Nine Wonderful Women Ch. 07

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This is the seventh part of a series and it can be understood whether or not you have read the previous parts.


At the age of 48, I split from my wife and had two fantastic years of dating and sex with a lot of different women. These are the true stories of the wonderful women of those two fantastic years. I love these memories and want to share them with you.



While using the dating website, I learned that I should not be chasing too many women at once because the women were keen to meet up rather than wait around: that’s why they’re on the website. So it’s best to have a date as soon as possible, because if you delay them while you’re having other dates, they’ll go cold. Because of the fact that you shouldn’t have too many women active at one time, whenever I spotted a new interesting profile, I saved it until I could come back to her. In addition to me contacting women, sometimes they contacted me, and I found out that the women who contacted me were much more keen to meet than the women I contacted, and that I should therefore give them priority.

Bianca’s photo had attracted my attention, with her bright, sunny smile and sparkling hazel eyes. I saved her profile for later, but due to activity with work and other women, I did not get time to reach out to her. I kept being attracted back to the photo and profile of Bianca, and, based on the fact that you only get one chance to make a first impression, I even started drafting an introductory message that I could send her. Then Claudia contacted me and I went and had an affair with her for a while. The Sunday after Claudia and I were finished, I was back at my computer working out who to contact next. I was making my plan of action to contact Bianca when, out of the blue, I got a message from her, asking if I’d like to meet up. Would I ever! What serendipity! She lived about 40 minutes north of me, and we arranged to meet at the Starbucks in her town that same day at 2 pm.

She was every bit as cute as her photo: petite, about 5’2″, delicate build with light brown hair in a pixie cut, large sparkling hazel eyes and that sunny smile. We got coffee, sat inside and talked, and we really hit it off well together. She was 44 and her husband had recently left her after 25 years of marriage. She had two kids, 24 and 21, still living at home. It turned out that her employer and mine were in similar industries and she had met several of my colleagues at trade shows over the years. We talked about our lives, interests and work and soon realized two hours had passed. I asked her if she would like to get together for dinner later, to which she agreed, so we chose a Mexican restaurant half way between us, on the basis that it would be more convenient for both of us. We said goodbye with a short kiss on the lips. I noticed she kissed me with slightly relaxed lips, a really nice kiss.

On the drive home, I was very excited, so I had the iPod on shuffle and turned the music in the car way up loud, in line with my happy mood. She was beautiful, just like her photo, and we got on really well, right from the start. I felt very positive about Bianca. I got home, showered and trimmed my bush. By this stage, with the repeated trimming, my bush was quite short, and I liked that.

Dinner was a real joy. We were both so relaxed and casual and clearly at ease with each other. The conversation flowed easily and naturally. Being a Sunday night, there were not a lot of people there, and by the time we left, we were almost the last. Standing beside our cars, we chatted some more, then we prepared to say goodbye. I leaned towards her and we started to kiss passionately, our tongues entwined in each other. After a minute, we stepped apart and, because I did not want this to end, I said something I had only ever said once before on a first date before, 25 years ago: “Would you like to come back to my place?”

She looked at me with a slightly worried look and said “Will you be gentle with me?”

“Yes, I can assure you of that.” And she followed me back to my place.

Once we got to my bedroom, we locked into a deep kiss and, stepping back, started to undress each other. As I slowly took off her top and then her dress, I was struck by how cute she was. The pixie hairstyle that complemented her pretty face and smile; pale, smooth skin, a petite frame with a small waist, curvy hips and just a little padding there. As I carefully removed her bra, her small, perky breasts with dark nipples stood firm and erect. I kneeled down and held the sides of her panties, sliding them down her smooth, firm legs, and was thrilled to see she had shaved her pussy. Maybe because most of the women I’d been with did not shave, I find this to be an enormous turn-on. We lay on the bed and started cuddling, kissing and feeling each other. My mouth of course found its way to artemisbet yeni giriş her nipples and my hand to her cunt. I commented “I love how nice and smooth you are down there.” She said that after our coffee date, she had gone home and shaved specially for tonight. She had used her daughter’s shaving gear!

