No Limits


Many potential, and interesting, slaves have emailed, but anonymously! Check out my profile and email me if your interested in making my stories a reality, and please leave a contact address for me to reply to! I am happy to just talk as well, or go slower for novices. All I ask is obedience from potential servants.

It’s Tuesday. My Owner has kept me horny and desperate for almost three months now, making me put on shows for Him. So far we have had an online relationship, but I promise, I have followed every order, I crave being controlled in every way, the more disgusting, degrading and humiliating the better! My Owner sends me an email with instructions for the day almost every morning. I have basic ones, no underwear, keep shaved, and work out. The no underwear is difficult and embarrassing as I am quite large in the chest, and my work uniform is a white top. He also makes me wear my shirt with three buttons undone, and a skirt, so I keep imagining guys looking at me, which makes me wet!

Last week I had an email which said the following:

‘you are a dirty little whore. Its about time I taught you what its like to really be used, abused, and tortured. You will request a weeks holiday for next week, and Tuesday I will allow you to meet me, and I will make you suffer without mercy J’

Needless to say, I practically ran to work to get the week off. Judging by the videos I for Him, I assume real life would be worse. The trouble with torturing and teasing yourself, even if ordered, you get to the point where you stop, even though you crave more. I need to be a helpless, chained slut, with no escape, and for a week, I will be!

So today, Tuesday, I am on the train going to see my owner. As ordered, I Betturkey have black underwear on, and clothes that make me look like a dirty, slutty schoolgirl. I have been getting leering looks from guys all day! I also have a bag, with all my sex toys and outfits in. no ‘vanilla’ clothes, as I was told I wont need them. My Owner knows about my chastity belt, but never really used it. He said He was waiting and had a special plan, which I am hoping to discover this week! I wonder if He will let me come, like I am so desperate to do, but I am more desperate to be kept feeling like I am.

The train stops, and I look out the window for my Owner, who said He would meet me their. I see Him, smile and wave, and I get off the train. He takes me in His arms straight way, and kisses me hard, pulling my hips to His. He whispers in my ear ‘good girl, your in for a rough week’ and pulls away. He takes my hand, and leads me out. We have some shopping to do, at Anne Summers. He buys something called ‘Icyhot’ and another bottle on which I could only see that its supposed to tickle. He also got a feather, which I know would send me crazy.

We got back to his flat, and He sat on the sofa. I was made to stand in front of Him, hands on head, legs apart. He admired my body like an artist studying a painting. I love to be objectified, and treated like meat. he ordered me to strip my outer layer, down to bra and panties. I did so, and resumed position. He ran His fingers all over me, making me quiver already. Then I had to get on all fours, like the bitch I am, and lick His feet. He stood up, and made me remove His jeans, then He slouched in the sofa and told me to lick all the way up to His ass, then tongue fuck Betturkey Giriş it. I did so, getting wetter and wetter as I did, I felt so disgusting, and knew it was only the beginning, and craved more. I heard Him moan as my tongue slid into His ass. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, and forced his balls to my mouth, to be licked. After ten minutes or so, He dragged me by my hair to His bedroom, and threw me on the bed. His fingers felt my soaked pussy through the panties. He ripped them, and the bra, off and shoved the panties in my mouth, making me taste my juice. He twisted my nipple and pulled it hard while slapping my pussy. When He stopped, I moaned, desperate for more. Then he dragged me to a chair, bent me over it, and tied me to the legs. He got a bar, forced my knees apart, and tied them. I felt so vulnerable, so helpless, and I was literally dripping onto the floor.

For the next hour or so, He whipped, spanked, tickled and fucked me. Never enough to let me come, or cry, but close. After He had finished, He blindfolded me, and made me suck him off. His cock isn’t massive, but a very nice 6inches. I took Him deep in my mouth, and did it slow and soft, the way I know He likes it. His orgasm was a slow build, then He shot it straight into my mouth and said to swallow. Then I licked His cock clean, getting it all. He shoved a penis gag in, and locked it, then got the bottle of icy hot out. He spread it all over my pussy and nipples and walked out. I felt nothing at first, and wondered what it was supposed to do. Then it started getting warmer and warmer, until it felt like a fire below me, and I was helpless to stop it.


I left the slut to suffer. I know Betturkey Güncel Giriş how much she loves pain, and begged me to be merciless and use her as I want. I must say, she sounded perfect on paper, then actually proved what a pain slut she is on cam and video. I love to do anything to a whore like her. Teasing and denial are my favourites. Keeping slaves horny and desperate and having them service me is wonderful! I don’t care if a slut never comes again, as long as I can use it, although I usually allow release about once every three months or so, just to let them know what they are missing.

I love using a vibrator, tipping a girl over the edge, then watching as she thrashes about, desperate to gain the contact back to make the orgasm mind blowing. I am merciless, and love to make a girl cry just from frustration, knowing she loves the control I have. Words cannot describe how I feel when I see her thrashing about, crying, begging, pleading, to have that glorious orgasm, knowing I wont let her, knowing I will make it worse for her. One girl I had was locked in a chastity belt, and told me never to give in, to keep her in ‘forced’ slavery, so when she threatened to walk out if I didn’t let her come, I threw the keys to her chastity belt and neck chain (tying her to the floor) down the toilet, and said I’d flush. Her face was priceless, but she relented. She is still in the cellar, working off her punishment.

So the icy hot is amazing. I have never used it before, but read about it. I could hear the bitch moaning from behind her gag from the other side of the door. I left her to suffer while I watched TV, going back during the adverts to switch the gels. One caused intense fire feelings, the other was an unrelenting tickling gel which apparently feels like an itch you cant scratch (so I put it on her feet as well as nipples and pussy).

After my programmes were finished, about three hours as CSI was on, I went in and tied a vibrator in her ass as well, lathered her up in icy hot, and went to bed.