that pageant got me thinking that I could win any beauty pageant. So in the next pageant, when I came in first runner up to the girl that I caught coming out of the pageant director’s office wiping her mouth, I put 2 and 2 together. I was determined to win the next one and so that meant practice. Practice on my demonstrable “talent”, gymnastics, and even more on my private talent, oral gymnastics. For the latter, I picked a boy I was only passingly familiar with, but I had heard locker room talk that he had a big cock. By bumping into him frequently and batting my eyes at him, it wasn’t long before he asked me to the dance.

I had snuck into Pa’s porn stash and found a magazine devoted to blowjobs. I studied it and practiced on carrots and hot dogs and even carved a cucumber into a passing resemblance to an erect penis. But there was nothing like the real thing. So Friday at the dance, we danced for a while and when the band took a break, my date asked if I would like to go out to his car. Of course I said yes. Within a couple of minutes of kissing, I had his cock out and was going to make his fantasies come true. That is when I learned a couple lessons about young men. First, they have a hair trigger and will go off without warning. I never even got my mouth on him before his cock started spewing. And second, that with a little encouragement, they are ready to go again almost immediately.

After cleaning him up as best I could, we went back to kissing and it wasn’t long before he was standing at attention again. This time I was able to suck on his cock for almost 10 minutes before he spewed in my mouth. Swallowing his cum and licking his cock clean we decided to go back into the dance, but as we got out of the car we saw that his first orgasm had sprayed cum all over his shirt and pants and we couldn’t go in with him looking like that. So I suggested we take a drive out to one of the back roads and make out some more. Like I would have to ask him twice.

Not long after, we were parked on a dirt road that nobody ever used (except horny couples) and after some kissing, my date asked if he could suck on my tits. I hadn’t thought about that, since I had been focusing on learning how to suck a cock. So I leaned back and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled one of his hands inside to play with my tit. Of course I had played with my tits before and enjoyed doing it while stroking my pussy until I came, but I never knew it could be so intense when someone else did it to me.

That bra came off so fast, I’m sure it made his head spin. It didn’t take long and he had his hand in my panties rubbing his fingers up and down my slit. I reached down and unzipped his pants to let the monster loose. And then he had to spoil the mood by asking if he could fuck me. I was so close to coming that I almost said yes. Reluctantly, I said “No. I’m saving myself”. I felt him tense up, but I had a hand on his cock and started jacking him off and he just went back to sucking my tits and stroking my clit. Just as I started to come he lifted his head off my tit and whispered “I know how I can fuck you without popping your cherry.” At that point I would have done anything to get him back sucking that tit to finish my orgasm. So I just said “OK. Let’s do it”.

His car was an older “classic” car with the bench seat and no console, so he pushed me down and pulled my skirt and panties off and threw them in the back seat. He flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled a bottle of lube from somewhere and started to lube my ass up. Right about then I was screaming to finish my orgasm and would have done almost anything. After lubing the outside of my ass, he slid a finger in and started moving it in and out. It felt odd but pleasant. Then he added a second finger and then a third. It was hurting a little, but still felt pretty good. When he could slide all three fingers in without me wincing and clenching my asshole, he pulled them out and climbed on top of me and before I could even ask what he was doing, his cock was in my ass. That hurt and I said so. He just said, “Relax and try to push out and the pain will go away”.

Well I wasn’t going anywhere with all of him on me, so I tried to relax my ass and push like I was taking a crap and it worked. The pain went away just leaving me with a feeling of being full. Feeling my ass relax, he started a gentle in and out motion that was starting to feel good. I reached a hand underneath escort trabzon me and started to stroke my clit. I was starting to climb the orgasm hill. As I started to get into it, I began to lift my hips up to his strokes and he bottomed out in my bottom. He was balls deep in my ass. A few more strokes of my clit and I started to come. Apparently, this was too much for him as I felt his cock swell and spray his seed deep in my bowels. That started me shaking and bucking like I was having a seizure as I fucked his cock in and out of my ass while I jammed 2 fingers up my cunt and palmed my clit. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had and it seemed to go on forever.