My fingers explored her smooth wetness, sliding across her smooth outer lips, touching her clit and slipping inside her opening as she massaged my stiff cock, drawing the foreskin back and rolling it forwards, spreading my pre-come all over the head and shaft. Lifting my mouth from sucking her nipples, I made a move towards her pussy to go and eat her out, but she stopped me and said she just wanted to fuck and she wanted me to wear a condom. Luckily, I had condoms which I had bought months previously but never used. With all of the women I’d been with till now, once they found out I had had a vasectomy, they were happy to fuck bareback. I loved bareback because the feelings in my cock were so much more intense, and the action of shooting my semen way up inside them when I came just made the whole act much more erotic. But the advantage to using a condom is that because the feelings are somewhat reduced, I can fuck for longer.

We put on the condom, she lay back with her legs spread and knees up, and I moved up near her cunt. I got some of her juices on my fingers and spread them on the condom for lubrication and eased my way inside her. I slid all the way in with little back-and-forth motions, then stopped for a few seconds, savoring the feeling and checking out her body. Supporting myself on my arms in a plank position, I thrust my hips, pushing my hard cock in and out, watching myself disappearing and reappearing, in and out of this cute little woman’s cleanly shaven cunt. Being able to watch myself and my partner fucking like this is immensely stimulating to me, so the view of Bianca with my cock pistoning in and out of her clean shaven cunt lips was extraordinarily erotic. I was dying to come, but the condom was helping me extend this fuck and several times I slowed down and just rested, admiring her, with my hard cock still inside her, until he calmed down a bit. Then I resumed thrusting, building more and more pressure until I was ready to come. I signaled to her “I think I’m coming” in case she wanted to tell me to slow down again, but she said “yes, yes, come now” to which I did, squirting out my load as I pushed my cock as far up inside her as I could. After my orgasm subsided, I pulled out before my cock went soft so the condom would stay in place, and lay down beside her. We cleaned up and snuggled into bed to sleep.

Next morning, Monday, we got up early because she had to drive home and get ready for work. We agreed we had really enjoyed last night and couldn’t wait to do it again. We arranged to meet up on Saturday night. All week I was excited because we had got along so well. I found her really attractive, both physically and mentally, and I knew that her feelings towards me were good, indicated by the fact that after our first meeting she went home and shaved her pussy to prepare for our dinner date; plus, she wanted to meet up again.

On Saturday night, we had dinner at a quiet Italian restaurant. We got to talking about our lives and especially our marriages, kids and careers. We had so many experiences that were similar and things in common that this felt like the start of a solid relationship. And there was the sex. We went back to my place, because her daughter may be home. We got back there and started making out as soon as we entered the door.

We fell onto the sofa, kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off. She suggested “let’s do it on the floor” so I went and got some bath towels for us to lie on and picked up a condom and the lube on the way back. We got on to the floor and started manually stimulating each other. My fingers were playing with her cunt lips and clit, spreading her lubrication around, and then I slipped two fingers into her opening and started to gently massage the inside of her cunt walls.

She held my cock tightly by its shaft and stroked up and down, rolling the foreskin backwards and forwards over the head, which was engorged with blood and glistening with pre-come. She was clearly fascinated by it and said I was the first uncircumcised guy she’d had. “I love the way I can just hold it in my hand and the skin rolls up and back. It’s so hard but so smooth.” She was getting me so hard that it felt like my cock would burst, and meantime, my fingers were all slippery, roaming up and down her slit between her cunt lips, tickling her clit and darting inside her for more juice.

Bianca then said she wanted me inside her. She took a cushion off the sofa, placed it under her hips and lay on her back, her sweet smooth cunt elevated and facing me with her legs spread wide. I put some lube on the condom and slid my steel-hard cock inside her hot, juicy cunt. She let artemisbet giriş out a huge “aahhhh” and pushed up against my thrusting. What a view I had, from her face, to her breasts, to her narrow waist, to her gorgeous pussy with my hard cock stroking in and out of her.

