My Twin Loves Ch. 02

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The second story in my developing relationship with Felicity and Lydia. I’d love feedback or thoughts in the comments too!


Lydia had hung out with us a lot in that time – we went to the beach together and I had a lot of envious looks at the two beauties with me. She’d come over for dinner one night, and we’d all gone out for drinks a handful of times. I guess when dating a twin I should have realised that you’d be seeing a fair bit of both.

And we got on terrifically. They were different – Lydia was more into the creative arts than the literary, and one great Saturday afternoon the three of us spend at the national gallery. I love art myself, though know nearly nothing, and by the end of it I was enamoured of Lydia’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and hate (I didn’t realise how much someone could despise Andy Warhol, but she educated us!). At night, after Lydia left, Flick and I made creative and desperate love in my room.

Two days later, very late at night, we snuck out of the house and walked the few blocks to the beach we usually visited on sunny days. Though it was bit colder than we had hoped we ravaged each other on the sand in the moonlight. Memorable but messy – the towel was a great idea but got pushed out of the way in our passion.

A few months into our relationship proper Flick and Lydia had their 21st birthday, and I met their parents. Both of us were a mess of nerves. I didn’t know how they’d react to me, five years older and her first boyfriend, and Flick was desperate for them to get on with me. Lydia just made fun of us, teasing and generally making mischief. I’d agreed to head over early and help set up, which gave plenty of time for awkward conversation while the girls got ready.

I needn’t have worried. Daniel and Hilda were both easy going, charming people. Hilda (you guessed it) gave her daughters their Swedish background and long flowing blonde hair. And both had passed down their intelligence. Daniel was an engineer, working in water management, and Hilda a teacher. There were no uncomfortable discussions about my intentions with their daughter, just a welcoming and friendly connection.

The girls came downstairs, and my words left me again. Each had the same dress on, Flick in blue and Lydia in yellow. Lydia’s hair was up and Flick’s down, but they looked more alike than they had in the time I knew them, and Flick was the most beautiful I’d seen since our first date. She walked over to me, and we kissed, before she blushed and looked at the family.

‘Sounds like you were getting on ok?’ She asked quietly.

‘Yeah, it was good. Nothing to worry about.’

Lydia laughed at us. ‘Boo! Where’s my fun going to come from now I can’t tease you about this?’

The party was good. The two of us got quite tipsy, and I think Lydia was as well. I met a bunch of their high school friends, learned a few embarrassing and entertaining stories about Flick, and cut loose. One of their uni friends, Lijuan was both cute and hilarious. I’d met her a few times at lunches on the lawns, but Flick didn’t really go out partying a lot so I hadn’t seen her friends in this situation before.

‘You get them mixed up don’t you?’ she was saying when I was filling up our drinks. ‘Do you ever, you know…? Sneak a peak and pretend it was a mistake?’

‘Li! What kind of deviant do you think I am?’

‘Uh, duh. I think you’re a male living with his gorgeous girlfriend and her twin sister is round all the time? Don’t tell me you haven’t had a chance to walk into the bathroom accidentally on purpose.’

I sighed, mock mournfully, then I winked at her. ‘A gentleman never tells.’

‘Ahhhh! I knew it! You sleaze,’ she said. ‘Can’t blame you though.’ Punching my arm and grinning, she headed back to a gaggle eve gelen gaziantep escort of uni friends with her beer.

Flick and I did our best to tone down the hands on each other while we were still at the house, but once most of us moved to the local bar and started dancing it degenerated.

Lydia and I danced too, as did the two of them. And with their friends – the usual kind of awkward circle of people that gradually moved into smaller groups. Lijuan and Allegra joined Flick and I for a while, before Allegra and her boyfriend got into a muted argument. And later in the night, when Lydia and I danced again, she got a little handsy herself. I was pretty drunk by this point, but not that far gone – my eyes shot to Flick who was looking at us and grinned. Ah well. No harm done.

I was off to the side watching Flick and Lydia silly dance with each other for a bit, chatting to Ishaan while I finished a drink. He was a fun guy, turned out to be dating someone I’d taught in my first year as a tutor.

Eventually I wandered off to the toilet and when I stumbled out Lydia was there waiting her turn. ‘Nice moves!’

‘Nice moves yourself,’ she said. She was squeezing past, I thought, and when I turned side on to give her space, she startled me – grabbing my neck, I was pulled in for a kiss. The booze, the dancing, the late hour and the surprise – I returned it, briefly, a furious and deep kiss as her tongue slipped through her lips.

