Neighbors Ch. 06


Authors note;

After a couple days of ‘writers block’, I had the conclusion to this chapter spill onto the page pretty fast.

A couple of new characters are introduced, and Matt finds that dominance can be a risky thing at times.

I hope you like it.


Neighbor’s chapter SIX

Matt walked briskly into the lobby of his building, humming softly to himself as he stood in front of the elevator.

He chuckled, thinking aloud. ‘Must be why it’s called a “hummer”.’ Shaking his head as he remembered how Kat had satisfied him, just minutes before.

He suspected that her mental baggage, along with the emotional scars, had to be the reason for such drastic changes in mood and behavior. She might even be bi-polar or have some other condition that kept her on such an emotional roller coaster.

It seemed quite possible that what she had gone through could explain her need for pain; it could explain why she made her body endure the things she did to it. Maybe in some way, she felt the need to be punished, she might still feel that she was to blame, as if she was still that ten year old girl.

Matt fervently hoped that she was getting help from someone that had the knowledge he lacked, someone who could help her with all the issues that seemed to be haunting her. He sure as hell couldn’t claim any sort of experience with what she had gone through.

He paused at the front door, key in hand, and realized that he might have feelings for this woman. It seemed he was growing fond of her, even protective. Anger towards the man, who had caused her so much damage, had grown strong within him in just a short time, and as he headed for the shower, he tried to examine those feelings.

The soothing warmth of the water washed Kat’s scent from his body as Matt relaxed with the water streaming hot against the sore muscles in his shoulder. He had no idea that swinging a paddle would be such a workout.

Lust was the strongest thing he felt when he pictured Kat, smiling as he remembered peeking around his shade, watching her paddle herself that first time. He was pretty sure it wasn’t love, at least if it was; it was more like the love close friends had for each other. He quickly rejected the possibility of brotherly love as soon as it came to mind, that would just be too weird. The idea of screwing someone who he thought of as a sister was just repulsive.

He didn’t think he could bring himself to follow through with what he wanted to do if what he felt was even close to love. He needed to find out if she was getting help, but just didn’t feel it was his place to push that decision onto her.

He dressed, and then began opening drawers and cabinets throughout the apartment, looking under the bed and even rummaging in the bathroom. Finally, he stood up from the waste basket beside his recliner, wads of paper strewn about its base, and held up the Sweet Endings business card he had gotten from Cindy, the receipt from his paddle wrapped around it.

Matt’s smiled triumphantly, flipping the card over in his hand, but still glanced towards Kat’s apartment, feeling just a little guilty. Her blinds were drawn, and he doubted she was even there. Still, it took him almost an hour before he could bring himself to call Cindy’s number. It was probably due to the nervous knot sitting in his stomach, but he tried to convince himself it was guilt, not lack of courage. Matt had ever been a one woman sort of guy and calling Cindy so soon after sleeping with Kat, felt a little like cheating.

He dialed, remembering how Kat had told him to see the young clerk, giving the impression that she felt no need for him to be exclusive. In fact, Kat seemed quite aroused at the prospect. He taking Cindy up on her offer could be a huge help as well. After all, he still felt more than a little guilty for bruising Kat’s butt. If he had warmed her up more, she might not have had such ugly marks this morning.

After six rings a mechanical voice answered, stating simply, ‘Leave a message. BEEP.’ and Matt left his number along with a request to return his call. He wondered if she would even remember him, the vision of Cindy’s firm bottom rippling under the few swats he had given still vivid in his memory. That memory stirred a reaction, but the arousal seemed to be more from his dominance and not so much the sexy young ass he had spanked. She had been the first person ever to address him as ‘Sir’ in that way.

He sat at his computer intending to take care of some emails, but his mind kept returning to the arousal of being dominant over his first actual submissive, Cindy.

He was shocked! Over two million hits on just the word ‘dominant’ alone? He leaned back in his chair, determined to find more information, since that seemed to be the cause of his arousal, not being dominant per se, but having a woman submit so willingly. Funny how a simple title like ‘Sir’ could elicit such a strong sexual response.

Most of what he found was either porn, Bycasino or live chat nonsense where a woman would “Grant your every desire”. His virus blocker kicked into overdrive as site after site tried to attack his system. He was grateful that a friend had hooked him up with, what seemed to be, one of the better security software packages. The program detected Trojans, key loggers and some pretty malicious viruses, but it seemed to stop them with no difficulty.

