New Horizon Ch. 01

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As he drove into town Richard saw the ‘M’ ahead. Time for a big Mac and fries he thought as he parked.

He got a local paper from a vending machine and went into McDonald’s. With his order and the paper on his tray he headed for a quiet corner. He ate and scanned the ads looking for somewhere to live. After several minutes he got 3 possible apartments selected then set about checking for work opportunities. It took him several more minutes to locate 2 possibilities. Feeling relieved all round, he sat back and relaxed.

. He decided on the second apartment that he looked at. After getting the rental details sorted out he went about getting the things he needed and getting settled in.

Day one was a long and arduous day, he ended it having a cold beer and some pizza in a sports bar a short distance away. The bar wasn’t all that busy he noticed as he sat back and enjoyed the pepperoni and mushroom pizza and savored the cool Coors Light beer.

Looking for the waitress he noticed a young woman sitting at a corner table by herself. The waitress was putting a glass of beer down on her table. Richard waved and pointed at the waitress. The young woman spoke to her and she looked toward Richard as he held up his glass, and a finger indicating that he would like another beer.

Touching a forefinger to his forehead and toward the young woman indicating thank you. She gave a little nod and smiled quietly, like a bit embarrassed yet pleased.

The waitress came over with Richards drink. As she placed it on table he said quietly to her. “If the young lady wants another drink allow me to pay for it please, OK?”

“Oh OK, who shall I say the drink is from”.

“Richard. That is my name, not a phony one”. He said, smiling at the waitress.

“No problem. I haven’t seen you in here before have I? The waitress asked.

“I just moved into town today from out West a way’s”. Richard replied, and asked, “Do you have hot meals here at all?”

“No not really, just the pizza. They tried a small menu once but it didn’t work I’m afraid.” She replied screwing up her face. “About a block West theirs a Chinese eatery that’s pretty nice. It’s quiet and kind of romantic, and the food is good too.” She added with a smile.

Richard had glanced at her hand and saw no ring and wondered if she was possibly available or not. She was attractive, a nice figure and ash blond hair. Not like some waitresses she wore very little makeup or eye shadow to mask her pleasant features.

“Chinese food you say, now theirs a plus. I like Chinese food a lot. Do you like it?”

“Well now, are you hitting on me Mr. Richard.” the waitress said with a cheeky smile. “We’ve only just met and haven’t been formally introduced, or anything hmm” A glitter in her eye’s.

“Hitting on you, well not really. But you are an attractive woman. I apologize Miss my name is Richard. If you don’t have an engagement when you are finished work I would love to take you to dinner to try to make up for being so kind of forward.” Richard said, grinning from ear to ear.

“How can a girl refuse such a nice offer from a fella. I’m Janet, its nice to meet you Richard.” The waitress replied with a grin and slightly flushed cheeks. “I have to get back to work else we’ll be able to leave a lot earlier, if you get my drift.” She and left to get a drink order from another group of people.

Richard watched Janet as she was working. He guessed her to be in her early thirties with an attractive figure.

Having finished his pizza and beer he went to the bar to pay his tab. “I have to get a few groceries. What time are you off, I’ll come back meet you here.” He said.

“I’m off at eleven tonight, but are we kidding around here or what? Janet said raising her eyebrows.

“No. I’d love to take you out to supper.”

“Wow, eh, OK. I’ll see you outside at eleven then.” Janet said all flustered as she handed his change to him. Their fingers touched briefly. Richard gently squeezed her fingers as he took his change. Janet bit on her bottom lip nervously letting her fingers linger momentarily.

Richard found a grocery store and did his shopping. After putting the food away he sat down and wondered how the date would go and what he’d find out about Janet.

He wondered was he going to need to get some protection or not. He decided it wasn’t necessary, but it was an interesting thought however.

. After a shave and a leisurely shower he put on clean jeans and a fresh shirt locking the door behind him Richard headed back to the sports bar. As he sat on a bench seat and waited outside. He watched people as they passed by, idly wondering where they lived and what they did for a living. It was a pleasant warm evening, nice for a relaxing walk.

“Hello stranger,” a soft voice said as a hand touched his shoulder softly. Janet came around the end of the bench and sat next to Richard.

