Next Door Neighbors Ch. 4

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I slept like a baby all night just thinking about enjoying both Tom and Kara together and was still asleep as Jerry got home. The shower woke me up and I got up and looked out the window, still in only my panties as Jerry came in. I felt frisky and went over and rubbed my bare tits against Jerry’s hairy chest, he just kissed me and got into bed and I got dressed and went downstairs, figures.

I heard a knock at the front door and opened it to find Kara smiling at me, “Can you come over for some fun?” she whispered.

“Love to,” I beamed back at her, tasting her tight pussy already, “You can ride with me,” she said and we left. We got to her house and went to the basement and locked in a very passionate kiss. Her tongue dueled with mine for penetration of the other’s mouth and our hands groped each other’s bodies. I was on fire as we broke and we quickly stripped and she led me back to the weight bench and got between my legs and her tongue felt like heaven on my aching pussy as she licked me.

My hands grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth tight against my pussy as I came and hot flashes went through me. She tied me down again, but this time, I welcomed it and anticipated her using me. After she had me bound hand and foot, she straddled my face and lowered her dripping cunt to my lips and I lapped her furiously, wanting her to cum as I had and she didn’t disappoint me. Her pussy ground my face as her orgasm ripped through her and she screamed my name out loud, her juices running over me as I tried to lap them up. When she came back down from her orgasm, she raised herself and I saw her open the basement door and her boyfriend come in, oh that wonderful cock of his and I licked my lips.

She said she had to go out for a little bit and that her boyfriend would see to it that I wasn’t lonely and she laughed. Ronald tore his clothes off and rubbed his huge cock over my lips, letting it dip inside every once in awhile and then he straddled my face and held this donkey dick just above my lips and as I encircled it, he lowered it into my mouth. His tongue began to ravage my sopping wet pussy as I sucked his monster cock, trying to take more of it as it pressed against the opening of my throat.

He licked my asshole as he sucked my crotch and I imagined the feeling of him being in my ass again and I came, and his cock made it into my throat and fucked me there as I screamed and sucked. I felt his cock swell and his juice poured directly down my throat as I fought to breath through my nose and swallow him. Ronald lay there as his cock slowly deflated and I could breathe through my mouth again and then got up and jacked himself until he was hard again and headed for my waiting ass. I took his cock up my ass this time with a lot less trouble than the last, my ass was getting used to swallowing cocks now.

His balls slapped my ass cheeks as he drove into me, delighting at my ass wrapped around his hard tool, I soon thrust back to meet him, as much as my bindings would allow. I wished my hands were free, so I could squeeze my nipples as I watched them heaving up as he drove into me.

His cock swelled again and my ass was rewarded with another one of his wonderful loads, filling me up. After he got up, his cell phone rang and he went to answer it, “Be right there,” I heard him say. He came over and untied me and got dressed and said his mom was just in an accident and he had to go. I dressed and since I rode escort gaziantep bayan sitesi with Kara, was forced to walk home, delighting in Ronald’s cum in my ass as I walked.

When I got home, I saw Kara’s car in front of the house, and I heard moans as I went inside. I crept up the steps to find Kara on top of Jerry and she was fucking the shit out of him! No wonder he was never interested in me! His hands squeezed her tits as she rode him and I heard her cum and yell out as she did, Jerry soon followed and I saw his cum leaking onto the sheets as she continued to ride him.

She dropped forward and Jerry sucked her nipple into his mouth and they lay there like that. “What the fuck is this!!!” I screamed as I made my presence known. Kara jumped off of him and didn’t know what to say and Jerry made no effort to cover himself. I strolled over and grabbed Kara by the arm and flung her on the bed, “You fucking cunt!!!” I screamed and dove between her legs and licked up Jerry’s exiting juices. Jerry was flabbergasted as he saw his wife eating his girlfriend’s pussy and Kara was having a wonderful orgasm. As I raised my head, I said, “How long has this been going on Kara?”

