Night Out


Tonight was the night that we had been thinking about for a while now. Your roommate was going home for the weekend and we would have the apartment to ourselves. Friday started off great. I awoke to you stroking my morning wood, working my shaft with one hand and tickling my balls with the other. You whisper to me “Guess what is going on this after you cum?” I moan back, “my cage”

“Yes” you say kissing me. You begin to stroke faster as I moan softly you aim my cock at your breasts just as my cum starts to spurt out the tip. I cover your breasts with my jizz. You smile at me and tell me to put on my cage. You go clean yourself off as my penis shrinks down to normal. As I get the cage on you come and snap the lock shut. “Aww my squishy is all locked up” you tease.

“Now we better hurry to class” you say as we get dressed and go to class.

The classes seemed to drag on forever and I kept adjusting in my seat to try and make the cage more comfortable. It didn’t help that during class you texted I saying “can’t wait for tonight ;)” Mercifully class ended. I hurried back to your apartment. You were already there waiting for me. “Finally please close the blinds” you tell me as I enter the apartment. You are sitting on the couch barefoot wearing a skirt and a white tank top.

“Wow you are looking hot I say feeling my cock strain in its plastic prison. You seem to notice and laugh a little. “So honey why don’t you get the ottoman and my red nail polish for me” you say. I hurry to your room and grab those things. When I get back to the living room you have turned on some chick flick. I place the ottoman under your feet. “Thanks you’re so sweet you tell me. Now lock the door and strip for me I want to see my squishy.” Slowly I strip out of my closes you watch as I do exclaiming “yell” when you see my penis all locked up. Once I am naked I sit down on the floor by your feet and begin to massage them. I knead the arches of your feet. You relax and put your head back and close your eyes.

“Do you like this?” I ask.

“Yes “

I move on to the other beylikdüzü escort foot, causally you uncross your legs as I notice right before me is your vagina, you weren’t wearing any underwear. You smile down at me seeing that I noticed. “I bet that cage is starting to feel a little tight right now isn’t it?” she asked. I nodded and kept massaging her feet. Slowly I moved up rubbing her calves. “It’s enough for now,” she said. “Please paint my toe nails” she told me while smiling looking sweet as ever. Carefully I painted the red toe nail polish on your toes, they looked so sexy painted.

Once I finished I moved behind you while you kept your feet up letting it dry. I rubbed your shoulders and neck, kneading out the knots. “You did so well on my feet honey I love them” you tell me and reach around and tickle my balls as I continue to rub your neck. “So are you excited about tonight?” you ask looking back at me.

“Yes I am I can’t believe you want to do this.” I say. “Are you sure that you are okay with it I mean finding another man downtown?”

“Well I am nervous” you say “but also excited because I never got the chance to do anything like this. Besides it was your idea and you seem to be enjoying this right now” you rub the plastic cage as my penis tries to swell up but is stopped. I squirm as you rubbed my caged cock and almost wanted to beg you to take it off but didn’t.

As it got later I started to make dinner. While making dinner you got up to shower. Watching you go into the bathroom I saw you took your vibrator with you. While cooking dinner for us I could hear you moan a little from the bathroom I wanted like mad to be in there with you I was so turned on. About a half hour later you are done and so is dinner. You throw on some clothes as we eat. You have a glass of wine with dinner while we chat about our classes and your internship. Once dinner was over you told me to wait on the couch while you got ready for tonight. While sitting there I wondered what a worse tease was not being able to watch you get all hot and bolu escort sexy for tonight, wondering what you are putting on and doing, or watching you do it. Shortly you came out of your room and said “My sister is coming over to help me get ready for tonight so you better go home, don’t worry she doesn’t know why.”

I walked home slowly wondering more and more what she was going to dress like and what her and her sister were talking about. What if she told her sister about me being locked in chastity? As I thought about it I was scared but turned on at the same time. While at home I tried to watch TV to take my mind off of what you would look like tonight. I also drank a few beers and was beginning to feel a buzz.

Meanwhile your sister arrived at your apartment. You two had some wine as she helped you pick out an outfit to wear downtown that night. In the end you settled on your black open toed heels showing off your freshly painted toes. She picked out a black dress for you. It was cut a couple of inches above the knee and showed off your sexy smooth legs. It was also relatively low cut at the top exposing an ample amount of your bounteous breasts. Nestled in between your breasts was a necklace with the key to my chastity cage on it. Your sister asked what it was for but you just laughed and said “my heart.” Next she helped you with makeup. Normally you didn’t wear much or any. Once done applying the eye liner you finished it off with a bright red lipstick that matched your toes.

It was over an hour later that I got a text from your sister saying “you better thank me, my sister looks crazy hot. And she wants you to come over now.” I quickly finish my beer and head over. I walked fast to her apartment. When I got there I couldn’t believe how sexy you looked. I felt my cock stir in its prison as I saw the key on your necklace.

“Wow you look dazzling” I say my eyes running up and down your body. You just smile and say “you can thank my sister.”

“Thank you Nikki,” I say she smile back and says “you just better enjoy it and bursa escort make sure to treat her right tonight.” With that she finished her wine and left.

“Let me finish this glass of wine then we can go downtown,” you say sipping on your full glass of wine. “You look amazing” I compliment you again.

Surprisingly you drank the rest of the wine very quickly and we were headed downtown. You were really buzzing and excited. As soon as we got to the bar you ordered a Amarillo sour and I got a beer. Then you practically dragged me out to the dance floor.

While out there we grinded your hips rubbing against mine, my hands exploring your body. You made sure that your butt was pressing up against my caged penis constantly teasing me. So while I was turned on like crazy I was also going crazy wishing I gout get hard. After a few songs we had finished our drinks and returned to the bar to get some more. While at the bar you point out a guy who has been checking you out and I leave to go to the bathroom. When I get in there the stalls are full and I have to wait I dear not try to pee in a urinal with my cage on. Finally I finish up in the bathroom. It seemed like forever but it couldn’t have been that long. Upon leaving the bathroom I see that you are chatting with the guy from the bar, both of you sipping on drinks. I make sure to avoid you too and go to the bar for another drink. From there I watch for a while, you are both laughing and he places his hand on your leg. You don’t remove it. I see this and feel my cage shrink around my cock. Not long after that I get a text from you saying “don’t be shy he knows what is going on.”

So I join you at the table. “Josh this is my boyfriend” you introduce us. We shake hands. “I was just telling Josh what this key on my necklace is for” you say. I feel a lump in my gut hearing those words.

But Josh said “to each their own,” which made me feel a little better. “So do you mind if we dance for a couple of songs,” he asked.

“Y-yes,” I say nodding. As he leads you out onto the dance floor. I watch you dance for a few songs. At first you keep your distance and look nervous, but after a few songs you look like you are enjoying dancing with Josh. Soon you were done dancing and you said “Let’s go back to my place.” We all left the bar together.

Part 2 coming soon