My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. 02


Jen always considered her old uncle a bit of a letch but since going away to college, Uncle Harry is hanging around more and after offering to pay her rent from the proceeds of his big lottery win, his demands become greater.

My uncle took me by surprise with a phone call that came just two weeks after his last Sunday lunch visit in which I had gone a bit further than I ever wanted or expected to with him. I had actually orgasmed while helping him to cum from my hand job … all supposedly in the name of reciprocal benefits to repay him for picking up my rent tab.

“Hello sweetie, how are you today?”

“Good Uncle Harry, but this is a surprise, hearing from you between visits. Is anything wrong, why are you calling now?”

“No, nothing’s wrong.”

“How’s Aunt Lynette and your baby?”

“Oh, let’s not go there, I’d rather talk about us. Your aunt has changed so much after giving birth. She is so obsessed with little Ava, and she’s shutting me right out.”

“Oh, surely not Uncle Harry, I can’t imagine her doing that to you.”

“Yeah, well she is. Anyway, as I said, I don’t want to talk about that just now. I’m actually coming into town this Thursday evening, there’s a talk I have to attend, and they’re going to show a short film too. I was hopeful that you might like to come with me. I’m afraid you might find the talk a bit boring, but the film should be interesting, you’d enjoy that part.”

I had been thankful until now that I only ever had to meet up with my uncle at my apartment. I wasn’t keen to go out in public with him. Fortunately, this was the first time he’d asked. For a start, he’s way older than me, like about 35 years older, so I would feel awkward being seen with him. It’s not like people could even mistake us for father and daughter. I fear it would look like I was hanging around with a dirty old man and why couldn’t I do better than that? What’s more, he’s not exactly the most handsome man you’d ever see. “Oh, I don’t think so, Uncle Harry.”

“Why, are you doing something Thursday evening, do you have a lecture?”

“No I don’t.”

“Well, come on, you have no excuses. I’ll buy dinner too.”

I just didn’t want to be seen in public with him, but I was tempted by the prospect of having a nice dinner in a good restaurant. While my uncle was covering the rent, my finances were still stretched. “Ok then, should I meet you somewhere?”

“No honey, I’ll come by and pick you up.”

I diverted that plan, “No, that might not work, my boyfriend will be here Thursday afternoon, he has some exams coming up and wanted a quiet space to study so he asked if he could crash for a day at my place.”

I was pleased that I could come up with such an excuse so easily. I didn’t want my uncle coming to my apartment, either before or after his event. I was struggling with having to extend the odd sexual favour to him once a month to maintain his generosity in paying my rent. The last thing I wanted was to have to come across more than once a month.

I suggested one of the best restaurants in town — one that was way out of my league — but that he would easily be able to afford with his mammoth lottery winnings. We met there at 6pm and when the maître d’ offered a choice of tables, my uncle promptly seized on a booth. I wore a dress, a simple one, nothing too special and certainly not glamorous. It was not like I was going on a date, like I would if I was going out with my boyfriend Jerry, or with any man of my age that could become a keeper. No, this was just old Uncle Harry, who usually tended to dress down, so I was doing the same.

I wasn’t surprised when my uncle suggested we sit in a booth. I mean, I could see what was coming, and once our pre-dinner drinks had been delivered by the waiter, Uncle Harry slid a bit closer and I saw his arm drop below the table, then I felt his fingers, pushing my loose dress higher up my thighs and then his fingers sliding in under the garment.

After rubbing the outside of my panties until I orgasmed last time he visited, he had no hesitation in trying to resume where he had left off. His fingers pushed all the way up between my thighs until I felt them rolling up and down in the crease of my labia, barely protected by the flimsy material of my thong. I had worn the new black and maroon bra too.

“No, not here,” I protested to my uncle, “the waiters are moving around all the time and anybody could see us.”

“Does it worry you Jennifer that other people can see us?”

“Yes, of course it does.”

“Why, what worries you?”

I couldn’t tell him how embarrassed I would be if any of my college friends saw me out on what looks like a date with a man as old as Harry. I had to let him down gently, “It’s not you Uncle Harry, it’s what you always try to do with me … like now, under the table. I’m worried that any of my friends could see you touching me the way you do to me out in public.”