“Since I caught you with Uncle Tom,” she said and I looked at Jerry, “Get your cock hard!!” and he began to stroke it and I stripped off my clothes and climbed on it. Kara sat on his face as I fucked his cock and I could tell it was turning him on as his cock jerked. I got off him, just as I felt he was about to cum, and lowered my ass on his cock and took him inside. Two trips up and down was all it took and he spurted his hot cum in my ass, screaming out into Kara’s pussy as he did. Kara soon had an orgasm and flooded Jerry’s face with her juices and we all got up and took a shower. Jerry had to leave for work, and Kara and I stayed behind, we didn’t get a chance to discuss it with Jerry there.

“Robert was supposed to keep you occupied until I got back Sam, I didn’t expect you to catch us,” Kara said as she hugged me and pulled me close. “It’s alright Kara, I think Jerry had an eye opening experience, “I replied as I felt Jerry’s cum still trapped in my ass and smiled. I stroked Kara’s hair as we hugged and her hand drifted to my crotch and I felt my heat rising again.

She pressed her hard nipples against me and they poked into my soft tit flesh, increasing my heat. Kara dropped to her knees and opened my pants and pulled them off my hips and smashed her mouth into my panty covered snatch and sucked my outer lips in with the satin of my panties and sucked.

My hands went to the back of her head and pushed her mouth closer as she sucked my panty covered twat, then she pulled the crotch of my panties to the side and slipped her tongue inside of me and I became weak in the knees. Her hands kneaded my thighs as she fought to get them wider and bury more of her head into my hot snatch, her tongue fucking becoming more feverish now. Her nose stimulated my clit and I came all over her face as I spasmed against her hot tongue, drinking in the sensations.

She sucked me until she felt she had it all and I pulled up my pants and we went upstairs. We stripped each other, enjoying each new piece of bared flesh and she lay on her back on the bed and I straddled her face and moved my head to her sweet pussy and paused to inhale her gathering juices before sliding my tongue inside escort gaziantep bayan forum her. She licked my hot pussy and I decided to lick her ass as well and she let out a loud moan as her orgasm struck her. This only made her work harder on my aching pussy after her orgasm subsided and she ate me furiously bringing me to a great climax as I shoved my pussy on her face burying her nose in my clit. When I picked my head up from Kara’s juicy snatch, I was shocked to see Tom standing there. He had removed his clothes and was busy jacking off watching us.

“Come join in Tom,” I invited and he eased onto the bed and Kara stroked his cock while he kissed my pussy coated face. Kara worked hard to get Tom’s cock to her mouth, but with our bodies still intertwined, she only got it about two inches from her mouth and as she jacked him, he shot all over her face and she tried hard to catch as much of it as she could. As Tom pulled back, I moved around and licked his cum off of Kara’s face and a few drops that were on her tits, and then Kara and I shared it.

I got the drapery cords and motioned for Kara to move up on the bed, spread eagled on her stomach. I tied her legs to the bedposts and her hands I tied up higher on the bedposts at the other end. I pushed a pillow under her stomach and teased her nipples as I did, brushing them against the bedspread. I whispered to Tom and handed him some KY jelly and went up and moved my crotch under Kara’s head until her mouth was even with my pussy and she began to eat me again.

I grabbed her by the hair and held her mouth against my twat as I watched Tom squirt the KY on his fingers and aim for her virgin hole. She began to thrash as he entered her puckered anus with a finger and I knew she would make him stop if I let her mouth up, so I kept it pressed against my twat as he finger fucked her tight hole. I watched him lubricate his cock with the KY and thought, ‘Fuck my husband and not invite me, will you?’ Her eyes grew quite large as Tom pushed his cock head into her and she strained to get away from it, as I forced her mouth back onto my hot pussy. I watched her face as Tom finally got all of his cock in her and she seemed to relax when he stopped, although I knew that he was just letting her get used to it’s invasion.

He began fucking her tight hole now and as he progressed, I could tell she was enjoying it by the way she worked on my pussy with her mouth. I soon shuddered as my own orgasm ripped through me and she followed as Tom’s balls struck her clit. Tom kept ramming her and she came twice more before I saw Tom tense up and knew that her bowels were getting his jism, then Tom collapsed over her back, his beautiful cock still speared in her now used hole. I pulled her head up by her hair and she smiled up at me, “That was fucking intense!!!”

