Nerds of a Feather Pt. 02

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Nerds of a Feather Chapter 8 Oral Report

Late Nov 1980

The next week was filled with a lot of touching and fondling. Every chance they got, they got naked. Having free rein to fool around at home meant they did not have to worry about where or when they could play. Kara loved to stroke him off onto her tits, and Jake always licked her clean with diligence and enthusiasm. He also loved the look and feel of Kara’s pussy, and he was learning how to bring her off repeatedly without over stimulating her. He was still very careful about touching her down there, remembering that she had told him ‘no penetration’. He was fascinated by how she looked down there, and how she reacted, her dark edged labia changing as he played with her.

The fact that they were allowed to do whatever they wanted at home was amazing. They both made sure to complete all their homework at school so they’d have time to ‘play’ after school or in the evening. They had both been subjected to teasing and ridicule about their bodies and their looks, but now they were discovering in each other that there was someone who thought they were sexy and desirable. Together they taught each other about sex, about foreplay, and about desire.

On Thursday night they were at Jake’s house, fooling around in his room. Kara had stripped him and made him lay on the bed, so she could touch, caress, and tease him. Jake was almost ready to explode when she suddenly stood, and stared him fixedly in the eyes whilst she slowly undressed. He was going to reach out to help get her clothes off, but when she saw him start to sit up she shook her head and said “No, stay there, wait!” Jake relaxed onto the bed and watched her. She’d already got him so worked up he was just about ready to cum.

When she was finally naked, Kara told him to get up “I want you to cum on my breasts again” she said. They switched places and Kara reached out to gently fondle his erection. After all the touching and teasing and the slow undressing, that was all it took to set him off. She smiled and laughed as he shot glob after glob onto her. “I love controlling you like this” she told him. Jake knelt and began to lick and suck his stuff off of her. Kara reached out to run her fingers through his hair as he cleaned her.

When he finished, she laid back on the bed and Jake began to work on her pussy, playing with her lips, stimulating her clit, and stroking her body everywhere he could reach. His touch was like magic to her, and she was soon writhing and shuddering through an intense orgasm. He carefully let her come down, and then built her back up to a second orgasm that had her panting and thrashing on the bed. Jake sat down beside her, softly stroking his hands up and down her torso and caressing her tits.

Kara pushed herself up onto her elbows and smiled. He leaned in to kiss her. When they broke their kiss her smile faded, and she got a curious look on her face. “Jake, I, um, can I ask you to do something for me?”

“Sure, anything.”

“Well, this might be a bit much. I’ve never seen you masturbate, would you um, would you do it for me, like on me?”

Jake was a little confused “You want me to masturbate on you?”

“Yes. I’ve never seen you do that, and I’m curious, I want to see it. Is that ok?”

Jake was kind of embarrassed about doing something like this in front of anyone, but he would do just about anything for Kara. However, this idea went both ways… “Could we do it together? I’d really like to watch you, too.”

“Really? Uh, OK I guess that’s fair. How do you do it, I mean like standing up or sitting?”

“Standing is best, I guess. What about you?”

“I like to lie down, or sit on the edge of the bed. So, do you want to try this now, or um, tomorrow or something?” she asked.

“Well, you just got me off, so I might be kind of slow to go again. But if I’m watching you, uh, I think I can do it. And tomorrow night we were going to try oral sex.”

Kara smiled and shifted around, then she put a pillow under her head, so she could more easily watch Jake, who was now standing next to the bed. They looked nervously at each other, both sort of waiting for the other to start. Kara ran her hands down to fondle her thick bush, swirling her fingers through the thick black hair.

Jake’s eyes widened and he slowly reached down and grasped his throbbing cock. He watched as she began playing with herself. But the view wasn’t great from the side. “Can you turn this way? I can’t really see from this angle.”

“Oh, OK.” she said, and moved so she was sideways on the bed. Kara shifted the pillows and began sliding her fingers up and down her slit.

Jake groaned as he saw this. Despite having cum only a short while ago he felt like he could do it again easily. She watched as his stroking grew firmer and faster, and noted how he would run his thumb over the head once in a while, spreading his lube. She spread her legs more and Jake edged forwards until his knees were against the bed and he looked straight down past his throbbing member at her Ataşehir Escort pussy.

