No Control

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It had been a normal Saturday morning so far. As per usual I had made some breakfast for Sally and I, and while she started a couple loads of laundry I mowed the lawn. As I came inside the house, I left my dirty grass covered sneakers, jeans and tee shirt in the garage. I didn’t know where Sally was, I just knew that I was looking forward to a shit, shower and shave. I had drank too many beers and ate too much pizza the night before, and I felt like I was about to burst!

My poop had to have been at east a foot-long, it felt so good to get out. After a relaxing shower, I dried off and began to lather up for a shave. Then I heard the knock on the bathroom door.

“Hey babe don’t get dressed after you’re done in there ok?” “Just come find me in the basement.”

“Ok, I’m not saying no to that!” I said, laughing from inside the bathroom.

I heard her steps as she walked away from the bathroom door. I was exciting for a little action, it had been a long week and we had both been too drunk and tired to fuck when the taxi took us home last night. As I finished shaving, I wondered why she wanted to do it in the basement, her and I aren’t really the type to get too wild, and we usually just kick it in bed.

When I walked downstairs I was at a loss for words. Sally was leaned over our downstairs kitchen counter, resting on her elbows watching tv. Her ass was facing the steps. She was wearing black yoga pant capris that made her ass look absolutely incredible and a Kelly green strapless sports bra. As she heard me finish the steps, she stood up on her tippie toes, leaning farther on the counter, and giggled.

I came up behind her, wrapped her in my arms, and began to lay soft kisses on her neck and ear.

“Hey sexy” I whispered in her ear.

She turned around in my arms to kiss me, and I grabbed two glorious handfuls of ass, lifting her onto our counter. She moaned softly and pulled away from our kiss to catch her breath, breathing deeply. I pulled her body closer to mine and grabbed the back of her yoga pants and began to pull them up, giving here a nice wedgie, separating her ass cheeks and creating a beautiful cameltoe in the front. We started to make out again and she started to whimper. She reached down and pulled my towel aside. My hard-on sprung right up, and she wrapped both her arms around my neck, and her legs around my torso. I carried her like this to the couch and laid her on her back with me on top of her. I pulled her bra up on her torso, and grabbed two handfuls of her perfect boobs. Between kisses she whispered, “sit up.” I wrapped her in my arms again and pulled her body up with me, so I was sitting on the couch and she was strattling me. She pulled her bra over her head and kissed me again. Then she started to move south on my body, maintaining eye contact and licking her lips as she moved closer and closer to my dick.

I then received the best blowjob I have ever had. She hummed loudly to the music playing the whole time, vibrating her throat more than she had ever done before. When I was about to cum, she pulled her head back so that only her lips were around the very tip of my dick, and sucked me dry like she was sucking a straw. She swallowed every drop of my huge load, giggled and sat back on the couch under my welcoming arm. I held her close and told her I loved her more than anything in the world.

“Baby, today I want to try something we’ve never done before.” She said.

“Of course hun, anything, what?”

She giggled, told me to meet her in the bedroom in 2 minutes, grabbed her bra and skipped up the stairs, two at a time. I wondered what she wanted to do, especially right after her performance.

I took a piss in our downstairs bathroom and washed my hands. I wrapped myself up in my towel again, so that no neighbors would see me naked through the window at the top of our stairs.

“Can I come in yet honey?” I waited by the door.

“Just one second babe!”

She came to the door of the bedroom and slipped out, shutting the door behind her. She told me to turn around, and she tied a blindfold around my head. She giggled and wrapped me in her arms from behind, standing on her tippie toes and kissing the back of my neck.

“Shhhhh. . .” She whispered, “Trust me.”

I had no idea what she Escort Bayan had in mind, and wondered why I was blindfolded as she led me into the bedroom. She pulled my towel off my body and threw it aside. I felt my legs brush the bed.

“Lay down with your knees in the air.”

I got onto the bed and did as I was told. I heard her put on a latex glove, and started to feel scared.


“Shhhh . . . just trust me today honey, this is something I have wanted to do for some time, and I want it to be a surprise for you. . . Just relax for now.”

I took a deep breath, trying hard to relax. I felt Sally push my knees a little farther in the air, and spread them a little bit more apart. I worried she wanted to do something with my ass, and that made me nervous. We had played with a small buttplug before, to stimulate my prostate, but that had been on vacation and we hadn’t even brought it home with us.

I felt a lubed finger enter my ass, and I gasped, startled. Sally giggled. Then she went deeper, then she backed out and re-entered with two fingers.

Then I felt a plastic tube enter my hole.

“Take a deep breath baby.” Sally said, and I did.

Then I felt the most unusual sensation, warm water started to flow inside of me, and I started to feel full inside. I realized I must be getting an enema, and although it was weird and I didn’t know why Sally was having me do this, I remembered the blowjob from earlier and realized that she must really want this.

