Nailing Security Ch. 02

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Voices from the other room wake me. It takes me a few minutes to realize where I am but notice the familiar items of my own bedroom. I finally recognize Jackie’s voice and I try to hear what she is saying.

“No, I’m not going to give you details. I’m just telling you the sex has been amazing.” My ego takes a huge leap and I continue to listen. There is a pause in the conversation before I hear her say “He’s someone I met at work, but I don’t work with him.” Another pause, obviously whoever she is speaking with is talking. “Listen sis, mind your own business. He’s a really nice guy and is fantastic in bed.” The conversation gets quiet and all I can make out is some murmuring.

The last two days have been amazing. After our first night together we spent most of Saturday naked. I was awakened by Jackie giving me an amazing blowjob. She was smiling when she finally saw my eyes open but didn’t stop till I blew a big load into her mouth. Once I calmed down I returned the favor and brought her to several orgasms of her own.

My cock had been recharged by then and I quickly moved between her legs and slammed my cock hard into her pussy. She squealed loud as I started to pound her hard but soon was groaning and moaning. She had another orgasm before I finally came, coating her pussy walls with my think semen.

We lay together for a while before we tried to take a shower together. Unfortunately her shower was too small so we had to take turns. We returned to bed and continued to fool around some more but before we got too intense we decided to have breakfast. She didn’t have much in her apartment so we reluctantly got dressed and went to the local bagel shop.

The outfit she wore was intentionally meant to tease. Her top hugged her tits tightly and she didn’t wear a bra and the skirt was very short and she didn’t wear any underwear. Every head in the shop turned to stare at her and she was obviously enjoying herself immensely. We ordered our food and Jackie went to get a table while I waited and paid.

Jackie had chosen a table facing into the shop and as I walked towards her she lifted her skirt and showed her bare pussy, which was already glistening. I heard someone gasp just to my right and realize he must have seen what I was seeing. Jackie only made it worse by slipping a finger into her pussy and then pulling it out and sucking on it.

“You’re a bad girl, you know that?”

“Are you complaining?”

“No, just making an observation.”

“That guy almost choked on his bagel.”

We both laugh and eat quickly. After breakfast we practically run back to her apartment. Once I take her and pin her to the door. My cock is so hard I have trouble pulling my pants off but with Jackie’s help we manage. I reach under her skirt and she spreads her legs for me. I grab one and lift so that I have better access to her pussy and for the second time that day I enter her. Her pussy is on fire and I’m easily able to slide into her. Once inside I thrust my hips and with my free hand I start to maul her breasts.

The sex is difficult in this position and she pushes me away, walks over to the couch and bends over for me. I follow after kicking my pants away and quickly reinsert my cock into her now dripping pussy. She groans as I hit bottom. I reach forward and grab her breasts before start to slam my hips into her. She starts moaning and groaning and tossing her head around. I take a handful of her hair and pull gently at first.

“Oh fuck, that’s it. Take me,” Jackie screams. I pull her hair harder and she starts cursing and yelling. “Fuck me like the slut I am. Take my pussy and fuck me hard.” I can feel I’m getting close and on a whim I spank her ass hard. “Oh shit,” she yells and her body bucks against me.

Her pussy is getting juicier by the moment and I start to pound my dick into her. “Fuck your pussy feels good.”

She seems beyond words now and is only able to grunt. Soon I feel her pussy start to tighten and I can tell she’s about to cum. I reach around her waist till I can feel her clit and I give it a light rub. That’s the final straw and she screams as her orgasm rips through her. I don’t stop fucking her even as her body tightens up again. She screams a second time and suddenly my legs get soaked and she gushes. I want to cum so badly my balls ache so I grab her hips and just pound her until I unload. My orgasm is intense and I can’t seem to focus on anything else for a moment. When I finally cum back down to earth, Jackie is looking at me over her shoulder and I realize I am still thrusting.

I finally regain control of myself and slowly catch my breath. “Holy shit John, I thought you were going to rip me apart for a minute. That must have been one hell of an orgasm. It felt like a gallon of cum came out of you.”

“Yours to. It was like someone dumped a bucket of water on my legs. Are you ok?”

I pull out of her and a large amount of fluid follows.