“I don’t think any of your friends from college could afford to have dinner at this emek escort place.”

“No, you’re right about that.”

He continued to roll his fingers up and down my labial slit, through my thong panties of course, and I did struggle to keep my breathing light, even a couple of times when his caressing finger strokes on my clit began to get to me. But when the waiter started hovering nearby, my uncle reluctantly withdrew his hand from under the table, allowing me to enjoy my dinner in peace.

The talk that he was required to attend began at 8pm, so our dinner was brief. We took our seats in the theatre. Fortunately, the house lights were up and bright throughout the whole talk session, preventing even Harry from attempting to touch me with the audience all around us.

But it was a different matter once the film presentation was introduced. The lights were dimmed and almost immediately, my uncle reached across for my hand, taking it over to his lap and placing it over the bulge in his trousers. It felt like he was only half hard. I was uncomfortable with him wanting me to stroke his cock in this very public auditorium but it would be worse if he caused a scene because I wouldn’t. I reluctantly obliged.

I guessed that he would prefer for me to unzip him and take it out, but even though the lights were dimmed, others sitting in the row behind us would surely see what I was doing if I freed his erection.

“Go on,” he urged, “it’s ok, you can take it out, nobody will see, everybody’s watching the screen.”

“No I can’t! It’s not that dark, people can still see us.”

My fingers really began to work around the shape of him in his trousers, hoping that would keep him happy if I played with and manipulated the shape of him.

He leaned closer, whispering, “Get it out, I want to feel your soft hand touching it.”

I turned my head, looking defiantly at him in the semi-dark, “No, I won’t!”

“We’re leaving then, come on, pick up your purse.”

“I thought you had to attend this whole evening.”

“I’ve seen the most important part, which was the lecture. I can get this film on DVD anytime. Come on, we’re going.”

We stood up and I followed him down our row, pushing past a heap of knees until we got out into the aisle, then it became much easier to reach the exit. We reached the foyer but Uncle Harry paused there, looking around him, “There, over there it is.”

“What, what’s over there?”

“The Ladies Restroom, you need to go.”

“No I don’t!”

“Yes you do, go now, go on. If you find anyone in there, come straight back out. If I don’t see you return in ten seconds, I’ll follow you in. We’ll go into a stall and you can do me there.”

“WHAT? You’re crazy Uncle Harry, I can’t do that. What if we get caught?”

“We’re not going to get caught. You’re about to learn there’s a certain excitement that comes with doing this … it’s going to be a real adrenalin rush. Now go, quick!”

I paused, looking for a way to avoid making such a risky move. I looked into his face, saw how determined he was. So I meekly accepted his instruction and headed into the Ladies Restroom. It seemed deserted, but I checked the doors to each stall and stood waiting beside the furthest one away from the entry.

My uncle appeared within seconds, looking around furtively, nodding when he saw me waiting beside the open door to the last stall. I moved inside and he quickly joined me, pushing me back against the side wall and kissing me, his lips quickly exerting pressure to get mine to open. As I complied, his tongue pushed firmly between my lips and found my tongue. This location — a Ladies Restroom toilet cubicle — couldn’t be more non-sexual, but even though it was this older man kissing me, I did find our twisting entwining tongues highly arousing. I confess to kissing him back lustily.

Our kiss was intense, even passionate, although I never expected I’d use that word in relation to my old uncle … a man I used to call a dirty old man when talking to my mom about him. He pulled his lips away, but only to tell me, “You can take it out now, it’s safe in here.”

“No Uncle Harry, I don’t want to, anybody could come in, probably will.”

“They won’t come in here. You might hear them taking a pee, but I’ve pushed the lock across so we won’t be disturbed.”

“No, I don’t want to. I really don’t like you doing these things at my place, but at least it’s private there.”

“We couldn’t go there, you told me your boyfriend was using your pad.”

“He was, but he’s probably gone home by now. I guess we could go there if you really want me to do something.”

“No, we’re in here now, and I kind of like the excitement of being in here, you know the risk that others can hear us when we cum. Come on, get on with it, unzip me and get my fuckin’ cock out.”

