Night to Myself

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She was finally gone. I had the whole night to myself.

I didn’t waste anytime. I jumped in the shower and gave myself a thorough cleaning.

I’m 5′ 10″ with an average build. I have a slightly above average dick and an asshole that loves being stretched. It’s something I never brought up to my girlfriend. My own personal kink.

I dried myself off and went into the bedroom. I laid a towel on the floor next to the bed. I went to the back of the closet and grabbed a box.

Inside the box were two big dildos, lube, some thong underwear and a webcam camera with an extra long cord.

I sometimes go online and I like to watch myself playing with my hole.

I set the box down near me for easy access to my toys.

I put on the thong underwear, it has a slit in the front that I can pull my penis through.

I grab the lube and position myself on all fours. I put a generous amount of lube on my index and middle. Then I reached around and pulled aside the thin piece of cloth attempting to cover my butthole. I proceeded to massage my hole with my lubed up fingers. Then I slowly started to ease both fingers deep inside my ass. My asshole can easily take two fingers so, I added a third and started to slowly finger fuck myself to get myself ready to fuck my big dildos.

I continued to dig three fingers into my slut hole when I felt a twinge in my balls. A bit of pre cum was leaking out of my semi erect cock. I Başakşehir escort get in my knees and I placed my free hand under my dripping dick and caught some of the pre cum. I like to use my cum as lube.

I took my fingers out of my ass and reached into the box. I pulled out a white 10in long, 2.25in thick dildo. I rub the pre cum onto the head of the dildo. I position the dildo under me and I started lowering myself onto this fat fake dick. I hold my ass open as the head starts to penetrate me. I grind my ass around the dildo as I try to get adjusted to the size of the toy. I start with small strokes, rocking back and forth getting a feel of a rhythm. I eased myself farther onto the dildo, then I felt a little resistance. I wiggled my hips around again as I sit down onto the dildo, letting it stretch my insides.

My semi erect cock started to throb, as a little more pre cum began to dribble out. I scooped it up with my fingers and rubbed the liquid all over my lips. This way all I had to do was lick my lips to get of taste of my delicious man juice.

I proceeded with small strokes, enjoying the fullness I feel by having this 10 inch dildo balls deep in my ass. I eventually started to lengthening the strokes and my speed.

I was riding the dildo at a moderate pace, sitting up until just the head was in my ass, then I would sit all the way down until my buttcheeks hit the floor.

This Bayrampaşa escort bayan is way favorite way of fucking myself, deep and long.

I continued to ride my dildo this way, with both hands in front of me. Whenever my cock twitched and started to leak cum, I made sure my open hand was there to catch whatever came out. Sometimes it was a nice thick glob but, most times it was thin and clear. I made sure to eat it all.

I sped up my riding, I wanted to pound myself.

A few minutes into ravaging my hole, I felt a pulsing in my ass and I moaned out uncontrollably. I sat down hard onto the dildo and let my asshole pulse around this big toy deep in my ass.

I think my asshole was ready for my favorite dildo. BAM was a fat black dildo that measured at 13 inches and was 2.75 inches thick.

I grabbed BAM out of the box. It was so thick my fingers didn’t touch as I wrapped my hand around this fake cock.

I wiped some of the pre cum off the end of my dick and smeared it onto the dildo. I brought it to my face and I started to lick it like a lollipop. My mouth doesn’t open as wide as this dildo.

I slowly sit up and let the dildo that was in my ass fall to the floor with a thud.

I move that toy to the side and position the thick black dildo underneath me. I use one hand to hold open my buttcheeks and the other I use to guide the head of the dildo into my awaiting Escort Beşiktaş hole.

When the head started to penetrate and open me up, I used both hands to spread my asscheeks apart to try to make my hole bigger to accommodate this thick dildo. I slowly sat down letting the head of the dildo pop in. I sat there a minute, getting used to the girth of the toy. I lowered myself farther onto the dildo, enjoying the stretching feeling it was producing. I stopped halfway down then proceeded to sit up until just the tip of the dildo was resting against my hole.

My cock had grown fully erect now anticipated the ass fucking I was about to endure.

I popped the head of the big black dildo back into my ass and started inching my way back onto BAM. I started riding with slow, long strokes until I was able to get the entire toy deep inside me. I increased my speed and soon I was bouncing up and down on this big thick dildo.

My asshole was in heaven. Getting pummeled and stretched as I continued to ride this fat dildo. My hole started to pulse and I moaned out loud in intense pleasure. My balls tighten up and all it took was for me to touch my dick once to start cumming like a fountain.

I jerked my dick and rode my dildo until my asshole stopped spasming and all liquids were drained from my cock.

I continued to ride the dildo while I licked my cum off of my hand, savoring my own flavor, letting my limp dick flop around.

After a few minutes, I felt like my asshole has had enough. I leaned forward to let the dildo fall out of my hole. I rest on all fours to let my gaping ass get some air.

‘Wow’ I heard, ‘now that’s a big butthole’.

I turn around to see one of my girlfriend’s friends standing in the doorway…