New Home


We finally got our own place, and upon arriving home from work one day, you are nowhere to be found. I go to the bedroom to get out of my work clothes and into something a little more comfy, when I find a note. “Come to the basement.” I finish changing into my old pajama pants and an old t-shirt before following your instructions. As I open the basement door, I notice a small glow and not much else. I reach for the light and find another note, “Don’t even think about turning the light on, and shut the door,” so I do as I’m instructed. I get to the foot of the stairs and am almost totally blinded by the darkness, except for the small glow coming from the other room. As I start to head toward the light, you sneak up behind me, blindfold me, and lead me to the other room where you have what I’m assuming is a couch and a candle, but other than that, my senses are of no help. As we enter the room, you shove me, face down, over the arm of the couch, I hear your pocket knife open, and feel you leaning over me

“What are you planning on doing with that?” I asked.

“Don’t make me gag you,” was the response I got, and then you bit the back of my neck. The next thing I know, I feel the knife’s cold, hard steel touch the middle of my bicep where my shirt sleeve is. “Hope you aren’t wearing good clothes” and I shook my head. “Good.” I then felt slight pressure as you cut my shirt off me. Once you got it cut to a point where you could easily rip it off, you did, and proceeded to roughly grab my arm and turn me onto my back. “I want to watch those perky titties bounce.”

Slowly and roughly, you started biting and sucking on my neck and collar bone, as I start to moan louder, you remind me about the gag being within reach. As soon as I quieted down, I felt a firm slap on my left tit and started squirming like crazy. You then bit my nipple…hard enough that I almost yelped in pain, then you were gone again, but just long enough to drop to your knees so you could get a better view as you cut my pants and panties off.. Once I was completely naked, you brought your face to my pussy and started biting. Gently at first and then progressively harder. When my moans started getting loud for the third time, you moved your face and slapped my pussy almost a little too hard. “I said shut the fuck up, and you had better not move. Do you understand me?” I nodded in agreement and you left for what felt like forever. “Open your mouth,” so I did and felt the cold, hard rubber of the gag in my mouth. “I think we are going to need this since you can’t seem to listen to me tonight, and I plan on getting a whole lot rougher.”

I then felt you between my thighs again, and instead of your usual one or two fingers, you rammed three into my sopping wet pussy. I couldn’t stop my hips from bucking and meeting your fingers, and this irritated you so you pulled your fingers out and slapped my pussy again, just as hard as the last time. “I said don’t fucking move, so you better concentrate because I fully intend to watch as you take my ENTIRE hand, and maybe a couple fingers in that tight little ass.”

I laid there and counted as you Bycasino slammed your three fingers into my dripping wet hole. One…two…three…four…five…..six thrusts, and then a fourth finger. Six hard thrusts (or maybe it was seven) with four fingers. I could feel my pussy stretching over your knuckles with every thrust. It hurt, yet was strangely the best pain I have ever experienced.

” I hope you are ready for this, because I am not going to stop until you take it all.” and with that, you spit on my clit and shoved your thumb in as well. As you felt my pussy stretching to accommodate your fist, you said, “yeah. That’s it. Take it all. I know you can, and I know you like it!”

As I started to wriggle again, you shoved your fist all the way in and two (or maybe it was three) fingers in my ass, “you are really having a hell of a time listening to me tonight, aren’t you?” if it wasn’t for the gag, I would have been screaming. It hurt so bad, but oh my god did it ever feel SO GOOD!

You then pulled your fingers out of me. “I want you on your hands and knees.” I rolled over, and you shoved your fist back in my pussy and your fingers back in my ass, and fucked me so hard. “Play with yourself. I want to feel you cum all over me.” I was eager to meet your demand, because by this time I DESPERATELY NEEDED to cum. I reached down between my legs and started to rub my clit. The faster I rubbed, the rougher you got.. I started to tense up, and you started fucking me faster and so hard it hurt. “You like that, you dirty bitch?” I nodded and came so hard. “That’s it. You are going to keep cumming until I feel like it’s enough.. If I don’t feel your pussy cumming, I WILL see just how much your tight little asshole will take with my fist still buried!”

This was one order I FULLY intended to follow. After what felt like forever, you finally pulled your fist out of my sopping wet pussy and shoved another finger in my ass. “That’s it. You’re such a good little girl tonight. Do you like feeling all those fingers stretching you?” Again I nodded. “Do you want to know how many fingers I have in that tight ass?” Another nod. “Four. And you like it, don’t you?”

After what felt like forever, you finally yanked your fingers out of my ass. “You can stop cumming now. Damn, you are finally starting to listen. Good girl.”

You grabbed my hips and I felt your rock hard, throbbing cock on my asshole. “Since you just took almost my whole hand, I know you can take this. Are you ready?” As I nodded, you pulled my hips and slammed your dick into my ass and for a few thrusts you fucked me harder than you ever have before. Then you stopped and pulled almost all the way out, only leaving the head inserted. “I want to try something since you can’t tell me to stop.” And with that, you shoved your fingers back in my ass with your cock still inserted. Before I knew it, you were fucking me with your fingers and your cock at the same time. “Play with your pussy!” And you brought your free hand up and pinched my nipple so hard!

