Naughty Night Nurse


This is a little story based on a recent hospital visit, mostly fantasy but based on some facts. It is only short but I’ve been unwell recently and can’t do anything for too long.

After feeling unwell for a while I ended up in hospital and had to have an operation which would be followed up by more treatment. The operation went well according to the consultant but I was going to need a few days to get over it and so he could keep an eye on me before I was allowed home. After the operation I was taken to a general ward and fortunately given a room to myself.

After a few days I was still quite weak but slowly picking up.

The worst part of the whole thing was that I was confined to bed, which meant that I had to use a dreaded bed pan once I was a bit stronger. This was hopefully only going to be for a couple of days until the nurses could get me on my feet and to the toilet. However one evening I needed to pee and a Pilipino nurse brought me in the cardboard pan for me to pee in and she told me to ring the buzzer when I had finished. I thus pressed the buzzer by my bed once I had emptied my bladder. For about 20 minutes no-one came, then my door opened and a young male nurse trainee came in,

“I’ve come for your bed pan,” he said quietly almost embarrassingly.

I felt sorry for him as he came over to take it from the side of the bed. As he picked it up, I felt a little tingle in my groin, (the first time for a couple of weeks). As he walked out I couldn’t help thinking about this young man holding a pot full of my pee and wishing that he had been here to watch me do it.

That night even though I didn’t feel 100% I couldn’t stop thinking about the young nurse erzurum escort and I woke up in the night and couldn’t resist easing my fingers into my panties to have a little play.

The next day I hoped I would see him again and in the afternoon I saw him come onto the ward through the glass door in my room. He is only about 20 years old with short blonde hair and very slim and for a middle aged woman with a thing for young men, he was just the sort of pick me up I needed. Unfortunately the only time he came into my room in the afternoon was when he came in with a female nurse to check my blood pressure, pulse etc. However when I called for the bed pan that evening, he walked in with it.

“Will you be back in a minute or two?” I asked.

He smiled again “Yes I’ll come & fetch it in a while.”

I finished my pee and lifted the pan out and laid it on the side of my bed, I then adjusted myself ready for his return. To do this I unfastened my dressing gown and pulled one arm out of my nightdress so that my left breast was exposed. I then lay down closed my eyes and waited.

After about ten minutes I heard my door open and through a narrow slit with my eyes nearly closed I could see it was him. He walked to the bed and picked up the pan and looked at me. He wavered for a moment, staring at my exposed body and then turned and walked out of the room.

The thought of his eyes on my tit made me feel really horny. As a nurse I knew that he probably got to see naked women regularly and some much younger and better looking than me, but the fact that he did look was enough for me to continue my fantasy in bed that night.

Two days later I was able to move about with some help and my husband was able to help me to the toilet when he was in and nurses or auxiliaries when he wasn’t.

I hadn’t seen the young nurse since my little exhibition, but when I rang the buzzer to go to the loo at about 1.30am one night, in he walked.

“Yes, can I help?” he asked.

“I need the toilet,” I said “Can you help or can you get someone who can.”

He still had hold of the door and he looked round to see if anyone else was about. He shook his head and said “I’ll give you a hand”

As he held my arm to the toilet my pussy tingled with excitement.

I stopped at the door and he opened it and guided me in. He then turned to leave me.

“Sorry you can’t go,” I said “I can get down on the loo but I haven’t got the strength to get up again.”

He looked around outside again, shrugged, stepped into the cubicle and closed the door.

I eased my panties down with one hand and sat down on the toilet seat. My hairy pussy was in full view and he didn’t turn away. I started to pee in front of him, feeling as horny as I do when I do it for my husband.

He just stood and stared and I noticed a bulge grow in his trousers. As my pee fizzled to a stop I put my right hand between my legs and with my index finger lightly rubbed my pussy lips.

He licked his lips with his tongue as he watched me. I lifted my finger to my mouth and licked it and then returned it to my wet cunt. The bulge in his trousers leapt when I did that and when I lifted it up again I held it out,

“Fancy a taste?”

He took two quick steps forward, grabbed my hand and started to suck my finger furiously.

“Show me your cock babe?” I said.

He looked around at the door nervously, but then unzipped his trousers and pulled out a full seven inches. His bell end was glistening with pre-cum and I reached for it gathering some of the clear liquid on my finger before sucking it off.

“I like watching young men play with themselves,” I said raising my eyes to look him straight in the face.

He reached down for his cock and slowly started to wank himself off. I encouraged him as he did so and rubbed my clit.

His gasps got louder and louder and more regular and after just a couple of minutes, his white sticky cum splashed against my face and into my hair.

“Is that good bitch?” he moaned.

I licked round my mouth gathering what cum I could,

“Um lovely babe.”

I used some toilet tissue to clean myself and him up and he helped me back to my bed. An hour later he returned and I was woken by the touch of his hands on my tits.

“Couldn’t resist coming back for some more,” he said.

He put his hands inside my nightie and I let him fondle me roughly. As he did so I reached for his erection. I unzipped him and pulled it out feeling its girth and warmth.

“You wank me this time,” he demanded.

He tweaked my nipples and felt for my pussy gently inserting a couple of fingers into me. I moved my fingers up and down his shaft slowly at first but then increasing the tempo as he fingered my clit and made my juices start to flow.

“I’m going to cum,” he moaned.

I bent down toward him and took him into my mouth just as he ejaculated. His hot sticky semen filled my mouth to overflowing and I held him there until his cock started to flop inside my mouth.

He quickly left and that was the last I saw of him, two days later I was back home thankful for what you just can get on the NHS nowadays.