Neighbors: Tracy and John’s Story Ch. 07


Dear Readers,

Thank you for following Tracy and John’s story and offering comments, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. I have tried to incorporate your suggestions, while remaining true to my vision of the story. I hope you will find the end of their journey together satisfying.


We saw each other often over the next week. She invited me for dinner, we went on evening walks. She even talked me into trying jogging with her, but I couldn’t stay up with her for long. No matter what we did, we spent our time talking and getting to know each other more intimately. We limited ourselves to holding hands, sharing kisses, and long hugs.

On Saturday, I invited her for a cook-out. As we ate, I said, “Tracy, I’m holding a reservation for a cabin at the state park for next weekend. How do you think you’d feel about spending the weekend there with me?”

“I’d love that, John. But, can we wait that long? It means three more days and I know what my kisses do to you.”

“Well, I’ll have to take a lot of cold showers, but I think I can make it. You’ll have to try not to make your kisses too passionate. No more full-body kisses.”

“I think it’ll be fun tormenting you until next weekend,” she said in a teasing voice.

“Then, I’ll just have to figure out some way to pay you back. Don’t forget, I know how to turn you on, too, Tracy.”

“OK, OK. I’ll go easy on you,” she said with a smile.

We agreed to continue to see each other during the upcoming week. We also made plans that I’d take off work early on Friday and pick her up around 3:00 PM.

We checked in at the lodge and drove the short distance to the cabin. After unpacking, we grabbed some bottled water and sat on the porch. We watched the water skiers, the sailboats gliding across the lake, and the families swimming and playing on the beach.

“It is do relaxing and peaceful here, John.”

I agreed. We sat silently for a while, taking pleasure in each other’s nearness.

“How about we walk to the lodge for dinner?” I suggested.

“And take our swimsuits, too,” she answered. “We can swim in the pool or sit on the beach.”

Hand in hand, we walked to the lodge. Over dinner, we talked and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Afterward, we changed into our swimsuits and strolled down to the beach.

“This is wonderful, John. I’m so glad you suggested it.”

“Being with you is what makes it so wonderful, Tracy.”

She looked at me and smiled. “You make me feel so good about myself. I think you’re pretty great yourself.”

Eventually we went back to the lodge and the pool. We swam and played and lounged around until closing, then headed to the cabin. By the time we arrived, we had agreed to get a good night’s sleep and save our lovemaking for the next day.

“Let’s not wear any pajamas tonight, John. I want to go to sleep feeling you next to me.”

“Skin to skin, I like that, Tracy. Thoughtfully, I said, “This will be the first time we have shared a bed for an entire night.”

“Yes, and we’ll be able to snuggle all night, too,” she said with a smile. “But don’t you dare do anything that will set me off. It’ll be hard enough just being next to you,” she warned.

“Me? What about you? Don’t you do anything tempting either, Tracy.”

We undressed and crawled into bed. Holding each other, we shared lingering kisses. Her body felt so comfortable against mine. Eventually, she turned on her side Sakarya Escort and I curled up behind her. As I was enjoying her fragrance and her closeness, my fingers absentmindedly began circling her abdomen.

“John,” she said with mock sternness.

“Sorry,” I said contritely.

We eventually drifted off to sleep, snuggled close to one another.

I awoke the next morning before she did. My hand was cupping a breast and her hand was wrapped around my cock. I nuzzled her cheek, wrapped my arms around her, gave her a big kiss, and said, “Good morning, gorgeous. How did you sleep?”

“Are you always this perky in the mornings?” she said with a groan.

“Yes, that’s me. Up and at ’em. Let’s go get breakfast at the lodge.”

“Will you at least let me go pee and get dressed first?” she grumbled.

We dressed and walked to the lodge. After breakfast, we took coffee onto the deck overlooking the lake. We sat quietly watching the activity on the lake and at the beach. Neither one of us seemed to have much to say. After a while, she said, “I think I’d like to go back to the cabin now, John.”

“I’d like that, too,” I said.

