Naughty Girl Seduces Daddy


*This story is dedicated to my beautiful friend, Wolf. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

She woke up in the morning, feeling hornier than she usually did — a testament to the changes which had been taking place in her body and her life recently. She was wearing her usual nightwear; thin little white t-shirt and a pair of small cotton panties, which she would also wear around the house routinely. She ran a finger over a nipple, feeling it harden at her touch and a shiver of anticipation like wildfire ran through her body. She knew what she wanted. Her hand travelled downward, till it reached the elastic top of her panties. She teased herself a little by stroking her belly, before her fingers travelled lightly over the thin soft cotton; rubbing gently up and down. She could feel her softness beneath; the way her pussy lips beneath her panties parted under her fingers; that familiar jolt when she pressed on her clit; the inevitable wet patch beginning to form lower down.

She smiled to herself, and decided to get up. She loved teasing herself — building tension slowly. She could do it for hours if she wanted. She brushed her teeth, put on her school uniform and went downstairs, hoping her Daddy would be up. Her Mum usually worked late, so slept in every morning. To her delight, her Daddy was sitting in his favourite chair at the kitchen table, sipping his coffee and reading the paper. Before she made an entrance, she ran her fingers over her nipples to make them stiff (she hardly wore a bra these days), and pulled her thin white shirt down tight over her plump 18 year old breasts.

“Hey Daddy,” she said brightly, walking around so he could look at her. Her pussy was throbbing beneath her little cotton panties, longing to be touched.

“Hey, it’s my best girl,” he said, smiling indulgently at his only daughter as she went over to him for a good morning cuddle (they had always been very affectionate with each other). Her daddy was wearing his grey cotton boxers and a t-shirt, as the days were getting hotter.

He was obviously expecting her to sit sideways on his lap for the cuddle, but started in surprise when one leg lunged over his body, and she straddled him. She pressed herself up against him, and rubbed herself up and down a few times. To her delight, she felt him growing hard against her. “Honey, what are you doing? Didn’t we discuss this before and decided we weren’t going to cuddle like this?”

She pressed herself tight against him, loving the feel of his hardness pressing directly into her clit through the thin material of their underwear. “Mmmmmm…,” she rubbed a few more times, feeling her pussy responding with tingling pleasure at the friction produced by the movements. Her panties were getting wetter.

“But Daddy, you like it, you told me,” she murmured, rubbing herself up and down some more.

“Yes, I do like it honey,” he said, not attempting to stop her rhythmic rubbing against his now stiff, throbbing rod. “But we should not be doing this. Daddies and their daughters shouldn’t cuddle like this. We talked about this, remember?”

“Please, can we just do it this once Daddy; it feels soooo nice,” she murmured in his ear; now rubbing her clit in little circles against the head of his cock through the thin barriers of cotton that separated them.

“Ohhhhh honey, you are such a naughty girl,” he moaned, thrusting his rod tight against her. “You make your Daddy feel so nice, but we have to stop. What if your Mum comes in and catches us rubbing like this?”

She grinned, remembering the last time they had rubbed together like this a couple of weeks ago on the couch in the tv room, and had almost been caught by her Mum, who had come home from work early. They had been so caught up in their excitement, they hadn’t heard the car in the driveway. At the speed of light, she had thrown her leg over, and her mum had walked in to find her sitting sideways on her Daddies lap, cuddling while they watched tv (though she could feel his stiff throbbing cock pressed against her leg through his boxers).

“Aren’t you a bit old to be sitting on your Daddies lap like that young lady?” her mum had asked, scrutinising them carefully.

“But I love cuddling him,” she had protested, wriggling her bare leg cheekily against his throbbing erection. Her mum had shaken her head and left the room, but her Daddy was not happy. That’s when they’d had “the talk” and he’d banned her from rubbing against him. She was not discouraged.

“Cmon you naughty girl, we have to stop now,” her Daddy said sternly, gently trying to ease her off his lap.

“Just a few more rubs Daddy, please,” she protested meekly. “Don’t you want your little girl to feel nice?”

“Of course I do honey,” he said, kissing her cheeks. “Ok, just a few more rubs, then we have to stop, ok.”

“Of course Daddy,” she grinned, pressing herself up against his straining cock, which was now a huge tent in his boxers. He took her bum cheeks keçiören escort in his hands, and guided her gently as she grinded against him. He even held his cock beneath his boxers, so the head pressed directly into her pussy lips, and she could rub him against the parts of her that felt the nicest.

