My Work Fantasy Ch. 02: Sharon 01

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I have been at the same job for almost ten years, Sharon has been there about half that time. We were colleagues, friendly, but I’d never really ‘noticed’ her in that way.

Sure, I thought she was pretty, good figure, even attractive. The problem was, she was COLD. Always official, always proper.

Her nickname was ‘two shoes’, as in ‘Miss goody two-shoes’.

She rarely dressed in anything provocative, preferring jumper and skirt in winter and blouse and skirt in summer. She’d spent most of her time with us in an office role, but had recently shifted into event promotion.

One summer day I was moving some chairs around for an event she was organising in the main hall. We were alone in the building, being a weekend, and basically I was there to set up as she wanted.

It was hot. The air conditioning controller was out of order so all the units were off. The guy had been booked but couldn’t get there until the next day.

I always wear long pants and a high-viz shirt. Sharon on the other hand was practically out of uniform by her normal standards. She wore a loose skirt and a loose blouse with a square-cut neckline. I noticed appreciatively that after five years of working with her, this was the first time I’d seen her in casual dress. I couldn’t help noticing that her breasts were full and round, not large but certainly not small.

I was up a ladder hanging a sign, she sitting at a table was below me putting information packages together. It was then that I realised just HOW loose her blouse was. I could see cleavage! The cleavage of Miss goody two-shoes!

I looked a while, then went back to my task. A few minutes later, she called me to the storeroom.

“Dave, can you help me a moment? I need to move this table.”

I answered yes, and went to her. There was a kid-size table with all sorts stuff on it, she needed it moved sideways. I bent to take one end, she the other. As she bent and moved to one side to get a grip on the table, the square front of her blouse followed the call of gravity and I could see right down her front. In two seconds, I saw BOTH breasts, full and round, cupped inside a burgundy-coloured bra. I could see so much that in that short moment my mind imprinted the image of breasts, cleavage, bra, stomach below bra and bra straps. Jeez, she may as well have taken the top right off!

I looked down again just as she looked up.

“Okay, just move it a metre away from the bookshelf. Yep, thanks.”

I went back to unstack some chairs. We were not in the same room for about ten minutes but I rejoiced in the image in my head. Who knew she’d be so fucking SEXY?

Then she called me again.

“Dave, I need a box from the top shelf. Can you help?”

“Of course, be right there.”

As I went back into the store, she was sitting on a low stool and pointed to a box.

“That one. Can you reach it?”

“Yep, no problem. Where do you want it?”

“Just put it down by my feet, I’ll open it in a sec…”

So I did, and then got a quick eyeful of two creamy thighs under her skirt, almost but not quite up to panty level. I told myself off in my head. She’s married, I’m married, and I’m taking looks down her top and up her skirt.

I turned to go about my business, and she called me back.

“Oh, and that roll of fabric too…”

I got it, and as I went to put it on the floor she was pushing the box aside with her foot, and this time my eyes fixed on her crotch and again I got a mental snaphot. Panties matched bra. Panties bahis şirketleri creased slightly, pushed into pussy a little. Curve of one thigh as it met the flesh beside her crotch. Snap. Image captured.

“Getting a good look?”

“Oh, sorry. Really, I, er. Sorry.”

She giggled. I don’t think I’d ever heard her giggle until then.

“Don’t sweat it. I wasn’t being very ladylike was I?”

“No, my fault. I wasn’t being very gentlemanly.”

She giggled again, and said: “We’ve known each other a long time, Dave. It really isn’t a problem. But tell me, do YOU think I’m Miss goody two-shoes?”

“Oh, you know about the nickname. I’ve heard it, but I don’t join in the gossipy stuff. I gotta say though, this you is a lot of fun.”

“And the other me?”

“Well I mean you look so fresh and enthusiastic today. It’s quite a turnaround.”

“Yeah, I kicked my old man out two weeks ago. And I changed jobs, even if it is still at the same company.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about the marriage breakup.”

“Don’t be. It’s a great relief. It’s been coming for a year, and I didn’t even shed a tear when he went.”

“Oh, I see.”

“See what. Am I flashing again?”

