Nourishing My Nieces Ch. 02

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The fact that we had already decided to attend the same university made the decision to date Rick much easier. He, the twins, and I were all so close that there would’ve been a very real temptation to let that closeness wield undue influence on our choice of institution, so we had agreed that we would discuss the matter only with our parents and siblings, make our decisions independently, and only tell each other where we were going after we had notified our chosen colleges.

Much to our pleasant surprise, Monnie, Rick, and I all converged on the same school as our best bet. Rick would be studying physics, while both Monnie and I had decided on a major in biology. However, Ronnie ultimately couldn’t join us. She’d been an aspiring CSI for years, so she chose an institution with a uniquely top-notch forensics program. It was disappointing, to be sure, but it could’ve so easily been much worse, so we resolved to make the most of our summer together and then rely heavily on Skype.

As a small consolation prize, Ronnie’s school at least had a Gamma Lambda Kappa chapter, so she could at least get a small touch of home in the form of breastmilk. Sure, it wouldn’t quite be the same getting it from someone besides Dina or me, but we were sure she’d have no trouble making friends and bonding with at least one willing feeder.

In the meantime, my first official date with Rick was actually our senior prom. A couple of days after he’d been let in on the family secret, we met at our adjacent lockers between classes, and that’s when he asked me. “Look, after the whole breastfeeding incident, it’s no secret anymore that I like you as more than a friend,” he said with a nervous smile, “so that makes this a little easier than I ever thought it would be.” He swallowed before continuing. “Prom probably won’t be nearly as big of a deal as the movies make it out to be, but I still think it’s at least worth going with someone special. So will you go with me?”

He wasn’t the only one that felt a bit nervous about our possible relationship upgrade, so I bit my lip before responding. “Speaking of cheesy teen rom-coms, I hate sounding like I just stepped out of one, but if we’re going to do this, then I need you to promise me that friendship will always be on the table, no matter what happens in the romance department.”

He was visibly relieved at my implicit acceptance, which made his sincerity even clearer when he assured me, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

At that, I gave him a firm and lingering peck on the lips. “Then I’m in. Let’s give this a shot!”

So the following weekend, I found myself in a dressing room with Ronnie, trying on prom dresses. Monnie had bought hers a week earlier, when she was just browsing the mall aimlessly and just happened to spot one that was too perfect to pass up. We had left for the same mall immediately after Ronnie finished putting the finishing touches on her final project for history class, and about two hours later, it was late afternoon.

“Yep, I think that’s the one!” Ronnie said as I did a slow twirl in the third of three contenders, a simple green dress with a spaghetti-strap bodice and comfortably flared skirt. “It’s simple, which suits you, but it’s also shows off all your curves, and it’s definitely your color.” With a glance in the mirror, I had to agree. I sat down on the white bench to rest for a moment and take final stock of my choices strewn about the cubicle, and Ronnie took her own seat next to me. “Plus, it’s especially flattering for your boobs,” she added with a smirk, “which we both know are Rick’s two favorite parts of your body.” Almost as if on cue, Ronnie’s stomach growled audibly. “And right now, it seems they’re mine too,” she said as she leaned towards me.

“Did you even have lunch at all before we left?” I asked in amusement as I helped her pull the bodice of my dress down.

“Just some yogurt and a bit of beef jerky,” she admitted just before enclosing my left nipple between her lips and sucking with obvious thirst. I chuckled warmly at her as she let the first swallow of warm nourishment pool in her mouth before gulping it down and beginning the cycle anew. Within seconds, she had established a vigorous suckling rhythm, her lower jaw oscillating in sync with her gulps as her lips cyclically tightened and loosened subtly around my areola. I stroked her hair lightly with my left arm as I surrendered to the warm sensations of nursing.

A minute into Ronnie’s impromptu snack, a devious thought occurred dikmen escort to me. I carefully retrieved my smartphone from the hip pocket of my jeans strewn on the floor, took a photo of myself feeding Ronnie while smirking flirtatiously, and sent it to Rick with the caption “NSFW.” I grinned slyly to myself with the tip of my tongue protruding between my teeth. Not even a minute later, my phone buzzed with a quick response text from Rick: “Damn! That’s just cruel!” I snickered despite also feeling myself blush. I wasn’t sure what had possessed me to become such a tease. In retrospect, I was probably reveling in the fact that my breastfeeding habit was actually a turn-on for him. I would’ve considered myself lucky just with a mere lack of disgust, but for it to outright arouse him was quite a surprise, especially since I found myself unexpectedly open to the idea of him as a romantic prospect.

As for Ronnie, it took her a little over five minutes to drink the first breast dry, and she wasted little time in seizing upon the other one to continue drinking. Her soft moans made me smile at the thought that my body was providing her with ample sustenance.

“You full?” I asked when she finally withdrew from my empty right breast. “You seemed really famished.”

“Yep,” Ronnie answered with a lick of her lips. “That should easily tide me over ’til dinner.”

I shrugged. On a weekday, this would be about the time both twins often had a milky after-school snack anyway. I changed back into my usual clothes while helping Ronnie make her final choice, and then we both headed home for the evening with our prom dresses in tow.

