My Unlikely Experience Ch. 02

Big Tits

It was five months since Samantha and I had our foursome with Laurel and Rick. That was the first time any of us ever had sex with multiple participants and we all agreed, it was fucking crazy.

Rick and I had gone out to shoot some pool a few times since then and each time, we talked about that night. I told Rick I wasn’t the least bit interested in men, but humiliating myself with another man for the pleasure of women was different and an extreme turn-on. Rick said he pretty much felt the same way but he didn’t want my cock in his mouth.

Over these past five months, Rick and I made plans for the next time. We had all decided, the men had to plan out the next occasion. Rick and I felt we kind of had a score to settle (certainly I did) so we planned to control the girls much like they had controlled us. We couldn’t wait to execute our plan but we had to let some time pass so we could build on the suspense and the surprise. The four of us had all gotten together a few times for drinks, dinner, playing games, watching movies, etc. Our crazed night of sex came up in conversation a couple of times and there’s no doubt, we all wanted to throw down and get it on again, but it was up to Rick and me as to when and how. We never discussed anything about our plan in front of the girls despite their persistent inquiries. A few times, when I tied Sam up for sex, I know she half expected Laurel and Rick to show up but that never happened. Rick and I knew the girls were about to give up on us because it had been so long since our first encounter…perfect. We finally set a date and time when we’d get together. It would take place at our house again.

The night finally arrived and Sam had no clue. Rick had to tell Laurel so she could prepare her proper attire for the evening, but he waited until just before they were about to leave their house so she wouldn’t have a chance to tip off Sam. He told her what to wear but he didn’t tell her why.

Before they arrived, I told Sam I wanted to tie her up in the doorway. A favorite fantasy of ours is, I tie her up and sell her as a sex slave. We love role playing and we’re both able to immerse ourselves into our fantasies. It’s a matter of trust I guess. We just want to enjoy each other in ways we each desire without fear. I think Rick and Laurel feel the same way.

I put on some electronic music and had it turned up pretty loud so Sam wouldn’t hear when Rick and Laurel entered the house.

I had Sam wear her black lycra thong and halter mini dress. The dress is very thin and clingy, accenting every curve of her slim frame. I wore lightweight, sort of opaque white slacks with no underwear and a tight, black silk shirt unbuttoned nearly to the waist. One could vaguely make out my package through the pants, but you really couldn’t see any details. A slave trader should look sleazy I thought, so that’s what I was shooting for. When Sam was ready, she came into the bedroom where I was lying on the bed waiting. She looked magnificent. She said I looked like a cheap, Miami pimp. Oh yeah, I thought, mission accomplished. I got out of the bed, cuffed her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. I told her I had to preview her for the bidders before tying her to (what we call) “the rack” (the closet doorway) where she would be auctioned off. Then I had her stand and wait at the foot of the bed for a couple of minutes. I told her she had to be quiet. Neither of us said anything. We could hear the music and feel the thump of the bass yet it seemed somehow silent in the room. Her expression indicated she was becoming frustrated so I finally broke the silence. I told her she had to wait in line until the girl in front of her was auctioned off. I loved watching the anticipation in her face. No doubt, she was really horny.

Timing was everything. Rick and I planned for him and Laurel to arrive while I was toying with Sam so I left the front door unlocked. They arrived on time – while Sam was “waiting in line.” The music was loud enough to drown out any sounds they might have made when they came in so she also didn’t hear when I let Rick and Laurel into the bedroom. Rick had Laurel already dressed as a poor, slave girl. She had worn a dress on the way over to cover up her outfit but took it off and left it in the other room. When they entered the bedroom, Laurel crawled in on all fours wearing an obviously old, worn pair of pink bikini panties and a flimsy yellow tank top. The tank top was ragged looking, torn down the front from the neckline to just below her breasts. As she crawled, her beautiful breasts swayed back and forth. Even though she was covered, she almost appeared naked. I could make out every curve of her body as she moved. She seemed uncertain and vulnerable as a worthless slave girl should. Rick controlled her with a leash attached to her black leather collar. She was a sexy sight in her helplessness. Rick led Laurel to the bed, made her get on the bed and stay in a kneeling position. Then he got onto the bed, propped up pillows against the headboard and leaned back. They both faced the foot of the bed, Rick lying on one side and Laurel on her hands and knees on the other. They had the perfect antalya escort spot for viewing my slave at auction. I began parading Sam around the room, telling her I was showing her off to a crowd of bidders. I told her she’d better look sexy so she’d bring the kind of money I knew she was worth. She strutted around the room slowly, deliberately sashaying her hips as I led her “into the auction.” Sam had no idea anyone else was watching.

