Not Another Bad Dream

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Erunamaniel lies in her bed, on the brink of another restless slumber. She can hear Seir next door. It sounds as though he is having a nightmare. She tosses and turns for a while, the noises from the next room continue.

At last she can take no more. She gets up and walks down the hallway to his room. She pushes the door open slightly, making barely any sound at all. Seir looks to her. “Eruna, what… what are you doing here?”

“I… I heard you so I uhm… thought I would come and check on you.”

“Oh, I’m okay. It was probably just a bad dream. I have them allot. You can come in and stay for a bit if you want.”

“Okay…” Eruna walks over to the bed. “Is it okay if I sit here?”

“Sure. If you want to.”

Eruna sits on the bed next to him. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Well, if you want to…”

“Only if you do.” She smiles.

Seir blushes a bit and smiles back. “Well, the dream that I was having was about the time that I…” He touches the scar on his face. “…got this.”

“What happened?” Eruna asks.

“Well, I was at the orphanage, it was when I was thirteen, and the caretaker caught me trying to talk to a friend of mine who was in the girl’s dormitory. She called me a pervert and took me to the punishment room.” Eruna lays her hand on top of his and listens intently. “She took a stick and beat me with it. But she didn’t know when to stop. She just kept hitting me over and over again. Then she took a piece of barbed wire and wrapped it around the stick, slashing me once across the face, resulting in this.” Seir gestures to his scar.

“Does… does it hurt?”

“No, not anymore… but the memory still does sometimes.” Eruna runs her hand lightly across the scar on his face, tracing every detail with her eyes. Seir closes his eyes and places his hand on hers. “Your hand, it’s so soft and warm, I’ve never felt anything like it before.

Eruna blushes a little and smiles softly. “I… I’ve never felt close to anyone before. But I feel… like I know you.” She looks down at her hands and fidgets a bit. Seir blushes a bit more and looks into her eyes, just noticing how beautiful they look in the dim light. “Neither have I. I… I… you look nice in this light.”

Eruna smiles up at him. “Thank you. You are very cute.” She blushes a bit more.

Seir blushes fiercely. “Thank you.” He looks down, unsure of what to say or do next.

Eruna runs her hand down the side of his face and then tilts his face up to hers and gazes deeply into his eyes. “I… I…” She leans in and kisses him, barely touching her lips to his.

Seir is a bit taken aback by the kiss, but he accepts it and wraps his arms around her. Eruna wraps her arms around him also, then presses her lips fully against his as she rolls her tongue lightly along his lower lip. Seir blushes brightly. He decides to try something that he heard of once and slips his tongue into her mouth, running it along hers. Eruna moans softly as she caresses his tongue with her own, pressing her body close to his as her small breasts heave against him. Seir can feel his member stiffening in his pants. He is not really sure of what to do so he just continues to rub his tongue against hers. Eruna presses even closer to him. Her small, hard nipples rub gently against his chest with her slightly labored breathing. She tilts her head and thrust her tongue deeper as she runs it along the roof of his mouth.

Seir pulls away. “I… I feel strange. Do you?” He blushes even more Bahçelievler escort so.

“Yes. I feel… kind of warm inside. I’ve…” Eruna swallows hard. “I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

“I feel…” Seir looks down, his erection visible within his pants. “It’s kind of nice… but funny. I’ve never kissed anyone either.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“No. Don’t leave.”

Eruna smiles. “Okay I won’t. I didn’t want to leave really. Will you… will you touch me? I want to feel your hands on my skin.” Eruna’s voice shakes with nervousness as she asks this.

“Tou… touch you? Uhm… alright.” Seir moves his hand to the bottom of her shirt and looks into her eyes once more, silently asking for permission.