“You got me looking in the wrong direction, not a good start. I’m a people watcher I guess. It’s nice to see you and not at work. Are you hungry? istanbul escort I suggested the Chinese restaurant but maybe you would rather go somewhere else?”

“Chinese is fine for me.” Janet said fidgeting with hem of her jacket.

“My car is across the street.” Richard replied, taking her hand in his. They sat hand in hand for a couple of minutes. As they got up Janet squeezed Richards’s hand tenderly, letting it go she linked her arm in his as they prepared to cross the street.

“Which one is yours?” Janet asked. Seeing three cars along the opposite curb.

“The old black Mustang, It doesn’t a CD player or stuff like that but it runs well”.

As they got to his car Richard went around and opened the door for Janet to get in. Her skirt rode up thigh a ways as she got in. Exposing soft pink skin that she left uncovered as she slid across the bench seat as Richard got in. Janet was sitting up close to him as they drove off. “Am I heading in the right direction?” Richard asked quietly.

“Yes, do you know where McDonald’s is?” she asked.

“Yes it’s a block ahead on the right”. Richard replied. “OK, the Golden Dragon restaurant is on the next block and it is on the right as well”. Janet replied.

“So where are you staying in town?” she asked quietly.

“At the Rosewell Apartments, it’s an older block. I think it’ll become really cozy after a while” Richard said and added “I have a one bedroom apartment on the second floor. Do you live close by?” He asked her.

“Over on LeRoy Avenue in the Tisdale Suites. Like yours its a one bedroom unit”. She said and added that it was a short bus ride to her place.

“I’ll see you home after supper. No bus riding when you are with me”. Richard said quite forcefully.

“That’s so sweet”. Janet said as she patted his thigh gently, she left her hand on his thigh and rested her

“Ah here we are, the Golden Dragon”. Richard said as he pulled into the parking lot and parked. He went around and opened the door for her to get out of the car and as she did he took her hand. Walking hand in hand till they reached the entrance. Richard reached across in front of Janet to open the restaurant door. His hand brushed against her blouse over her chest. “Sorry” he exclaimed.

“That’s OK”. Was all that Janet said, her cheeks a bit flushed. She was a bit uneasy on the outside yet she felt warm and excited at the same time, by what had happened, and what she felt emotionally and physically.

A waitress showed them to a table that was in a corner. The overall atmosphere was pleasant and romantic, with subdued lighting and soft Asian style music. Richard took one of Janet hands and lightly kissed it. Janet wriggled in her seat a bit, that kiss had done it for her. She moved a foot and her shoe touched one of Richards’s loafers accidentally and she moved her foot away.

The waitress came over and asked, “Can I get you anything to drink?

“Would you like some wine with supper? Richard asked Janet as he looked at her.

“That would be nice, wine with supper, yes please.” Janet replied.

“Can we see the wine list please? Richard asked the waitress.

“I’ll be right back”. The waitress said as she turned and went to the bar, returning with the wine list for them.

“What would you prefer white or red wine? Richard asked Janet.

“I prefer white to red but I don’t mind really”. Janet replied

Richard looked at the white wine selection for a short while, looking up at the waitress “can we have a bottle of St Helena please”. He handed the list back to the waitress as he felt a shoe touch his foot gently, for a moment then gone. He decided to slip a foot out of one of his loafers, moving it he felt a shoe and rubbed it softly with the side of his foot, as he did she moved her leg so her knee was touching his for a moment then gone.

“I think you are an interesting guy, what do you do in your spare time, other than play an interesting game of cat and mouse”.

“Well lets see now, I like hiking and camping. I’m not into sports otherwise. A good who done it I find pretty worthwhile at times. So how about you, what grabs your interest Janet?

“A good book is a good investment for me as well. I used to like going out and dancing but that’s lost its appeal for me. I’ve never been hiking but when I was a kid, used to go camping with my parents. Just a few times that’s all. I like swimming though. Do you swim at all?

As Richard was about to reply the waitress came with their wine and two glasses. She proceeded to open the bottle and poured some for him to sample.

“Thank you that is fine”.

The waitress poured two glasses of wine and asked. “Are you ready to order or shall I return in a couple of minutes”.

“Yes give us a couple of minutes please”. Richard replied with a smile.

They made their selection and when the waitress returned gave there order.