I occasionally felt up Sam’s thighs, her belly and every once in a while, her ass and her breasts while “showing her off.” I told her she was being felt up by potential bidders getting a “feel” for what they were bidding on. Her nipples revealed her excitement. I led her to the closet doorway where we had leather wrist and ankle cuffs attached to the door frame. I told Sam she had to be restrained during the bidding. I unlocked her handcuffs and fastened her wrists and ankles to the cuffs – legs spread the width of the doorway and arms overhead. She was facing Rick and Laurel on the bed.

I said, “in order to command the best price, bidders will have to see more.” I stepped over her leg and got into the closet behind her. I reached to the back of her neck and untied her dress, but held onto the ties so the top of her dress wouldn’t fall.

Rick was lightly rubbing the inside of Laurel’s thigh with one hand as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. He had his other hand down the front of his unfastened pants stroking his sizeable cock. I was already hard as a rock and couldn’t resist occasionally rubbing myself while Laurel and Rick were watching us. I told Sam she had to appeal to big money bidders because they were the ones most likely to take good care of her. I reached around, feeling each of Sam’s breasts and slowly let the halter fall away. She began squirming as she bathed in her helplessness. I told her the more she squirmed, the higher the bids. She looked so sexy as she arched her back, flaunted her tits and squirmed to the rhythm of the music. After a couple of minutes, I told her she did good and she’d been sold.

Sam was the centerpiece and she had no clue Rick and Laurel were there watching. I told Sam that her new master said he only wants to use her for a little while, so he’d be willing to set her free if she does what she’s told and performs as expected. Then, I slowly removed Sam’s thong.

I let her stand for a while, restrained in the doorway, again without saying a word and she renewed that look of frustration on her face. I said she was the last one to be auctioned off and that most people had left. I told her, “Your new master also bought another slave girl before buying you. He likes seeing two women get it on with each other.” I told her she’d be watched as she’s tasted by another woman. “You must display how much you enjoy it,” I said. I slid my hands under her dress and slowly pulled it up over her waist to expose her. I reached into my pocket where I had her mini vibrator. Without turning it on, I used the vibrator and my fingers to begin stroking her while telling her it was another woman’s lips and tongue. Sam was moaning and gyrating. It was quite a site to watch her squirm as if she were trying to escape the embarrassment while at the same time, immersing herself in the sensation. It was obvious Rick and Laurel were enjoying the show as they never took their eyes off her. I told her she had to make sure her new master was happy. I said, “If he’s not pleased with you, I’ll have to return the money so you’d better make it look good.” I told her, “let him know you’re turned on by pulling at your restraints while being devoured by another woman.”

Rick got off the bed and took his shirt and slacks off revealing his large cock that was bobbing up and down like a swinging hammer handle. He grabbed his cock in one hand and Laurel’s leash with the other and led Laurel off the bed. He had her crawl across the floor to Sam. Without uttering a sound, he motioned for Laurel to lick Sam. Laurel moved in slowly and licked ever so lightly in places where my hands weren’t. She licked my hands as well which felt so sexy. Sam didn’t realize there was more going on than just the vibrator and my hands, yet she seemed to lose control at times when Laurel’s tongue would touch her. Her expression was that of surprise from sensations she couldn’t understand.

Once Sam had become really worked up I nodded at Rick and he pulled back on Laurel’s leash to make her stop licking. At the same time, I stopped caressing Sam’s pussy. Sam sighed when I stopped. I stepped over her leg again to get out of the closet and after a brief pause, Rick took over my spot behind her. I handed him the vibrator. He squirted some lube into his hands and picked up where I left off, but now with the vibrator turned on. Rick began pumping his cock on Sam’s ass and she was thrusting back against him. I had no idea whether or not Sam knew it wasn’t me but it didn’t matter. The fact that she thought it was me allowed her to completely lose herself in the moment. I loved seeing her lose all inhibitions not knowing she was being watched.

