Never Let Go

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Nestling under your arm I sighed with contentment, pressing my cheek into the soft, warm cotton of your t-shirt. We were watching the season finale of Doctor Who. Again. I’d lost track of how many times we’d watched that episode, cuddled up on your sofa, each time noticing something slightly different, we loved picking out the plot inconsistencies, the dead people who breathed and so on.

Your fingers were running through my hair as the final credits rolled, and you pulled me in tight against you, holding me close.

“I wish you never had to let go.” I murmured, tipping my head back to look up at you.

“I’ll never let you go.” You told me, kissing my forehead lightly. “I’ll hold you forever if it will make you happy.”

It was all so perfect, the fact that it was dark, cold and raining outside didn’t mean anything to us, all that mattered was that we were warm inside, wrapped up in each others’ arms, the curtains drawn and the lights down low.

So what we’d been together this long and never taken our relationship any further than these evenings in, cuddling tight, or holding hands across a restaurant table. We were happy, you made me feel safe, and protected, and I trusted you, trusted you to do the right thing, to know when it was a good time to go that extra step. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me.

The DVD stopped and for a few minutes we just watched the empty blue screen, neither of us wanting to ruin the moment, or break the embrace. Your lips still resting gently on my forehead as I lay my head on your chest, listening to your hear beat, feeling the steady rise and fall of your chest. You felt so good to me.

“Do you want to watch anything else?” You asked eventually, moving away from me, just a fraction, so you could reach the remote control on the coffee table.

“Only you.” I told you simply. “I never want to leave your arms.”

You smiled at me and settled back down onto the sofa, the television screen blank before us, listening to your heart and the pattering on the rain against the window. I shuffled around slightly so I could look up and kiss you, my lips just brushing against yours. Your hand came up to my face, brushing my hair back behind my ears as you ran your tongue over my bottom lip, encouraging me. My lips parted and my tongue found yours, shuffling around more on the sofa so we were both sitting upright, turned into each other.

You pulled back, and for a few tense seconds I thought I had done something wrong, but there was a smile on your face.

“Trust me.” You whispered before your lips found mine again, once more a gentle and teasing touch before they moved down to my neck, kissing and licking a path to my collarbone and along the neck line of my t-shirt.

You eased me back so I was lying on the sofa as your hands found the bottom of my top, slowly sliding up underneath it, as you watched my face, watching for any sign Bahçelievler escort that I wanted you to stop. I didn’t want you to stop, I never wanted your hands to leave me, your lips nuzzling against my neck, your nose in my hair. You must have been able to smell my shampoo, the sweet lemon fragrance.

I pulled your face back to mine, kissing you fiercely as your hand lifted my top up over my breasts, exposing my white lace bra to your eyes.

“Don’t stop there.” I told you, I loved the way your eyes roamed over my body, taking in the swell of my breasts, the way my nipples pressed against the thin material, hardening with anticipation under your gaze.

Your eyes continued to wander, taking in the tight fit of my jeans, as you ran a hand up my thigh. I broke our kiss again to pull my top over my head, it wasn’t doing much pushed up above my breasts.

“You are far too dressed.” I teased, my hands reaching for the bottom of your t-shirt, inching it up over your chest, my eyes taking in every centimeter of skin that I exposed. I pushed you back, lying you back against the sofa arm, my head dipping so that my mouth could follow your t-shirt up and over your chest. A soft trail of kisses and licks until I lifted the top over you head and my lips found yours again, our tongues battling.

My hands lightly skimmed your chest, exploring every inch of your soft warm flesh, brushing lightly over your nipples, before breaking our kiss so my tongue could continue this exploration.

“Lie back Baby, and relax.” You told me, pushing me back onto the sofa so that you were effectively kneeling between my legs. You traced your fingertips down my neck, feather light touches here and there across my collarbone before dipping to the edges of my bra cups, gliding along the edge of the material, your thumbs occasionally brushing against my nipples through the material.

You reached around me to unclip it, every movement slow and deliberate, giving me ample opportunity to say no, to stop this before it went too much further. Why would I stop you? My skin was burning with desire for you, never had I wanted you as badly as I did then, as you pulled my bra away, your gaze settling on my exposed breasts, my nipples hard and wanting.

You gently licked my nipples, alternating between them as I placed my hands on your shoulders. You began sucking my nipples, sending waves of desire through my body. I threw her head back in enjoyment as you touched my through my jeans.

“Oh, God, yes,” I breathed as you both sucked a nipple and ran your fingers over my pubic mound.

You pressed your body against mine as you kissed me once again, deep, hungry kisses, I could feel you hard against me. Feeling myself grow wetter in anticipation as I rubbed against you, through our jeans, you still felt good. I wanted more.

“Please.” I whispered, grinding against Bahçelievler escort bayan you as best I could.