We remained quiet on the walk back, occasionally squeezing each other’s hand.

“Would you like to take shower together?” I asked. “We can wash each other and then towel each other off.”

“Yes, let’s,” she said.

I looked at her and said, “You’re not very talkative this morning, Tracy. Are you sure you are OK with this?”

“I’m very sure, John. I’ve just been thinking about having you inside me and looking forward to what it’s going to feel like.”

Arriving at the cabin, we stripped off our clothes and got into the shower. With the warm water spraying over us, I drew her close and gave her a tender kiss. I felt a familiar tingle beginning in my cock as it was stimulated by the hairs of her pussy. We held each other until she felt my cock beginning to harden. Smiling, she touched my face and pulled away. Lathering a washcloth with soap, she began to wash me. She started with my face, gently scrubbing my neck and shoulders. She turned me around, and said, “Raise your arms, John.”

I put my arms against the shower wall and she bathed my sides, down my back, my cheeks, and the outside of my legs. Turning me back toward her, she washed my chest, teasing my nipples with the washcloth. I took in a quick breath as she moved to my abdomen. Giving me a mischievous grin, she grasped my cock, I moaned as it responded to her touch. She gently and attentively washed the length of it. She surprised me by kneeling and taking my cock into her mouth. She began slowly sucking me deeply in and out of her mouth.

When I reached for her head, she pulled off and said softly, “Turn around, John, and spread your legs.”

She added more soap to the cloth, and washed the inside of my thighs. She moved the cloth to my balls and lightly brushed them with the cloth. My cock twitched at the stimulation. Then, she moved to my ass, pulling the cloth back and forth against my anus. I was surprised again when she knelt, pushed her finger against it, and then teased me with several licks.

“You’d better stop that, Tracy, if you want me to wash you like that.”

She stood up, and said with a smile, “Well, do me now, then.”

I soaped a washcloth and told her to stand with her back to me. I washed her neck and shoulders. While moving the cloth around her back, I Sakarya Escort Bayan reached around and twisted a nipple.

“No fair, John. You have to wash me there first.”

I turned her to face me and softly began to wash her face, then her neck, then her shoulders. When I drew the washcloth lightly over her nipples, they became erect. I leaned toward her and gave each one a quick suck. She sighed as I moved from one to the other. I pulled her body close to mine, sliding my cock between her legs. She parted her legs and slowly moved her pussy back and forth on my cock.

Pushing me gently away, she said, “Enough, John. Not yet.”

I dropped to my knees and brought the cloth to her mound. She put her hands on my shoulders and spread her legs. I moved the washcloth along each inner thigh. Then, after lightly pressing the cloth against her pussy, I opened her outer lips with my fingers, leaned forward, and licked between them. Moving my tongue back and forth, I deliberately avoided her clitoris. When she felt her body responding, she pushed my head away.

“Not yet,” she said again with a gasp.

Holding her hips, I turned her backside to me, and spread her legs apart. I moved the cloth up and down her inner thighs again, each time lingering near her ass. I held the cloth against her anus, then leaned forward and gave it a lick. She jerked and sucked in a breath.

“Let’s go to bed now, John. I’ve can’t wait any longer.”

We quickly toweled each other off, furthering our arousal with the towel’s smoothness. I took her into my arms and we held each other tightly. I tilted her head, leaned down, and kissed her. Neither of us broke the kiss, and the longer we held it, the more impassioned we became. She took my cock, slid it between her legs, and started a fucking motion. Still kissing and pressing our bodies together, we stumbled toward the bed. We fell down on the bed and pulled ourselves into each other’s arms. Kissing deeply, our passion grew. Our hands caressed wherever they could reach. I leaned over her and lightly kissed her face, then her mouth. I parted her lips with my tongue, and moved it in and out in a fucking motion. She held it and sucked on it. Then she moved my head to her breasts and I took a nipple between my lips. She held my face tighter to her breast as I tongued one nipple and squeezed the other. She moaned and pushed my head to her other breast. At the same time, I pressed my hand against her mound. She raised her hips and spread her legs. I slipped a finger into her already wet pussy, moving it in and out as I sucked on her nipple. Her body began to tremble. I took my other hand and wet my fingers with her juices. While I reached for her ass, she raised her hips higher, allowing me easy access. I pushed a finger against her anus. Feeling it relax, I inserted two fingers inside. She moaned again, and began thrusting her pelvis. While continuing to finger in and out of her pussy and ass, I touched her clit with my thumb.

