Noisy Neighbour Ch. 01

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Firstly, a short introduction.

My name is pippa I’m 46 and live with my hubby john in the north of england.

This is a true story that I’m about to tell and happened roughly 12 years ago. I’ve changed some names and the names of locations to protect anonymity and also dramatised what happened a little. Up untill now I’ve only ever told John about this as it’s very personal to me. For the past several years I’ve been exploring myself, having new experiences some of which I have decided to write about. You see, i used to be very shy and somewhat a prude. In a way i still am.

But I’ve come a long way…..

Chapter 1.

As i say, this happened 12 years ago. It was spring, april had just turned into may. Myself and John lived in a mid terrace house opposite a wonderful old church in a small village.

There wasn’t much in our village, the church, a pub, post office and a school. The church also doubled as a community centre.

My hubby john was and still is a taxi driver, he works long hours so I’m on my own a lot.

We have 2 children both boys who at the time attended the nearby primary school.

My week days were spent routinely getting the kids up for school, making sure they had everything they needed for the day. Then when they and john had left i would get on with some house work or go for a walk.

Back in those days i was a bit on the heavy side so i was kind of obsessive about excercise, often going for long walks out in the fields and woodland that surrounded our village.

I wanted to lose a couple of stone, which I have long since achieved.

John was bringing in plenty of money so what with me being the quiet shy retiring type i saw no reason to work. I was happy to be a stay at home mum.

Our house in the centre of a small row of 8 was a council property that we were renting. In fact, when all this began we were in the process of trying to move. We had recently bidded on a larger 3 bedroom house in the next village and were hopeful we’d get it.

We had lived in that small 2 bedroom terrace for nearly 5 years. It had it’s good points, one of which was location. The village is very pretty, picture postcard stuff. Quiet, with lovely views across fields and rolling hills. Cheap too as rent goes. We had a small yard at the front but out back was a large garden where the boys could play.

When i look back now, it was idyllic. The perfect place to raise a family.

However it did have it’s bad points.

The main bad point was the house had incredibly thin walls.

You could hear everything the neighbours did. When anyone had an argument you didn’t need a glass pushed against the wall to hear what it was about. You see, the houses are quite old. We were reliably informed by a charming old man called george who lived at number one on the end of our row, that they were built in the 1860’s. Long before the modern age of stereos and big screen led televisions.

When a tractor or big lorry went past on the main road the house shook a little, you could feel the vibrations.

Fortunately for the most part the neighbours behaved and were fairly quiet.

Our 2 immediate neighbors were couples with grown up children. We got on well with both of the couples but one side kept themselves pretty much to themselves, just a hello here and a good morning there.

On the opposite side were mary and rob. Rob was in his early sixties and worked in a d.i.y store in our nearest town.

Mary was younger, early fifties. She was a bit plump Escort Sarıyer like me at the time and was fairly plain looking. With brown eyes and collar length dark brown hair.

She never wore make up. And always gave me the impression that she’d given up on her appearance. Like she didn’t care anymore.

A strange woman prone to mood swings, one day she would be very approachable and friendly the next you would be lucky to get acknowledged.

Despite this i liked her and we got on well.

We would often chat over the back garden fence for an hour or so.

Her hubby rob was a miserable old git and rarely spoke to me. I normally like older guys and had noticed old george eyeing me up many times, he was well into his 70’s a good 40 years older than me but i got a strong impression if I’d given him half a chance…..

George often featured in my fantasies during ‘alone time’.

It was this old man fantasy that led to something very interesting later in my life, but that’s another story for another time.

With rob i got nothing. I mean you can tell straight away can’t you? When a guys interested.

But with him there was nothing. I got the impression that he too had given up on that part of life.

It was true that they often argued. From what i gathered it appeared rob had played away when they were younger and she, although deciding to stay with him, had never forgiven him.

Anyway, as i say it was spring, early may.

I recall that first time it happened was a tuesday. Bright sunny mild morning. The kids had been at school an hour, john had left long ago to do one of his school runs.

I was alone again, sweeping the front yard when i jumped a little at Mary’s front door opening. Looking up i saw mary coming out to water her window boxes. The difference in her appearance was noticed immediately.

For the first time in nearly five years she had make up on. Smartly dressed too. Normally she wore old jeans and a sweater or maybe a long skirt in summer but this day…..

Mary was wearing a mid length black skirt that to be honest was way too small for her, i don’t know how she’d got into it. Black tights or stockings, a red blouse again too small, her large breasts testing the buttons. And a thin black cardigan.

A smile spread across my face as my eyes came all the way back down to her feet to see a pair of old worn out pink slippers.

Although looking a good deal younger she was clearly out of practice at the make up job and looked for all the world like a cheap tart.

With the urge to laugh passing i greeted her with a cheery smile and good morning.

Mary looked surprised to see me and a little nervous but replied with her own smile and greeting.

We quickly fell into small talk and that impression that I’d surprised her grew stronger as she began to act quite furtive, especially when i complimented her appearance and asked if she was going somewhere nice?

Mary fumbled her words and said she was going out later, to where was not mentioned. I didn’t pursue the subject as i could see she was uncomfortable talking about it.

Quickly changing the subject she asked how the kids were doing at school and brought up an incident which had happened recently.

The police had been called about a man that had been seen hanging around outside the school playground. He’d approached one of my boys classmates and asked her to help him find his cat. Fortunately she’d the presence of mind to tell the Silivri escort bayan teacher.

They’d got him a couple days later trying it on again.

I did notice that all the time we spoke she kept glancing at her watch and looking back down main street. Mary appeared to be expecting someone.