She was such a petite woman that my cock appeared large and, with her hips tilted and legs up, I was amazed at how far it disappeared inside her. With one hand, she was alternately playing with her clit or touching my cock as it slid in and out. I pounded into her, my groin bumping into hers as she met my thrusts by thrusting against me. Due to the reduced sensations of the condom, I was able to hold back for a long time, which gave her plenty of time to work up to her orgasm. As it came upon her, I could feel her cunt walls start to tighten up and she let go with a strong orgasm, and as she did, she started squirting all over my groin and thighs and her tummy. She was a squirter! I loved it! She started thrashing as the orgasm took over her, squirting, panting and moaning.

My ex-wife Monica used to squirt regularly, once I became adept at knowing what turned her on, but none of the other women I’d been with since Monica had squirted, even during powerful orgasms. Bianca, like Monica, really lost control during her big orgasms, so I was familiar with this. With Monica, the thing that really got her into overdrive was when she was coming and squirting, and her cunt was squeezing my cock, but my cock was so hard that her squeezing could not push me out, so I kept fucking and thrusting, sending her orgasm stratospheric.

I followed the same routine with Bianca. She started bucking like a rodeo horse as she continued squirting, as if she was trying to throw me off. I followed her movements, and each time she squeezed, I thrust my hard cock way up inside her and she let out another squirt. She was getting more and more excited, her face becoming redder as wave after wave of the rolling orgasm kept hitting her, like a swimmer in a rough surf. I was so hard that her powerful contractions could not squeeze me out, and I loved that I could keep pumping into her as she squeezed, squirting and yelling with every wave. I kept thrusting as the combination of her cunt squeezing my cock and the excitement of her squirting on me, made me lose it completely and I was hit by the strongest orgasm I’d had in ages, my groin contracting as it delivered my load of semen with a shuddering orgasm.

I stayed in her for a little while as she slowly came down and my cock started to shrink, then pulled out carefully so as not to lose anything out of the condom. I lay down beside her on the towels, which were soaked with her pee. We just lay there on our backs, recovering our breath. I leaned over and kissed her deeply then we lay around for a few more minutes before we got up, moved to the bedroom, curled up in a spoon position and slept soundly.

Sunday morning arrived and we woke up slowly. We kicked off the sheets and enjoyed touching and looking at each other. More kisses, my hands roaming around her back, her front, touching her high and low, then, as I lay on my back, she kissed her way down my stomach and found my cock, which was by now becoming more firm. As she took my cock’s head into her mouth, the feeling was incredible and I just lay back and enjoyed it. I didn’t try to see what she was doing, and that would have been pointless anyway because her head was resting on my groin area, thus concealing my view. But I didn’t care. I was just surfing the wave of pleasure she was giving me.

Of all the women I had ever been with, none of them really liked giving head. Only on rare occasions had any woman initiated it by herself and I’d certainly never had any woman who sucked my cock as keenly and expertly as Bianca did. It was exquisite and such a wonderful surprise to start a Sunday morning. I could feel my cock moving deep inside her warm mouth, her lips moving up and down my shaft and her hand holding and massaging my balls. I could feel the pressure building up inside me. I thought this blow job would be a prelude, and she would soon stop so we could fuck, but Bianca kept driving the sensations higher and higher with her mouth. I could feel I was about to blow, so in case she wanted to stop and make me come into her cunt, I let her know, “oh my god, I’m coming.” She amped up the rhythm and I rode the wave into one of those mind-bending orgasms where your mind goes blank, and I delivered what felt like a huge load of cum in a series of spurts.

I was still recovering when she came back up and kissed me, a big tongue kiss, and that’s when I realized she had swallowed it all. I looked down at my stomach but she had not spilled a drop. I was utterly blown away. What a woman! She was super cute, terrific to talk with, great sense of humor, and she not only loved fucking, she had shaved her pussy, she squirted when she came, sucked my cock and swallowed my come. She was artemisbet güvenilirmi perfect! And my life was still full of firsts: first time I had a woman blow me and swallow the load.