I wasn’t happy about having to do something sexual with him tonight. I had come to expect that he would demand some relief during his monthly Sunday visits, but eryaman escort this was like an extra. Should I ask for more money to do this or would that make me sound like a hooker?

His lips were back interacting with mine. I dropped one hand down and my fingers lowered the zip on his trouser fly. I was becoming accustomed to this ritual and could do it without looking now. I reached in and pulled out his erection. It had grown since he placed my hand on it in the theatre. I guessed his cock might be reacting to this weird location and the risks involved. I wondered how long the film might run, did Harry know? What if it were to finish now? This bathroom could become a busy hive of activity.

His lips left mine again. He used a hand to push my dress shoulder strap down my arm, revealing my new black and maroon bra again, his lips working their way down over my bare neck and onto the smooth slope of my breast. With his body leaning forward, his hand managed to drop low enough to lift the hem of my dress and slip up under, tracing his fingers softly up my inner thighs.

“No!” I told him emphatically. My greatest fear was that one day he would press me for full-on intercourse sex … I was determined to resist any chance of that happening. But standing as we were, his hard cock in my hand, it would be dangerously close if his searching hand under my dress managed to uncover my pussy. “I don’t want to do that, not in here. It’s too risky, Uncle Harry.”

He lifted his lips off my breast, his face appearing before me. He was smiling, “That’s the fun of all this.”

“Do you know how long the film has to run?”

“No idea!”

“It could finish at any moment, this bathroom would be inundated then. I could get out but you couldn’t, not without causing a scene.”

“Ha ha, wouldn’t that be funny?”

“No it wouldn’t. I have to live in this town Uncle Harry, I don’t need a scandal. If I was in here with a guy my own age, we could get away with it being a student prank. But there’s no way you could pass as a student on a prank.”

His fingers began to slide up my inner thighs again, having obediently paused when I told him to stop.

I clamped my thighs together, trapping his fingers only inches from my crotch, “I said no Uncle Harry and I mean it. I don’t feel comfortable being in here with you.”

“That’s your loss Squirrel. I was going to finger you, give you an equal opportunity to cum since you’re about to do me.”

“I am?”

“Yes you are … get down on your knees Squirrel.”

“I can handle it from up here.”

“No you can’t, I need a little more than you handling it. Now, get down on your knees Jennifer.”

Oh my God, does that mean he’s not going to be content with a hand job tonight … I guess he wants me to blow him? Why does he insist on raising the stakes each time I see him? I don’t think I can do this for him. It’s not that I don’t like or approve of blowing a guy’s cock … I do it for Jerry often enough. I just don’t think I can put my uncle’s old cock into my mouth, let alone swallow what cums out of it.”

“Get on your knees Jennifer.”

“No Uncle Harry, let me use my hand tonight. I … err, I … um, I promise I’ll suck your cock next time you come for lunch.” What was I saying, haven’t I had enough experiences with my uncle by now to know not to commit to anything?

“What’s the difference Squirrel, tonight or in two weeks? Come on, stop being stupid, just get down on your knees and blow me.”

I heard the sound of the main door opening and then at least two women talking as they must have entered this Ladies Restroom at the Theatre. Oh no, we’ll have to be really quiet now. Undaunted by the presence of others within earshot, my uncle placed a hand on each shoulder and began exerting pressure, pushing my body downward. My knees buckled and I dropped onto them, my face almost bumping into his strong erection. My hand still held it. I raised my eyes to look pleadingly up at my uncle, but he simply looked down at me quite sternly, nodding his head silently, but mouthing words that looked something like ‘Go on!’

On my knees, I was down low enough that before I closed my mouth over my uncle’s hard-on and pressed my face against his belly, I could see a woman’s foot under the side wall of our stall that stopped about 18 inches from the floor. The only sound was the tinkling of that woman peeing so close by as I opened my mouth wide and closed my lips fully over the head of my uncle’s hard cock … the first time I had his in my mouth. I was crossing another line in his seduction of me.

I have conceded previously in this story that the appearance of his cock wasn’t that bad. From the first time I got to see it, I had observed that it was clean and smooth and circumcised … my first time with one of those. In contrast to his wizened old face and gnarly fingers, I might even venture to suggest his cock was one of his better features. Of course, I could never admit that to him. But basically, etimesgut escort it made this moment tolerable as I began to work my lips beyond the head and down the shaft as far as the gag reflex in my throat would permit.

