Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Life often happens in abrupt fits and starts. Justine and I continued along with our usual routine, her belly continued to grow, along with her breasts as they prepared to start producing milk for our babies. Justine was excited about motherhood and I was excited to see if she was carrying the babies of two different fathers. She had always prided herself with being a slut and this would be the ultimate proof of this status.

Essentially two months passed before I accompanied Justine back to the ob/gyn. Wendy was there in the business office. She said hello and stood up to greet us, or so I thought. Since she was a fairly thin girl wearing a moderately tight blouse and skirt combo, it was screamingly apparently she was knocked up. With a wink to me and a smile at Justine, she handed some paperwork over to my wife and directed us to the waiting room.

I walked back to the waiting room, a little shaky because I knew what was coming, and sat down next to Justine. After a few minutes she handed me a note. It was from Wendy.

If you can’t tell, I’m pregnant. [She followed this with a happy face.] Since I’ve only been with one guy recently, I think you know who the daddy is. Don’t worry, no one in the office knows. I’m keeping it a secret.


“It looks like you have super-sperm,” Justine complimented me with a grin. “I wonder if she’s carrying twins as well.”

“Let’s hope not,” I whispered to her.

Justine laughed at me. “Maybe we should hire you out as a stud. You could start to repopulate the world in your image.”

“Ha ha,” was my only comment.

The appointment was unremarkable and other than a promise from Wendy to talk to us soon, we were out of there with no damage done.

Imagine my surprise the next day when I came from work and discovered Wendy sitting on the couch with Justine, her face obviously displaying the aftereffects of a crying jag. The two suitcases on the floor didn’t bode well either.

“Her parents kicked her out of the house for getting pregnant,” Justine explained between Wendy’s sniffles.

“You still live at home?” I asked, shocked. Once I’d left for college I never moved back to my parents’ place. It probably wasn’t the best question to ask right then.

“She’s only twenty-two,” Justine tried to explain.

I just nodded, barely hearing her voice.

“I just wanted a baby,” Wendy said. “I love babies. That’s why I work in Dr. Thomas’s office.”

When you play with fire, inevitably you’ll get burned. I should have learned that lesson a little better when I was younger. After much long discussion, it was decided that Wendy would temporarily move in with us until she could reconcile with her parents or find a place of her own. The girls mollified me with the idea that I was starting my own harem and there would be more than enough pussy for me.

They were right. With two pregnant women in the house I had more pussy, especially horny pregnant pussy, than I could ever completely fulfill. Justine always had a high sex drive, and at twenty-two Wendy wasn’t going to let youth be outpaced by experience. More than once I woke up in the morning with someone’s mouth on my cock, and that after the night before of me fucking one or both of them. In the spirit of unfulfilled sexual desire they made do with what they had at hand. More than once I found the two of them practicing their best lesbian skills on each other. You haven’t seen passionate sex until you’ve seen two pregnant women rubbing their bellies and breasts together waiting for a big cock to come along and fill them up.

On the same day that Justine started leaking mother’s milk from her breasts we were confronted at the front door with the reappearance of Patrick, our one time fuck buddy. At first I thought he was there to take Wendy on a date. But I was wrong. He simply handed Justine a sheaf of papers and walked away.

“What is it,” I asked her.

It took a few minutes to figure out that we had just been served with a subpoena. Patrick apparently wanted to exercise his genetic rights as a father.

This wasn’t going to end well.


A few calls to our lawyer, and our lawyer’s lawyers, resulted in us (Justine and me, no reason to drag Wendy into this mess) facing off against Patrick and his team of lawyers across a highly polished conference table.

“No need to involve the justice system at this time, that’s just a little to expensive,” one of his lawyers said to open up the proceedings.

Expensive? It was already costing me over $300 an hour.

The snake-oil salesman smiled his too-greasy smile. “It’s blatantly apparent that Justine is pregnant.” He gestured at her swollen belly. “And everyone is in agreement that Patrick and Justine engaged in unprotected sex.”

“That’s a matter of dispute,” my even oilier and slicker lawyer said. I liked him because he was willing to lie to win. Or at least he was willing to accept what he told him as the truth. “Justine and Patrick may have had sex, witnessed by her husband. And she might have told bursa escort both men that she was not using any birth control. But, in fact, she was. The missus led her husband to believe she was without protection—it is fetish she indulges in for him—but in fact she was using a diaphragm at the time.” He smiled smoothly.