He stared in rapt fascination as she started strumming her nipples with spread fingers. Both of them sped up their motions and Kara changed her finger sliding into more of a cupping scissor action on her pussy. This gave her the most incredible feeling from her clit, and she progressed towards an orgasm very quickly.

Kara started to cum, she squealed and tried to squeeze her legs together but Jake was between her knees and she pressed hard against him. She stopped moving her hands and just clamped them both over her spasming pussy as she shuddered and cried out through her orgasm, staring fixedly at his cock. As hers faded Jake began to cum, thrusting his hips forward and making really short fast strokes. He gasped as he started pulsing globs of semen over her torso. His strokes were suddenly long and slow, one for each pulse as he came. She watched him in awe as he finished.

“Oh my gosh Jake, that was wild. Look at the mess we’ve made!” she exclaimed as she swirled her fingers in his cum. Jake sat down next to her and leaned down onto his left elbow, leaving his right free to caress her.

“There’s less here than the first time. Is there less each time? How long does it take to, um, recharge?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never cum more than twice where I could see the output. I think I came three times the other night but one was in my pants.”

Kara scooped up a glob, sniffed at it, and then licked it off her fingers. “I kind of like how it tastes, but the consistency is weird. I wonder if the reduction in volume per orgasm is linear. Can we design an experiment for this?” she asked.

“Uh, let’s not, OK?” said Jake, as he leaned over and started licking her clean. She laughed again and let him clean her off before they got dressed.

“I was wondering about something,” he said.


“Uh, like names, like what we call things. I know penis and vulva are technically correct, but they sound so clinical. It kind of detracts a bit from the romance of the situation, don’t you think?”

“Does it? Hmmm. I suppose you’re right. But I don’t want to be using silly pet names for things either, that would be just as unromantic, at least to me. What were you thinking of?”

“Well, colloquially your vulva is called a pussy, and that term generally includes the labia and vagina as well. Would that be OK with you?”

“Pussy? Yes, I guess that’s OK. What about your penis? The term would be ‘cock’, correct? And ‘balls’ instead of testicles?”

“Cock sounds fine, but testicles is OK if that’s what you want.”

“OK, we can try that and if it feels more comfortable we can continue. But don’t be surprised if I use technical terms sometimes.”

They got dressed and went downstairs so Jake could drive her home. When he dropped her off they kissed goodnight and Jake asked “Are we still going to try oral sex tomorrow?”

“Yes, I want to try it, at least once, just to see what it’s like. Are you really sure you want to do that, to lick me down there?” she asked nervously, worried that she would smell and taste bad.

“Well, like you said, we should try it, and if it doesn’t work then at least we know.”


Nov 21st 1980

Friday night Jake and Kara decided to go somewhere different for their dinner date and ended up at a seafood restaurant. No movie tonight, they had other plans! They had discussed what little they had learned about oral sex during their visits over the week, from books and from things they had heard, but it was mostly conjecture for them at this point. The fictional accounts sounded ridiculous, and the non-fiction sounded boring. They didn’t talk about it at dinner, as it wasn’t a very private place to discuss such things, but they both knew what was on the agenda and were eager, nervous, and curious about it.

They went to Kara’s afterward, and they were both anticipating the new things they were going to try. Kara was initially leery of the idea, due to how dirty she thought it was, but when Jake had suggested washing each other first, she decided it was something she could try.

They got to her house and hung up their coats. Her parents were sitting in the living room watching TV, so they stopped to chat. Kara’s mom asked her if she was going to show Jake her new dress for the Xmas Ball. “I don’t know, maybe it should be a surprise” she replied with a smile. Jake said he was good either way. Kara excused them and they went up to her room.

“So, are you going to show me your new dress?” asked Jake.

“I was thinking I would surprise you when you pick me up” she said with a grin. It was a very nice dress, and she was nervous and excited about wearing it. She hadn’t worn a dress since she was a little girl. And this one was really sleek and sexy. She hoped Jake would like it.

“I will be waiting with bated breath. But right now we have something new to try.”

Jake opened his arms and she smiled and slipped into his embrace. They kissed Anadolu Yakası Escort for a while and she started pulling his shirt up so she could slip her hands underneath. “Hmmmmm” said Jake, and he pulled her shirt up and over her head. She pulled his shirt off, then turned around so he could more easily get her bra undone. Jake removed and dropped her bra, then pressed himself against her back and slid his hands up over her breasts.