“Shhhhhh,” he said suddenly, putting his hand over her mouth (she was making small moaning noises). There was definitely movement upstairs — her Mother. Her Daddy eased her off his lap. “Look what you’ve done to me honey,” he said, indicating the throbbing tent in his boxers. His cock was 8″ long and 6″ thick when erect. She could see the outline of it in his shorts, and the head had surfaced over the elastic at the top of his boxers. It was wet with precum. “I think I’m going to have to devise a punishment for you when I’ve calmed down — this was not supposed to happen,” he said grimly.

At the same time, he was rubbing the precum around the head of his cock with his thumb. She watched, fascinated. Then he quickly stuffed it back into his boxers, as they heard her Mother coming down the stairs. “Don’t tell anyone about this, understand,” he hissed at her. “This is our secret — your Mum must never ever find out.” Her Mum entered the room, and she stepped back guiltily; suddenly afraid that her Mother would sense the sexual tension in the air, and notice her husband’s tented boxers. He had crossed his legs, and picked up his coffee. She left the room quickly, deciding to skip breakfast, and went to get ready for school.

All day at school, her pussy was throbbing with excitement in her panties. She couldn’t resist grabbing any opportunity to stroke herself some more through her panties, feeling the wonderful sensations between her sweet pussy lips as she rubbed. She was sitting on a bench eating her lunch when she saw a boy looking up her short skirt. He was sitting on a low platform, and she could see his eyes peering under her skirt while he pretended to eat his lunch. In response, she opened her legs a little more, giving him a good view of her wet panties. She saw his mouth drop open and he quickly got up and walked away in embarrassment. She smiled to herself. That little glimpse of heaven would be weeks of masturbation fodder for him.

When she got home from school, to her joy her Daddies car was in the driveway. ‘Good he must be working from home,’ she thought to herself. She went looking for him and found him in his study, at his computer. He looked up when she came in, but his face was stern.

“Young lady, I’ve been waiting for you to get home. I think we need to discuss what happened this morning, and what we’re going to do about it. We simply cannot have that kind of behaviour in this house. It is very naughty and wrong. I’ve been thinking of a suitable punishment for you to ensure it never happens again, and I think I’ve come up with something.”

“But Daddy, you enjoyed it too. It made your thing get really big,” she protested, looking at his stern face with wide eyes.

“That is not the issue,” he said darkly, as his eyes travelled down her body. “Bend over my desk,” he said.

“But Daddy…”

“Bend over my desk NOW,” he bellowed, rising from his chair like a cobra about to strike. He seemed to be almost shaking with anger or excitement, she couldn’t tell which. With pink cheeks, she hurriedly bent over his desk. She felt him come up behind her; a suddenly dangerous animal she did not recognise as her loving Daddy. “Pull up your skirt, you naughty girl,” he said in a quiet voice. She did so quickly. “Now pull down your panties.” She did not need to be told twice. She pulled her panties down over her bottom, suddenly afraid of what came next. “Now, I’m going to spank you six times, and I want you to count each spank as I go,” he said.

She sucked in her breath. “Yes Daddy.”

The first smack came as a shock. It was sharp, and brought tears to her eyes. “One,” she said in a shaky voice. Her Daddy rubbed her bottom softly before administering the next smack. “Two,” she said. The next four smacks were sharp, though not too hard; each one a shock, as it came unexpectedly. “Six,” she breathed in relief, as she felt her bum cheek begin to get very hot.

“Good, nice and red,” said her Daddy softly, seemingly back to his old self again. “I’ve got some special oil honey, just hold still while I rub it in.” She was still hyperventilating as she smelt the pungent smell of the grapeseed oil her Daddy was rubbing into his hands, and started as she felt his cool hand begin rubbing it into her hot skin.

Her Daddy moaned softly as he lovingly rubbed the oil over both of her cheeks. “Honey, why do you have to be so naughty,” he asked softly, his voice warm.

“It just feels nice Daddy; it makes me feel excited down there.”