After about an hour of wading through the net, he found a number of sites that were dedicated to ‘domestic discipline’, or ‘loving domestic discipline’. He even found a site for ‘Christian domestic discipline’, quoting scripture that seemed to support women submitting to their husbands. He bookmarked two of the sites that were filled with information on the lifestyle, and he focused on those.

He read a lot of information about being a Dominant, actually needing to take notes. Still, he learned a great deal about the role, like how the submissive should be treated respectfully, how only a small number of couples lived the lifestyle outside of the bedroom, (most of those being CDD,) and he learned that almost every couple had what was called a ‘safe word’.

There were discussion boards as well, so Matt asked a number of questions, usually getting answers in an amazingly short time. Most of the replies were informative, only a few obvious idiots answering him rudely or with profanity. The intelligent replies were more helpful than he had hoped, but he still had a feeling of inadequacy as these posed even more questions than they answered. He felt so out of his comfort zone and several of the replies he had gotten picked up on his inexperience.

One user stood out from the rest, his handle being LuvnDomi, and requested a private message after Matt had been on the site for some time. Being extremely tentative about the whole DD thing, he adjusted the security software running in the background to a ‘dangerous threat’ level before he accepted the PM.

“R U new to DD?” Appeared on his screen with the words. ‘Message Scanned. No Threat Detected.’ Scrolling along the bottom of the window.

Matt stared at the screen for several moments, recognizing the “DD” as Domestic Discipline, but still, he would have to learn the various acronyms associated with this lifestyle since dominance interested him so much. And he suspicioned his appetite had only just been wetted.

“Yes.” He typed. Short and simple he thought. That way he hoped he wouldn’t come across as such an amateur.

“Shows. Hide email in posts. All can see.”

Matt had a feeling of dread reading these words. He had posted numerous questions on the site already.

Another message appeared from LuvnDomi in a second window. “Do now. Will wait. Yahoo. Same handle.”

Matt closed his internet connection, his hand having a slight tremble, and had the security software start a full system scan. He was having serious doubts about researching this subject on-line.

He grabbed some lunch, calling his friend as he watched several questionable files go to a ‘quarantine’ folder.

‘Hey Rob, I got a favor to ask.’ Matt said as his friend answered.

‘Sure, what’s up?’

‘Well I think I screwed up the computer. I’m running the program you sent, but I wanna beef up my on-line security. Any suggestions?’

‘Dude!’ His friend exclaimed. ‘I put that system together with plenty of protection on it. You’ve got nothing to worry about.’

Matt switched the phone to his other ear as still more files went into ‘quarantine’, several highlighted in orange, two flashing in bright red with the words “ALERT. Encrypted Intrusion.” scrolling beside them.

‘Well rob, there’s a shit load of files that this program flagged. I would really appreciate if you could walk me through how to make it safe for on-line research. I could always ship the hard drive to you if that’s easier.’

Matt could almost hear the frown as Rob said. ‘Tell ya what; I included a remote access program on there when I put that puppy together, so I’ll take a look right now if you want.’

Matt eagerly agreed, and Rob gave him instructions that allowed him access remotely.

For the next twenty minutes Matt watched the cursor zip around on his desktop, windows popping up, and then disappearing as others blinked into existence. Several times he heard Rob with more than a hint of aggression. ‘Son of a bitch!’ Or ‘Gotcha you piece of dog shit!’ Followed by strings of profanity and loud declarations of victory against some unseen opponent.

Matt sat through the experience in awe of his friend’s expertise, watching his cursor dart around the screen of its own accord while files were being scanned, moved, renamed or just deleted.

The screen went blank and he heard his friend’s voice. ‘Holy shit Matt! What the fuck have you been up to? You had a pretty serious hacker trying to screw with you.’

Matt felt himself blush Bycasino giriş at the thought of telling his friend about his research. ‘It’s kinda hard to explain really. I was checking out a discussion board and the computer started acting weird.’ He lied. ‘I’m really sorry man.’

‘Hey, don’t sweat it Matt, no harm, no foul. To tell you the truth, that was kinda fun. Most hackers think their just short of God or something, and I really enjoyed putting that fucktard in his place.’

Matt chuckled as his computer began a reboot. ‘Aren’t YOU a hacker Rob?’