“I’m fine, but that was the most intense I’ve ever felt sarıyer escort someone cum.”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Are you serious? That was amazing.” I help her stand up and we kiss.

After another quick shower we spend the rest of the afternoon either in bed or on the couch. I give her a couple of small orgasm, but for now my dick is out of action. Around dinnertime I convince her to let me take her out to dinner, but we have to go back to my apartment so I can shower and change. She wears another extremely sexy outfit and I have a difficult time keeping my hands off of her. Not that she seems to mind all of the touching. She actually encourages it.

We have dinner at a small café that Jackie recommends. Throughout dinner I am teasing her and at one point I have my hand beneath her skirt and am playing with her pussy. She is extremely wet already and highly aroused. She actually has a small orgasm and has to excuse herself to use the bathroom.

After dinner we take a walk and then go back to my apartment. The sex that night is just as intense as the night before and that morning. I remember using my fingers on her ass one more time that night and bring her to another huge orgasm before we fell asleep.

I look over at the clock and realize it’s just after noon on Sunday. I don’t have to be at work till tomorrow afternoon but I don’t know what her schedule is. I do know that she only works a couple of nights a week to help pay some of her bills, but I don’t know what days.

“I’m telling you sis, the guy is amazing,” I hear her say. “I’ve cum more times in the last couple of nights than at any other time in my life combined.” She pauses again before saying, “He’s got a great dick, but that’s not all. He does stuff to me with his tongue I can’t even begin to describe.”

I smile to myself and strain to hear what she says next. “No way, sis. He’s all mine and I’m going to keep it that way.” Another pause. “That’s just mean. You won’t really do that will you?” Pause. “Please, I beg you not to ask that. I really like this guy and don’t want him to dump me.”

She must have moved away again because all I can hear is some muttering. A few minutes later she comes back into my bedroom. “Hey sexy, I thought you were going to sleep all day.”

“You’ve worn me out pretty good,” I say. She’s wearing one of my old sports jerseys and as she climbs back into bed the neck droops down low enough for me to see her tits hanging free. “Who were to talking to?”

“My sister. I was supposed to have lunch with her but forgot about it. I told her I had someone better to do.” She smiles at her little joke.

“Nice. Is everything ok with her?”

“Yeah, but she’s insisting on meeting for dinner tonight and she wants to meet you.”

“If you want me to then I’ll go.”

“I have to warn you about her. She’s extremely gorgeous and sexy and usually throws herself at guys. She pretends to be slutty, but I know that she’s not. And she has a history of stealing guys from me, but mostly because she has always been more willing to sleep with them.”

“I’ve seen her picture. You have nothing to worry about. You’re sexy and gorgeous and I’m with you, not her.”

Jackie smiles but still seems to be sad about the whole thing. I pull her close and kiss her. She is very distracted but I continue to show her how much I want to be with her. When she doesn’t respond I try a different approach and lift the shirt she is wearing over her head. She doesn’t resist and I easily get her to lie down. I’ve decided to be more direct so I spread her legs and immediately attack her pussy.

The moment my tongue touches her clit she responds. I give her no mercy and soon she is writhing in pleasure. Her perfect breasts are bouncing as she squirms and she quickly cums. I don’t relent and bring her to two or three more orgasms before I move up her body and slide my cock into her. She wraps her arms around my neck and devours my mouth as I plunder her pussy.

My hips are a blur as we both approach our orgasms and as I feel her pussy tighten around my cock my balls tighten and then release. Her orgasm explodes just as the first jet of cum hits the inside of her pussy and we both scream in ecstasy. As my last spasm leaves my body I start to slow, but Jackie has other idea and flips me over. Jackie continues to move her hips hoping to keep my cock hard. Even after all the orgasms I’ve had she succeeds.

My cock, which moments before was slowly deflating, suddenly come back to life and Jackie rides me like her life depends on it. For a moment I wonder how this incredibly sexy girl could worry about her sister but it is only a fleeting thought as Jackie moans through a small orgasm.

She still doesn’t stop as another orgasm courses through her body. The entire time she hasn’t said a single word. I reach down and grab her ass and hold her tight against me. My cock is completely buried inside of her and she continues to esenyurt escort squirm. I find her ass with my finger and find it is already wet and after just a few swirls around the outer edge I plunge my finger into her. Once I am able to easily slide my finger in and out I insert a second finger and she screams as a savage orgasm hits her. I add the movement of my hips to the movement of my hand and pretty soon she screams again. I’ve turned her into an orgasm machine and she loves it. I decide to try a third finger and it easily slides into her now well lubed ass.