It got so obvious i ended up asking her if rob was coming home early, giving her a knowing cheeky grin and wink but this went unnoticed and shortly after that she asked me something strange. She told me she would have to be going back in and then asked if i was still going for my usual walk?

Replying that i would shortly and half expecting her to ask if she could come along. The next thing i know she’s saying bye and closing the door on me.

Strange woman…..nice but strange.

I didn’t think much else about Mary’s strange behaviour until i was on my way out the back 5 minutes later. After finishing the yard i brushed my hair and got ready for the walk.

Then, while leaving our house the back way i bumped into this stranger.

I’ll just explain here that our back garden wasn’t joined on to the house, there’s a communal pathway that separates garden from house but connects all the houses at the back and i had just turned onto this when i almost bumped into him.

A young handsome guy of about 20 something, fresh faced and boyish. I just smiled and said hi as i walked past him. He smiled back but didn’t say anything, just looked quite nervous. Looking back once as i neared the end gate i saw him go up to Mary’s back door and knock.

My curiosity was well and truly aroused so i pretended my lace was undone, getting down to fasten it i heard the door open and Mary’s voice. It was quiet but i managed to make out the words

“Here….quick….before someone sees you.”

I heard the guy give a little nervous laugh then say something about ‘too late’. Then the door closed.

“Holy shit….”

I whispered under my breath as i straightened back up and continued walking.

This was big. Was mary really entertaining a young guy?

Or was i just jumping to conclusions? I suppose it could have an innocent explanation…..

As i walked along i could not stop thinking about it. My curiosity grew and grew. I had to know, i had to go back.

About 20 minutes into the walk i turned and went back home.

This time upon my return there was no sign of either the young guy or mary. I had noticed an unfamiliar car parked in the car park earlier and assumed it belonged to the guy. It was still there.

My heart was beating faster as i turned the key in the back door and went in, feeling almost like a burglar in my own home, like i was doing something i shouldn’t.

Something sneaky.

I took my shoes off and immediately headed for the stairs, i figured if they were up to anything then it would be in one of the bedrooms.

Carefully mounting the stairs, listening intently as i did so. Silence met my ears.

Reaching the top of the stairs i turned to my left and went in the boys back bedroom. The only sound was the ‘tut…tut…tut…tut’ alarm call of a blackbird out in the garden. Nothing from next door.

Going back out and across the landing into the master bedroom…..a noise….faint at first but getting louder as i neared the far wall.

Excitement welled up within me as i realised what the noise was….my suspicions had been confirmed.

Pushing my ear up against the wall, i could hear them doing Topkapı escort it. On the marital bed no less!

Rythmic banging against the wall which i recognised immediately as the bed headboard. Busy squeak of bedsprings. Loud gasping. Moaning from mary and the occasional grunt from her friend. My neighbour was being vigorously fucked just inches away on the other side of this flimsy wall.

Pulling away, I whispered to myself

“You randy old mare…..your old enough to be his granny”

It’s difficult to put into words exactly how I felt that first time I heard them. I was surprised yes, at the situation. Mary had always seemed quite respectable and although we often chatted about men I got the impression she wasn’t interested in them anymore.

It appeared I couldn’t have been more wrong.

But there was something else that surprised me too, something that had been at the back of my mind since giving up on the walk and returning home. I realised that ‘something’ was not just curiosity….

I was turned on.

I could feel the excitement within me growing. Putting my ear firmly back against the wall and closing eyes, heart thumping rapidly. I was trying to keep my breathing under control, paranoid that they could somehow hear me….

But it was clear they were too busy with each other. My goodness he could go at it, I had to pull my ear away from the wall as the headboard banging became too loud. It didn’t matter I could still hear everything clearly.

Mary was moaning quite loud and it appeared things were nearing a climax.

It was at this point as mary was approaching orgasm….I noticed my hand resting against my crotch…. absently stroking through my jogging pants. My first reaction was a dull surprise, or more like a belated acknowledgement.

I recognised and registered the shame and guilt of what I was doing, momentarily. But then, kind of put it on the back burner.

For now, it felt too good. I opened my legs wider, enjoying the sensation, fingers pressing inwards harder. My breath came quicker and a sense of raw excitement filled me… felt so….. naughty.

As I stood there touching myself, Mary’s orgasm caught up with her in a noisy crescendo.

I’d honesty never heard her curse before, not properly.

But now….

It was as though she’d saved up years of suppressing the ‘F’ word, just for this one occasion. You could hear it in her voice, the power of the climax.

Her pleasure echoed through that thin wall, and fell upon me, where the shame of what I was doing suddenly caught up with me.

Opening my eyes and withdrawing my hand. It was as though a spell had been broken.

I stood back away from the wall, staring at it while breathing hard.

At that moment all I could feel was guilt. It sounds strange but I felt that they knew somehow. And all I could think of was what am I going to do the next time I see her?

I wouldn’t know where to look.

Walking out the bedroom I could still hear them when I reached the door. Mary’s words of satisfaction could clearly be heard

“Ooh god…yesss”

So could the mischievous giggle from her young friend.

I slowly closed the bedroom door and went downstairs.

Feelings and emotions barked at me from all angles.

It’s true I had found the noise of their lovemaking a tremendous turn on but….

But this was my middle aged neighbour!

Someone I liked and spoke to daily. It felt a little weird.

Almost like eavesdropping on my sister’s private moments might feel. In short it was wrong.


Why had I been so turned on? The cold hard fact was that I was still turned on.

It turned out that in the end my naughty side won the battle.

I had some unfinished business….to attend to.

End of chapter 1.

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