“Yes I like swimming, I wouldn’t say that I’m all that good at it. I do like avcılar escort it a lot though. I remember one hike I did; I was in a forest of fir trees. I went over a rise and found myself in world of devastation. From a previous forest fire that had ravaged the area. All the trees were burnt; only the undergrowth was growing back on the trail.

In the distance I saw a lake and headed toward it. The trail led down to a couple of shells of small cottages and a little ember-covered beach. I’d been hiking for about three hours so decided to find a spot as best I could and put up my tent and settled in for the night.

I cleared a little area of sand down to the water and waded in a ways. The water was clear and cold. When I got up in the morning I had breakfast, stripped off and ran and dove in for a swim. It was cold but very invigorating”. Richard said,

“Hm that would have been a nice spot before the fire, it was really quiet I bet”. Janet said as she had some wine.

The waitress arrived with a stand and a tray, as she put the assorted dishes on the table Janet and Richard remained quiet and sipped their wine. As there waitress was putting there plates in front of them she said.” the plates are hot OK. Enjoy your meal”. With that she left them to themselves.

“Do you mean you were swimming in the nude? Janet remarked, a cheeky grin on her face and a glint in her eyes.

“Yes as I came into the world. You never swam in the nude. It is a great feeling, at one with nature. You should try it, really. I bet you’d love it. It’s hard to describe really what it feels like other than good. I

Under the table he moved his shoe less foot, gently caressing the top of her shoe. As he did Janet slid her foot out a bit so Richards foot caressed her lower leg gently.

“You have a very fertile mindset. I must say the thought is intriguing though. I bet you looked a real hunk and really sexy stepping out of the water all glistening in the sun”. As Janet was talking Richard was pouring more wine for them. “It casts a very sensual image, you sexy guy you”. She said as she lifted her glass and took a sip. She slid her leg back away from Richards’s foot; his foot was starting to excite her to the point that she would be showing it if she wasn’t careful. Inside she was nervously enjoying the flirtation, it was a feeling she had sort of felt before in a cruder far less intriguing sensual way.

Out with a couple of girl friends and had got a bit drunk. While still at the bar they met a couple

of out of town baseball player who also were somewhat drunk. One of them took a shine to Janet and made a pass at her, draping an arm around her shoulders and dropped a hand over breast started squeezing it in a wantonly manner. This turned Janet off after pushing him away she turned around and left the bar both mad and insulted. Richard on the other hand was being discrete in his flirting with her. All this was making her hormones race and in so much was raising her level of excitement to the point of putting small beads of perspiration on her upper lip.

“You have got away from dancing, really. Me I never was into dancing, I like listening to music and tapping my feet or fingers in time but I don’t have any interest in dancing”. Richard said quietly as he shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s not for everybody I guess, most girls love to dance, I’m like you; just like listening to the music”. Janet replied, “What’s your taste in movies Richard. My guess is action stories?

“Some action or a good who done it can be really entertaining as well. How about a real sexy story? He added. A cheeky grin formed on his face giving his eyes s clearness that made them sparkle.

“Mystery stories I agree are interesting. I like a romance if it has a good story line. Hm, you intrigue me. “. She said… Her eyes were sparkling as well and a flush came over her cheeks. She was lost for words.

“Have you seen ‘Sons and lovers’ by D.H Lawrence. Now that is romantic and quite sexy as well”. Richard said. He slid his foot out and caressed Janet’s leg again, softly caressing the side of it, slowly up and down, a couple of times. This time Janet slid her leg out a bit, enjoying the caresses.

There meal was finished and the wine was gone when their waitress came by. “Can I get you some coffee sir? She asked.

Richard looked at Janet and she nodded. “Yes please and some cream”. He replied.

“Very good sir, thank you” the waitress said.

“Excuse me, I have to go pay a call” Janet said as she pushed her chair back from the table. Leaving the table she slid her hand across Richards shoulders. As she walked away her hips were swaying gently in a sensual way.

On the way to the bathroom Janet’s mind was in a whirl. Her emotions were running at high speed and making her feel very excited and quite nervous at the same time. She could feel her nipple pressing against her bra as she breathed. Looking the mirror she saw that they were showing through her blouse as well. This brought a şirinevler escort blush to her cheeks and a warm intimate feeling along her inner thighs. She splashed some cold water on her face to try and settle her emotions down a bit, before she went back to the table.