On prom night, Rick and I arrived at the school gymnasium about ten minutes early and took the opportunity to make out for the first time in his car. I’ll never be sure whether he planned it that way or not, but anyway, he turned out to be a great kisser! The most important moment happened after the dance, however, when he and I returned to my house late at night. Since we had gotten ourselves into a lively and playful debate over whether the canonical Harry Potter pairings were really the best matches, he followed me into the house and joined me on the living room couch. Mom had probably gone to bed shortly before our arrival, and the twins would most likely be returning straight to their own home with their dates.

In the hustle and bustle of the day, it had definitely been one of the longest stretches of time for which I hadn’t breastfed anyone, and my boobs had started feeling the pressure of extra milk accumulation midway through prom. It was easily tolerable most of the time, but now, they were starting to get really tender. Rick decided he had better get home soon, so he leaned over to hug me before leaving. I gladly welcomed his affection as always, but unfortunately, the embrace elicited a soft “Ow!” from my lips as his firm chest compressed my very full mammaries. He immediately pulled away with an endearing look of concern on his face, and we both simultaneously noticed a pair of round dark patches in the bust of my dress.

“Sorry,” he said with a nervous chuckle. “Did I squeeze you a bit too hard?”

“No, it’s not your fault,” I replied with a smile. “It’s been unusually long since I’ve fed anyone, so I’m just really engorged right now.” I was poised to stand up and retrieve my pump from the bathroom, but I froze just before rising to my feet. Although blushing a bit at the thought that had occurred to me so abruptly, I gave Rick a sort of half-coy/half-sly grin. “Shall I go get my pump, or do you want to drain my boobs yourself?”

I giggled at his suddenly dinner-plate-sized eyes. “You mean…” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a suspicious twitch in the crotch of his tuxedo.

I nodded, my smile turning gentler and more sincere. “Sure,” I said. “You’ve been such a good sport about the whole breastfeeding thing, and I’m sure a big part of you has wanted to try it for a while now, but you haven’t even brought it up, even after I teased you a couple of times!”

“Well, uh, I couldn’t be sure how serious you were, and I didn’t want to be presumptuous or anything,” he stammered, eyes darting back and forth between my face and my cleavage.

“And I appreciate that,” I told him. “It’s very sweet of you, but really, I’m fine with it if you are.” With a smirk, I added, “And judging from your poorly disguised kid-on-Christmas-morning look, I think you’re more than okay with it too.”

Despite his deep emek escort blush, that last wry remark got a genuine laugh out of him. “So…you’re sure I won’t be intruding on something that’s only meant to be special between you and the twins?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I reached behind me to unzip my dress, only to giggle as he eagerly offered his assistance. “If anything, they’ll likely be excited for us.” I lowered the loosened straps of the bust and guided the slackened bodice into my lap.

At the sight of my exposed breasts, Rick finally started to lean towards me, only to stop himself abruptly. “You do realize I’m going to end up with a major hard-on, right? That just can’t be helped.”

“I’d be worried if you didn’t, at least for your first time,” I replied warmly. “Look, Rick, I know you’re trying to be respectful, and believe me, I love you for it, but at this point, you’re just being too noble for your own good.” I cupped his cheek and kissed him firmly on the lips. “Now shut up and suck on my tits.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. He leaned in fully this time and gently clasped his lips onto my left areola, his tongue resting against the nipple. He sucked, tightened his mouth’s grip, and was promptly rewarded with his first burst of breastmilk. “Mm,” he squeaked in surprise and paused briefly before resuming the tentative ministrations of his lips and jaw.

“You got the hang of that fast!” I observed with a light giggle as his suckling grew steadily more confident. I moaned in contentment and leaned my head back, once more enjoying the sublime feeling of nourishing someone I cared about from my own body. By the time he had drained the first reservoir, he was gorging himself on my breastmilk with nearly the same efficiency that my nieces had. I couldn’t resist keeping an eye on his groin, which sported a very substantial bulge after just a couple minutes of feeding. While his libido was clearly enjoying this, his taste buds seemed to really like it too, if the accelerated eagerness of his swallows and gulps were any indication. I had already cupped the remaining breast when he pulled away from the first and gave me a brief questioning look, which I answered wordlessly by thrusting the nipple into his mouth. That earned me a shuddering moan as he resumed his snack.

After he had drained the second boob, I sighed in satisfaction as he withdrew with visibly darkened irises.

“So…how’d it taste?”

“Delicious!” Rick answered thoughtfully. “It’s really warm and sweet, kinda like melted ice cream. It’s also pretty satisfying for the stomach.”

“And how’d it feel?”

His awed expression turned into a warm smile, though he was still blushing a bit. “Well, I got really turned on, like we both knew I would, but at the same time, I also felt like I was bonding with you in a non-sexual way. I mean, I felt nurtured, which I guess makes sense, but not in a necessarily maternal way. It was just…nice. That’s the best way I can describe it.”