His friend laughed loudly, finally saying. ‘Well ya! But that’s different man.’ Then he added dramatically. ‘I only battle the dark side!’ Matt, hearing the theme of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, can’t help but laugh, relieved that Rob was able to help him.

For the next several minutes Matt followed his friend’s instructions, giving special heed to updating virus definitions. He felt much more at ease as he hung up, launching his internet again.

LuvnDomi answered him on Messenger almost immediately.

“Thank you for the heads up. Got it all squared away.” Matt types

“No prob. Lots of good people out there, but some are posers. Why R U looking to be a Dom?”

‘Sure is blunt.’ Matt says to the ceiling, not even sure if he knew the answer aside from the arousal he felt.

Finally he types. “Not sure, I’m more curious than anything I guess.”

“Big responsibility being a Dom. Any real experience?”

“Gave paddling’s twice, but I still have lots of questions.”

“Discussion board can help some, but if you’re serious, find a group in your area. That would be the easiest way to learn about DD or LDD.”

Matt hadn’t thought there could be enough spankos locally to have a group for Domestic Discipline, but he made a mental note to ask Cindy about it if she ever returned his call.

“Thanks for the suggestion. I will check into it.”

“Being a Dom is more than giving physical discipline. It takes restraint, respect, and caring. A Dom has to know what he is doing and, most important, a Dom MUST be trusted by the sub completely.”

Matt had read several posts about Dominants always having control of them self, and never losing that control while in a “scene”. He might be more than a little curious, but he was also afraid of screwing this up somehow, or even worse, causing serious damage to someone.

The phone rang suddenly, startling him, and he knocked the sandwich plate onto the floor. He answered a bit gruffly, brushing crumbs from his lap, and then heard Cindy’s girlish voice. If he didn’t know better, that voice could have belonged to a high school girl.

‘I’m sorry.’ She says, sounding a bit defensive. ‘I was returning a phone call from this number.’

‘Oh. Hello Cindy.’ Matt began, feeling more embarrassed than anything as he picked up the plate. ‘Sorry it took so long for me to call you.’

She paused, and Matt feared she might hang up, but she continued a moment later, her voice having even more of a defensive tone. ‘I’m not sure what you mean. Matt right? How did you get this number?”

He leans against the sink, setting the plate on the counter beside him. ‘You don’t remember me?’

‘I’m not really sure?’ She answers, her voice beginning to sound angry.

‘I should hope you would. You practically begged me to let you be my first submissive. You wanted to “pop my cherry”? Your cute little butt is the first one I ever paddled!’

‘Oh!’ she practically squeals into the phone. ‘That Matt! Big round paddle, kinda heavy handed on your swings. Now I remember you!’ Her voice takes on a completely different tone as she continues, her anger forgotten. ‘I didn’t think I would ever hear from you again. How did the paddle turn out? Was your, um, neighbor pleased?’

Matt walks back to his computer, seeing a new message from LuvnDomi. “Did I scare you? Change your mind? Drop over from a stroke? Are you still there?”

Matt chuckles at the message and Cindy, thinking his mirth is for her, says. ‘What? I’m just asking?’

‘Hold on for just a second.’ He says to her as he sets the phone down and types. “Not scared or dropped over, just got a phone call. Thanks for the advice and I hope I can contact you with more questions.”

Matt puts the phone back to his ear. ‘Sorry Cindy. Ya, she really did enjoy that paddle. As a matter of fact, I was calling in the hope that I could take you up on that offer. Could you show me how to do a warm up like we talked about?’

As she answers him, a reply pops up on his computer screen. ‘That would be a fabulous idea. But, are you sure your neighbor would approve? Some women can be pretty territorial.’ Cindy says, as Matt reads the message.

“No problem. PM me any time. I will help if I can.”

‘It’s not like that at all. She’s the one who said I should call you.’

‘Just so I’m not stepping on any toes. I start my shift in just a little while, Bycasino deneme bonusu but we close at eleven. Why don’t you meet me there, let’s say, eleven fifteen?’

Matt smiles wide, saying excitedly. ‘Great! It’s a date then!’

‘We could call it that, Sir. I’ll see you then. Bye.’ She hangs up the phone, but not before Matt hears her squeal. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ Before the line goes dead.

He started to respond to LuvnDomi’s message, but the PM had ended, so he looked over his computer a bit instead. His friend had added a couple of programs and Matt, trusting Rob completely, disconnects from the internet but leaves his system running, as instructed.