“Hah hah, no I meant..” She interrupted me: “..and of course that means no ‘funny business’ for well over a year. So I decided to try a new look as well. Thankyou for noticing and appreciating.”

Silence. I looked at her, she at me, with an impish smile. Was she flirting? She was! Shit, that smile was a come-on. But what to do? So I tried a shot:

“There seems to be a lot to appreciate. You’re very pretty. Beautiful, even.”

“Now you’re flattering me. You know what they say, flattery will get you nowhere.”

“Right, yeah..” She interrupted again. “Stupid saying though. Not true with me…”

That was it. It was a definite flirt. I went for broke. “How shall I flatter you, milady?” I bowed exaggeratedly like some medieval courtier.

“You flattered me when you couldn’t tear your eyes away from looking down my blouse a while back, and you flatter me even more now with the bulge in your pants, Dave.”

It was true. I had become aroused but I didn’t think it was yet noticeable. I went a step further:

“You should have seen what it did to me back then!”

She took the cue. Still sitting on the stool, she leaned right forward and made sure I saw down to her breasts nestling in her bra again. “What, these? You like them that much?”

Gulp. “Yes, yes I do. They are magnificent.”

Then she reached down to the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her head, throwing it aside. There they were, flawless skin covering round perfection, cupped in that tight burgundy bra and…yes, hard nipples! I went further.

“I seem to recall matching panties?”

She threw back her head now in a full-throated laugh. What a sound. She raised her hips slightly and whipped the hem of her flowing skirt back and out of the way, and sat back down parting her thighs. Then she lifted the front of her skirt and showed me the panties, and yes, they were still tight up in her pussy so I could see her slit outlined through them. She looked into my eyes and whispered, “C’mere”.

I moved the short distance between us and knelt in front of her. My head was just above the level of her breasts. She deftly reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, and teased me by putting it in front of my eyes. I could smell her, and it was warm from her body heat. I raised a hand and pulled the bra aside, she bahis firmaları sat there with both arms over her breasts giggling a little nervously. I took the lead. I reached out and took her hands and urged them apart and away, revealing her pert breasts to my appreciative gaze. Her nipples were indeed hard, and in stunned appreciation of them I simply whispered: “Fuck Sharon…” She became serious, whispering back: “If you want to.”

All restraint was thrown to the wind. It was fast, frantic, fantastic.

First I took her breasts in my hands and cupped them gently. Sharon stood up from the stool and pulled my somewhat sweaty shirt over my head and went straight for my belt and trousers, pushing them down a little awkwardly. She sat back down and pulled my boxer shorts down. My dick shot forward and in seconds Sharon had grasped it and took me into her mouth. I groaned loudly with the erotic shock of it, and put my hand on the top of her head.

She bobbed up and down, now licking the underside of my shaft, now squeezing my bulb with her lips tightened around it, now taking the whole length as far as she could. I almost shot after about 30 seconds so I gently urged her off it with my hands under her face and guided her around so she was standing and I was sitting on the ground. She took the cue and stepped quickly out of her panties, parted her thighs, lifted her skirt and nested her pussy down onto my face.

She was not completely shaved, but she had trimmed the edges and the length so there was just a small patch of short, silky black hair, now slick with her juices. Her lips, however were smooth and hairless. She was already trembling, her thighs rippled, and she began moaning loudly.

“Mmmh. Oh. Oh. Ahhh. Oh I’m cumming already. Just there. Just like that. Fuck Dave, that’s… Ohhhhh!”

She grabbed at a shelf for support, and she came. I licked inside her and lapped at her pussy lips and felt her spasm, her thighs jerked and she laughed as her orgasm peaked, then subsided. I kept my tongue inside her. She then reached behind herself to unzip her skirt. I stopped my tonguing just long enough for her to lose the skirt, then lapped at her sex again gently. Trembling slightly, she took my head in both hands and said, “Dave, can you just do that a little longer. It’s bloody heaven and I PROMISE you you’ll get your reward soon. But now just…Oooh”

I stopped her and answered by poking my tongue inside her. She reached down with one hand and parted her pussy lips so I tasted around her clit. She was turned on so I didn’t go straight for the bud – I could see it was red and engorged so it might be too sensitive. Clearly the tactic was right. Practically straight away she began to shudder and moan.

