Night of Passion

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Al returned from work exhausted. He ached all over his body. So he went to the hot shower and stood there relaxing his mind and body. The hot water relaxed his muscles and made blood flow in his veins.

He came out of the shower wearing a pink bathrobe. He knew that Holly had almost finished all her chores and would soon come to him. He spread a few petals on the bed and sprayed a little perfume to turn her on. He turned down the lights to make it more romantic.

Holly came soon as he had expected. She was wearing just a large T-shirt and he was hopelessly turned on. But she told him that she was drained and that she was not in the mood again. Al became very sad and Holly could not bear to see the look on his face and felt sorry for him.

Then a cunning look came on her face. She said I will make love to you if you accept a challenge. You must not touch me when we make love and you must keep your hands to yourself. Al knew he would find it very hard not to touch her…to hold her and to caress her. But he wanted her too badly and he accepted.

Holly took him slowly to bed and lay him down. He lay spread-eagled with his hands stretched out as if nailed to the bed. Slowly she moved her finger from his forehead down his nose and reached his lips. She turned her nail sideways and cut his lip. A drop of blood appeared and she slowly knelt down and kissed him deeply and licked off his blood stopping the flow.

She slowly moved her finger down onto his chest moving the bathrobe aside and exposed his broad chest. She slowly took some of his chest hair and twirled it in her finger and slowly yanked it and he arched his neck and hissed slowly enjoying every minute as she grinned.

She slowly traced the line down his hard tummy and slowly moved her finger down removing the bathrobe completely. Al’s cock lay limp from a long lay-off but she knew that it was full of cum which she had not taken for days.

Then a wicked gleam came into her eyes as she realized how she would punish him. She would make him cum without even removing her clothes. THEN she would ask him to make love to her and make her cum. Then maybe he would realize how she felt when he asked her to make love to him when she was not in the mood.

She slowly moved a finger from his feet up his legs and into his inner thighs. Al took a deep breath and the tender hair on his legs stood on end. She slowly stroked her way to his cock and started playing with his balls. She esenyurt escort stroked his balls gently and then saw that his cock had become very hard and erect. She moved her finger slowly up his balls onto his cock and then kissed the base of his cock. She then took his cock gently in her fingers and encircled it and slowly started to move her hand up and down as she felt every contour on his cock. She then licked her way slowly up his cock to his thick tip and reached his very end. Al had already started to pre-cum and she licked his pre-cum off while looking at him with her large dark eyes. She then placed her tongue on his pink exposed cock and licked where the cum starts to flow. Al could not bear it any longer and suddenly all the cum which had been stored for days suddenly splattered out on her face into her waiting mouth. The cum started flowing out of her mouth down the side of her mouth…down her neck and onto her breasts which had already become hard and the nipples showed out where the cum made her wet. But she was not finished and she squeezed every drop he had remaining into her hungry mouth.

Al looked at Holly who was covered in cum all over her face and could not help but loving her and he gently stroked the back of her head. Thank you Holly he said. But then Holly grinned and said alright Al make love to me now. Make me cum hard. Take me now. When she opened her mouth to speak the cum slid slowly down her teeth and tongue slurring her voice and making it sound even more sexy.

Al was stunned. He knew he was drained and his cock was losing hardness. But one look at Holly and he knew he had to take her… to pleasure her… to pierce her and to make love to her.

He slowly sat up and placed her on the bed and kissed her in the forehead and slowly started licking off his own cum on her face. He then kissed her deeply and felt his cum slide down her throat. He then kissed the throat of the sweet girl who was drinking his cum just so he could be happy.

Holly closed her eyes and arched her back and she started enjoying it and she forgave him for trying to make love to her and said he could use his hands.

He then slowly removed her T-shirt and saw her beautiful full breasts with the red nipples stand out hard. He slowly took her breasts in his hands and squeezed them gently and kneaded them. When he squeezed her breast he saw the blood leave them as they turned white and when he relaxed avrupa yakası escort the blood flowed back making it look pink. He could not wait any longer and he just had to take her breasts. He came closer and smelt her breasts. They smelt of milk and cum and… and… of Holly. His head started spinning at the smell of her breast and he started to suck on them gently. He took more and more of her breast into his mouth and sucked at her hard nipples.

