Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 04

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The phone rang which made me jump, startling me back to reality from the cosy, dreamy world I had slipped into.

“Hello Ray, I hope I haven’t disturbed you too much, but I need you around here if you can avail me of some of your time?”

“Sure Michelle. I was only dosing, did not sleep all that well last night,” I replied. The line was not a good one but I got the distinct impression that she was up to something. “I will be on your doorstep in 5!”

“Great! Thank you. See you then.” She promptly hung up.

I rang the doorbell and Michelle answered but only protruded her head around the door, which sparked my curiosity.

“Come on in but keep your eyes looking straight ahead.” She aid in a playful tone.

“Good. That’s it. Keep walking, now stop and close your eyes”.

I did as she had instructed. We were now standing in the middle of the large family/lounge room. The sun reflected warmly off the polished timber floors casting a golden glow. One of the lounge chairs was just to my right and the recently reupholstered furnishings oozed a comfy welcome and beckoned to the visitor to sit and relax.

When she asked me to open my eyes I had to gasp loudly at the sheer beauty of this woman now before me. The sun gleamed from behind, silhouetting her wonderfully. She was dressed all in black, with a black hip hugging skirt that had a small spilt along the top of the left thigh, a black ribbed t-shirt top which also fitted close. Over these Michelle wore a black knee length coat, its hem line finishing just about the top of her black boots. With the coat closed you could be forgiven for thinking that she had no skirt beneath, well that is what I was thinking.

“Oh my god! What a beautiful outfit. You look sensational.” I was gobsmacked.

“I am so glad you like it,” She said demurely.

She walked closer and gently took my hand. I let her softly guide me, gently bring me to sit on the back of the arm chair.

“Now. Just let Mistress Michelle take control here, okay?”

“I am in your hands.” I responded with a smile.

“Oh you will be, most certainly.”

Michelle dropped to her knees and abruptly pushed my legs apart. She then reached for my fly and unzipped it with a quick flick of her red painted fingers. Her hands quickly pulled the fly open and she drove her hand inside and pulled my semi flaccid member from its resting place. She smiled up at me as her chin dipped under my cock and her tongue snaked out. I bit my lip as I felt the first soft touch of her wet tip at the base. I reached out to caress her hair and she quickly hit it aside.

“I told you, let me take control here!” she snapped. “Do not touch me unless I have asked you to do so!”

“Yes my mistress”. I replied in what I hoped was an appropriately submissive voice. Inwardly I could not wait to see what she had in mind.

Her breath was warming on my maleness as she mimed the act of fellating me. I was now very rigid with the anticipation as much as the act. She grasped the base of my shaft, looking up at me from her position on the floor and then plunged her mouth hard, down onto my cock, sucking it all the way in until her nose was buried in my fuzzy pubic hair. I gripped the chair back so tightly my knuckles were white and groaned with sheer delight as her hot salvia soaked my shaft. Michelle kept her eyes open as she commenced to fuck her face with my penis, noisily slurping up the excess saliva as she went. Her free hand soon joined the fray, firmly cradling my swelling balls. She squeezed them as she bit softly on the thick turgid head. I bucked at the feel of her teeth, pushing my cock fully into her mouth. She started to move faster. Her hand squeezing hard on my fast rising balls.

“Ohhh, fuck… Michelle. Shit, going to come….”

She sucked harder and pumped her face quicker, driving my cock to the very back of her mouth, not once stopping to rest. I was fighting a losing battle. She had me and all I could do was hold on and moan at the fast approach of my blinding orgasm.

“Nnuugghhhhhhhh, god, yessssssssssssssss. Fuck me, Mistress, ……. Can not hold it, ……….. arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I screamed as she pistoned her beautiful face and drank the fiery liquid I was now shooting deep into her throat. I could see traces of my sperm leaking from the corners of her mouth as she strove to keep it all contained. She finally held still, her mouth still clamped to my cock. Her tongue flicked the underside of the gland causing me to buck once more as she hit that sensitive spot on the underside of the head.