“I’m starting to get cramps Sally,” I said.

“She leaned over the bed and kissed me hard. “This really turns me on, just a little bit longer.”

“Ok,” I whispered.

Not too long after I felt the flow of warm water stop, and Sally pulled the enema tube out of me. I heard her walk to the bathroom and wash it off.

She came back and gently helped me up and out of bed. She led me to the bathroom and helped me sit down on the toilet.

“Do your thing babe, I know you need to, I’ve taken enemas before, I’ll go turn on some music in the bedroom, just call for me when you’re all finished, it can sometimes take a minute or two.”

“Ok honey.”

As soon as I heard the music turn on, I let go. The enema came out in the most disgusting sounding diarrhea farts I had ever heard. It felt so good! Fart after fart after fart, and I was finally fairly certain it was all out. I reached behind me for the baby wipes, I obviously needed more than just toilet paper. Wiping with the blindfold on was a little tricky, but I figured after about 5 baby wipes I was probably fine. I reached behind me and flushed.

“Sally, I’m done in here,”

“Ok, hold on one second I’m coming.”

She turned the music down and knocked as she came through the door. I started to stand up but Sally stopped me. “Hold on,” she shut the door behind her. I sat back down on the seat. She came over and straddled me. Luckily since I had already shit earlier, the enema hadn’t cause that bad of a smell, and since I flushed, it was nearly un-noticeable.

“You know I love you very much don’t you?”

“Of course baby, what are we doing here?” I said.

“Well, I’m going to bring you back to the bedroom and we’ll get started.”

She got closer to me and whispered, “if you do this for me today, I will start training my asshole for anal. I bought a set of plugs, and I can start wearing them a little bit each day to stretch my hole enough, and instead of pulling out, you can start cumming in my ass.”

“Oh my God I love you so much Sally!” “I trust you, lets get in the bedroom.”

She led me, still blindfolded, back to our bed and told me to lay down the same as before.

“Alright, no more talking.” Sally said. She turned the music up, and lifted my ass off the bed, sliding some kind of pad underneath me. I felt her start to finger my asshole a second time.

This time she worked her way to two fingers much more quickly than before, and before I knew it she was shoving something soft and mushy up my asshole. I had never felt anything like this before in my whole life, and oddly I was getting a little turned on by it. Soon, due to the smell, I figured out that what she was shoving inside of me were bananas, in halves. I counted 6 after I figured out Bayan Escort what they were, and she must’ve put at least 2 in before that. I was starting to feel incredibly full, and I really needed to get all of this out.

Then sally inserted something else into my asshole, except whatever it was it didn’t slide all the way up inside me like the bananas, it simply stayed put right behind my asshole. I relaxed a little to see how it might move, but it stayed put. Then I felt Sally pull my legs down from the position they were in so I was simply lying on my back, legs extended straight down, like I was going to sleep. I started to feel a bad cramp in my abdomen, but Sally had said no talking, so I hoped she would ask how I was doing or something soon. I had never trusted anyone with my body like this before in my whole life.

Then Sally lifted both my feet and fed them through a pull up style diaper. She quickly slid it all the way up into position underneath me, rocking me from side to side to pull it all the way up.

Here I was, all these bananas inside me and something plugging my asshole closed, with only a diaper and a blindfold on.

Sally said in an authoritative tone, “stand up.”

I did as I was told and got out of bed. As I got up the cramps worsened twofold, it was hard to even stand. I was having a hard time thinking at this point, I felt like I would uncontrollably fill the diaper with bananas at any moment. It felt like I had to suck in my stomach to stop it.

I felt Sally at my feet, lifting one up and sliding some kind of clothing over it, and then the same for the other one. I felt her pulling whatever she had just clothed me with all the way up my body, and she took one arm and fed it through a sleeve, and then the other. She was doing this at what felt like and incredibly slow speed. The cramps were getting worse and worse, and coming in waves, making it difficult to think about much less focus on anything else.

I realized from the diaper tightening around my body that I was wearing an adult size onesie tee shirt. The diaper was now holding my package up against my body, and making full contact with my skin in the front, back, and the sides.

I realized I had been just standing there in my condition for about 30 seconds, and due to the blindfold, I didn’t know where Sally had gone. Then I heard the camera. Click, click, click, Sally was taking pictures of me in my diaper and onesie! I heard her giggle and walk towards me. She took my blindfold off and snapped another picture. I looked down and I saw one of my older pair of jeans, from when I was a little heavier, socks, shoes, and a belt. One of my jackets was laid on the bed.

“Get dressed honey, we need to make a trip to the store.” She said, matter-of-factly, tying her shoes. I saw that she had her purse next to her, and it seemed she was serious about going out.