Eruna smiles nervously and slides off her shirt. Her breasts tremble slightly. She takes his hand, not making eye contact with him, and places it upon her breast. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Seir begins to rub them very softly and slowly, after gathering his composure. Eruna moans softly and runs her hands down his chest then under his shirt, gently caressing his nipples as well. Seir shivers, moaning softly. He then begins to lightly squeeze her hard nipples. Eruna moans a bit louder as she leans in and begins to kiss him delicately on the neck and ear. Seir closes his eyes, gathering his courage, then leans down taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking gently. Eruna continues to nibble on his ear as she allows her hands to trail down his chest and rest upon his groin. Not really knowing what to do next, she starts massaging it gently. Seir fidgets a bit, then begins to settle as he moans even louder. He lays her down gently upon the bed and continues to suck on her nipple. He shivers slightly at the sensation of her touching his stiffening member through his boxers. Eruna slides off his shirt and starts kissing his chest. She slips one hand inside of his boxers and begins to lightly caress his shaft. Seir gasps, then tries doing the same, slipping his hand inside of her shorts, and feeling something soft and moist, he slowly rubs. Eruna moans, her hand tightening around his shaft as she moves it slowly up and down upon him. Her opening becomes wetter with each of his strokes as she plants hurried kisses along his neck and shoulder. Seir moans and tries slipping his index finger inside of her, slowly running it along her lips. Eruna stifles a moan by biting into the flesh of his neck, her hand tightening around him as she moves it faster and faster upon him. Seir moans even louder and slides off her shorts. He looks into her eyes.

“Is… is it alright if I… If I kiss you down there?” Seir blushes.

Eruna gulps, her face a bright shade of crimson. “I… I guess so.”

Seir swallows hard and moves down slowly. He licks her lips once. “How… how does that feel?”

“It uhm… feels kind of strange… good but… strange.” Eruna’s body trembles slightly beneath him.

“Do you want me to… to keep doing it?”

“If you want to…” Eruna runs her fingers through his hair, her entire body flushed and quivering slightly.

Seir licks a few more times, finding the taste to be sweet and slightly arousing, the fragrance new but nice, and the feeling very soft and wet and warm. Eruna whimpers softly. She shivers as her thighs beneath his hands become covered with goosebumps. Seir begins to get used to the taste as he closes his eyes and spreads her legs a bit more. He places his hands under Bahçelievler escort bayan her thighs and lifts them slightly. He notices her now throbbing clit and begins to lick it lightly. She moans loudly as her thighs tremble violently in her grasp. She reaches down and tugs lightly on his hair.

“Do… do that again.” Eruna says rather breathlessly.

“This?” Seir licks her clit once more, only slower and a bit rougher this time.

“Oh Gods yes…” Eruna’s entire body quivers as she moans even louder. Her slit becomes wetter and wetter. Seir smiles faintly as she begins to ravage her clit with his tongue. He concentrates only on that area as he rocks back and forth slowly.

“By the Gods, Seir…” Eruna moans even louder still, biting into her lip causing it to bleed slightly as her body shakes. She grasps his hair and tugs it a bit harder now. He moans onto her clit, continuing to assault her with his tongue, her moans and gasps only arousing him more.

“Oh… Oh Gods…” Eruna’s entire body trembles, her voice quivering barely above a whisper, as her hot fluids wash over her, covering his tongue in her sweet, hot nectar. Seir, not exactly sure of what was happening, begins to suck her clit as he slips his finger inside of her opening moving it in and out quickly. Eruna shudders more violently as more and more of the fluid seep from her now burning hot opening.

“Don’t… don’t stop.” She pulls his hair a bit louder as she moans even louder still. Seir continues to move his tongue upon her clit, his finger pumping in and out of her tight opening as he continues to swallow as much of her juice as he can. Eruna trembles more, her breasts heaving with her rapid and labored breathing as she pulls feebly on his shoulders.

“St… stop. I… Oh Gods…” Seir very softly licks her wet, throbbing entry clean and then trails his tongues down her slightly dampened thighs. Eruna’s thighs tremble as she gathers up enough strength to pull him up to her kissing him deeply as she notices the strange taste upon his lips and tongue. Seir returns the kiss, running his hands down her arm soothingly as he caresses the roof of her mouth with his tongue.

Eruna shivers slightly as she breaks the kiss with a soft smile. “I… I want you to make love to me.”

Seir looks away obviously embarrassed. “But I’m… I’m a virgin. I don’t know how.”

“Well, I am too. But I want you to be my… my first.”

“Then… we would be each others first?” Eruna nods and Seir smiles slightly. He kisses her softly then removes his boxers.

Eruna smiles. “So uhm… how do we… I am not sure how to… well, I guess you are supposed to be on top?” Eruna blushes violently.