Tom unspeared her ass and she had a look of loss on her face as he did, I untied her and we shared Tom’s cock, glistening with her juices. Tom went home and Kara and I shared each other all night long, and when Jerry got home, we turned our attentions to him. Kara begged him to fuck her ass and finally Jerry didn’t say no, I guess his taste of it yesterday changed his mind. Kara was real tight still, only having had one cock in her and Jerry came almost immediately grabbing a handful of her ass cheeks as he did. I cleaned his cock afterwards and we all took a shower escort bayan gaziantep and slept all day in each other’s arms.

Jerry got up for work and Kara and I sat in the kitchen having some coffee when the doorbell rang. Cinching up my robe to hide my nakedness, I went to answer it. It was Michelle, Kara’s mother and she looked me up and down and asked if she could come in. She asked if Kara was there and I pointed towards the kitchen and watched her ass wiggle under her short skirt as she walked that way. She was only a few years younger than Tom, but she had a nice body, she had taken care of herself.

I stood behind her as she chewed Kara out for not coming home or calling and worrying her to death. I eased my rope off of my robe and let it fall open and then eased up behind her and rested my hand on her ass cheek. She jumped and swung around, taking my robe all the way open as she did and stood there staring at my exposed body. “What the hell are you doing???” she asked as she continued to stare at my tits and pussy. I took her hand and pulled it to my tit and she instinctively gave it a small squeeze and it caused a moan to escape my lips.

“I’m not gay!!” she continued to say as she caressed my nipple.

“Neither are we,” I smiled back and winked at Kara. I moved my hands under her jacket and cupped her tits and stroked her nipples through her bra and delighted as they grew erect in my fingers. I pulled her head down and she took my nipple in her mouth and sucked it, Kara couldn’t believe it! I pulled her jacket off and it dropped to the floor, and I fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, trying to convince Kara to help me.

Kara took her blouse off and unsnapped her bra and let it fall and cupped her mother’s tits from behind while grinding her hips into her mom’s ass. Michelle stopped sucking for a moment as a moan escaped from her lips and Kara unzipped her skirt and let it fall. I sent my hands to Michelle’s ripe bosom as she sucked on mine and Kara continued to strip her mother. She jumped as Kara inserted a finger into her and the look on Kara’s face told me her mom was dripping wet. Michelle began to fuck her daughter’s finger as I cupped her tits and she sucked on mine.

Michelle soon had an orgasm and I was afraid she would bite my nipple off as she came and clamped her mouth on it. Kara spread her mom’s legs and wedged her head in between and sucked up her mom’s warm juices. I brought her face up and kissed her as Kara expertly ate her cunt and she pushed her tongue into my mouth and groaned as a second orgasm overtook her. She was so wet, I could hear Kara noisily slurping her juices as she continued to kiss me.

I sat down in a chair and she bent over further and smelled my wet cunt and then flicked her tongue against it as her daughter continued eating her. She toyed with my clit and then plunged her tongue into me and ate me like she was a pro. She sucked and slurped, just like her daughter, as I came and flooded her mouth, pulling her head into my snatch.

We all got up and Kara and I led her up to my bedroom and on her side on the bed, as Kara pushed her pussy to her mom’s waiting mouth and I pushed mine to Kara’s and then took Michelle’s into mine and we all ate each other in a circle there on my king sized bed, it was wonderful!! I reached out and stroked Michelle’s pretty tits and she did her daughter’s as we all came in a three ring circus of orgasmic activity.

We stayed like that for the better part of an hour enjoying each other’s juices and then we broke up. Kara ate her mom while I fondled, sucked and caressed her tits and she came again, filling her daughter’s mouth again and Kara shared it with me as we French kissed. All three of us fell asleep together and I thought as I went to sleep, “Wait ’til Jerry sees this when he gets home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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