All of a sudden, you stopped everything. “I want you on your back” so I flipped Bycasino giriş over. You then pulled me so my ass was almost hanging off the edge of the couch . I then felt your fingers back at the opening of my pussy. If it wasn’t for the gag still in my mouth, I would have been moaning again as I felt your fingers slowly tease the opening. I was really getting into the teasing when you slammed four fingers back inside me. “You said DP was your favorite position, right?” I shook my head in agreement and your fist re-entered my dripping wet hole. “That’s it…take that fist again! I love watching it disappear into you!” There was some awkward adjustment as you figured out how to get your cock in my ass without removing your hand. You finally figured it out and I was stretched further than ever before.

As I drug my nails down your back, you pulled your fist out and thrust a few more times before you pulled out and shot your hot cum all over my pussy. I tried to get up, and you shoved me back down on the couch. “Did I say you could move yet?” You spread my legs wide and I started to feel your cum slide down my clit, over my hole, and across my ass. I then felt your hands on the inside of my thighs, holding them open. “I’m not even CLOSE to being done with you yet.” Then I felt your tongue, starting at the bottom of my asshole and working upward, you completely cleaned your cum off me.

“Now come here,” you said as you pulled me off the couch. Still laying on my back, you straddled my tummy and grabbed my wrists, one in each hand, and held them above my head as you kissed me, slow and deep. Then I felt rope around my wrist…then the other one…then one ankle…then the other. Now I can’t see, move, or make noise and I’m getting wet all over again.. You grab my tits, and start rubbing and pinching my nipples. Then you start sucking and biting on them.. As you start biting down my belly, I am getting wetter with each painful bite. When you get to just above where the hair should start, you gently start licking, then I feel your fingers rubbing my wetness. “Oh, yeah. That’s a good girl. Nice and wet.”

Then you adjusted, I’m assuming to get a better view, and started fingering me again. One finger, but I’m so wet I can hardly feel it. A painful bite on my clit. Then another finger. Another bite. Another finger. Another bite. A fourth finger. Another bite, and very slowly and painfully, I feel your thumb being forced into my pussy. “I love the watching you swallow my fist!” and you shove it the rest of the way in, clear to your wrist. You twist it. Back and fourth…back and fourth. You yank it out with agonizing force. Then, without un-fisting your hand, you slowly push it back in and repeat. “You remember the night when I told you I wanted to see how much I could stretch your ass? Well, tonight is the night.” and you yanked your fist back out of me.

I feel your finger at my ass. Slowly rubbing and teasing, then just the tip…then two fingertips are rubbing and teasing…then three. “That should be good to start.” and you slowly and painfully start to push them into me. “I like Bycasino deneme bonusu the way that looks, too.” I then feel your tongue back on my clit, you pull your fingers out, and I feel another finger teasing my ass. I tried to squirm away, but the ropes served their purpose and held me right where you wanted me. “This is going to hurt, are you ready?” I shook my head “no” but it didn’t stop you. I feel a sharp pain as I feel my tight hole being forced to accommodate a fourth finger. “I want you to take it all. Just like you do with your pussy.” Just as fear sets in, I feel your tongue on my pussy again and all fear is forgotten.

I’m getting stretched like never before and I feel your other hand at the opening of my pussy. I have just enough time to realize what you are trying to accomplish before you start pushing fingers into my pussy. I couldn’t even begin to guess how many. Part of me wanted you to stop, knowing you had no intentions of stopping, and part of me wanted more. You start moving your hands, one in, one out, one in, one out, one in, one out. I was starting to get use to the massive stretching of my holes, and you noticed.

“You like that, don’t you,? You’re such a dirty little slut, and you LIKE having my fists in your holes.”

I nodded “yes”, and just as I did, I felt one fist in my tight asshole and the other being pushed into my soaked pussy. It was the most pleasurable pain I had ever felt in my entire life! Just as I thought I couldn’t possibly take much more, I felt your tongue back on my clit. I started to tense up, and you knew that if you didn’t stop soon I was going to cum again.

“Not yet. You have to wait until I TELL you that you can cum, and I’m not ready for you to yet.”

With both fists still in place, you sat up, and I felt the head of your cock at the opening of my pussy. Before you proceed, you ask me, “If I untie your wrists, are you still going to be my naughty little whore…are you still going to listen to me?”

I nodded in agreement again, and you untied my wrists. Still teasing my fisted pussy with your cock, you tell me that since your hands are occupied that you want me to play with my tits and I do. I start rubbing and teasing my nipples. “I want you to pinch your nipples just like I would,” so I did. “Harder, you know I am not in a mood to be that gentle!” , and as I did, you pushed your cock into my fisted pussy, with your other fist still buried in my ass. Before I knew it, you had both fists and your cock buried deep inside me. “Slowly drag your nails down your chest and belly…that’s good. Now bring your hand to your knee and scratch your leg all the way down to your pussy, but DON”T TOUCH it!” “That’s nice. I love the marks you are leaving all over your body,” and you started fucking me harder. “Now gently start teasing your clit, but if you make yourself cum, I WILL stop, and you WILL be cut off for a VERY long time!” So I started tickling my clit, ever so gently. “Now, with your other hand, I want you to get rough with your tits.” OMG!! I’m going to cum. I stop playing with my pussy to regain my composure. “Getting close again already?” I nodded. “Good. So am I and I want you to cum at the same time I do. Now rub that clit like you mean it and keep pinching your nipples. I’m going to fill that pussy!” I felt your cock start to pulse, and I swear I have never cum that hard in my entire life!!!