I pushed back. ‘Uh sorry. I can’t Lydia. Flick, she’s my only, I mean, you know…’

She laughed. ‘Don’t be silly. It’s my birthday. I deserve a kiss on my birthday,’ before turning and going into the bathroom. Lijuan was behind her, had obviously seen, and laughed uproariously as she passed me by.

I stood there stunned for a moment. I’d just kissed my girlfriend’s twin. Strange thoughts went through my mind. It felt so similar, but I could tell the difference. Something about the way she moved her head and mouth. Her fragrance. I must have been there a while – the door opened again, Lydia laughed, and grabbed my hand.

‘Come on! Go give my sister a birthday kiss.’

We wandered back onto the dance floor and I circled my arms around Flick, latching onto her almost for safety. Stupid. What was Lydia going to do? I leaned in to kiss Flick, and our lips met in a soft kiss.

She leaned back. ‘Uh, why do you taste different John?’

I froze. And then Lydia threw her arm around her sister and kissed her cheek. ‘Sorry sis! I had to have a taste. It’s my birthday after all!’ before she spun back away. Great.

Flick stared at her, and back to me while I tried to stutter an apology. Then she grinned. ‘I knew it. She’s wanted to kiss you for ages. Her birthday my butt.’

I was baffled. ‘Uh, sorry Flick. She just grabbed me, and…’

‘Don’t be. She’s a whirlwind when she’s like this. And I trust you – the look on your face!’ as she burst out laughing. She leaned back in and kissed me again. ‘Mmm. I like that lipgloss on you.’

The sex that night was intense, despite our drunken state. Fuelled by the kiss with Lydia, it felt like I wanted to impress upon Flick my feelings for her, and that she was claiming me as her own.

‘I love you,’ I whispered in her ear, as we both came.

Her eyes filled with tears. ‘Me too. I mean, yes. I love you too.’

Despite that moment, her long, silken body and breasts crushed underneath me with her legs wrapping my back, I couldn’t help but have Lydia’s kiss flash into my mind.


The next year was incredible. Flick and I fell in love, and it deepened with each passing week. There weren’t any more ‘incidents’ with Lydia, though she seemed increasingly gaziantep eve gelen escort flirty at times – the three of us hung out at least twice a week.

Flick and I kept exploring. She retreated into her shy shell when I pressed my finger against her butthole the first time, hiding her face and blushing like mad. But when she came, on her knees and me taking her from behind with a finger deep inside her arse, she arched her back and cried out her joy.

‘Oh god. That felt so naughty. And good. We are doing that again,’ she panted into the bed.

I still had some time to go with my PhD, and started teaching a subject on my own at the university alongside. Talk about a full plate. She moved in with me a year after we started dating. I’d never lived with a partner before, and I’ve heard that things can often go stale after you move in together. If true, we were the exception to the rule. Twice we were nearly caught going at it on the couch in the kitchen, but Rory had learned to make a lot of noise when using the keys to open our front door, and we managed to scramble into the bathroom just in time.

That said, the non-stop sex noises from my room (Flick loved to express herself) got a bit much for him, and he gave his notice to move out a few weeks afterwards. It had been a long time coming (his girlfriend had been begging him to move with her to their own flat for the whole time I’d been living there), so I guess we were just the inciting incident. Which left us in a bit of a spot – we could afford the rent, but it stretched things for just the two of us, especially with Flick still studying full time.

Enter Lydia. She hadn’t moved out – although she may as well have. She spent nearly half the week hanging out with Flick either at our house, the library, or the local park as they studied and relaxed.

‘You know, why don’t you just move in with us Lyds?’ Flick asked. ‘You’re here often enough, and it might make it easier to meet someone if you have somewhere to bring them back!’ Lydia had been single the whole time I’d been with Flick. I couldn’t actually remember if she’d been on any dates. Maybe one guy quite early on? Sam? Clearly memorable.

Lydia’s eyes flicked over to me then down. ‘Oh, I don’t know. I don’t want to cramp your style guys.’ She laughed and looked back at me. ‘I’ve heard you two can be a bit wild.’

My turn to blush. ‘You girls tell each other everything, don’t you?’

Flick grinned. ‘Yup. But don’t worry Lyds. We’ll try not to corrupt you too much. And you’re here half the week anyway.’

‘Let me think about it.’