I was spent and my cock started to deflate. She held her mouth on me as I softened, her glistening eyes sexily watching my every reaction. She let my now limp dick fall from her mouth and she stood. She opened her mouth to show me it was full of my come. I looked into her face, my head spinning from the force of my orgasm. She moved her mouth to mine forcing me to open to her as she spat some of my come into my mouth quickly followed by her güvenilir bahis tongue. All I could do was to yield and accept her lusty offering. It tasted slightly tangy yet very creamy with it mixed with her hot saliva. I sucked her tongue deeply, drinking my come from her mouth until it was empty.

“Mmmm, you taste good, Mr. Ray, and there was a lot of it. You must have needed that come badly?” She whispered seductively.

“I could have done with a bout of your arse, but I am not complaining.” I said smiling.

“Good”. She retorted. “Now follow me”.

I could not refuse. She had hold of limp cock and balls and was dragging me by them. I followed in silence, feeling a bit unnerved by her sudden return to her Mistress role. She lead me upstairs, her grip tightening as she ascended the first riser. I winced and she just sternly said over her shoulder, “shut up and follow me!” The stairwell was painted an egg shell colour and with the sunlight coming from the lounge room, it was ablaze with light, yet my sight was only interested in the firm hand that currently grasped my genitals.

We made our way slowly, thank goodness, and finally reached the first floor landing. It too was awash with sunlight and the soft carpet gave me a slight feeling of hope; a hope of some comfort for my testicles. Michelle continued to lead me, down the hall she walked, her black coat flapping out behind her which seemed to consume the light. Through the door at the end of the hall I could see a bedroom. It was a large room at the back of the first story, so I guessed it to be the main bedroom. Off to the left at the far end I could see a strong orangey light coming from what I assumed was the ensuite bathroom. My mind was racing trying to ascertain what this little minx had in mind. It was not long before I found out.

“Now Mr. Ray,” she purred, turning on me and pressing her body in close. I could feel her up-thrust breasts boring into my chest as she leant against me, her hand still holding my spent member. “I have a special surprise for you. See the bath I have prepared for you? Get in to it, and quickly if you please.” Her voice was stern and level. I quickly disrobed and slipped into the warm water. It felt very good, especially since she had let my nethers go. The scent of lavender rose from the surface as I immersed myself.

“Feel nice does it?”

“Mmmmm, yes, very nice in deed. Thank you!”

“Now for surprise number one.” She said showing me the twin blade razor and waving it about. I looked at her with questioning eyes and she just smiled. “I think your groin will look better if it was bare. So, sit up on the side there with your back to the wall!” She pointed to where she wanted me as she knelt on the mat at the side of the bath.

She lathered some soap and gently applied it, rubbing into the springy hair above my dangling penis. She pushed my legs apart and proceeded to lather my scrotum pushing all the way back to my anus. As she passed over the tight opening she cheekily stabbed at it with a soapy finger, giving me a wicked grin. Michelle locked her eyes onto my crotch as she bent to apply the first stroke.

“So far so good,” she said matter of factly, “good thing I gave you a good seeing to downstairs. We couldn’t do this with your pecker up now could we?” She giggled at her little joke, I was a little less amused, but strangely fascinated at the same time. I felt the blade drag across my anus and saw it dip towards the water with a thick coating of black hair. She used the instrument with some aplomb much to my relief her strokes quick and sure. She deftly followed the curve of my lower thigh round to my buttocks across my anus and down the other side. Then a quick wash in the bath water and back to work. As her strokes approached my balls, which had tightened somewhat since she started, she used her left hand to gently smooth out the creases and caress the blade across the sensitive skin. I shuddered slightly after a short time feeling the cool air across now exposed flesh.

“Are you getting cold?” she asked.

“Just a little. I suppose that area is not used to being uncovered.” I chortled.

Michelle made no response but just kept her attention riveted to the task at hand. She seemed pleased with what she saw as she gently washed me down. Her soft hands carefully lifting each testy to check for stray hairs. The tuft of hair she had left above my penis had been shaved back a little leaving a distinct ring of pink skin around the top. I liked what I saw and secretly held thoughts of seeing my new bare cock ball deep in her pussy.

“Hmmm, it seems I will have to redo you. I should have changed the razor mid way through.” Her comment was more to herself than me. “You can sink into the water to wash off fully, then get back up where you were.”