I guess I was managing to accept a bit more than half of his stretched erection as I slid my lips up and down his shaft, holding him steady with my fingers around the base, probably more as a precaution to ensure he didn’t get carried away and try to jam it all deep to my throat. I began to hear that asthmatic wheeze as his breathing got heavier and I thought of that woman in the next stall. Was she still there? Was she in for the long haul, not just a simple quick pee and be gone? If she was still there, she must be able to hear my uncle’s breathing, if not the sounds of my mouth slurping around his shaft as I increased the pace toward his finish.

I heard a toilet flushing somewhere, was that in the stall next door or from one of the others? I heard what seemed like an increase of women’s voices, had the film finished? If so, this restroom was about to be overrun by women. I stole a peep up at my uncle’s face. He looked to be oblivious to the sounds of women chattering, just a look of supreme bliss on his face as I blew his cock.

He began to thrust at my mouth, I guessed he was getting close and those thrusts were an attempt to bury himself deep in my mouth for his big finish. See, I have learned a lot about men from doing Jerry this way. I slipped my mouth off his erection completely, but only to apply my flat tongue strokes to the underside of his shaft, with specific concentration right under the head. I could clearly hear my uncle’s loud groan from above me, but there was so much chatter now from women using this bathroom that I doubt anyone else would have heard him.

I peeped up again at Uncle Harry’s face … I could see a look of ‘I am about to cum’ all over his face, my cue to prepare to receive his first blast. Any moment now, I slid my open mouth over the head again, using my hand to push his hard-on in as deeply as I could cope with, sucking him all the way to his release now. And then, there it is … a hard spasming of his erection within my mouth and I felt the warmth of his creamy discharge painting my tonsils.

A much louder groan came from my uncle way above me as he began to cum. Surely women in the adjoining stalls must hear this man in the delirium of release. I held my breath, expecting a knock on our stall door … but couldn’t hold it for long as another blast of his jism sprayed the back of my mouth, forcing me to gulp his creamy discharge down my throat.

I had not intended to go this far, I was going to deny him my swallow this first time … but the risky surroundings, and the noise of what sounded like so many women within earshot of us combined to overcome any reticence on my part. It was best to just get this incident finished, even though we wouldn’t be leaving here anytime soon, judging by the noisy activity going on in this restroom.

I swallowed every last drop of his semen, recalling him previously telling me how potent his was. Just as well that it was going down my throat and not up into my uterus. I even used my tongue to lick away any creamy residue that may have been lingering on and around his shaft, then politely tucked his deflating cock back inside his pants.

He offered me his hand to help me up off my knees that had become quite sore from being on the hard floor. He pulled me up against his body as he leaned back against the side wall of the stall and then he kissed me. I even allowed his lips to press mine to part and let my tongue play with his. My God, two months ago I would never have seen any possibility of me being this intimate with my leery old uncle. How ironic how an abundance of money changes things.

We couldn’t leave while there were any women within this restroom and my uncle took full advantage of our forced wait by kissing me the whole time. What else could we do? Eventually, when at least two minutes elapsed in complete silence, I unlatched the door and peeped out. I couldn’t see anyone about and as I ventured further, I could see all of the stall doors were open. I turned to signal to my uncle that we were in the clear and he joined me, folding his arm around my waist and we exited the Ladies Restroom together. Barely a soul remained in the theatre foyer and the two employees across the way looked to be preoccupied on other matters and didn’t get to see where we had come from. Looks like we got away with it.

My old uncle drove me home. Of course, he asked if he could come up for a drink, but I insisted he should get on the road since he had a 90-minute drive to get home to his wife and daughter.

Once up in my apartment, I found a note from Jerry, thanking me for letting him use my place for his study and telling me he had gone home since his exams were at 9am in the morning. I silently cursed his not being there. While we were not having sex as often as we did when we first met, I really felt like it tonight. Was it because my uncle’s fingers had played with me under the table at the restaurant and left me unfulfilled. Or was I feeling some sexual tension — some excitement — from the restroom stall venture an hour ago?