My Wife’s Yoga Instructor Ch. 02

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Content note: unrealistic proportions and anatomy, excessive (really excessive) cum.


I’m sitting on the couch again, watching my wife. Jess pants as she limply gestures with one arm towards the hallway, her other hand slowly stroking back and forth over Jason’s mighty shoulders as he cradles her in his thick arms. She looks absolutely tiny compared to the teen. Her loose hand drops down, finding his turgid, oversized cock, resting on the head. She can’t even reach around to the bottom of it, fingers splayed as precum flows out between her digits.

Jason looks at me and winks. “Coming, Steve?” he laughs as he strides out of the room, a trail of liquid running down that prodigious member and dripping from his enormous ballsack as he goes. I’m left alone for the first time since before he got here, surveying the damage. There’s precum everywhere… the amount is ridiculous! It’s scattered all over the floor, thick puddles of it in places where he stood still for a while. Lucky that it’s hardwood, or else this would need a very embarrassing visit from a steam cleaner. The couch is soaked through from where my wife practically showered in the stuff as she played with him.

I feel torn – thinking of her face and expression as she played with his monstrous genitals leaves a heavy weight in my gut. Everything about him is just unbelievably huge, from each powerful muscle to that incredible cock. She adores it so much, she’s completely uninterested in me by comparison. It makes me feel sick watching her, but at the same time I’ve never been more aroused in my entire life. My cock – still dripping with his fluids! – is rock hard, all nine inches throbbing out in front of me. I’ve always thought of myself as being so well-endowed. I guess I am, really, every woman has told me I’m their biggest by far, but my wife said it best. He makes me look like a little boy. What are the odds Jess would stumble across a monster like this?

I get up, following the trail of fluids leading to our bedroom. It’s such a surreal thing to see. How can there be so much precum? He hasn’t left a thin line of the stuff – it’s more like thick ropes splashed across the hallway. I can see it still gradually spreading over the floor a little more as I step around and over his secretions. Approaching the doorway, I can hear my wife slurping and choking once again. I peer around, seeing that she’s been set down on the edge of the bed facing towards the door. Jason stands in front of her, taking a broad stance to bring his cock low enough, massive balls hanging low between his legs. All I can see of her is the knees down, the rest concealed behind her lover. He’s slowly thrusting his hips back and forth, moving his arms in time with the motion, presumably pulling Jess’s head over his cock.

I step around to see, moving to one side of the bed and sitting. When he notices me, he stops moving. I see one of his hands is actually just resting against the root of his cock, gently rubbing and squeezing. He’s holding my wife in the other hand, roughly gripping her face. His hands are so large, he has a thumb reaching up to her scalp while his fingers are splayed, gripping her from above her ear to under her jaw. Her eyes are closed and she’s moaning around the tremendous intrusion in her throat. The teen looks at me, maintaining eye contact and smirking as he slowly pulls her forward. It’s a gradual but relentless motion, pulling Jess deeper and deeper onto his cock by the grip on her face. Once she’s all the way to the root, distended bulge running all the way down her throat into her chest, he immediately starts pulling her back the other way at the same pace. Inch after inch after inch of his manhood is revealed, the size still shocking me. It really looks like it shouldn’t be able to fit even a little bit into her mouth. My own appendage is less than half as long, and probably less than half as thick, but in our years together she never managed to deepthroat me. Somehow, though, she’s learned to take the entire length of this gigantic cock into her mouth.

She opens one eye, the other covered by his hand, and makes eye contact with me as he casually pulls her further back. Tears are forming in her eyes from the choking. Her smooth motion back pauses as the head of that elephantine cock reaches her mouth, catching there, before she’s jerked back and off it. As his cock is finally drawn all the way out, I can see her mouth is overflowing with precum, running down the back of her throat and slopping down her chin. She tries to lean forward back to his cock, but immediately stops as he tightens his grip on her face in warning. Instead, he brings her face forward and down, poised below the tip of his cock. His viscous fluids pour onto her forehead, running down over her exposed eye. Jess’s tongue slips out, lapping from the current as he shifts her around, quickly drenching her face and hair in his viscous secretions. Finally, he pulls her back to the end of his tremendous ulus escort reach, face level with the tip of his cock. My wife opens her mouth, smiling in anticipation, and he flexes his cock. A great bolt of precum shoots from the tip, striking her. The volume is enough to fill her mouth and splash across her entire face and the hand gripping it, falling down and drenching her pert tits.