After a few minutes she walked out of the bathroom and went and sat down. “That feels better,” she said as she put some cream in the waiting coffee. “What was the movie you mentioned” Janet added.

“Sons and lovers by D H Lawrence” Richard said quietly.

“No I haven’t seen it, the title sounds a bit familiar though. Wasn’t it a book first? Janet asked,

“Yes that’s right, quite the story so I understand”. Richard said and added “A rollicking romance in more ways than one, you say you like a romance if it has a good story line. I think that one does, he was a classic writer in his time”. Said Richard. After a pause he asked Janet “is there a movie theater in town?

“Movie Theater, yes there is. The Galaxy cinema on ‘Main Street’. She replied, and then added that there is a movie rental store as well across from the sports bar. Where Richards’s car was parked.

They finished there coffee and headed for the cashier. Richard paid the bill and they went out. Strolled slowly to the car “I had better get you home young lady otherwise you won’t want to see me again. You may not anyway! Richard said as he opened the door for Janet. As she slid into the front seat her skirt rode up her soft thigh a bit, she eased it down to her knees as he closed the door. Going around the back Richard got in. As he closed the door he asked Janet “Which way sweet lady?

“If you go to the first set of lights and turn left,” Janet said as she sidled closer to Richard. “Why wouldn’t I want to see you again”? Janet said as she placed a hand on her thigh next to his. A finger strayed and lightly touched Richards, after a few moments she moved it back away from his leg.

As Richard turned he said, “I don’t know, I think I would like to see you again. Maybe go to a movie or just go for a coffee even”.

“I’d like see you again as well. Where that car came from the right, turn right, a couple of blocks there is a parking lot at the edge of a small park”.

“OK, I’m glad that you would like for us to see each other again. I’m just your average guy nothing special. Where shall we park?

“Over near the concession stand is by the end of the park”. Janet said. A little flutter in her voice from nervous excitement

“Is it a big park, I see lights along the pathway”. Richard said as he got out of the car.

“It is a fair size I guess. There is a pond over there and a wooded area as well. It goes out to the highway about a mile in front of where are”. Janet said as she walked around the front of the car. As she got to Richard she reached out and took his hand in hers and walked across the curb and onto the grass

Her hand felt soft and warm in Richards. He squeezed it gently; as he did she pulled her arm down to her side and pulled him closer to her.

Her head leaned a bit to rest against Richards shoulder. She gently rubbed the back of her hand against Richards thigh then moved her hand so the back of his was pressed up against her thigh.

They strolled slowly across the grass onto the footpath and slowly wandered further into the deserted park. The path went over a small rise and down into a small valley with a bit of a copse on one side and a flowerbed on the other. In front of the flowerbed was bench seat. Just beyond the seat the path curved to the right and went up a slight incline passing through some bushes.

As Janet and Richard were coming near the trees they heard a soft giggle followed by a soft sigh. They walked slowly past the bushes to come across a pair of lovers deeply engrossed in each other. Richard stopped and gently pulled Janet back so they were out of sight to the rapt lovers.

Richard squatted down and Janet beside him, her hand still in his. As they watched the love game evolve Janet squeezed Richards hand. She moved her hand closer to her side and his pressed against her thigh. He caressed her thigh softly yet with a warm determination. He partially let her hand go but she pressed his hand against the top of her thigh and pressed on it as she rubbed it over her dress-covered leg. Richard glanced at Janet’s face, she was biting her bottom lip her cheeks very flushed, her nostrils flared.

“Oh John that feels so good”. Was whispered by the young woman. Janet gasped softly. Richard looked to see what had happened and saw the young mans head buried between the woman’s thighs as he made passionate love to her cunt. He was sucking her love lips into his mouth and stretching them out. Lapping her love bud with the tip of his tongue.

Richard felt Janet’s hand squeezing his hand against her upper thigh. He stood slowly and pulled Janet up and turned her away from the carnal scene and slowly walked back down the path, he had put an arm around her shoulders, his hand dangled off her shoulder and Janet took it in hers and eased it down toward her heaving breast.

“Oh Richard” she whispered in a shaky whisper. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, my heart is pounding like crazy. I bet the movie Sons and lovers isn’t anywhere near that”. She squeezed Richards’s hand pressed to her breast.

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