By now she is enduring one orgasm after another and she is a whimpering mess. She has no control of her body and after another fierce orgasm I flip her onto her back and fuck her till I fill her with another load of cum.

This time there is no recovery for me and I let my soft cock slide out of her. I sit back and look down at her. She is a complete mess. Her hair is all over, her eyes are glazed and she is covered in sweat. Her pussy is completely ravaged and is leaking a steady stream of our combined juices. I crawl up the bed and pull her tight to me.

“Do you feel better now?”

She has a dreamy look on her face and a very content smile. “I think you’ve convinced me, but I have to warn you, I may be done for the day.”

“I’m pretty sure you’ll recover by tonight.” For the second time that day we take a nap.

After our nap I take a shower and dress for dinner. Then I take Jackie back to her apartment so that she can do the same. The outfit she wears has my dick hard. She is wearing one of those tops that is nothing more than a piece of cloth that covers her front and leave the back open and is attached by nothing more than three tiny straps. I’m amazed it is able to contain her tits. Her skirt fits tightly around her perfect ass and loosely hangs down to just above her knees. I start to wonder how I’m going to make it through dinner without some relief.

To make matters worse Jackie teases me relentlessly as we drive to the restaurant. Before we go in Jackie pulls me aside and gives me a kiss that leaves no doubt how she feels. Sadly, she breaks the kiss and I have to adjust myself.

We have arrived before Jackie’s sister and are seated in an area slightly apart from the main group of tables. I have a feeling that is going to be a good thing. Jackie continues to tease me until we hear someone clear their throat. We both look up and I need to look at Jackie to make sure she is still sitting next to me. Standing in front of us is Jackie’s sister and I can barely tell them apart.

“Marie,” Jackie screeches as she stands up and gives her sister a hug. Marie is every bit as sexy as Jackie. They are just about the same height, their eyes are similar and she has the same curves as Jackie. About the only difference is that Marie is dresses to kill. Her top fits tightly to her body and her tits are barely contained by the material. I’m convinced that if she were to hop just a little they would come flying out for everyone to see. She is wearing very tight jeans and sandals. The two of them could use each other for a mirror.

“Marie, this is Brian, Brian, my sister Marie.” I stand up to shake her hand but she brushes my hand away and gives me a full hug, crushing her perfect tits between us.

“It’s nice to meet you. I can see why Jackie likes you.” I notice that every head in the restaurant is looking in our direction and that most of the men are leering.

“It’s nice to meet you too Marie. Jackie has told me a lot about you.”

“I’m sure she has,” Marie replies.

We take our seats and place an order for drinks. It doesn’t take long to realize why Jackie is nervous about her sister. Marie oozes sex appeal and doesn’t even try to be subtle. While Jackie appears more conservative, relatively speaking considering what she is wearing right now, Marie is a lot more free-spirited. She leans forward a lot and gives me an easy view between her tits, touches my arm repeatedly and speaks bluntly about her own sexual adventures. I do my best to make sure that Jackie knows that I am with her by holding her hand and making sure she is part of the conversation. I can tell that Jackie is not really happy with her sister.

After we order our main meal I excuse myself to use the bathroom. When I emerge Marie is standing outside the woman’s room. “Someone is hogging up the whole bathroom and has locked the door. Is there anyone in the men’s room?”

“No, it’s empty.”

“Would you be a sweetie and stand guard while I use it?”


“Thanks,” Marie says and gives me a kiss as she walks past. You can watch from inside if you’d like.

“No thanks,” I reply and Marie laughs as she closes the door.

She is only in there a short time but when we get back to the table Jackie has a mad look on her face. “Hey, you ok?” I whisper.

“What took you so long?”

“He had to guard the door for me because someone was hogging avrupa yakası escort up the woman’s room.”