I quickly did as she bade. In fact I was eager to see myself denuded of pubic hair as much as she was. Once again she lathered me up and to work. Each stroke she made was gently yet firm and I felt türkçe bahis no razor rash developing, much to my relief. The second time round was much quicker and when finished, Michelle seemed more than pleased with her efforts. She then fetched a mirror to show me the completed job and to my surprise my cock twitched back to life as well.

“It would appear you like what I have done?” it was rhetorical question so I did not reply in words. I simply stroked my quickly stiffening cock in a lurid display hoping she would do something about it.

“My, my…. What a wonderful response from a happy customer. Now for surprise number two.”

Michelle stood facing me, her eyes looking straight at my shaft. She licked her lips with just the tip of her tongue as she shrugged her coat to the floor. Her chest heaved noticeably as she drank in every detail of my hairless cock and balls. She reached around behind her back and with a fluent movement her skirt was on its way to join her coat but just as it passed her hips she turned her back to me. She bent over to retrieve her garments stopping to give me an eye fully of my gorgeous arse and beckoning anus. She arched her back and with one hand pulled her buttock to the side to give me an even better view.

Remaining bent at the waist, Michelle moved back and slowly sat down on the side of the bath. She poised her creamy behind over past the edge, her mid thighs supported by the rim, her hands outstretched and holding the sink. I could not fathom what her intensions were until: “Fuck my arse, now Mr bald balls. Fuck me hard!”

I needed no second telling. I grasped my cock in one hand and placed my hand on her rump for support.

“I told you not to touch me until I told you. All I asked for now was you to fuck my arse, so do it!”

I was taken aback by her outburst, but the opportunity to have anal sex with her was too much to pass up. I grabbed my rod and guided the bulging head toward her puckered rear entrance. I could see now that she had preplaned all this because her arsehole was generously coated with Vaseline, it also explained the reason she had not worn knickers. Well, I thought, she asked so I was going to deliver. I jabbed the eye of my cock at her from close range, scoring a direct hit immediately. Keeping the turgid head pressed at her opening I thrust upward as hard as I could, surprised that her sphincter yielded so easily. But yield it did and I was able to glide on in to the hit. I slammed my body upward into her arse and once fully inside I stopped, delighting in the sight of my newly shaved groin meeting her accepting arsehole.

“Oh, god yessssssss, Ray…. Please fuck me hard. I need you there so badly. I love the way your cock feels up there.”

Hearing her pleas and her need I thrust upward again using the rim behind me for leverage. She lifted her arse slightly so she was in a mid squat position. It also allowed her to push downward as I thrust up, thus giving our coupling a more forceful meeting. I fucked myself very hard into her arse, in fact I was only concerned for my own desire. She had demanded I do this so I was going to do it with all the might I could muster.

Michelle’s very slippery dark channel was taking all I had and more. I pumped myself vigorously, slapping my lap against her cheeks with each thrust. She grunted from the force of each meeting of our bodies which spurred me on even more. My hips swung up again and again, withdrawing the full shaft but leaving the head buried and then heaving deep inside her body, the anal muscles gripping me firmly, drawing me in. In the bright light of the room I could see my shaft was fully coated with Vaseline, and delighted in the way her arse tighten as the first signs of my orgasm twinged in the balls. I quickened my efforts using shortened strokes, the pace frantic. My head bent back, as I gritted my teeth, the building force starting deep in my stomach and spreading throughout my body.

“I can feel you getting close….. fuck me faster. God, I love this…. Fuck my arse, feels so good,” she moaned, her head lolling between her arms. “Never knew this could feel as good as it does. I love you”.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk….. god, Michelle…. Cuminnggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!” I groaned as a powerful surge bucked me forward, impaling her arse as deep as far as I could go, and then pumping litres of over heated sperm into the deepest recesses of her anus. I could not move, all I could do was keep myself ball deep in her arse, feeling every pulse of my cock and the creamy backwash that was surrounding it. Finally I could not hold myself up anymore and I flopped into the water, my breath ragged.

She slowly raised her arse, her own breath as ragged as mine from her own exertions.

My brain was off flying about the room, yet somewhere in the distance I could hear some words she had spoken but could not distinguish what they were for now. Suddenly I felt her fingers in my hair. I opened my eyes and saw she was still bent at the waist and was trying to pull güvenilir bahis siteleri me toward her.

