Noah V Kane Ch. 05: Hidden Scars


Chapter 5 Hidden Scars

Jasmine returned from the bathroom and Antonio was already up out of bed. This was a rarest of mornings after. The unanticipated kind filled up with great sex, breakfast, and of course coffee. The kind that follows a night that lasted until morning.

“Guten Morgen Kätzchen,” he said as he came in from the kitchen, “I hope you slept well. I made us coffee.”

Slowly she awoke to the smell and wondered why she hadn’t smelled it before. Jasmine stretched and moaned slightly, as her body shifted between the sheets. “I would love some coffee Sir, how did you know?” She sat up, the sheets pooled around her waist. Her full naked breasts swung with her movements as she moved to get out of bed.

“What was that you said, Sir? Was that Italian? German?”

Antonio paused to pull a black t-shirt out of a drawer. His spent cock swung between his muscular thighs.

He methodically handed Jasmine one of his white dress shirts that was draped over an overstuffed chair. The allure of coffee in the air held it’s magic and she desperately wanted some to clear her head.

She lifted a bit shaky from the bed . . . “Man, I am sore.” as she realized this was not the cabin-like hotel.

“Where am I?” she thought and she walked into kitchen. She was disoriented, but she quickly pushed the fear away as she saw Antonio standing there in just the black t-shirt.

“Last night was…” Antonio started as he poured her a cup.

“Energetic?” Jasmine filled in, leaning against the counter. “Extensive?” “Orgasmic?”

“I was going to say, beautiful.” He looked at her directly when he said it, leaving her nowhere to hide. He handed her the cup.

Jasmine sipped her coffee. Straight, black and strong. “He didn’t even ask. How did he know?” Fear pinged into her consciousness momentarily. The careful way he observed her as if he was drawing her, not appearing to care if she caught him or not. She reached out to touch his thigh, dreary memories surfacing at the now spent cock hours before rock hard and pushing her over the edge. “The quaint inn … wait! When was that? …” Her mind scrambled to account for the time lapse.

“This isn’t the cabin. But why does it seem so familiar?”

He stepped away from her touch with a smile and opened a small bag. “Ein Apfelkuchen für mein Kätzchen” as he handed her the pastry.

“An apple fritter for my kitten,” her mind comprehended the German in perfect English.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I picked up a few things for us this morning,” he continued in English as he smirked, “I was hungry after last night and thought you might be as well.”

She laughed, “You, are absolutely right. Danke mein Herr.” She followed, sitting down in a chair across from him not even realizing that she thanked him in German.

Jasmine could bursa escort feel the cares leaving as the caffeine ran through her system, making her more alert, more clear-headed, suddenly feeling anxiety around this man. She blushed in a sudden panic about everything they had shared.

“I need to leave.” she told him rather abruptly.

“Where is my bra?” she thought as she started to get in the all to familiar take flight mode. She didn’t see it in the pile of her clothes. Glancing around, she spied it on the back of the couch,

“Wait,” her mind betrayed her, “I wasn’t wearing a bra at the inn”

“You don’t have to go,” Antonio took her coffee cup to the kitchen. “I was only going to draw some sketches today at the park, we could go together.”

“I have to go home and get ready. There’s a friend’s bridal shower I have to do and I’ll be late if I don’t leave now,” the lie came easily to her. Guys usually rushed her out the door at any mention of wedding related activities.

Jasmine stood and snatched her bra from it’s perch on the back of the couch on her way to the bedroom . A few minutes later she emerged, dressed and with her bedhead curls tied back. She’d deal with them later.

“Thanks for…everything,” She smiled at him, he didn’t seem remotely phased as he set the dishtowel on the counter and walked over to where she stood.

“I definitely enjoyed myself, Sir.” her words sounded awkward even to her.

She leaned forward to kiss him goodbye. She needed to get back home, to the place where she woke up in her bed alone, where no one drew pictures on her back, and especially where she didn’t speak or know German. His mark was now freely dripping down her thigh from her pantie-less pussy. She smelled of sex. She needed a shower.

Antonio pulled her close and wrapped his strong arms around her.

“He desired to keep this beauty who had literally thrown herself into his arms and into his life.” he affirmed his thought of capturing her before she fled.

He tilted her head up and kissed her. Not with the gentle goodbye type kiss. This was with intense fire, passion, and heat. He wanted her to feel his desire. Antonio remembered how she grabbed the sheets, until her vocal chords exploded in a cacophony of harmonious ecstasy.

With practiced lips, he kissed her as if he would never kiss another woman. He kissed her desperately, wantonly, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. His lips teased her, opening her lips and his tongue explored her mouth, enticing hers to join in the erotic dance he offered. She couldn’t resist the pull and opened her lips, matching his desire with her own.