Finally Jason releases her face. Jess doesn’t pause as she swallows it down and bounces to her feet, moving to kiss him. He grins down at her, standing to his full height. She doesn’t come slightly close to reaching. “Ew, look at you! You’re covered in my fluids, you dirty slut,” he teases her.

She laughs as she jumps up, hooking her arms around his neck before getting her feet up, one on his upper thigh and the other on the base of his powerful cock. My wife can easily reach his face now, gripping his hair as she kisses him. It suddenly seems awkward to watch, so I look away. Jess’s foot, planted on his cock, is literally thinner than its sopping wet platform. My gaze runs all the way along, looking over the criss-cross of bulging veins, before watching the constant flow of precum from his distended slit. It runs down the underside of his cock, over his churning balls, and drips to the floor. I start rubbing my dick again as I look over those ridiculous genitals. Every couple of heartbeats, a larger pulse of fluid slips out, splatting onto the bed and drooling a trail down to the floor.

Finally, my wife breaks away from him, turning to look down at me. “Wow, you look so small from up here!” she giggles. “It’s kind of surreal to be this tall. Like… huh.” She shifts her other foot to his cock, turning her body fully to look around the room. “I can’t imagine looking down on everything all the time like this. And everyone! I mean, wow.” Jess takes a step further out onto his cock, one hand on his shoulder to stay balanced. “Also, I shouldn’t be surprised since I know you can hold me up, but I never thought of actually standing on your cock before. Your massive, incredible, ridiculous, throbbing cock. This is pretty amazing. Definitely worth all the exercise you do with it.”

He chuckles but doesn’t otherwise respond, instead grasping her waist with one hand and leaning her over to his side. He pulls his cock out from under her feet, leaving her dangling in his grip as he lifts it up. With his tip touched to his chest, he pulls her closer, getting a low moan from my wife as her pussy is pressed against the root of his dripping cock. He rubs her up and down there for a minute, just pushing her up and down a couple inches of his cock, drawing out more moans of pleasure from her. His other hand comes up, rubbing her generous tits before lifting her up to press her whole body against his slick monolith. One hand cupping an asscheek and the other supporting her shoulders, Jason starts raising and lowering her, stimulating his cock. Her tits are pushed aside, his head bumping and rubbing over her chin with each stroke. More and more of that precum streams out and runs over my wife’s face as she licks at him.

Soon he starts clinging her against his shaft harder, forcing my wife up and down more roughly. Her head lolls back, her limbs now limply dangling back and forth with the motion as she whimpers. I’m awestruck, watching this teen use my wife like a doll to pleasure himself. Each motion is producing wet, slick sounds, and I can hear precum constantly falling to the floor. He’s soaked her back as well now, rivulets and streams coating her ass before running down her legs. Suddenly she breaks out into a hoarse scream, legs jerking and twitching as she cums from the pressure of that huge cock against her clit. Jason doesn’t break stride, continuing to stroke her body up and down at the same pace as her orgasm finally subsides, laying her down dazed on the bed.

He looks at me and grins as he puts one foot up on the bed beside her. “She loves when I just use her like a toy.” His cock is now bobbing over her body, precum spilling from the tip onto her blissed-out face. After it runs into her nostrils and mouth she coughs and splutters, choking to clear it. He’s laughing.

“You asshole!” She sits up and slaps one of his testicles, the thing literally more than twice the size of her hand. She’s angry, but grinning. “I told you not to wake me like that, you fucking freak!” My wife moves her hand around his sack, squeezing the massive root of his cock behind it.

“Freak, am I? Are you saying you don’t want to fuck me?”

“Of course I don’t!” Her other hand comes up, rubbing and squeezing one of his pendulous balls as they churn. “Look at these ridiculous things. How could I want to fuck a mutant like you?”

“Too bad,” he smirks as he grabs her under the shoulders, hoisting her up. She squeals as she’s lifted, hands dragging over his cock, before she’s brought to a stop above his head. The tip of his cock presses against yenimahalle escort her little pussy. It really is far too large, like trying to push her leg inside herself. Without a pause, he pulls down, stretching her around the ginormous head.