Kara sighed, leaned back against Jake and stretched her arms over her head. “I love your breasts” he said, cupping the broad, shallow mounds.

“I always thought they were too small” she replied. “The girls at school tease me about them.” This was a keenly felt flaw in her self-image, but Jake’s attention to and fascination with her body had done much to alleviate this.

“No, you have wonderful breasts” said Jake, “Those girls don’t matter to me. They’ve never looked at me except to laugh, never spoken to me except to insult me. Now that I’ve found you, they may as well be invisible.” He continued to run his hands up and down her torso, amazed at how wonderful she felt in his hands. She was so soft, and so sleek, so responsive, she was amazing!

“Oh that feels nice when you touch me like this. You’re wonderful, Jake” she said, then spun in his arms and kissed him. “Let’s go to the bathroom and clean up a bit” she said. Kara took him by the hand and led him into the en-suite. She knelt and undid his pants and pulled them down. Jake stepped out of them, and she saw his bulging briefs and giggled “I want to play with that again” she said.

Jake took Kara’s slacks and panties down together, exposing her dark curly bush. When he stood up she reached down and slipped his briefs off leaving them both nearly naked. “Give me your foot” she said. Jake lifted each foot in turn as she pulled off his socks. Then he did the same for her, stood, embraced and kissed again. His cock pressed against her thigh and she rubbed against him and laughed. “Let’s get you cleaned up” she said.

Kara ran some hot water into the sink and wet a washcloth. She wiped his genitals and then applied some soap. “How does that feel? Is this OK?”she asked as she stroked his soapy cock.

“Ohhh, That’s good…” moaned Jake.

She worked the soap into a lather, and not coincidentally worked Jake into a lather too. “Oh Kara, I’m gonna cum if you keep that up” he said, so she stopped playing with him, took the washcloth and rinsed and wiped away the soap, then rinsed the cloth.

“Your turn” she said, handing him the cloth. Kara sat on the edge of the tub and spread her knees so Jake could access her pussy. He knelt in front of her and said “Oh Kara you’re beautiful!”

She was suddenly seized by feelings of doubt and insecurity. “Don’t say that” she replied “It’s not true!” and tears filled her eyes. All of her issues with her self image came rushing back. “I’m too tall, and too flat chested, and too hairy, and have acne, and horrible dandruff, and eczema. I’m ugly” she said, covering her face with her hands. Jake’s comments about her being beautiful felt so false to her. They were supposed to be honest with each other, and she felt like he had lied to her, and it hurt so much.

Jake sat back on his haunches and said quietly “No, Kara. You ARE beautiful. Next time you’re in a book store, pick up a fashion magazine. One of those things with the latest designs from Paris. Look at the pictures, look at the models. They’re all tall like you, and slim, like you, with long legs, just like you. You have the body of a fashion model. You truly are beautiful. And never mind your acne, that’s just skin deep.” Jake grinned and said “Pun intended.”

Kara stared at him in wide eyed amazement. She could tell he was serious, despite the joke about ‘skin deep’, and that he really did mean what he said, that he thought she was beautiful. No one had ever called her beautiful. Ever. It was simply not a part of her, not in any way. “Thank you” she said in a small voice. “No one ever called me that, called me beautiful, before.”

“Well, I think you’re beautiful, and who else has an opinion that matters? Now where were we?” Jake said, “Does this feel nice?” he asked as he ran his fingers through her curls.

Kara shivered and whispered “Yes.” The feeling of someone else’s hands doing that was amazing. “Am I too hairy down there?” she said, starting to feel self conscious again in front of Jake now that she was faced with a new situation.

The idea of him licking her down there was making her fear his rejection. Her bush was large, thick, long and luxurious. It didn’t grow on her thighs or her pussy much, it was mostly a solid wedge just above her sex. She knew what her pussy smelled like, and thought it was rather rank and unappealing.

“No, I think it’s wonderful” he said as he continued to comb his fingers through her bush, “It’s so soft, and so pretty. It kind of hides your sex but kind of highlights it too.” She blushed at that, and relaxed her legs a bit and spread them Kadıköy Escort more.

“Touch me,” she whispered.