“Sorry, hon,” Justine said to me.

I grimaced and looked away from her, just like we had practiced.

“You’re lying,” Patrick accused us.

That outburst lead to a long series of denials and accusations back and forth between the lawyers. The upshot of it was that Justine would go through a DNA analysis at her next doctor’s appointment to prove the baby was his. I decided to twist the knife just a little.

“We’ll do the test on both babies,” I told Patrick. “The twins are mine. You don’t get any part of my wife.”

All had gone according to plan.

Okay, I admit it. I liked the idea of someone else impregnating my wife, but the actual execution of someone else’s seed growing in her belly was a little much. Besides, I didn’t want to raise someone else’s child. We could have just let the lawsuit go through, get custody of the child and sue for child support. But I wasn’t going through that hassle.

Wendy had moved in to our place and made herself at home. Which was fine because she was carrying my child in her womb; and the fact that she liked to fuck both me and Justine—sometimes simultaneously—was just another good reason to keep her around.

Both women’s bellies were growing bigger daily. They had gotten to the point where we couldn’t fuck in missionary position any more. Either they had to be on top—and while I enjoyed a good cowgirl ride neither girl was able to be very energetic in her ride with her huge belly—or I had to fuck them traditional style, them on hands and knees, me fucking them from behind. I loved to watch their rounded asses and feel them pressed into my body, so it was all good. I could still leave a cream pie behind, if I wanted, but it was almost too hard to eat out of their pussies at this point. I was reduced to pulling out at the last minute and shooting my load on their backs and asses. And while as beautiful as that was, it couldn’t compare to cumming inside a nice wet pussy and flooding it with semen. I couldn’t bring myself to lick my cum off their backs, either one would clean the other or I’d rub it into their skin, always with the thought that it was supposed to be a good moisturizer. At least that’s what the rumor in college was when giving facials to freshman sorority girls was all the rage.

It was good that I had knocked up Wendy. When Justine went back into the doctor’s office it was easy enough for her to fiddle with the samples taken from both her and Justine. The results that came back showed the father of the two babies (actually all three because of Justine’s twins) was the same man—and that man most assuredly wasn’t Patrick.

Justine only made apparent to me that Patrick hadn’t just randomly encountered her on and wanted to know if she was carrying his child. He had been stalking her for some time. Apparently she had been such a good fuck that he couldn’t resist tracking her down. She had hidden this from me, until it came to a head with the lawsuit.

As they entered their third trimesters, both Justine and Wendy had started lactating in earnest. At first Justine’s began with a steady trickle at night, but because neither I or Wendy could leave my wife’s wonderful tits alone, she soon started producing milk at a prodigious rate. More often than not if she wore a top to bed at night, it would be soaked in the morning with her night’s milk. Going topless wasn’t much of a solution because that would just soak the sheets instead. I did my best to drain her breasts every night, sometimes with the able assistance of Wendy, but like any expectant mother, she always produced more.

Both girls breasts swelled like their bellies. Justine had already sported a pair that would make any woman proud, but as an expectant mother of twins she was now carrying a pair of deadly weapons that couldn’t be harnessed by any pregnancy or nursing bra she bought. Wendy was more demure, she was starting with barely a B cup, but pregnancy agreed with her and she was well into a nicely formed D cup by the time she had entered her third trimester.

Every baby has a chance to taste breast milk, but few get the chance to remember what it tastes like. I was lucky enough to sample the offerings of two women’s breasts and both were delicious. I suppose that all breast milk is somewhat similar, much like cow’s milk is similar, but I could always taste the difference between Wendy and Justine. They sampled from each other’s breasts as well—such over stimulation might have been part of Justine’s leaking problem, but we were soon to see that Wendy was just as leaky as my wife.

The one downside to all of this wonderful swelling of breasts and bellies is that the girls were far too tired to play games in bed. Too quickly our sex life had devolved into escort bursa a few minutes of breast feeding at night before the girls would pass out from the stresses of breeding. While they would allow me to suckle as long as I wanted, draining all four breasts at my leisure, and watching two prego girls sleeping together was undeniably cute, I was missing my daily fucks, blowjobs and cream pies.