She jerked, and said, “Stop, John. I don’t want to come this way.”

She pushed me on my back and grabbed my cock, squeezing it tightly. She took my nipple in her mouth and sucked it strongly as she twisted the other one. She ran her fingers up and down my cock, then grabbed it and stroked it. Moving her head to my cock, she took it deep into her mouth. She began sucking it in and pulling off. Now, I was the one who was groaning. It was my Escort Sakarya body that was starting to jerk.

Taking her mouth off my cock, she met my eyes and said, “I’m ready to have you inside me. I want you inside me now, John.”

She moved on her back and opened her legs. I gave her clit a quick lick as I positioned myself over her.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for this, Tracy.”

“So have I, John.”

Looking into her eyes, I took hold of my cock and began rubbing it up and down her parted outer lips. With each upward stroke, the head of my penis was stimulated, with each down stroke it was the underside. I could barely stand the intensity. It was excruciating, almost painful, like a constant stream of electricity pulsating from the tip of my cock to its base and through to my balls. I began touching her clitoris with the head of my cock on the upstroke. She grabbed my hips and pulled me tighter against her. I continued rubbing my cock up and down her pussy, ending each upward movement on her clit. She reached for my face and pulled me toward her. Placing her mouth on mine, we shared a deep kiss. I slid my tongue into her mouth. She gripped it and sucked strongly. I reached for her pussy and stroked it with my fingers. Her hips bucked, responding to my touch.

“Now, John. I want you all the way inside me. Now,” she gasped, pushing her pussy hard against my cock.

I lubricated it with her juices.

“Put your legs around my hips, Tracy,” I told her.

We continued looking into each others eyes as I slid the head of my cock just past her outer lips. I began slowly thrusting in and out. She matched my rhythm until I was fully inside. My cock was enveloped in the warmth of her pussy. We stopped all movement, savoring the sensations flowing over us and through us.

She tightened her pussy around my cock, and said, “Oh, John, you feel so good inside me.”

“It feels so good to me too, Tracy.”

I jerked as she squeezed my cock again.

“I want to fuck slow and easy so we can make this last,” I told her.

I began moving my cock in and out, slowly and easily. She moved her hips so that each time my cock entered more deeply, it slid across her clit. I could feel the walls of her pussy against my cock. We tried to fuck slowly, but the stimulation was too great. We lost ourselves in the intensity of our feelings.

“Now, John, now. I can’t wait. Fu … make love to me.”

“Give yourself to me, Tracy,” I shouted.

We fucked faster. We fucked harder. We fucked with abandon. The only sounds were our panting and the slapping of our bodies together. The feel of her pussy pulsating around my cock, and my come moving upward and outward, brought me to the point of orgasm. I pushed my cock into her pussy as deeply as I could and held it there. She squeezed my cock and pressed her clit hard against it.

She met my eyes as we came together.

“I love you, John. I love you,” she cried.

She kept my cock in the grip of her pussy, milking me completely. I continued to hold my cock inside her, feeling her pussy’s contractions, not willing the sensations to end. Putting her arms around me, she held me tight.

Finally, after our bodies stopped trembling, I rolled off of her and onto my side.

Tenderly caressing her hair and kissing the tears from her cheeks, I whispered, “And I love you too, Tracy.”


(Six and a half months later)

She stirred.

I opened my eyes and glanced at her: Tracy, my neighbor, my fantasy, now my wife. I watched her, a relaxed and contented look on her lovely face. Taking her into my arms, I gently placed a kiss on her lips.

She opened her eyes, smiled, and asked, “Are you ready for some more?”