Jake looked closer, and gently ran his fingers along her slit. She shivered again. He’d seen her up close, and touched her already, but he wanted to do more. Most of all he wanted to taste her. He could smell her again now that he was close enough. It was strong but intoxicating! He added soap to the hand towel, lathered it, and rubbed and worked it into her bush and over her pussy. She said “Oh that feels nice, keep doing that.” He continued to rub the cloth up and down her pussy and through her bush. The lather began to obscure everything, and he looked up to see that she had closed her eyes. This was so new, so different, and so wonderful for her. Even when Jake had touched her before, it was not like this. This was so intense!

Jake rinsed the cloth, then started rinsing away the soap. Kara reached out a hand and ran her fingers through his hair. “That feels really nice,” he said, “and you look really nice too.” Jake leaned even closer and looked at her pussy. He gently spread her dusky lips, and saw the pinkness inside.

He touched her ever so gently, but she twitched and said “not so soft, that tickles” so he increased the pressure a little. This time she sighed, and he continued to stroke her, fascinated by the way her pussy lips swelled and spread as her arousal increased. He could see her clit now, just barely protruding from its hood. He touched it and she gasped.

Jake ran his finger tip around her hood, without touching her clit directly. She gasped and said “Like that, yes, faster.” He sped up his movements, and saw how wet the inner pink part was, so he moved the fingers of his left hand in there to feel her opening. “Oh, Oh, more, like that, yes!” she said as her breathing began to get ragged. Jake kept running his fingers up and down her now dripping pussy, as he circled her clit with his other hand. As Kara neared orgasm she reached out to grip Jake’s shoulders to steady herself. She shuddered and moaned through her orgasm and then slipped off the edge of the tub into Jake’s arms.

“Oh Jake that was wonderful, thank you!”

He kissed her and said “Let’s dry you off and try some more stuff in bed.” They finished in the bathroom and went to her bed.

Kara pulled the blankets down and they climbed in. “You lie back and let me try first” she said. Jake laid down and she moved between his legs. Kara started with what she knew and began slowly stroking him. He was about 5 inches in length, and an inch and a half thick. To Kara it looked huge. “So you said that you’re not big?” she asked.

Jake looked down at her as she played with him. He blushed and replied “I’m average at best, probably below average.”

She saw his distress, and realized he felt the same way about his penis as she felt about her breasts. “Wow, I don’t know how this will ever fit, if we get that far. Let alone, ugh, wow, bigger than this?” She thought about the pictures they’d seen in the textbook and asked him “So, are you, um, circumcised?”

He looked down at her as she continued to play with his cock, and said “Ah, yeah, I am. I guess it was a standard practice.”

Then she kissed the head of his penis. She looked up at Jake and smiled, then started licking and kissing his swollen member. She was nervous about this, as she’d always thought that genitals were unsanitary. But she had just cleaned this one herself, so she knew it was fine. After a couple of minutes of kissing and licking she took the head in her mouth. Jake moaned quietly, this was the most amazing thing ever. “Oh wow, I never felt anything like that before!” he said.

She pulled back, surprised at how he tasted. “You don’t taste bad at all.” she said. She took him in her mouth again, enjoying the textures and taste of him.

Kara tried moving her head up and down a little. Jake hollered “AHHH! OWWW! NO TEETH KARA, NO TEETH!!” She had caught the ridge of his head on her front teeth, and it was quite a shock to him.

“SORRY! Sorry, I’m sorry!” she cried, then “Oh! Shhh! We don’t want to disturb my parents!” Kara said. She knew her mom and dad had said they were OK with Kara and Jake fooling around in her room but if they were too noisy about it her parents might change their minds. Kara tried again, this time very careful not to catch the head of his cock with her teeth.

A couple of minutes of this and Jake whispered hoarsely “Kara, I’m gonna cum.” She loved watching him ejaculate, so she pulled her mouth off, pointed his cock straight up and kept slowly stroking him. He spurted the first shot into the air and it landed on his belly. She giggled and took him back in her mouth, swirling her tongue on his head as he finished cumming. Jake felt like lightning was hitting his cock, her tongue was absolutely the most fantastic thing he’d ever felt on him! Once he’d finished Kara swished his semen around and swallowed it.

“That’s so cool. Jake, that was awesome. You don’t taste bad at all, I was worried it would be gross or something. You actually taste good! The head is so soft and smooth, I love the texture.” Her mouth went back over his cock and she swirled her tongue again, savouring his taste. She pulled off and licked up the one blob that had escaped and grinned up at him.