We started dating regularly, every weekend. We went to live music, went on drives in the surrounding region, went to restaurants, and went to the beach. Best of all, we always finished up at my place. She may have been a petite woman but she had a large sexual appetite.

One Saturday evening, we arrived back at my place and were making out on the bed. I took off her blouse and bra, and was giving her lovely tits some close kissing attention. She undid her jeans, pulled them down a little, and started working her pussy. I placed my hand down there with hers and together we lightly massaged her cunt and clit while I sucked and nibbled on her tits and kissed up and down her body. She gradually started moaning more and more and was clearly getting very excited. Her jeans were tight, especially around her shapely butt and thighs, so she got off the bed and stood up to peel them off. I sat up on the side of the bed to watch her as the jeans and panties came off, revealing her shaved pussy.

She was now highly excited and completely naked, whereas I had taken just my shirt off, but not yet removed my jeans. She stepped back in front of me and sat on my right thigh so it was between her legs and she was facing me. I resumed kissing and sucking her nipples as she started fingering herself. She started sliding her groin back and forth along my leg, grinding her cunt into the fabric of my jeans until she came with a yell, squirting all over my jeans while I held her tightly to stop her from falling as she totally lost control. She continued to rub her cunt up and down my leg, my soaked jeans stimulating her, and she spasmed again with another big squirt as I held her tightly and kissed her forcefully. I picked her up, laid her on the bed and whipped off my soaked jeans. I climbed on the bed and rolled on the condom, then thrust my hard cock into her spasming cunt and we fucked maniacally as she writhed and moaned, her rolling orgasm taking over her body as I thrust my hard cock into her squirting, squeezing cunt. This level of excitement was just too much for me and I rolled into another fantastic orgasm, the pressure in my groin making my head hurt as I pumped spurt after spurt inside her.

During our conversations over the weeks, I learned that her husband was 27 years older than her, had been a friend of her family and had first seduced her when she was a teen. Obviously, their marriage caused a rift with her family which was still affecting her. There were also some issues with his behavior in the marriage itself, the details of which she didn’t reveal to me; however, they stuck together and made the marriage work for 25 years. Although a 44 year old man appeared attractive and worldly when she was a 19 year old woman, she was now 44 and he was 71, and his sex drive had given up. She had every intention of sticking with him, but one day he left her and his two kids to go and live with a woman the same age as himself. So maybe his sex drive gave up because his mind was on the other woman. Whatever the reason, she was now on her own, right in the prime of her life.

One Saturday we had tickets to a concert which was about an hour’s drive away. We arranged that she would come over to my place about 4 pm, then we’d both get ready, drive to the vicinity of the concert, get some dinner nearby and be at the concert by 7:30 pm. About 1 pm, she arrived unexpectedly and announced that she had come early so we could fuck first, then shower together, get dressed and go! With that, she lifted off her top, revealing her perfect little breasts, and dropped her shorts and panties in one movement as I followed her lead. She hoisted herself up and sat on the kitchen counter, legs spread, showing me her perfect shaved pussy with its smooth, puffy outer lips and inner flaps that hung out nicely.

I stepped over to the counter and we melted into a deep kiss as my hands found their way to her breasts. As we kissed, I held my palms over her breasts, then moved them a little so that her nipples were between my thumb and index finger, when I could roll and squeeze her nipples while my tongue explored her mouth. I heard a low moan and then she leaned back, supporting her weight on her arms and spread her legs a little wider. Since she was sitting on the counter, I didn’t have much room to get my face in there, so I put some saliva on my two fingers, brought my fingers to her slit, and smeared the saliva along her slit. Placing my index finger on one side and my middle finger on the other, I spread her cunt lips and then slid my two fingers into her opening, which had plenty of juice and was very slippery. I brought my fingers out and smeared her juice around her cunt and up to her clit, went back inside for more juice, then brought that up to her clit, circling around her little trigger, up and down her slit and into her opening. I gently pushed my two fingers all the way inside her, then drew them about halfway back and started flexing my fingers, massaging the walls of her cunt just behind her clit. Now she was really moaning and her juices were flowing.

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