I smiled back at him. “Yeah, I think I know what you mean, and the twins probably would too. I felt that weird closeness with you too, alot like I do with Monnie and Ronnie.”

He cleared his throat and suddenly seemed nervous again. “Well, oddly enough, I have to pee now, so…” He got up and headed to the nearest bathroom. I had my doubts as to what his true mission was, but I let it slide, taking a sort of amused self-satisfaction in what I had possibly driven him to.

Somehow, reaching that milestone didn’t make me any less of a tease, at least not right away. Just a few days later, when he asked for my help in studying for his final exam in Spanish, another devious plan hatched in my head, and I confused him a bit by asking exactly how many vocabulary words he had to learn. His confusion turned to flustered glee, however, when he realized what my strategy was: strip-quizzing. As I drilled him, for every three correct answers, I shed one article of clothing. I even surprised myself by not stopping at my panties, giving him his first look at my pussy. I was actually a bit nervous when the moment came to drop them, because while I knew he adored my breasts, I had no idea what his taste was in terms of female nether regions, or more specifically, the hairiness thereof. As it turns out, my naturally dark and thick pubic bush suited him just as well as my ample bosom.

While I wasn’t ready for him to actually touch anything down there yet (not that he presumed to try), I still eryaman escort had to wonder briefly why I was so comfortable being so relatively uninhibited in such a new relationship. My best guess is that our prior close friendship meant that there was already a high degree of trust and emotional/spritual affinity between us, so there was less of it to develop before such intimacy seemed appropriate, and the extra closeness induced by breastfeeding probably enhanced that effect. In any case, I’d bet he passed his Spanish test.

Over the course of summer vacation, while the twins still always took first priority, I breastfed Rick whenever I had some extra milk to spare. He particularly came to be my first choice for those occasions when my engorgement reached uncomfortable levels, with my once trusty pump being relegated to serving as a back-up solution. I never had to ask twice for his help. After his third feeding, he knew he wasn’t fooling anyone, so he dropped the whole “peeing” pretense. While it never ceased to give him a serious boner, and I suspected it never would, he did eventually reach a point where he no longer felt the need to go finish himself off immediately afterwards. As for my nieces, they actually had a bet going as to how long it would be before Rick became a suckler. Monnie lost, but she hardly seemed to mind. Instead, both she and her sister immediately started interrogating me about the experience, asking with gleeful curiosity whether it felt any different from feeding them. I told them it was a bit different, but definitely not unrecognizable by any means.

Since my own relationship with Rick seemed to be blossoming, I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty when Monnie’s one-year relationship with her boyfriend Vince ended. It was our last week before we would be leaving for college when I came home from a movie date to find her laying on her bed in tears. I immediately walked through the open door to her room and realized she had likely been weeping for a while.

“Mon, what’s wrong?” I asked in soothing tones. “What happened?”

She looked up at me with moist eyes and answered softly, “I knew it was coming. We both did. I thought I was ready, but…”

I lowered myself onto the bed next to her. “What are you talking about?”

She sniffled. “Vince and I broke up.”

I tilted my head sympathetically and lay down more fully to look her in the eyes. “Oh, Mon!” I cooed. “I’m so sorry!”

“We’re gonna be on opposite sides of the country for at least the next four years, and we talked about it, but in the end, we decided that the whole long-distance thing just wouldn’t work. So it was completely mutual, but damn it, it still hurts!”

“Oh, of course it does!” I pulled her into a tight embrace and rubbed her back as she sobbed against the crook of my neck. “You two were great together, but if it helps, I think you made the right decision in the long run.”

I felt her nod against my shoulder, and although I soon released her from our hug, she remained with her head resting on my chest for a while after that. In a few minutes, Monnie began second-naturedly nudging at my left breast with her cheek, and that quickly turned into a brushing of her lips against its crest. I was already moving to pull my top aside for her when she intoned softly, “I wanna suckle,” almost as if it wasn’t already obvious. She promptly reached up and took over the task, and the fleshy mound was exposed within seconds. Her mouth immediately seized upon the areola and sucked hungrily on the nipple, and we moaned almost in unison as she instantly drew out a thick burst of soothing breastmilk.

I stroked her arm as she quickly established an avid suckling rhythm, her lower jaw massaging the areola as her lips rapidly alternated between a tight latch and an only slightly looser one to keep the milk flow nearly constant. I purred at the sound of her regular gulps, each and every one belying a generously sized swallow of the creamy elixir.

I was wholly unsurprised that Monnie felt like suckling right then. It was the comfort food of choice, often used in our family much like Hollywood seems to think virtually all women use ice cream. For me, comfort nursing was always just a bit more heartwarming and satisfying than nutritional nursing. I smiled and began stroking her hair as she mashed her face into the fleshy mound from which she drank, her lips smacking against my areola as she sighed in satisfaction. About five minutes later, I had already freed my right breast from my tank top, and she wasted no time in seizing upon it as soon as she had lapped up the last drops from the left. I rested my head on the pillow next to hers, taking great pleasure in knowing that my body’s ample milk supply was helping to ease her pain.

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