Night of Passion

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We are at a Restaurant for dinner. We have had a very enjoyable meal and pleasant conversation interlaced with the occasional double-entendre and sexy remark. You have slipped your shoe off and rested your foot on my chair between my legs. Every now and then you give me a very sexy seductive gaze as you wriggle your foot against my already growing hardness.

You say you need to visit the Ladies Room and I watch as you walk out of the room. I readjust myself and my mind is full of erotic thoughts and desires for you.

You return from the Ladies and as you walk past me, you lean down and whisper into my ear that you have something for me. You then drop something into my lap. I look down and there are your knickers.

I look across at you in disbelief and you have such a sexy, cheeky grin on your face. I want to jump across the table then and there and devour you but I control myself. My hand is exploring your knickers in my lap as I try and remain composed. A feat which is becoming harder by the minute. And that’s not the only thing that’s growing harder.

My fingers have found one spot on your knickers that is damper than the rest and my mind is going crazy at the thought of where this piece of material had been just a few minutes earlier.

You beckon for me to lean over the table toward you and you whisper..’Take me home and make love with me’ I slip canlı bahis şirketleri your damp knickers into my pocket and we leave the Restaurant.

As soon as we are outside I firmly, yet gently press you against a wall and we kiss a most passionate, lustful kiss.

It’s only a short drive home but tonight it seems to take forever. My mind is full of lust and desire for you. My body is aching and each time I look across at you my heart seems to melt.

We barely make it inside the house before we are all over each other. Our mouths are hungry for each other and it’s like our hands are searching for a hidden treasure on each other’s bodies. I kiss my way to your neck, then lower to your cleavage as my hand reaches behind you and unzips your dress. I slip my hand inside and just the touch of your skin ignites even more passion within me. You shrug your shoulders and allow your dress to fall to the floor. I am already working on releasing your bra and it’s not long before my mouth is exploring first one breast then the other. I trail my tongue down your tummy, dipping my tongue into your navel before continuing lower, lower, lower.

As I continue lower your legs begin to part. You grab the back of a nearby chair to steady yourself. I ask you to lift one leg onto the chair, you comply. This now allows me greater access to you and I manoeuvre myself so that canlı kaçak iddaa I am almost underneath your legs

I continue to kiss and lick and suck. I feel you running your hands feverishly through my hair as my tongue and fingers probe and my lips caress. I stop and suggest we move to the bed but you tell me that you want me right here and now as you turn around and bend over, now bracing yourself against the back of the chair. I don’t need to be asked twice and it’s not long before I have guided my throbbing, aching, hardness inside you and grabbing onto your hips I am thrusting in and out.

Momentum building , I reach and find one of your nipples and play with it, rolling it between my finger and thumb before once again holding your hips as we both approach an almighty release of our lust and passion.

We move to the shower where I stand behind you, wrapping my arms tightly around you and pulling you against me. Wanting as much of my body touching as much of yours as possible.

I squeeze you tight, my hardness fits nicely in the crevice of your butt. I slide my hands to your breasts as i kiss your shoulder, my fingers circling your nipples. As they harden i roll them between my finger and thumb while i kiss your neck.

I slowly slide one hand down your tummy. The other arm slides across your chest and holds you against me. My hand slides further canlı kaçak bahis down, reaching between your legs you let out a loud sigh as i close my mouth on your earlobe. My finger starts to penetrate you.

My lips close on your earlobe, sucking as my finger feels your warmth as it penetrates. You turn your head and we kiss passionately as my finger moves in and out more rapidly. I feel your hand move between us and I feel it wrap around my throbbing hardness. You stroke it as my fingers and hand massages your pussy. I whisper, ” I want you” you tell me you want me too and then you bend over and brace yourself against the shower wall…

I slide my hands down your back as you part your legs, I take my hardness in my hand and rub it back and forth across your butt, you become impatient and tell me to just put it in. I guide the tip between your legs and as I lean forward into you I also slide inside you, we are both so turned on that it isn’t long before we both explode.

I tell you not to move as I relax and withdraw. I kiss your neck. You are still leaning against the shower wall, the warm water is cascading over us both as I begin to kiss and lick across your shoulders, then to the centre of your back and then lower, lower. I run my tongue down the length of your spine. Right down to your butt and the nearer I get to your butt the more you open your legs. I continue to kiss and lick lower. I am now crouching part behind and part underneath you. I can see the result of our ‘explosion’ inside you and it turns me on. I run my tongue across your ‘lips’ and taste ‘us’. Mmmm your juices mixed with mine

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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