I figured that soon enough, Sam would realize it wasn’t my cock humping on her so I slowly removed her blindfold. Then I pulled on Laurel’s leash to force her face into Sam’s pussy. When Sam opened her eyes, there I was, standing in front of her, still fully clothed with an obvious hard-on and Laurel’s leash in my hand. Laurel licked all over Sam’s crotch with the emphasis on her clit. I thought I saw panic in Sam’s eyes for a split second. Then a knowing smile followed as she realized what was happening. Laurel attacked Sam’s pussy now with her tongue and her lips. Sam flinched back and gasped, closed her eyes, let out a moan, and disappeared into the zone.

I dropped Laurel’s leash, walked over to the night stand, opened the drawer, took out a pair of scissors, went back and set the scissors on a shelf next to the closet doorway. Then I picked up Laurel’s leash again. Rick pulled Sam’s hips back and Laurel crawled forward to follow Sam’s movement keeping her face planted firmly in Sam’s crotch.. Rick bent his knees a little to maneuver his cock under Sam . Then he slowly entered and said, “I own you. Your freedom depends on how well you perform. I’m going to fuck you while your old master watches and another slave devours you.” Sam was hanging by the cuffs, almost too weak to stand, yet so excited, she thrust her ass back against Rick and continued to squirm. I don’t know if it was because of the size of Rick’s cock or because of the fantasy, but I had never seen Sam so uninhibited and lost in lust. She continued to gyrate and I was mesmerized as I observed her pleasure.

I told Laurel to stand up and suck on Sam’s tits and massage her clit by hand. I reached around Laurel from behind, grabbed each side of the tear in her top and slowly pulled it farther apart tearing it to her waist. Her beautiful tits were swaying out in plain sight as the straps on her tank top continually slid off her shoulders. She was so sexy, pulling her straps back up as if she were modest and needed to cover up, but they’d slide off again as she leaned over to lick Sam’s tits. Sam was mesmerized at the sight of Laurel having her clothes torn off and being forced to suck her tits. Laurel was obviously eager to please her master by doing her best to please Sam. She became a total sex slave. After bathing in the view for awhile, I finally ripped Laurel’s top completely off and squirted lube all over her chest and on Sam’s tits as well. Rick made sure to smear the lube all over Sam’s tits. I pulled the front of Laurel’s panties away from her belly and squirted lube down the front of her, then I did the same to her behind. Her lube soaked panties had become translucent and I could make out what was underneath. Laurel seemed to get into being a slave as much as Sam. I reached down the back of Laurel’s panties to feel her slick crack, barely penetrating her ass with my finger. She was moaning as she gobbled Sam’s tits. Laurel reached down the front of her own panties and began stroking herself. She too, was in the zone.

We all had lube all over us with the heaviest concentrations on Laurel and Sam, but my pants were soaked enough to have become somewhat see-through. I unbuttoned the waist of my pants and reached down to stroke myself as I watched Laurel and Rick forcing Sam to the peak of ecstasy while she was helpless in her restraints.

I really needed to fuck something so I made Laurel get back down on her knees and face me. I dropped my pants and without hesitation, Laurel grabbed my cock and began sucking it. It was obvious, Sam liked watching me getting sucked off by Laurel. She began moaning loudly and thrusting her hips forward and back wildly without taking her eyes off of us. The large cock inside her was obviously giving her amazing sensations she wasn’t used to. She was absolutely wild in her movements, and her expression. She began pulling at her restraints and moaning uncontrollably as she braced to let it all go. She tensed up and began screaming as she had an incredibly intense orgasm. Rick didn’t let up. Sam started bouncing around uncontrollably. He tortured her as he continued to pound her from behind while stroking her clit . Sam was covered with sweat and still moaning as she stared at Laurel giving me head. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop to the floor.

Rick finally had to lighten up on Sam. She was sore and spent and begging to be released from the cuffs. Rick pulled out and released her from the cuffs. He said to Sam, “you know, you haven’t earned your freedom yet,” but all she could do at the moment was to lean back against the doorway and watch Laurel sucking on me. Rick stroked himself as he now focused on Laurel and me. I wanted to cum but I wanted Laurel to cum first. I told Laurel to stop sucking, stand up and face Sam and Rick. I picked up the scissors off the shelf to make one small snip in the waistband of Laurel’s panties below her belly button. I stood behind her, grabbed each side of her snipped panties and slowly began tearing them apart toward her crotch. Laurel gasped slightly from the sensation, realizing she was now the center of attention as she played with her own slippery tits. I had her nearly exposed when I reached inside the tear in her panties and began stroking her. She was slippery and delicious to watch as she played with her tits, gyrating like a stripper for all to see. I massaged her well lubricated clit with one hand and slowly pulled her torn panties down with the other until they fell to the floor.