The rest of the evening goes by uneventful, and Matt even finds himself catching one of the more spectacular sunsets from his rooftop while he waters his tomatoes. He decides to endure the upper 90 degree temperature stubbornly as he watches the approaching dark clouds change color before his eyes. Their rosy hues turning to a darker orange and red as he stands there leaning against the greenhouse, admiring the beauty as it unfolds.

He leaves the roof, glancing to Kats dark windows before he goes and prepares for his ‘date’ with Cindy. He still has several hours, so he gets a lite dinner for himself before going to his computer to check the emails he neglected earlier.

‘Oh crap! It’s after ten!’ Matt says aloud, pushing those recent memories from his mind as he rushes to get dressed, using the stairs to hurry to his car. Glancing at his watch, he should have just enough time to meet Cindy.

He shaves the forty minute drive into the city down to just over a half hour, the light traffic allowing him to push the speed limit a bit. When he sees the marquee lights go out above the building, he U-turns to park in front. Cindy, with two other women, stands at the entrance watching a tall, older man lock the door with a sidelong look at Matt lowering the passenger window of his car.

‘That him?’ He asks Cindy in a gravelly voice, gesturing to the car with his chiseled jaw. Matt can visualize this guy putting Marines through boot camp, but it’s impressive, the way he fills out the Sweet Endings T-shirt tightly stretched across his chest.

‘Yes Greg, that’s him. Now stop this big brother routine, I’ll be fine.’

Cindy walks over and leans against the door, meeting Matt’s eyes sheepishly as Greg steps up beside her. ‘This is so embarrassing Matt, I’m sorry. This is Greg, my boss. He can be a bit, well, over protective.’

Greg leans down as well, placing one hand on the roof of the car. ‘You bet your sweet ass!’ He says, staring straight into Matt’s eyes threateningly. ‘You don’t know shit about this guy; he could be a pervert or serial rapist for all you know! I mean, who picks up women in a porn store?’

Matt feels his anger rise as he looks to Cindy. ‘Is there some kind of problem?’ He says, a bit more forcefully than he intends. It’s understandable this man wanting to keep his employee’s safe. But being labeled a ‘pervert’ still doesn’t sit well with him.

‘I’ve got this! And I told you, I was the one trying to pick HIM up!’ She turns her head to Greg and emphasizes her statement with an elbow to the ribs. He doesn’t notice, and remains unmoved, still staring at Matt as Cindy meets his eyes again. ‘I am so sorry Matt. I’m afraid he won’t let this go until you show him your ID.’

Matt’s anger softens a little, evident in his voice. ‘Is that all?’ And, getting out of the car, he takes his driver’s license from his wallet. ‘I have no problem with that.’

He walks around to the sidewalk, extending his license to Greg. ‘Actually, I find it commendable that you care about your employees enough to do this.’

Greg takes the license with one meaty paw and practically growls under his breath. ‘Whatever.’ As he scans the ID with a critical eye.

Cindy leans in, kissing Matt on the cheek softly. Her hair has the subtle scent of lavender, her firm breast, accentuated by the tight Sweet Endings T-shirt, brush his chest.

‘He has a photographic memory.’ She whispers in Matt’s ear as she leans back from him, locking her hands around one of his arms.

Greg hands back the license, stepping close to Matt. ‘If you don’t take good care of this young woman.’ He growls softly, muscles bunching as he rests his hands on his hips. ‘And I’ll know about it.’

From the look in his eyes, Matt doesn’t doubt him one little bit. ‘I’ll take good care of her sir.’ Matt says as he reaches out to shake Greg’s hand. He feels like he’s taking this guy’s daughter to a school dance or something, and the thought makes him grin involuntarily.

Greg smirks slightly, his grip firm as they shake, then he kisses Cindy on the top of her head and gestures to the other two women as he moves toward the back of the building.

Cindy bounces on the balls of her feet, letting go Matt’s arm, her eyes glittering with excitement in the street lights. ‘So who is following who?’

Matt watches as the two women, Greg in the lead, round the corner of the building. ‘I beg your pardon?’ He says, meeting Cindy’s gaze. ‘Not sure I get your meaning.’

‘I’m sure not leaving my car here silly.’ She says, still bouncing slightly. ‘So, what’s it gonna be, your place or mine?’