“God that was good. Now suck my arsehole. Get your mouth full of your come.” She used her fingers in my hair to direct my face to her recently well fucked rear. I dreamily clamped my mouth to her rectum and sucked. The taste was very oily from the lube but I soon got a mouth full of my gizz. She held me to her arse as she humped her hips to force the muscles to expel the copious juices I had only minutes before deposited there. She finally let me go. However, before turning to face me she deftly stooped and scooped up a towel and quickly tied it around her waist obscuring her lower body from view.

“Now for surprise number three.” She smiled, “but keep that mouthful for the moment, I want it for good reason.”

The tangy yet oily mixture was a little nauseating and it took all my self control to stop myself spitting it out. Somehow I managed, I think it was the curiosity about the mysterious use Michelle had for it that kept it in.

She quickly removed her upper garments and looked at me intently.

“Curious turn of events so far?” All I could was nob in agreement. “I woke this morning feeling so incredibly horny and very wicked, hence what you have experienced so far.”

“So far?” I thought. “My god where was she going with this? Oh well, I am game.”

As she approached the edge of the bath, in which I was still kneeling, she firmly squeezed her breasts. Cupping her hands beneath and thumbing her rosy nipples until they stood out very erect.

“Now, coat my breasts with that wonderful creamy mixture in your mouth.”

I eagerly took her left breast into my mouth and whipped the stiff nipple with my tongue, coating it as requested. I then did the same to her right breast. Her coos and groans told me she was enjoying what I was doing. I then lifted my mouth and placed my lips above her nipple and let some of my come dribble from my mouth. It ran freely and dripped off her nipple onto the floor. I did the same to her other breast and continued to alternate until my mouth was empty. I looked up into her eyes and she raised her hands to massage the goo firmly into her tit flesh.

“Fuck Ray, that was a very horny thing you did then. Please come out of the bath and lie on the bed and let you show you something. Oh, best dry off first,” she giggled. I did so quickly and lay back comfy on her bed. Michelle stood on the bed astride my hips with the towel still around herself.


“Very. Especially now.”

“Did you hear what I said as you fucked my arse?”

I thought for a moment trying to recall what I heard. A distant voice was echoing in my head and then: “I love you?”

“Yes, and I do. I mean it. Please do not say anything. I must show you surprise number three first.”

I lay there mesmerised. She stood high above me, and swiftly removed the towel. My eyes flashed in disbelief. She had shaved herself totally. Her pussy was totally bare.

“Oh my god!” I said. “Now that is a perfect surprise.”

“Like the look?”

“You bet.”

She ran her fingers down across her lower tummy, spreading them as she went. She eased them down both sides of her mons and then gently pulled her labia open. I got of clear view deep into her inner folds.

“You can masturbate yourself if you like or just enjoy the show.” She said with a voice full of lust. I just laid there for now as I watched Michelle pull her labia again, opening her folds more fully. She then slowly pushed two fingers deep inside herself about me. Her eyes closed with the intense feeling of her penetration. By the groan issuing from her throat, she was very horny.

I watched the inner lips grip her fingers as they withdrew, the retreating digits dragging the deep pink inner lips with them. As soon as her nails came into view she thrust them quickly back in knuckle deep. I saw her twist them at the top of the inward push, and untwist as they came away. Over and over she plunged her fingers into her pussy, her hips bucking in more animated ways as the pace increased.

“Agghhhh…. Fuck…… feels, so…. Goood.” She moaned, writhing her hips onto her thrusting fingers. She was going wild with lust, finger fucking herself for our mutual pleasure. She quickly pulled her fingers away only to replace them with three more. At this she threw her head back and grunted loudly. Michelles fingers were a blur, her hips bucking frantically as she ground them deep inside her churning loins. I soon felt drops of her juices dripping from her arm. She was wanking her pussy and dripping her own juices over me, giving me a wild ride of the voyeuristic kind.

“Come for me my love.” I yelled.

At this she screamed out something incoherent and then exploded in an intense orgasm that shook the bed. Her body convulsed, her face contorted in a pleasure and pain grimace. I was amazed that she was able to remain standing. Her come dropping from her in large dollops onto my stomach. Finally, she collapsed, falling in a crumpled heap beside me.

We lay there on the floor together our limps entwined. The early afternoon sun warming us, leaving us in a peaceful dreamy space that only we knew about.

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