Eventually, I collapsed back down on the seat and began to cry. He was off me in a flash and ran around to the passenger door and reached in and held my head, all the while asking what he had done wrong and he didn’t mean to hurt me and what can he do to make it up to me. I finally got hold of myself and stopped the crying long enough to sit up and pull him to me and bury his head with kisses. I finally told him that he hadn’t done anything wrong that it had felt so good I was crying for joy. So we sat in his car kissing and holding each other for a long time when he looked at the clock on the dashboard and said “Holy Crap. I promised to get you home by midnight and its 11:45 we have to hurry.” So we got dressed and drove like the devil was behind us and pulled up at Ma and Pop’s at 12:01.

Pops was in the porch swing and my date was apologizing before we even got to the porch. Pops looked at his watch and said, “We’ll call this one close enough, this time. Give him a nice good night kiss Sissy and we’ll see you in the morning” and he went in the house. My date was shaking. Fortunately, it was too dark for Pops to have seen the condition his clothes were in or we might have gotten a different reaction. I gave him a long kiss with plenty of tongue and a slow squeeze on his dick then whispered to him “Thank you. That was a marvelous evening. Oh, and you may want to take your shirt off and put it back on right side out before you get home.”

The next morning I spun a tale of us dancing until the band quit and then we all begged for another half hour, which the chaperones gave in on, which was why we were late. On Monday I found out that was exactly what had happened so it wasn’t a complete lie.

The young man and I saw each other for about 3 months but I finally had to dump him. All he wanted to do was get together, go someplace secluded and have me suck his dick and fuck my ass. By then I was a fairly accomplished cock sucker and as a bonus had learned to ass fuck like a porn star so he had served his purpose. I let him down gently by introducing him to one of my cheerleading friends and let him tell me it was over a couple of days later. I figured it would go that way, since she had let me know she was on the pill and really enjoyed getting fucked.

Chapter 4 — Riding the Circuit

Now that I had improved my techniques, it was time to put them to use. I started entering all of the beauty pageants that I could. And I started winning. By the time I was almost 20, I had entered and won just about all the local pageants and decided it was time to try the state competitions.

The first state level pageant was a bonus from one of my county level pageants. The winner of that had an automatic entry into the state contest. So I took advantage of it and sent off my application. A few days later I was invited to an interview with the pageant director and the three judges. When I arrived, I had my first shock. One of the judges was a lady. She was a very beautiful lady. I hadn’t been prepared for that. I hid my shock and went in for the interview. The interview went well. When they asked what other pageants I had been a contestant in, I bent down to my bag and searched for a minute before bringing up a sheet with my pageants listed. Of course I was wearing a loose v neck shirt which gave the judges a good look down my shirt to the sheer lacy bra I was wearing. It was sheer enough to show my nipples quite plainly.

I was a little confused by the lady judge because when I sat back up she was flushed like she had just seen something that turned her on. The men had reacted the way I had expected, with their eyes opened and leaning a little forward. But the lady was leaning forward also.

The second part was the swimsuit preview, so I politely asked where I could change. I was prepared to strip down in front of them, but I thought I should ask. The lady said that there was a lady’s room just down the hall and she offered to show me. We chitchatted walking down to the hall and I assumed she would go back once I found the lady’s room. I was wrong again. She followed me in, so I changed out in the open just to see what happened. Her eyes never left my body as I slowly and deliberately took my clothes off and changed into the one piece swimsuit I had been using after the first pageant. She was very flushed as I passed her to leave. So I reached out and hugged her, took a deep sniff and asked her what perfume she was wearing because it was very beautiful. Her eyes closed and her body shook a little like she was having an orgasm before she opened her eyes and named a very expensive perfume.

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