He slowly moved down her soft midriff kissing and licking all the way and soon reached her sweet cunt. He started nibbling at her pubic hair and he slowly started moving his fingers up her feet onto her inner thighs. Holly was gasping for air as she knew she was cumming. Al kissed her deeply on her vagina and slowly parted her with his tongue.

There was still some cum on his tongue and when he licked her beautiful clit with it Holly could not bear it any more and she came hard and had a shattering climax. Al enjoyed it when he tasted her sweet cum and was happy that he was able to make her cum.

Then he started sucking on her clit deeply and kissed her there with great passion. Holly felt she was building up again and she started to move in rhythm with him. She had spread her legs so widely that she looked as if she existed only up to her cunt and that Al was the rest of her body. Al put his face between her legs and he started licking inside her drinking up her juices. He placed two fingers onto her G-spot and started rubbing her hard.

He then inserted all his fingers into her and moved his hand deep into her right up to his elbow. He then bunched his hand into a fist and slowly started to rake in and out of her. The hair on his hand stood on end and rubbed roughly against her clit making her start to cum again. Her legs were spread wide and she could feel him very thick and big inside her and she started flowing again. When he inserted it completely into her she begged him to stay there and took his elbow and pressed even deeper into her and kept it there and held it tight with her thighs as she shuddered into another climax right onto his hand.

Al’s hand were dripping with her juices as he removed his hand. Holly told him she was drained and that she could take it no more but Al would not give up. He felt that his cock was growing hard and huge again and the veins in his cock were standing anadolu yakası escort out when he saw the tender Holly on the bed.

He turned her around and stood behind her as she waited in expectation. He took his cock and teased her by rubbing it against her walls and Holly felt that she was getting wet again but she was in such a climax that she could not speak and she gasped asking him to come into her again.

Al slowly parted her pussy with the tip of his large cock and slowly popped it in. Her tight pussy snapped shut behind his thick tip as if she did not want it to come out again. Al then slowly slid his entire length into her and went deep inside her. His cock rubbed roughly against her clit which was standing stiff and it made her moan.

Then he slowly started to move in and out of her rhythmically as she responded my moving her body in rhythm with him. She opened herself wide to take all of him inside her. Al then started to pierce her faster and faster. His cock kept rubbing against her clit with each stroke. It raked against his cock like a small thorn and made him hiss with pleasure. Her clit bent in when he stroked into her and it bent out as he stroked out.

OOOHHHH YYESSSS she squealed as she moved into another climax. She could feel that Al’s cock was growing inside her to fill her and she knew he was going to cum soon and that they would cum together. Al started slamming into her rapidly. Her buns were wiggling with the force he put in. Slap me she said and he slapped her buns and her ass and put two fingers into her butt to fuck her there too.

Holly gasped as he filled her every hole with hardness and she lent back to feel his whole cock. HARDER PLEEEEAAAASE HAAAAARDER she cried as Al rammed into her with great force. He grabbed her hip for more force as he thrust into her piercing her hard. He clenched his butt for more force as he drilled into her from behind. The bed started to creak as they rocked. With every thrust Al slammed her hard as she rocked back and forth sending her breasts flying.

Suddenly they could take it no more as Al exploded into her and cum hard again filling her completely and she came hard and felt his warm cum inside her mixing with own juices. Al was so exhausted that he slumped onto her back with his cock still inside her and hugged her from behind taking her breasts in his hand and kissed her on the cheek. Thank you Holly he whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes and smiled.

They both slumped on the bed as Al removed his cock slowly from her body and she gasped weakly when his tip popped out. Thank you, Al she said and smiled closing her eyes. Al was very pleased that he had made Holly happy and contented.

She got up and limped her way to the bathroom to shower her dripping body…and Al asked, “But Holly we have not done Anal yet!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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