I’m sure they were feeling bad for me so that’s why they decided to get me someone to help relieve me of my symptoms.

When Lydia knocked at our door I was expecting another night of a little breast suckling and jerking off to whatever porn I could find. Instead I was presented with the smiling face of an attractive Asian woman. She wasn’t incredibly beautiful or had a killer body that other women died of envy over. Lydia was just an average but attractive woman who you might pass on the street and barely take note of. That’s what made what happened next even hotter.

“I’m Lydia,” she introduced herself. “Justine and Wendy invited me over for you.”

She wasn’t dressed like a slut or a whore, just an striking purple dress that clung to her shapely curves. Justine had never hired a working girl for me before, but there’s a first time for everything.

I invited her in—the girls were asleep so we’d have some privacy—and said the first stupid thing that came into my head. “I should probably thank my wife for finding me a prostitute for a little relief.”

Lydia tilted her head to the side, puzzled for a moment, and then comprehended my confusion. “Oh, I’m not a prostitute. I’m a housewife.” She held up her left hand and flashed me her wedding band. “I just like to have a sex on the side. You’re wife seemed nice enough and she thought we could help each other out.”

I blushed at my stupidity. “Sorry, didn’t mean to insult you like that.”

With a casual wave she dismissed my apology. “Some girls might consider it a compliment. I’ve met my share of escorts around here and they are all very beautiful.”

Either she was being well-paid to get me laid or was as eager as I was to get her rocks off.

“How did Justine find you?” I asked as my prick started getting hard in my pants.

“Craigslist,” she answered. She looked around our living room a bit. We were keeping our voices low, not wanting to disturb Justine and Wendy’s slumber. “Do you want to get right to it, or should we have a drink first?”

“I’m not thirsty,” I replied. “But I am horny.” I grinned. I felt stupid. I hadn’t tried to seduce anyone by myself since I first hooked up with Justine. Ever since then we had gone hunting together. It felt weird to go it alone again.

She brightened. “Me too. Alcohol just dulls the senses anyway. Right here in the living room or do we go somewhere else?”

“Guest bedroom,” I said, taking her hand and guiding her down the hallway. Our house was set up with the master bedroom suite on one end, the living room and kitchen in the middle, and everything else on the other side. We had installed Wendy in the guest bedroom—which had lasted all of two days before she made a de facto move into our bedroom. That was okay because there was plenty of room in our king-sized bed. When I opened the door to the room Lydia immediately noticed the feminine touch.

“Looks like someone has been living here recently.”

“It used to be Wendy’s bedroom before she moved into our bed,” I said, a little nervous now that we had arrived at our destination.

“Justine told me about her,” Lydia commented, moving about the room, taking note of the very simple décor. “I’ve never known anyone to be fully involved in a ménage a trois before. Well, on a long term basis at least; I’ve known lots of people who have had three-ways.”

“Yeah, it’s strange. We just kind of fell into it. We didn’t plan on having her as a permanent part of lives.”

“You excited about being a father?” she asked me, kicking off her shoes.

“Yes,” I answered proudly. And I was.

“Three at once is going to be a lot to handle.”

“Justine told you about that too?”

Lydia laughed. “I’ve never known a man who’s knocked up two women at the same time and both were happy about it. But let’s stop talking about them. Come over here and undress me.”

That was a simple command to follow. She turned around when I got to her, pulled her long black hair out of the way to expose her dress zipper. I was more than a head taller than Lydia, something that was only apparent to me when I stood next to her. It didn’t matter. The zipper went down and the purple silk puddled at her feet. She delicately stepped out of the material and boldly let my eyes rake over her body.

Her bra and panties were lavender, just a slightly lighter color than the dress. The bra was slightly push-up and see-through. I could see the outline of her dark, erect nipples through the bra cups. And like a demure housewife she wore proper panties, not a thong, but still made of silk. The panties clung to her curves, hiding nothing. There was bursa escort bayan just the hint of moisture starting to seep through the material covering her pussy. It was obvious she shaved her pubes.

“Your turn,” she told me.