“Why don’t you show me where it makes you feel excited honey, and maybe we can do something to help you.” He gently eased her panties back over her bum cheeks, kızılay escort and turned her around so she was facing him. “Is it here?” he asked, running his finger over her panties, and lightly stroking her pussy through the cotton. She sucked in her breath shakily; her pussy lips welcoming her Daddies exploring finger with a gush of wetness.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered, pushing herself gently against his finger to increase the pressure of the stroking. He increased the pressure slightly, and began circling her clit. “Ohhhhh Daddy,” she moaned. “That feels soooo nice.” She had unconsciously opened her legs further, and was pressing herself against his roaming finger rhythmically, as his finger moved between her pussy lips, stroking deeply through the thin cotton. This was a dream come true for her. She had spent many an hour masturbating urgently, while thinking of her Daddy touching her this way.

She reached down and pulled her panties to the side. “Touch me here, please Daddy,” she begged, holding her panties aside so her soft wet bare pussy was exposed to her Daddies’ hungry gaze.

“Here, lie on the couch and let Daddy look at you, honey,” he murmured. She crossed the room and lay back on the large comfy sofa he had lodged into the corner of the room. She pulled her panties aside again, and parted her legs so her Daddy had a good view of her pussy. “Oh God,” he whispered shakily, rubbing the prominent bulge in his pants with one hand. “You are so naughty. We can never do this again, ok. This is the last time.”

“Yes Daddy, but will you still cuddle me, and tuck me in at night?”

“Of course honey,” he said, “but you’ve got to stop making your Daddy hard — I get too excited and can’t control myself.”

He sat next to her on the couch, and dipped his finger into her exposed pussy. He rubbed her gently, focusing on her clit, then moving his finger up and down between her pussy lips with loving attention. She shuddered and moaned at the unbearable pleasure. “You have such a beautiful pussy honey,” he said. “Can I kiss it?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, please kiss it. Ohhhhh…” she moaned as her Daddy knelt between her legs, holding her panties aside. He started on her clit, running his tongue in circles around the small nub, then sucking on it gently as his tongue flicked up and down.

“You’re so wet honey,” he murmured between sucks.

“Ohhhh Daddy.” She was close to orgasm — she could feel her body beginning to shake. When it came, it was like an avalanche, sending her body into spasms of delight. It was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had.

Her Daddy very gently suckled on her orgasmic juices as her contracting pussy gradually calmed down. “Mmmmm…you taste so sweet honey,” he said, as he gently lapped at her. “Did Daddy make you feel good?”

“Daddy, that was the best,” she beamed at him.

He surfaced from her delighted pussy and sat on the edge of the couch, sighing in relief as he released his stiff throbbing cock from the confinement of his jeans and boxers. She stared in wonder at his size, a thrill of heat rushing through her body as she gazed at the head, leaking precum. He stroked himself casually as she watched him, rubbing the underside of his cock with a gentle reverence, like a child stroking his blanky; running his finger in slow circles around the head.

“Now for the final part of your punishment,” he said, gazing at her wet panties, which now covered her still throbbing pussy like a sheath. “Take your panties off honey,” he said, in a voice which brooked no argument.

“Yes Daddy,” she said meekly, still panting from her mega-orgasm. She slowly pulled her panties down, enjoying the fact that her Daddy was gazing at her exposed wet pussy with lust in his eyes. She parted her legs to give him a better look.

“You are a naughty tease, aren’t you,” he said, smiling and shaking his head at her in mock disapproval, but leaning forward to rub her a bit between her wet lips. He removed her panties from her legs, and brought them to his nose, inhaling deeply. “Mmmmmm you smell so good honey,” he moaned.

“Now, as the next part of your punishment, you have to give me these panties. And you are not permitted to wear panties for the rest of the day, or tomorrow.”

“No panties under my school skirt?” she asked, stunned at his proclamation.

“That’s right honey,” he said sternly. “Hopefully it will remind you not to play with yourself or tease the boys while you’re at school. And yes, I have had reports home of you being a naughty tease with the boys. This behaviour has to stop.” As he spoke, he continued stroking his cock casually; running his fingers sensually up and down the shaft, and circling the throbbing head.

“Ohhhh,” he moaned suddenly, as he sniffed her panties again, and began rubbing his pulsing cock harder. The sight of her Daddies massive straining erection suddenly unleashed a warm trickle of wetness from her open pussy. She sincan escort was excited again.

“Daddy, can I touch?” she asked speculatively, eyeing off his fingers stroking his stiff member with sensual slowness.

“On one condition honey,” he said, suddenly noticing her again. “That you will stop teasing the boys at school and making their cocks hard.”