They separated, gasping for air. Jasmine looked up at him, raised an eyebrow in question, then leaned forward and caught his lower lip in hers. She bit bursa escort bayan lightly before covering his mouth with hers in another deep kiss. He pinned her hard against the wall. His previously spent cock was now rock hard and pressing against the top hemline of her skirt. She spread her legs, widening her stance and kissed him hard. He kissed her back with the same intensity. His hands moved to her hips, to her ass, pulling her the excruciating inches up. She felt the texture of the wall rub on her back. Antonio’s cock finally cleared the bottom hemline of her skirt. “Du gehörst mir, Kätzchen! Sie verstehen? Bergwerk!,” he exclaimed with force as he pulled her down without waiting for gravity to do the task for him.

She heard him exclaim, “You are mine, kitten! You understand? Mine!” and in the moment she didn’t care it was in German.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard just like that! Oh Yes!” She thought. What she heard from her lips was erotic … it was scary.

Ja! Ja! Fick mich hart einfach so! Oh Ja!

Her hands moved from around him to the back of his head. She felt his cock throbbing inside her and she rolled her pelvis forward against it. His mouth left her lips, and moved down her neck, licking, biting, sucking. He pulled her blouse and bra aside to expose her hard nipple.

She gasped when he bit on her nipple. His hands moving back to her ass to maintain the savage primal thrusts. The smells of the old sex mingling the new aromas of lust were intoxicating and added to the moment stolen in time. She gripped her legs around him meeting his thrust with a heightened passion.

Jasmine watched as Antonio’s hands grasped the front of her shirt, pulling it up over her arms, pausing his kisses long enough to rip it off and throw it at their feet. Her bra followed. He wanted to see her breasts again, taste them, run his mouth over them. This could take weeks.

She let him push her back against the wall, all the while continuing the primal savage thrust. The wall texture now felt like sandpaper on her naked back and she didn’t even care. “Can I cum?” she screamed in perfect German. “Ja,” he replied and she exploded around his cock to which he responded by adding his cum deep inside her womb.

Antonio releases her from the wall and she stumbles to find her feet. He is still nibbling on her neck as she assesses the damages. She feels the warmth of blood on her back from the texture of the rough wall gouging her flesh. She feels the rush of liquid as his spent cock is ejected from her like a wine cork. The warm mixture of sex dripping in gooey gobs down both her legs. Her skirt now feels like a cold wet blanket that weighs 100 pounds. Antonio fades in her consciousness as she continues her assessment. She feels a tug at the back of her hemline. She turns to look. The escort bursa wall is gone. She is standing in the middle of the living room.

It’s a little boy tugging on her skirt. He is probably about 4 years old, filthy face and desperate, hungry blue eyes. He is dressed like he is out of the 1940s complete with a hat. He continued tugging on her skirt like a toddler trying to get his mothers attention. “Dame? Ich habe Hunger. Kann ich bitte etwas essen?” What Jasmine heard was as clear as if it was in English, The boy was asking for food. She quickly bent down so they were face to face. Then it dawned on her that this boy was a young Antonio.

Her mind was screaming this can’t be real but her maternal instinct trumped everything. “Come with me, let’s get you fed.” she said in perfect German.

She took the lad by the hand and scurried off to the kitchen. She sat the lad down on a bar stool, having a complete conversation in German. She opens the refrigerator and finds 4 eggs, not from the store. These eggs weren’t white and still had yard debris on them. There was a white wrapped package marked with a sharpie “Speck.” She read it as if in English. “Bacon.”

The only other item in the refrigerator was a galvanized pitcher. She didn’t even have to look at what was in the pitcher. Without missing a beat, talking to the toddler in German she removed the farm fresh food and the lads face lit up as if it was Christmas morning. Jasmine grabbed a metal cup from the cabinet and poured a cup of unpasteurized milk for the lad. The boy sipped it like a teenagers first beer. “Hmmmmm,” was his only reply.

At least that was English she chuckled to herself. She knew where everything was as if she’d been in the kitchen for years, frying “Speck” and “Eier” like she was a German domestic goddess. She placed the breakfast plate in front of the boy and he had tears of happiness in his eyes. He’d emptied his milk so Jasmine took it to the refrigerator to refill it before the boy even had time to ask. She turns around with the fresh cup of milk and everything had changed. She is now back in the cabin-like hotel. The breakfast plate has the freshly cooked untouched eggs and bacon, A very groggy naked Antonio emerges from the bedroom complete with morning wood. The boy is gone.

“It smells great. I heard people talking in here,” as he perched in front of the breakfast plate rubbing the stubble on his face.

“You never told me you knew German. Who were you talking too?” But then the plate changed his focus. “This plate for me?”

“Ja.” Jasmine looked around trying to make sense of what just happened. She looks at her hand, instead of milk, she is holding a very hot cup of coffee. She only has a shirt on. As she sets the coffee in front of Antonio she notices a Jasmine portioned plate in a place setting beside Antonio.

Bewildered, she sat in front of the breakfast. Antonio put his strong arm around her and offers the blessing.

“I was only going to draw some sketches today at the park, we could go together.” Antonio’s words echoed in her head.