Two weeks later, we had a new person living with us. The first time she left the bathroom with a very short towel wrapped around her slender body I spilled my coffee and we both blushed. She ran through to her bedroom and we didn’t speak about it.

The second time she lingered. I was at the table reading, and as she walked in, reached up to get a glass out, filled it, and wandered back out with a sly glance over at me, I realised I’d been staring the whole time with the spoon held halfway to my mouth.

But after the first month or so we all shook out into a routine. Flick and I did our best to confine our sex to the nights she was out, or when I got back from work and before Lydia showed up at home, but we weren’t always successful. At least once we emerged from the shower to find Lydia laughing in the kitchen with a raised eyebrow.

Sometime in February Flick had an interstate intensive course for two weeks in the break. I was teaching my own intensive so couldn’t go, and we had frantic farewell sex for most of the night before she flew up. Both of us were pretty sleep deprived the gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan next day, and when I got back after teaching, Lydia laughed at me.

‘You look wrecked.’

‘Uh, yeah. Long day.’

‘And a hard night by the sounds of it.’

I blushed and murmured noncommittally. She laughed at me again. It was disconcerting hearing the exact same laugh from my girlfriend’s twin, knowing she was going to be away for a fortnight. I went into my room and Flick and I had a long chat on the phone.

For the next week we fell into a pattern. I’d get home, call Flick, make dinner, Flick would often stay on the phone and chat to Lydia and I, and then the two of us would sit at the table and talk, or sit in front of the TV and watch Netflix.

By the weekend, Flick and I were going a little nuts without seeing each other. We did a FaceTime session where I watched her touch herself, and her watching me. It was intense, and cruel, and wonderful. Her body spread before me, breasts heaving as she slid fingers around her clit, I burst with a groan.

And the next morning, I realised I should have turned it down or worn headphones when Lydia imitated Flick’s dirty talk.

‘Oh John, you’re huge. I wish I could feel you sinking deep into me. Mmmmhmmm.’ I guess imitation is made easier when you want to sound like your twin.

‘Whoops. Sorry about that. I thought you were out.’

She ran her hand through her hair and grinned at me. ‘You guys are hot together. How can I be jealous?’

‘Thanks I think. Is it less weird if we talk about your sexy sister than if we don’t?’

‘Well, I talk about her sexy boyfriend with her, so why not?’ The grin didn’t slip off her face, distracting on one that matched the person I loved.

I groaned. ‘Still? At least I know I suppose.’

‘Of course! Living vicariously is fun. And I’m happy to either talk about it or not.’ She patted my hand. ‘I still reserve the right to tease you remorselessly.’

That night watching Netflix, Lydia ended up with my arm around her. Despite their differences, and my love for Flick, I couldn’t help but have an erection with the feel of her body pressed against mine, so similar to her sister.

Masturbating that night, for the first time my mind was filled with thoughts of Lydia rather than Flick.


I figured it couldn’t get too out of hand. It was only a few more days before Flick got back, I’d just keep myself busy. And I wasn’t feeling any differently about Flick, nor was I falling for Lydia. She was beautiful, obviously, and I cared for her deeply as a friend and my partner’s sister. But nothing would happen.

Lydia didn’t feel quite the same way.

Wednesday, two days before Flick got back, I came home and found two glasses of wine on the table, and Lydia dancing around to music.

‘What’s this all about?’

‘I got into Law!’ She shrieked, and threw herself into a hug.

I was thrilled too. Spinning around, I congratulated her. She’d been trying to transfer for a year. As wonderful as art history can be to study, the job market doesn’t have a lot to offer.

She grinned at me as I put her down, then ducked her head forwards to kiss me, a lingering, lovely kiss. I froze, but she acted as though nothing happened, turned back to the table and passed me a glass. Just high spirits. Sure. Nothing else to that, I thought.

‘Let’s celebrate!’ She said, and we clinked glasses.

The rest of the night was normal, as though the kiss had never happened. My mind was still racing, but we talked, relaxed, and it felt great. The same kind of connection that Flick and I had had in our first dates, and I realised how well Lydia and I clicked together. At the end of the night, close to midnight, I got up to go to my room.

‘Night handsome,’ she said as we walked down the hall.

‘Night Lydia. Thanks for a great evening, and congratulations again!’

‘You too.’ And then I turned to wave goodnight, and she was there, kissing me. A fervent, heartfelt kiss with our arms around each other, and then she broke away. ‘Good night,’ she said, breathlessly, and left me in the hall as she went to bed.


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