No More Control Ch. 07

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(Author’s note – Sonya is unaware of her nightmare and passing out when she fell off the bed in chapter 1. As far as she knows she has only had 2 fainting spells in a 24 hour period. You, the reader know that her dream counts as 3. I still have no idea what I’m doing. Pardon any errors in my work.)

Sonya finally took her shower, her legs were indeed soaked from the hottest masturbation session of her life. She needed to control her pleasure and take care to not cause another seizing orgasm. She had a devilish smirk on her face knowing that she could bring this much pleasure to herself just by looking in a well lit mirror. She may not need a man if she can do better with her own self love.

The familiar sensation of sexual tension in her groin filled her once again. Marietta’s confession about her true feelings in the nude really stuck with Sonya has she started her shower. Letting the water wash over her body, she had time to think about her situation.

As far as she could recall. She indeed fainted twice in less than 24 hour period but the 2nd one was explainable. But she needed to confirm asyabahis yeni giriş that it would not happen again. She knows that people masturbate multiple times in a day but she has never done it herself. Sonya is so pent up sexually that maybe that orgasm was so intense after not playing in her pussy for the past month. She set the shower to massage and let the water hit her chest insuring her nipples got much of the stream.

That was enough to finally get her ready to go again. Sonya stood in the shower and closed her eyes. Her first though went to her body “Am I really that pretty? No one has ever complimented my body. I never thought to wear…cothes to show my body more.”

Clothes..she cringed at that word. She never had feelings against clothes…they are required by law after all. You are trained to wear them at an early age. “Maybe I just need to take this time to be a woman and explore my sexuality? I can go naked in my apartment and keep the windows closed. No one has to know what happens behind closed doors. Now that I know Marietta doesn’t mind I should give this naked asyabahis güvenilirmi thing a try.”

Her thoughts then shifted to Marietta and how she must feel knowing her best friend may not be able to love her the same way she does. The least Sonya could do is make her feel appreciated for all that Marietta has sacrificed for her. Her thoughts about her best friend did not last long. Her nipples were showing a level of sensitivity stronger than she ever noticed before. The water had made her very horny hitting her chest. It was almost as if her nipples and pussy were able to manifest their own source of arousal and override her own mind. She began to touch herself.

“I want to touch my naked body,” Sonya thought to herself. “I like my naked body. It’s ok to be naked all the time.” That last thought shocked Sonya. What was she saying to herself? It was almost like the last thought was not her own. Was she going mad? Why was she smiling? Did she really enjoy being naked more than she had enjoyed her life in clothes? Did she fall and bump her head the other day in her sleep? Sonya was asya bahis giriş starting to suspect that something indeed happened between the time she fell asleep and Marietta came into her home to wake her up on the floor.

Sonya started playing with her 2 inch clit again. It was standing at attention peaking through her woman fur. She started to like having something to jack off as she stood there bringing her pleasure. She started to moan. “It’s ok. I don’t care if Marie hears me. She likes it.” Sonya’s mission was to orgasm without passing out. She needed to prove to herself what happened earlier was a fluke.

Responding to the stimulus of her own fingers and self pleasure, a warmth filled her body like nothing before. It’s as if her body was trying to encourage her to keep going. It was as if she found her new passion in life that makes her happy. Who knew that her happiness came from her fingers and self love?

“If I can keep myself happy, then maybe I’ll have a better outlook on life,” She thought to herself. “If I just stay naked and masturbate, everything will be fine.” A jolt of arousal filled her body. Did she just get off on the phrase “stay naked?” She tried again. “I wanna stay naked.” Her body quivered at that thought. It was true. Something had indeed happened to Sonya’s mind during these blackouts. She’s slowly loosing control. She wants to stay naked.

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