This time her orgasm built more slowly. She still had one hand holding her pussy apart for me and the other on my head. She used that one to guide me where it felt best, and once I’d learned her cum spots I kept at them.

Her breath was strong and steady, and then she began to pant and press me more firmly between her legs. I just kept licking at the spots I’d learned and when I thought she was getting close I put one hand up behind her, hooking my thumb into her soaked pussy with a finger putting gentle pressure on her clenched arse hole.

That tipped her over the edge and Sharon came again, a tight orgasm which wasn’t as frenetic as the first but she nonetheless needed to put a hand on my shoulder for support as she rocked gently in climax.

I took my face away and looked up. She kaçak bahis siteleri met my eyes and just said, “Wow. Fucking WOW. I never let anyone do that to me before. My loss!”

I licked my lips, which were covered in her juices. She laughed: “Oh my poor Dave. I got you as wet as you got me! But I seem to remember I promised you a reward. Look, I’m not, um, experienced in every way. But I’ve already had one new experience today, if you want to try something new, I mean…”

I figured she was offering me her arse. She’d given me some head, she’d obviously fucked before and now she’d come from oral sex. Twice.

“OK Sharon. I think I get it…”

“I bet you do. So will I get it?”

What a tease.

“Bend over.”

She turned towards the shelving unit, bent low and gripped the sides. I stood behind her admiring the view. Her pussy lips were swollen and puffed up from her orgasms and it was a sexy sight.

I positioned my cock between them and pushed. She was so wet that I went all the way in without resistance. I gasped a little, but she just said: “Oooh that’s nice.”

I wasn’t in a hurry, so I just thrust into her slowly, savouring her vagina all the way from the head to the base of my cock and back again. She moaned a little and pushed back to meet my thrusts.

One of my favourite teases is to put just the head between the pussy lips and thrust just millimetres in and out, occasionally pushing all the way in and holding it there hard, then back out to start again. Sharon loved it. After a couple of minutes of that, I pushed forwards hard and she threw one hand behind her to pull my buttocks in. She shuddered a little and I knew she’d come again – just a little one.

By now I was ready to come too so I took my reward.

Her pussy and thighs were slick with her pussy juice and I used it to lube her arse. She was so relaxed that my finger went in all the way quite easily, so I tried the opening with my cock.

Sharon breathed steadily to relax her muscles, and held her hips firm as I pushed my cockhead past her puckered anus and forwards inside her. I met resistance at her sphincter, but she was so resolute in her desire for me to enter that as I continued firm pressure, suddenly the knot of her arse gave way and I slowly pushed all the way in.

Sharon squealed, and I stopped.

“You OK? Is it hurting?”

“Just a little, hold it there. Mmmh. Ngh. Wait, let me…”

This gorgeous woman, whose delights had been studiously hidden for five years, now began to gently push back and forward gently with her arse. I put my hands on her hips and held my own steady. As she stretched to accommodate me I met her thrusts.

Slowly but surely my jizz began to rise and my boiling junk began its journey. My own arse clenched, my balls tightened, I arched my back and with one final thrust I pushed hard up inside Sharon’s clasping arse, held there and shot. Gob after gob, thick as honey. I gave a guttural grunt as I came inside her, then when it was over I slumped forwards onto her back and just stayed there, my dick still jerking, cupping her firm tits.

Seconds passed while I basked in the afterglow, and my dick began to soften. As it did I gently withdrew, and had the delight of seeing some of my cum escape from her arse and drip slowly down the top of her thigh. Then it was my turn to exclaim: “Wow. Fucking WOW!”

She laughed, straightened and turned around. We kissed. After all we’d done over the last many minutes, I realised we hadn’t even kissed. Our tongues wrestled, then she said: “Sorry lover. I need to pee.”

“Wanna try another new experience?”

I could see her brow furrow, then as she understood my meaning her expression softened and she said, “Yeah. Why not.”

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