You smiled and lifted your body away from mine, kneeling back between my legs again as you reached for the button of my jeans. Slowly and teasingly, making every second feel like an eternity, I didn’t even realise I was holding my breath until I released it as you released the button.

It felt like you would take eternity as you began to inch my jeans down over my hips, slowly revealing my white cotton panties. Your finger brushing against them, grinning as you felt the ever growing damp patch.

Finally I felt the jeans slide away from my leg and heard them fall to the carpet as you carelessly tossed them aside.

“Now yours.” I instructed, I wanted to feel you again, closer this time, before making the final commitment. You didn’t say a word, just smiled reassuringly at me and deftly shed your own jeans, dropping them onto of mine on the floor.

You leaned forward to kiss me once again, one hand finding my breasts, the other teased along the waist band on my panties. I wrapped my arms around your neck and pulled you onto me. Now with just two thin layers of fabric between us I could feel you even more.

My hand slipped between us to trace the length of you through your boxers, you surprised me, but I was not sure what I had been expecting. You pressed harder against me as my fingers slid along you, softly covering every inch of you that I could through the material which you were straining so hard against.

Your hand toyed with the edge of my panties, tickling just above the waistband, delicate and gentle touches before dipping lower, brushing against my slit, that tiny barrier of cotton offering no resistance to you at all.

I could feel every touch, and it all felt amazing. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, my breathing becoming faster and shallower, my skin flushing with desire.

“Oh, yes, please.” I gasped as you pressed harder against me, your thumb sliding over my clit, creating a delightful friction with the cotton. “Please, let me feel you inside me Baby.”

You sat up slightly, kissing my lips soft and gentle, your hand still cupped around me, stroking, teasing.

“You sure?” You asked softly, I could tell how you wanted this to be right, you didn’t want me to look back and regret my decision.

“Yes.” I only gave you the one word, so there was no possible way you could think you had misinterpreted it. No extra babble to suggest nerves that weren’t there, just pure need and agreement.

“I love you Baby.” You whispered as you lowered your lips to mine again, your hands tugging at my panties, slipping them over my hips and away, before removing your own.

I gasped as you sprang free of the tight confines of your boxers, you looked so much bigger than you had felt through Escort bahçelievler the material. There was a momentary flash of doubt about how it would work, how you would fit, and you must have seen it.

“We can stop anytime you want Baby, it’s all up to you.” You reassured me, trailing soft kisses down my neck.

You lay against me once more, letting me feel you against every inch of my skin, I pulled you tight, my lips finding yours, our tongue battling as you lay hard against my wet, aching sex.

“Don’t stop, I want you.” I told you, squirming beneath you, rubbing against you, feeling you press against my clit, making me moan.

You shifted above me, changing the angle so you were teasing my entrance, you stroked my hair, your eyes locked on mine for a few moments, once again waiting, watching for any sign of discomfort. What did I ever do to deserve such consideration and love?

Slowly and steadily you pushed inside me, our eyes locked as I gasped and moaned at the sensations you were creating inside of me, the gentle stretching and then that momentary jab of pain. You continued stroking my hair, whispering words of encouragement about how good I felt around you.

You held yourself deep inside of me, as I clenched around you, letting me adjust to the feeling before you began to slowly withdraw once again.

I moaned loudly, my arms wrapping around your neck, keeping you close, kissing you as you started a slow rhythm inside me.

I pushed my hips up to meet your thrusts, letting you increase the speed and force slightly, still gently stroking and squeezing my breasts and nipples, occasionally dipping a hand down to my clit, making my shudder every time and moan louder.

“You feel so good inside me.” I breathed, panting, almost unable to string the words together.

It was so much better than anything I had ever felt by myself and I knew my orgasm was fast approaching as you kept up your strong rhythm inside me, I could feel myself tightening around you as you seemed to grow inside me. Both of us panting, shining with a thin sheen of sweat.

“I’m going to cum baby.”You whispered in my ear. “Do you want that?”

I shuddered at the mere suggestion of it, feeling my inner muscles convulse, pushing me that one step closer, my breath catching in her throat.

“Oh yes.” I managed to gasp, letting go of all control.

Feeling you drive deep into me as I convulsed and shuddered around you was pure perfection, it was all I could do to hold onto you and remember to breathe as the pleasure washed over me, again and again.

I lost track of time as I felt you burst inside of me, hot liquid deep inside me. The two of us moaning, screaming, telling each other how good it felt, how amazing we both were together, how much we loved each other.

I don’t know how long that beautiful shared moment lasted before you collapsed against me, still buried inside me, regaining your breath, brushing the hair back out of my face.

“I love you Baby, so much.” You whispered, running your fingers through my hair, kissing me softly, as you softened inside me.

“Let’s go to bed.” I suggested once we were both able to breathe normally again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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