My wife shrieks for a moment, before her head lolls. “Oh, fuck, oh, oh, daddy, oh, fuck, it’s too big,” she babbles breathlessly. I can see the massive bulge pushing up her front, approaching her belly button, as Jason relentlessly pulls her down. She’s feebly gripping his shoulders, trying to push away from the intrusion, but she’s helpless to stop him. “Fuck, please, stop, it hurts, oh, god, oh, oh, I can’t, I’ll tear, oh my god, oh it’s just, so big, fuck,” I can hear the pain in her voice. Is this okay? She was just saying she doesn’t want to fuck him. Should I do something? What can I do?

Jason notices my reaction and takes mercy on me, smiling. “It’s okay. She’s like this all the time. Here, look, watch this.” He reverses his direction, my wife giving a long groan as he pulls her off of his cock. With a final little jerk, the tip of that rock-hard shaft pops out with a loud sound.

Jess immediately starts reaching down, trying to grasp at him. “Oh my god, daddy, please, put it back in, daddy, it’s so big, I want it, I want you to break me, daddy, use me like a whore-” she cuts herself off with a choking sound as he slams her back down his manhood, a couple inches further than before.

“See? She’s totally fine. She just likes being a drama queen.” The distension has pushed past her belly now, reaching up towards her chest. Every motion, down or a little upward adjustment, has more of their mixed fluids running out around his oversized cock. She has her hands on her belly, rubbing and pushing at the cock inside her. He’s still pulling her down by her hips, inexorably forcing that grotesquely large appendage into her body. The bulge recedes as it reaches higher. His cock obviously goes in at an angle, and with so many inches feeding into her it’s reached far back enough that it doesn’t bulge her chest.

He releases her, letting her weight start dragging her down the last few inches of cock. My wife moans, wriggling and tugging at his body to try and pull him inside of her. Finally, bit by bit by bit, she drags herself down with gravity, coming to a stop with the front of her pussy pressing against his base. His balls are churning as the constant flow of their juices runs over his sack before falling to the floor. The teen flexes his cock, smacking Jess’s chest against his and laughing. Taking hold around her thighs again he lifts her up, dragging her back up over a foot of his cock before slamming her home again. He builds up a rhythm, literally using my wife like a toy as he bounces her up and down, twisting her slightly around his cock with each thrust. Soon he’s bobbing her body up and down as fast as I would masturbate, her head swinging back and forth with the rapid motion. A waterfall of his precum is being squeezed out from her pussy every time she’s pulled back up that enormous manhood. This continues for minutes, loud wet slapping sounds filling the room until she suddenly screams in ecstasy. As she peaks into orgasm he pulls her down, grinding against his root and stirring his cock inside her while she gasps, pants and twitches.

Once she subsides, Jason kisses the top of her head, then gets up on to the bed. She wobbles on his cock as he moves forward, suspended on his shaft. Each of his motions brings a gasp or a moan from Jess as it shifts the mammoth cock supporting her. He leans forward to rest her on the bed, the great orbs in his sack dragging along the covers before she’s finally set down. He goes to pull his hips back but finds she has too tight a grip on his cock, coming along with it. Her lover shifts her back into position and grips her shoulders, pinning her down with his irresistible strength as he slowly pulls his length out of her. Jess pants heavily as the intrusion is removed, the bulge receding back down her body.

Once he’s drawn almost all the way out, hips held a foot and a half back and away from her pussy, he thrusts home in a single motion. A squirt of fluid is forced out around his cock as she squeals, his balls slapping loudly against her thighs and the bed. He grinds against her hips for a moment, shifting inside her, before slowly drawing up and up and up to do it again.

And again.

And again.

He starts speeding up now, gradually increasing the pace of this amazing fuck. Jess’s eyes are at the back of her head, drool leaking from her slack mouth as her body is shoved back and forth. Jason is moaning in pleasure, pounding in and out mechanically. My wife slips a hand down to play with her clit, pressing it down against the cock stretching her, and cums just a few moments after. Her screams finally push him over the edge, and he slams his cock balls-deep in her as he starts cumming. I’m on eryaman escort the brink of my own orgasm, staring at the massive bulge he makes in the front of her body.