I inserted my finger into her pussy and caressed her tits with the other hand. She seemed to love that there was a third hand feeling her tits in addition to her own. Laurel began moaning loudly while she pumped her hips forward and back. She began moaning and breathing heavily as she tensed up to have a hard, straining orgasm that was just beautiful to watch. I wasn’t about to let her off easy. I just kept rubbing her. Rick was stroking himself as he watched and Sam had regained herself enough to start playing with herself as well. Laurel began bouncing around a little trying to get away from my hand but I continued to stroke her as she struggled. It was amazing, to watch her helpless body gyrating so erotically. She finally couldn’t take it anymore and suddenly, she turned around to face me, forcing me to let go of her.

Laurel almost appeared angry. She unclipped her leash from her collar and forced it against my neck. She forced her slippery body against me and began pushing me backward toward the foot of the bed like she was now taking control of me. She said, “I’m going to get even with you for that you bastard.” “You are not my master” she exclaimed. “Now I’m going to make you the show,” she said loudly. She pushed me hard and I fell back onto the bed as Rick and Sam watched. She told me to slide down to the floor. I did as I was told and leaned back against the footboard of the bed. Sam walked over to the night stand and took something out, but kept it hidden behind her back. She walked over to Laurel, whispered something in her ear, then knelt down on the other side of me. I reached out to feel Sam’s tits when suddenly, Sam and Laurel grabbed my wrists and pulled them back toward the corners of the bed.

I thought that was pretty cool at first but before I knew it, Sam had a Velcro strap wrapped around my wrist and the other end wrapped around the top of the footboard. I panicked but she had the advantage as I tried free my left arm. I jerked my other hand away from Laurel to release the Velcro with my other hand but she grabbed my arm again, pulled it back toward the top of the footboard on the other side and held it there. She was strong enough to prevent me from freeing my arm. Sam secured the first strap, then moved to Laurel’s side to finish securing me with another strap. Sam and Laurel had my arms spread wide apart, restrained at the corners of the bed while I was sitting on the floor. Laurel and Sam began stroking and fondling my slick cock and balls. Rick was stroking himself in front of me while watching the girls driving me crazy.

That’s when I knew. Even though I had done this once before, I became nervous and afraid all over again because I really wasn’t sure what was in store. I felt fear and I was embarrassed by my predicament but I decided to make the best of it. I would make this a show the girls wouldn’t soon forget. I just wanted to bathe in my own helplessness and humiliation in front of two gorgeous women whose desire was to watch my ecstatic degradation.

Sam released my right hand and said, “You and Rick are going to jerk yourselves and watch each other while Laurel and I will get the benefit of seeing two boys stroke themselves for each other…and for us.” “We’re going to watch you naked little gay boys get yourselves off,” she said. Laurel poured more lube on my cock and I began stroking. It was strangely exciting to stroke myself and see Rick jerking off right in front of me as women were watching. It could have been any women but it was more degrading that it was two women we knew so well. Rick’s expression and his body language indicated Rick was as excited to follow orders as I was.

Rick and I would never do this if it were just the two of us which is how I know we’re not gay. I’m not attracted to men. I don’t desire men, but having to do this for the viewing pleasure of women was uniquely depraved and exciting. We became more and more excited as the girls watched and rubbed themselves and each other. Rick and I weren’t far from climax when Sam got up, grabbed a couple of pillows and put them on each side of me, Then she told Rick to kneel on the pillows and straddle me. Rick did just that and began rubbing his lubed cock on my face and across my lips. The humiliation excited me and I continued stroking myself. I could smell and taste Sam’s juices. I barely touched him with my tongue whenever he dragged his massive member across my mouth. Sam said, “that big cock just fucked me into oblivion and you’re going to suck the cum out of it.” He released his cock from his grip for a moment and I grabbed it with my free hand and wrapped my lips around it. I began bobbing my head forward and back. Rick seemed surprised and excited by my enthusiasm and the girls watched intently. As I sucked his cock, I slid my hand down to fondle his tight balls. I slid my finger up to rim his slippery ass and the girls chuckled with excitement. They too were surprised at how I attacked him. Even I was surprised but I wanted to let it all go for the girls.