Jackie tries to find something wrong with that but lets it drop. Marie controls most of the conversation and she spends a lot of time talking about herself. She seems to forget that Jackie is even there. I decided to have some fun with Marie and to let her know that I am with Jackie so I put my hand in Jackie’s lap. Jackie obviously isn’t paying too much attention so I slip my hand under her skirt. I feel her jump when my finger brushes against her pussy and Marie gives a startled little look. After a few moments of rubbing it becomes obvious what I am doing and Jackie doesn’t stop me.

Marie is watching her sister enjoy my fingers and I can see her nipples harden beneath her top. Jackie is having issue of her own and eventually has to push my hand away to keep from screaming. I am happy to note that her panties are now soaked. Jackie excuses herself to use the bathroom and before she walks away she whispers “That was mean. But thanks.” She then kisses me and takes off for the bathroom.

“I see you’ve really loosened her up. She would never have let a guy do that before.”

“Maybe you just don’t know her well enough, but if you’ll excuse me, I need to use the bathroom myself.” I don’t really, but I want to get away from Marie before she has any ideas of her own.

When I get back to where the bathrooms are I look down the hall to make sure nobody can see me and knock on the door. “There’s someone in here,” I hear Jackie say.

“I know.” A few seconds later I hear the door unlock and I slip inside. I don’t even get a chance to lock the door before Jackie is all over me.

“You are such a jerk, you know that?” She has a smile on her face and presses her whole body against mine. “You’ve got me so worked up now I want to fuck your brains out right here, but we don’t have time.”

“I’m just glad to see you’ve recovered.”

We continue to kiss and I can feel her starting to lose control. I reach under her skirt and grab her ass, massaging the firm cheeks. I try to lower her panties but she stops me. “Not right now, but you are so getting fucked when we get done with dinner though.” She pulls herself away and leaves the bathroom. I take just a moment longer to adjust before following her.

Back at the table, Marie is glaring at us. She obviously knows something went on but isn’t quite sure how much. “I’m glad to see you’ve loosened up sis. Brian must be amazing for you to wear one of my outfits.” Her tone is a little mean but Jackie doesn’t back down.

“Brian is amazing. He makes me feel like a real woman.” Things are starting to get a little tense and I have no idea what to do.

Marie struggles to contain herself and finally sits back as dinner as server. The two girls glare at each other while we eat and as soon as they are done Marie takes Jackie’s hand and pulls her outside. “We’ll be right back,” she tells me as they walk away.

A few minutes later Jackie comes back alone. “Where’s Marie?”

“She’ll be back in just a few minutes.” She has a very pleased smile on her face.

“Is everything ok?”

“Oh yeah. She gave me her approval for you.”

“What does that mean?”

“My sister was testing you. You passed.”

“Testing me? What does that mean?”

“You didn’t try and jump her bones. You paid attention to me, although not quite the way I would have expected.”

“So this whole thing was a test? Since I didn’t jump all over your sister I get her approval?”

“Pretty much.”

“And you were in on it?”

“Mostly. Please don’t be mad. Most of the guys I meet take one look at her and forget I even exist. She’s the wild one and I’m the conservative one. At least I usually am. You seem to be changing that.”

“You could have warned me.”

“I wanted to see how it worked out.”

“I think I should be offended for some reason.”

She leans over and I can see right down her top. “Don’t be. I felt pretty confident that you’d pass and after dinner you get to rip my clothes off and do whatever you want to me.” Her voice has become seductive and I have to pull my eyes from her tits to look into her eyes. They are filled with pure lust and desire.

“Put those things away and give the guy a break,” Marie says as she rejoins us. Sadly Jackie sits back and laughs. “I think he’s proven himself. I just wish we could clone him. Do you have a brother?”

“No, only two sisters.” I give her a naughty look.

“Thanks, but I don’t swing that way. I’d rather have a real cock to play with.”

After we pay the bill we decide to go into town and have a few drinks. We drop the cars near Jackie’s apartment and walk to the bar. Again, every guy is staring at the two beauties that are with me. Marie excuses herself to use the bathroom and I take the opportunity to make out with Jackie.

“You know that she still wants to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Who, Marie?”

“Yes, Marie. Who else would I be talking about?” She laughs and kisses me again.

“I’ve got enough trying to handle one sister let alone both of you.”

“Would you fuck her if you had the chance?”

“Are you trying to test me again?”

“No, the testing is done. I’m just curious.”

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