His balls pull up towards his cock and I can see it contract, gripping once. After several seconds his cock relaxes again, before contracting with another burst. It’s not at all like the usual rapid pulsing of a man’s orgasm, each contraction much slower and more enduring. He’s panting and moaning, gradually pulling his cock out of her as he cums and cums and cums. Finally he subsides, pulling himself the last inch out of her and releasing a flood of thick white fluid. The sight of the sheer volume of cum rushing out of her sends me over the edge, shooting the biggest load of my life on to my chest and belly. The volume is nothing compared to the flood he filled my wife’s pussy with.

His monstrous manhood flexes again and I realise he still isn’t done. A thick stream fires from the tip, passing over my wife to drench the headboard and pillows. For the long seconds of his contraction the stream of cum doesn’t stop, continuously shooting out like a hose. When he finally subsides, the tail of that shot falling across my wife’s body splatters her in more cum than my whole load. She lifts her head up, licking her lips as she stares down at his throbbing cock.

His next shot he’s corrected her aim, catching her directly in the face. The force from his thick ribbon of cum pushes her head back on to the bed, her entire face and neck instantly painted white as his seed splashes off and soaks the bed around her. The next shot aims at her chest and torso, coating her generous chest. The next strikes her pussy, splashing over her hips and thighs. One more on her chest, and he’s finally losing steam. His orgasm seems to have lasted for minutes! His cock jerks a few more times, huge globs shooting out to strike my wife, before he finally finishes. Cum is still constantly flowing from his cock as he lies on his back next to her, casually leaning into the thick puddles of his own seed.

I’m dumbstruck by what I’ve just seen. This must be more cum than I’ve produced in my entire life. It doesn’t even make sense – where does it all come from? The volume is so excessive. “I… wow,” I murmur.

“Right?” Jess responds as she sits up, licking cum from her face and wiping her eyes. “Jason is just incredible.” He smirks at that, cock twitching as it still pours cum onto his massive chest. “I can’t get enough of this stuff.” She leans over, resting her head against him as she slowly licks the cum directly from his cock. He rests a hand on her neck and shoulders, gently rubbing. She shifts down, pressing her tongue flat against the head of his cock before crawling forward. My wife slowly licks her way down his entire length, down and down and down to where his balls lay on the bed between splayed legs. She comfortably lies against him, pussy resting on that bulbous head as she licks and sucks at his balls.

She seems to delight in their size, burying her face in his sack and pressing them against her head. Cum is drooling from her pussy, mixing with it fresh from the source as it oozes onto his chest. They remain like this for a while, my wife slowly cleaning and massaging those enormous testicles while he watches his own cum dripping from her. His flow doesn’t show any signs of stopping, a continuous ooze of the thick fluid covering his entire chest and running off onto the bed. I’m totally soft, representing my “impressive” six inch flaccid hang, my orgasm now slowly dripping down my body. His cock doesn’t seem to be shrinking at all though – I can’t judge how hard it is, but all of that ludicrous length and girth is still supporting Jess as she lays atop it.

Suddenly my wife sits up, struck by a thought. She rubs her pussy back and forth a little along his shaft as she speaks, “Hey babe,”

“Yes?” We both respond simultaneously, then look at each other.

She laughs. “The giant babe I’m sitting on. Rubbing my pussy on his… monstrous… cock.” She grinds her hips hard against him for a moment. “You didn’t give Steve any of your cum though, babe! You told me you would.” She looks over her shoulder, pouting at him.

“You’re right!” He twists his body to the side, dumping her into his pools of cum with a splash. “Sorry babe, it totally slipped my mind.” He stands, the bed groaning under his weight, and walks over to me. I look up at him as he approaches – up and up and up – staring at the perfect musculature dripping with cum. Stopping with the tip of his monument to virility above my chest, I’m captivated by the constant flow of cum still falling from the tip. After just a few seconds you would scarcely be able to tell I came, covered in thick ropes of his seed. Jason reaches down, firmly grasping and rubbing his balls – shiny with my wife’s spit – before squeezing them close against the base of his cock and slowly running one hand along his length. As his grip passes halfway, one more flood of cum is pushed through his slit. It makes a slapping noise as it first lands on my torso, a continuous deluge splashing across me and running down the length of my body. Looking down, I can’t even make out my soft package under the viscous cum.

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