She sat down on the edge of the bed as I stripped off my clothes. I was eager, too eager, perhaps and before I knew it I was naked with my cock sticking up and out, hard and ready. “You’re eager,” she said, slipping off the corner of the bed and kneeling in front of me. In that position her mouth was the perfect height to accept my cock, which she did happily and eagerly. Lydia, I discovered, was an accomplished cocksucker. She managed to take all of my length into her mouth and throat, letting her nose come to rest against my trimmed pubic hair. She looked up at me as she slowly backed off, letting just the head linger in her mouth as she licked and sucked a minute, then released me entirely.

She cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my shaft with the other. “You’re pretty big,” she said. “I’ve had bigger, but too big is just annoying. Those guys think they know how to fuck just because they’re oversized. You’re just the right length and diameter. You fit nicely in my mouth.”

“I wonder how I’ll fit in your cunt.”

She laughed and tossed her hair out of her face, it had swept forward when she had started sucking me. “You’ll fit nicely I’m sure.”

“I want to cum in your mouth first. Then I want to cum in your cunt.”

This apparently wasn’t going to happen. She shook her head at me as she continued to stroke my length. “Nope. You’re going to cum only in my cunt. That’s where I like it.”

“Then why did you leave your panties on?” I asked her.

Out my cock came from her mouth and she answered. “I only give blowjobs when I’m wearing panties.”

“Why is that?” I asked. It seemed ridiculous to have such a long conversation when I was trying to get laid.

Looking up at me with the most innocent of expressions, Lydia said, “When my panties are off I need something in my pussy. A finger, a cock, a dildo. Something.”

“That must be hell,” I told her.

She grinned. “It’s actually great.” My cock went back into her mouth and she sucked me so hard it felt like I was hooked up to an industrial vacuum. I reached down and slipped her bra straps off her shoulders, then down further where I unhooked the back strap letting the lilac-colored garment fall. She barely noticed, but moved her arms to disentangle them from the straps. I admired her nipples, hard and erect, dark brown and waiting to be sucked.

I pushed her away. “I want to fuck you now.”

Lydia was more than eager to comply. She stood up and jumped on the bed, rolling over, going tits up, her legs bent at the knees, feigning some modesty. “Take my panties off with your teeth,” she ordered me.

That order I was happy to obey. I pushed my face into her panty-covered crotch, spreading her thighs apart. Before I took her silk undies in my mouth, I inhaled deeply, breathing in her scent, admiring the moisture seeping through the material. Only then did I get the elastic between my lips and teeth and pulled the last garment off her body. They stuck to her pussy for just a moment as I slid the smooth silk down her thighs, then they pulled away from her wetness, releasing her scent into the air.

Her pussy was completely shaven, as had been promised by her tight, clinging panties. This didn’t particularly thrill me because I’m not a fan of total hairlessness, but any time a woman is proud enough of her pussy to prepare it for her sex partners, I’m always happy. After tossing her panties aside, I found I couldn’t resist her scent and dove between her legs. Her pussy was tasty, a bit musky but not overly strong or filled with some artificial scent. After a minute or two of sucking, kissing and licking her already over-lubricated sex, Lydia put the heel of her hand to my forehead and forced my head away from her cunt.

“Enough,” she breathed heavily. “I need you inside me!”

“Should I get a condom?”

“fuck no!” She reached down between us, searching for my still-hard prick. She grabbed me hard and pulled me into her. I sunk all the way down into her moist folds. Lydia, without doubt, had the warmest, wettest, tightest pussy I’d ever fucked. But I’d never tell that to my wife. “I need you to cum inside of me.”

That would be easy enough to do. She was beautiful and a good fuck. I moved in close to her, laying as much skin on skin as possible, as if I were making love to my wife and not just fucking a near-stranger. She wound her legs around mine pulling me close into her. It was so natural that I pressed my lips to hers and let my tongue slide into her mouth.

Our fucking was initially slow and steady, but that lasted for only a minute before I met my anxiety level and started thrusting fast and furious. Lydia knew what was happening and responded to my sudden change of pace accordingly. Her hips came up to meet my reaching cock and before I knew it, I had lost control and was shooting my load into her cunt. She locked her short legs around me, trying to pull me deeper into her. One of her hands went down to our love knot, found my balls and gently squeezed my sack to encourage me to completely empty into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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