“I promise Daddy,” she said hopefully. “I’ll only play with you.”

“We’ll see; it depends on your behaviour,” he answered.

“I’ll be so good Daddy, as long as I get to play with you like this again.”

“We won’t be playing like this again honey, didn’t I already make that clear?” he raised his eyebrows, at her, his eyes travelling down to her exposed pussy.

“Can we still have rubs Daddy?”

“Hmmmm maybe — we’ll have to see, won’t we,” he smiled at her. “Ok honey, come here and you can touch Daddy’s cock.”

Pussy thrumming with renewed excitement, she reached out and began to stroke her Daddy’s bulging rod; running her fingers from the sensitive head down the shaft, stroking and squeezing with her fingers. “Aaaaah,” her Daddy moaned. “Honey, you’re making Daddy feel so nice. Please keep doing that.” She played with her Daddy’s cock for a while, exploring in different ways, even giving it butterfly kisses with her lips and tongue, suckling gently on the wet head, as her Daddy moaned softly.

But her pussy was feeling neglected. “Daddy, I want to sit on your lap and rub with you,” she said softly, gazing at him with bambi eyes.

“Of course honey, but no panties, remember,” he reminded her gently. He sat on the couch, and she climbed onto his lap excitedly. She had never rubbed with him like this with no panties, against his bare hard cock.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured softly as his hot stiff prick made contact with her soft wet pussy. She gasped with pleasure as she felt his bare shaft pressing into her folds, and began rubbing herself against him slowly and deeply. “Ohhhh honey, you feel so good,” he whispered, taking his cock and pressing the head into her pussy lips so she could rub herself against it.

They rubbed like that for a while, till she positioned herself so that his cock head pressed against her opening. She lowered herself slowly onto him, till the head was engulfed in her tight snatch. “Honey, what are you doing?” he gasped, as she moved in small circles on the head, pushing him deeper into her.

“It’s ok Daddy, I’m not a virgin,” she smiled, as she continued lowering herself; stretching herself open with his significant girth, till he was deep inside her.

“Ohhhhh you’re so tight,” he gasped, holding her still so he could feel his cock fully buried inside her hot pussy, practically to the hilt. “You’re very naughty, fucking your Daddy like this, you do know that, don’t you?” he murmured.

“Yes Daddy, I know,” she grinned wickedly at him, as she raised herself for the next stroke downwards. “Ohhh, you’re so big Daddy. You fill me right up.”

His hands gripped her tight bum cheeks as he began guiding her in long slow strokes, up and down on his straining cock. He rubbed his cock head between her pussy lips a couple of times before entering her deeply again; fucking his daughter with barely restrained delight.

He flipped her over onto her back, and pulled her legs up over his shoulders. Then he deepstroked her with smooth gliding motions, making her moan with pleasure. “Mmmmm, you like that honey?” he growled. “You like your Daddies big cock deep inside you?”

“Ohhhh Daddy, give me more,” she moaned, rising to meet his strokes; trying to get him as deeply into her as possible. “Please, fuck me like this every day.”

“Aaargh!” He fucked her harder, thrusting his thick organ into her tight wet pussy, as his orgasm built quickly into a crescendo, and he spurted his seed deep inside her in a gush of passion. She matched him, stroke for stroke, her second orgasm rising up on a tidal wave of bliss.

He collapsed on top of her, spent. His throbbing cock still buried deeply inside her. They lay like that for a while, bathing in the afterglow of their mutual delight. He casually took his cock out of her for a minute so he could rub his leaking cum around between her lips. Then he pushed himself back in. “Honey, you know your mother can never ever know about our playing, don’t you,” he gently reminded her again.

“Does that mean we can play some more like this?” she asked hopefully, rubbing herself back and forth gently on his semi-erect cock.

“We will have to be very careful. Only when she’s not home, or maybe we can have little plays when I come to tuck you in at night.”

“Mmmmm you can rub me in, Daddy,” she murmered delightedly, loving the feel of his already stiffening member still rubbing sensually against the walls of her pussy. He snuggled her closer.

“I’m sorry I was so angry before. I didn’t mean to hurt you. But you got me so excited this morning, I’ve been thinking about your sweet pussy all day, the way it rubbed against me. You know Daddies and daughters are not supposed to play like this, don’t you.”

“No one will ever know, Daddy,” she smiled, as he began to slowly thrust his stiffened cock in and out of her again.