Chanel Santini

The morning after the night before
Flowing dark hair. Deep brown eyes framed by thick, long lashes. A perfect smile, topped off by a figure nearly every girl in school envied.
This was my best friend, Nikki. Although as I looked at her lying next to me, I had to admit, she wasn’t looking her best.
My parents were away in Devon for the weekend and yes, you guessed it, a small ‘social gathering’ took place the night before.
I’m not a big lover of alcohol, unlike Nikki. And seeing as the house belongs to my parents, there was no way I was going to get completely wasted and allow the place to get totally trashed.
I gently pushed back her hair out of her face and stroked her cheek.
“Nikki?” I whispered.
“Are you okay?”
“Hmmmm” she groaned. She grudgingly opened her eyes, then scrunched them up again, seemingly irritated by the sunlight poking through my bedroom curtains.
“What time is it?” she asked, squinting at me.
With that she rolled over onto her front, pulling down her vest top which was almost riding up over her tits.
Nikki stared up at my ceiling, and then a huge smirk spread across her face.
“I don’t remember a fucking thing from last night, haha. Always the sign of a good night, don’t you think?” “Mm yeah, I guess so” I mumbled, smiling at her. “So what exactly happened Sex hikayeleri last night? Did Ryan ask you out?”

Ryan was two years older than me. We’ve always had a close, flirty friendship. I wanted it to develop into something more, but he’d always knock me back and say he ‘didn’t want to ruin our friendship’. That was fair enough, I could handle that. But what I couldn’t handle was the fact that at every single party we were at, he’d flirt outrageously and end up all over me, only to apologise the following day and ask if we could remain ‘best friends’.
Recently he’d been flirting more than usual and said he was thinking about whether we could give it a go.
And I thought last night would be the night it would happen. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.
“He left with Chloe” I replied, trying to hide the disappointment from my face.
“Aw I’m so sorry! Come here”
She threw her arms around me and pulled me in tight.
“I’ve always thought you were way too good for him anyway” she said reassuringly. I gave her one of my ‘you can’t be serious?!’ looks that she knows all too well.
“Shut up” she said. “You’re completely stunning. Look at you!” With that, she stroked my face and smiled. She always knew how to cheer me up and always had my back, no matter what.
In fact, I couldn’t recall a single time we’d had a major falling out. Just as I was trying to recall a time, she swiftly leant forward and planted a gentle kiss on my lips.
“Sorry. I don’t know why I did that” she said, looking confused.
I Sikiş hikayeleri suddenly felt an incredible horn. I’d never been attracted to girls before, yet Nikki kissing me felt so good. “I don’t mind” I said, feeling a strange mixture of nervousness and arousal.
Before I could say another word, she leant forward again, this time planting a passionate kiss on my lips. I kissed back and gently slid my tongue in, softly massaging her tongue and exploring her mouth.
Her lips were soft and tasted like sweet lip gloss. I placed my hands on the sides of her face and began kissing her hard and fast. By this point, I could feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples hardening.
I instinctively slipped my hand up her tiny vest top and placed my hand on one of her naked breasts, praying she didn’t feel I was taking it too far and stop me. To my delight, she let out a pleasurable sigh and guided my thumb and index finger to her nipple. The kissing gradually got slower and came to a stop. Nikki sat back, looked me up and down and bit her lip. “Well, that was unexpected…”
All I could do was nod in agreement. I was still in a state of shock. She took a swig from a beer bottle which was on my bedside table and tucked her hair behind her ear. “We’re not going to stop there, are we?” I asked, staring at her erect nipples pressing against her top.
She flashed me another one of her seductive smiles and laid out on the bed, beckoning me to join her. I got on top and straddled her, slowly grinding my pussy against hers. She moaned softly, and judging by the way she gripped the edge of the pillow, I was grinding right against her clit. I leant forward, pulled her top out of the way and began gently flicking my tongue against her nipples as I rubbed my pussy against her. “Mmm that’s good” she whispered into my ear, “keep Erotik hikaye going.”
I sucked her nipple furiously and started bucking my hips faster.
I’d never felt so horny in all my life. My pussy was soaking by this point, and I could feel my clit throbbing as it pressed against hers.
“Stop” Nikki said abruptly. I stopped in my tracks. “Stop? Why?” I asked.
“Because I thought you were about to come.. and I don’t want you to come just yet..” she winked.
“Okay” I smiled back, feeling sheer relief. She instructed me to lay down on the bed, just as she had been. Nikki started softly kissing my legs, then gradually worked her way up to my thighs, and then towards my pussy. I could feel her deliberately avoiding it, trying to tease me and get me even wetter. I looked down between my legs and still couldn’t get my head around it. Is this actually happening, or did I get smashed last night, and this is all some kind of messed up dream?
“Uh! Oh fuck!” I moaned loudly. Just as I was trying to answer these questions in my head, Nikki had slid her tongue deep into my waiting pussy. “Good, huh?” she giggled, before continuing to fuck me with that soft tongue of hers.
Sexually, I was very inexperienced. I’d given head before to an ex, but he’d never returned the favour.
But Nikki, she was exploring every inch of my slit with her tongue, between licking my clit and sliding her tongue all the way in. My clit was really throbbing now, and I was starting to feel light-headed. I couldn’t believe my luck. I knew I was close to coming, and it seemed Nikki could tell, too. She slipped two fingers into my hole and began thrusting them in and out, whilst sucking on my clit. My heart was pounding. I had one hand grabbing at the pillow underneath my head, and the other gripping the edge of the mattress… “Fuck! That’s it! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I raised my arse up from the mattress and pushed my pussy further into Nikki’s face as she lapped at my clit. I had the best orgasm of my life.
My entire body felt numb as I laid on my bed in Nikki’s arms. She gently kissed my forehead and we started to fall asleep. “Shit! What time are your parents home? Do you need me to help you clean up?” she whispered.
“Fuck it. It can wait” I smiled.