“Uhm… yeah I guess so… unless you want to be on top. I don’t mind either way.”

“Well, I guess maybe it would be if you were cause I heard that it kind of hurts the first time for a girl.”

“It does? Are you sure you want to… do it then? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Yes. I’m sure.” Eruna takes his hand and lightly caresses her breast with it as she pulls him close and wraps her legs around him. He smiles and softly massages her breasts.

“I promise I will try to make it as painless as possible.” Seir softly kisses her as he slips his member inside of her. He stops once he meets the virginal barrier and looks at her a bit concerned. “Just do it fast. Maybe it will hurt less that way.” Eruna smiles nervously.

“I think I… well… I… I love you, Eruna.” Escort bahçelievler

Eruna smiles. ” I love you too, Sier.” She kisses him softly as she presses her hips onto his quickly breaking past the barrier as she winces softly into his mouth. Seir begins to thrust inside of her, as quickly as he can, trying to cover her pain with pleasure as much as possible. Eruna whimpers almost continually as she tightly grasps his ass and pushes him deeper and deeper inside of her. He continues to thrust with all of his might, almost crying as he sees her whimpering with a pained expression upon her face. Eruna moans loudly still whimpering slightly as she bits into her lower lip. She grasps the bed sheets and thrusts her hips to meet his. Seir moans with her as he begins to kiss her neck, shivering at the new pleasure of his shaft inside of her.

“Oh gods… Seir I… it feels… I…” Eruna shivers and trembles as she moans softly. “I’m going to… do that… that… oh gods…” She moans in pleasure as she orgasms yet again, covering his shaft with her hot fluids, dripping down his sack as well.

“Oh Eruna… this is amazing.” Seir moans loudly as his body trembles. “I… I have to pull out… I’m going to… do that too.”

“O… okay just uhm… do it on my stomach. I can… I can wash it off after.”

Seir pulls out as he reaches his release, his hot cum splashing onto her belly as he moans even louder, blushing.

Eruna pants for breath, her lips quivering and entire body shaking. “That was… wow…”

“Yeah…” Seir takes a deep breath. “You were wonderful.” He lies on the bed next to her.

Eruna smiles at him. “I… did you… did you mean what you said?”

“I meant it with all of my heart.” Seir smiles.


“Really.” Seir kisses her softly on the lips.

Eruna smiles, tears trickling slowly down her cheeks. “No one… no one has ever said that to me before.”

“Oh I’m… I’m sorry. Did I offend you?”

“No of course not. I’m just… scared I guess.”

“Eruna have you ever had a… a boyfriend before?”

Eruna blushes slightly. “Uhm. No. Have you ever had a girlfriend before?”

“No but I… I was hoping that you would… do me the honor of being mine?”

“I uhm… yes.” Eruna smiles.

Seir smiles back and kisses her softly. “Thank you.”

Eruna giggles a bit then bites her nails and blushes slightly. “I think I should go and… wash this off real quick.”

“O… okay.”

Eruna starts to get up and winces slightly. “Seir?”


“Can you… help me up?”

“Sure.” Seir gets up and takes her by the hand and pulls her up slowly.

“Thank you.” Eruna smiles shyly. “I am kind of… sore.”

Seir smiles and swiftly sweeps her off of her feet and carries her into the bathroom. “Then don’t walk.”

Eruna laughs and blushes a bit. “Okay but I uhm… I need to… be alone in here for a minute.”

Seir nods and closes the door quietly. Eruna washes up while Seir makes the bed, taking the damp sheets off and replacing them with some clean ones. Eruna walks out of the bathroom slowly, fidgeting slightly. Seir helps her to the bed. She sits down slowly, wincing a little then smiling.

“So uhm… should I… should I go now or can I stay here with you?”

“You can stay here for the night… or anytime you want to.”

Eruna smiles. “Well can we uhm… can we go to bed now? I am kind of tired.”

“Sure, ladies first.”

Eruna lies down on the bed and snuggles up beside of him. He wraps his arms around her and holds her close. “I love you.” Eruna smiles and yawns softly. “I love you too, Seir.”

He smiles and kisses her softly then closes his eyes. “Goodnight Eruna.”

“Goodnight Seir, sweet dreams.” Eruna nuzzles against him and they both fall sound asleep.

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