“Sally, I’m about to fill this diaper with bananas! Why are we going to the store?” “Someone could see me in a diaper!” I said, getting more and more worried by the second.

“Well if you don’t want to do it then just get used to masturbating.” Sally walked out of the room. “Meet me outside at the car and hurry up.”

Sally’s attitude had shifted. She had never threatened to stop giving it up before. Worried and still dealing with the cramps, I got reluctantly got dressed and headed out the door to the car. As I walked past our full length mirror, I realized you couldn’t really even tell I had the diaper on, that someone would only be able to to tell if I told them I was wearing. As I got into our SUV I felt humiliated in my condition, and I started to feel anxiety about what Sally would have me do next.

She accelerated swiftly and we sped away from the driveway. Luckily our driveway is flush with the road, and wasn’t a huge bump. Any bump with these cramps would be unbearable, I thought to myself. Sally cranked the music loud, rolled the windows down, and headed down a road we don’t drive on. I wasn’t sure where we were going.

About 15 minutes later, we rounded a curve and I saw the train tracks ahead. Sally began to accelerate, and as I looked over I saw her smirk at me. When we hit the tracks we both got launched at least 4 inches above our seats. The pain from Escort the cramps as we hit the bump was crippling, and as we hit it, I let out a loud cry. Sally laughed at me and brought her fist down on my crotch, hard. The diaper softened the blow, but she still caught my package pretty good. I felt nauseous from the hit, and in combination with the waves of cramps, I was not in a good place.

“Why are you doing this?!” I asked, in desperation,

She hit me again, harder. “No more talking until we get to the store, you little baby!”

I started to shed a tear from the pain, but I quickly wiped it away and took a deep breath, trying hard to maintain my composure. I swear I was about to shit all the bananas any second.

Up ahead I saw the strip mall. . . There was a furniture store, a barber shop, and a medical supplies store.

Sally parked in the lot close to the furniture store. “Get out, we need to look for a new couch.” She said, as she swiftly hopped out of her side. I tried to get out as quickly as I could, but it was incredibly hard to move at all, and it took me a second.

“Hurry up! How long does it take to get out of the car? How old are you?” She was nearly shouting. “Seriously how old are you?! We have things to do today.

She grabbed my hand and, power walking like she does at the track, nearly dragged me to the furniture store.

“Now, we need at least 30 minutes to compare all these couches, if not longer, this is a serious decision.” Sally said. She leaned in and whispered, “you had better not poop in that diaper if you know what is best for you, I would hate to have to change you in public, hope you can hold it in!” She giggled a little and pulled me alongside her to the couch section. I felt like I was about to shit any second, the waves were more intense than ever before, and I really was having trouble focusing on much of anything.

Much to my dismay, we tried sitting on several couches, with Sally making comments about each one, taking her time. Then a sales associate started to walk towards us, from the other side of the store.

“Behave yourself, I want to try to get a good deal!” She whispered in my ear.

“Hi I’m Dave, can I help you with anything today?”

“Yes, we are looking for a new couch for our living room, something to match green paint.” Sally said, smiling and sticking her chest out at the sales associate.

“Well you came to the right place!” Dave said, laughing. Sally laughed loud.

I couldn’t hold it a second longer, and all the bananas came rushing out of me, filling the diaper front to back, and seeping all the way up to the waistband. I was immediately conscious of the weight of the diaper, and that it was showing through my pants quite visibly, as the sales associate was staring at my ass.

Sally gave me the most pissed off look I had ever seen. “I can’t take you anywhere can I?” Sally shouted. The sales associate was still staring, and as I looked around the store, I saw other people looking our direction, obviously because Sally had nearly screamed at me not a second before. She grabbed my hand forcefully and started marching towards the doors. Through her teeth she was muttering at me.

“You are such a child I simply cannot believe you just pooped your diaper right in front of the nice salesman. I am so embarrassed right now I could kill you. You better pray for mercy because I just don’t know what I am going to do about this. Let me tell you this, I am going to think about it for some time, and you are going to learn your lesson you little baby. This is intolerable behavior.”

As we approached the automatic sliding doors and they started to open, the motion activated bell to alert employees of customers went off and everyone in the store looked our direction. Sally came to an abrupt stop and spanked my bottom hard, and loudly, twice.

She kept walking to the car as if nothing had happened, except she didn’t grab my hand to pull me along, and I was still standing in the doorway, dumbfounded at what had just happened. Sally turned around and screamed at me.


Endnote: I later learned that she had covered the banana halves with liquid glycerin and put glycerin suppositories inside 4 of the 8 of them before shoving them inside me. The last thing she shoved up there was a maximum absorbency maxi pad, rolled around itself and soaked in glycerin. This created a plug in my asshole, making it impossible for me to have any control of when I messed my diaper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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