Nikki Ch. 01


Nikki is coming today. Her room is ready, and so is mine. When she arrives I will be dressed in a very tight pair of black jeans. My shirt is red and white. The shirt is sleeveless with a golden tan. My hair is just cut with teddy bear fuzz at the bottom of my hairline.

The doorbell rang and I set off the automatic door to let her in. She was blindfolded by my doorman just like I asked. I walked out of my bedroom and stood at the top of the stairs. Take off your blindfold. She looked around obviously looking for me. It had been one year since I had seen her.

Finally she looked up at me. She had been in Texas so her accent was thick when she said, “Hello Beautiful.”

I walked down the stairs, straight to her and kissed her with a long-standing passion that hadn’t diminished a bit. “Hey Nikki, I missed you.” I took her hand and proceeded to show her the house.

First, I showed her the all nude pool and hot tub. There is another pool but it is swimming suit required and it has only been used once. We walked through the dining room and kitchen. I showed her the backyard and all the possible sex items. Lying there was a bouquet of red carnations.

We walked through the living area and then headed upstairs. We walked past the double doors and she asked about the room. “That is my room.” She tried to open the door but couldn’t. I proceeded down the hall, she caught up to me and I told her Short links about each room. Some she wanted to see and I showed her. Finally, we came to her bedroom.

I handed her a note that said, “Say this. Open, please.” The door opened and the room was in all red and black. There were 2 dozen long stem red and yellow roses on the bed. She was looking around and opened a drawer with her name on it. There was lingerie and underwear just for her and then she turned around and I was holding a black sequin cocktail dress.

“We are dancing tonight.” I laid her dress on the bed. I took her hand and continued on. I leaned her against the next door and kissed her. I opened the door and her mouth dropped. She just entered my sex toy room and then into my porn room. She tried to go through the next-door but couldn’t. That is the dance room and then we left.

I left her in her room and told her to meet me in the pool in 5 minutes. Then I went to my room to make sure everything was ok. My husband at the control panel, my husband, was having fun looking at every room and at Nikki. “We are heading to the pool, any requests.”

“Lots of teasing.”

I preceded down to find her already in the hot tub. I slid in and within minutes she came to me to kiss me to say thank you. We talked about what was going on and then I asked about her husband.

“I wish that he would just say yes, because Short link I know he likes you but he just won’t.” She came to me and we started kissing and teasing each other again. I jumped out and went the pool. She was right behind me and the teasing each other. I jumped out and went to the pool. She was right behind me and the teasing continued. We talked and played and I did all sorts of teasing my request of my husband.

We got out and went to eat. There was turkey and all kinds of cheeses laid out. I put cheez-whiz on her tits and sucked it off, then licked and sucked on her neck, purposely leaving a mark.

All she could say was, “Why can’t he just trust me?”

We went back to our rooms and got ready to party. She called me and asked, “What is the personal attendant button for?

I told her, “A very beautiful lady will come to your room and do anything you need to get ready, make-up, hair, anything not sexual.”

My husband watched intently as she and I got ready. I wore black pants that complimented me and a vibrant red shirt that just wreaked of fuck me. Then, I had my make-up and hair done. There were sparkles everywhere and finally the most irresistible scent, sex pheromones with my water scent.

My husband came over to smell me and then felt me up. He would have time to get ready while watching as party gets started. I went to the party room and waited for her. She rang the doorbell and I opened the door. It was dark so she couldn’t see anything. I softly blindfolded her and said, “Lights, music, action.” I took the blindfold off.

Here is what she saw. Yellow and bright green lights accented a variety of strippers. All my men were in tuxedos with or without sleeves and blindfolds. Any of the sleeveless guys you could rip their pants off and a variety of dancing friends. Just saying dismissed can dismiss anyone and the DJ will play anything you want.

I walked around her and led her to the floor. She grabbed me and kissed me like she was possessed. One by one as she partied she dismissed people. She had unlimited supply of $1’s for the strippers.

Finally, it was just her and I and she asked for a slow song. We danced and stared into each other’s eyes. I blindfolded her and said, “I have one more surprise.” I took the blindfold off and there stood her husband in a tux. I stepped back and they danced. I had the lights dimmed as I left.

I went back to my room and put on a black nightie with a long black see through robe and I waited. Soon there was a knock on my door. “What can I do for you Nikki?” “We need to talk to you.”

“Go to your room and find your next surprise and then come back if the answer is yes.”

Nikki’s husband slipped away from her through the trap door, giving her the answer. He came into my room and settled back, showering me with compliments. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on my door.

“Do you want to be with me tonight? If so, the door is open.”

To be continued…