November 4th

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I opened the door to the apartment I shared with my gorgeous girlfriend since my high school freshman year, Kiwi. Her real name was Kierra, but I call her Kiwi. It’s my cute little nickname for her. My best friend and her good friend, Aaron, calls her Kiwi too, but she only likes it when I call her Kiwi.

We were now freshmen in college, and tonight is our four year anniversary. November 4th, 2015. It’s Tuesday, but due to bad weather conditions (maybe it has something to do with the fact that it’s been a high of -2 degrees for the past three days… just a thought), we had school off today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

I was just so happy that I had been with Kiwi for four years. And tonight was the night I would propose to her.

“Kiwi, dear, I’m back,” I called.

I had gone out to pick up the engagement ring from my mom. It was my grandmother’s old wedding ring, so I figured I’d keep it in the family and use it to propose to her. The ring was beautiful, in my opinion. Kiwi said she never wanted a diamond ring, because they were too common, and too expensive. The engagement ring was a sterling silver ring that was met in the front of the finger, and around the silver swirl, it had two, small but stunning heart-shaped sapphires. I thought it would be perfect for Kiwi.

“Hello, my handsome, wonderful boyfriend,” she said, smiling and walking up to me, kissing me on the lips softly.

“You won’t be calling me your boyfriend for long,” I said.

“Why’s that?” she said, looking panicked.

I got down on one knee, and pulled a small, velvet box out of my jacket pocket. I opened up the box, and smiled up at her.

“Kierra Marie Hollis, you are the love of my life, and you have been ever since the day I met you over four years ago on September 27th, 2010. I never want to let you go, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I said gently, love pouring out of my voice.

Her eyes filled up with tears, and her thin, pink lips pulled into a small, soft smile as she raised her hands to the sides of her face.

“Of course I will, Christopher James Koelaris. I will marry you and be with you forever,” she whispered as I put the ring on her third finger of her left hand.

I stood up, and she flew into my arms. I hugged her 130 pound body close to me, feeling her heat against mine.

Kiwi was the most gorgeous girl in the world, in my opinion. She had long, shiny, smooth, soft dark brown hair that fell to the middle of her back, accompanied by gorgeous, loose ringlet curls and straight, sweepy, left-side bangs. She also had large, sparkly, ice green eyes with little black flecks all over them, making them look like flowers, and long, thick eyelashes. Her pale, smooth skin was glowing with health, and she had a small button nose with pretty, thin pink lips. She had beautiful curves, perfect legs, a cute tummy, gorgeous breasts, and a sexy back. Her breasts were a b-cup, which was perfect for me. She was a thin girl, only 130 pounds. But her height made up for it; she was 5’7″.

I, on the other hand, didn’t see myself as all that great looking. I had extremely pale skin, big, dark green eyes with long eyelashes, thicker lips, a slightly larger nose, and long, dark, curly hair that I usually straightened so it fell in my face. I was thin as well, but pretty well built. I had nice abs, good arms, and really strong legs. I was about 6 feet tall, and was about güvenilir bahis 150 pounds. Kiwi said I was the most handsome guy in the world, but I didn’t believe her. I thought I was alright, maybe even a little good looking, but not the most handsome guy in the world. I was alright.

I did have a few things about me that I was pretty proud of, though.

First, I had a really deep voice that I got when I was about 13 years old. I was so happy when I got it, and a lot of girls were attracted to me because of that.

Second, I have really strong legs. I used to play competitive soccer, and up until my sophomore year, my dad would force me to go skiing with him and his wife, Jen. I always hated skiing, but never had any say in it. But because of that, I got really strong legs in return. And when I found out that Kiwi was a runner for track and cross country and played soccer as well, I decided to start working out. Near the end of our freshman year, I got into cycling a lot. Unfortunately, Kiwi had to give up running for a while due to some really bad knee problems.

Lastly, my cock is eight inches big, and pretty wide. Kiwi was my first real girlfriend, meaning that she’s the only girl I’ve ever had sex with. But according to her, I do extremely well in bed. I can make her scream and moan with pleasure after the third thrust, and I make her cum multiple times. I’m pretty damn proud of that, to be honest. Kiwi didn’t believe me when I told her I was that big at first, but then I wowed her the first time she saw me naked, which was also the first time she gave me a hand job.

“Shall we go shower? It’s a little late,” I said, glancing at the clock, which read 9:34 pm.

“Let’s take a nice, hot bath together,” she smiled, kissing my lips gently.

We went into the bathroom together, and started the bath. I waited until the water was steaming, and then put the plug for the drain down and let the tub fill up. I poured in her favorite bath bubbles, which smelled like vanilla and cinnamon.

We undressed, and stepped into the tub together. I sat behind her. She got her hair wet real quick, and so did I. I poured some of her shampoo into my hand, rubbed my hands together, and started washing her hair, slowly massaging her scalp with my finger tips. I worked my way down her hair, and then she rinsed it out. She then turned around, took a quarter size amount of my shampoo, and started massaging my scalp. I then rinsed my hair, and we lay in the bath tub together for another ten minutes or so.

“I love you, Kierra,” I said softly.

“I love you too, Christopher,” she whispered back, resting her head on my chest.

“Should we go to bed?” I asked.

“Yeah, the water’s getting a little cool now,” she said.

We both got up, and I grabbed a large towel from the counter, and wrapped it around both of us. I turned the portable heater on so we would stop shivering, and we snuggled against each other’s wet, naked bodies for a glorious moment before unwrapping and quickly getting dressed in night clothes.

She dressed herself in black panties, a black bra, baggy, black sweatpants, a black tank top, and my large, black, soft hoodie that was too big for her by good five or six sizes. I put on gray boxers, black sleeping pants, and a big, gray t-shirt.

We smiled at each other, and clasped hands as we walked to bed together. We lay down on top of the covers on our sides, facing each other güvenilir bahis siteleri and staring into each other’s eyes lovingly. I couldn’t stop staring into her icy, flower-like green eyes. They had me in a trance.

“Kiwi, I love you so much,” I whispered, resting my hand on her cheek and twining my fingers in her hair.

“I love you too, Topher,” she whispered back.

“Baby, I’m in such a romantic mood right now,” I said to her.

“I know, I am too,” she said.

She climbed on top of me, rolling me onto my back, and gently pressed her lips up against mine. She deepened the kiss by running her small tongue across my thick, lower lip as I moved my tongue into her mouth. Soon, our tongues were twisting around each other as I took in her sweet taste, and then her sweet smell. She, of course, smelled faintly of the vanilla and cinnamon bubble bath, but below that smell was the flowery, sweet, intoxicating smell of her pheromones.

“I want you so bad, Topher,” she whispered in my ear, sending that familiar shiver through my body as I felt myself get hard.

“I want you too, sweetheart,” I whispered back.

She pulled off my shirt, and I unzipped and took off her jacket and pulled her pants off. She then took my pants and boxers off, revealing my massive, hard, 8 inch cock. I took off her tank top, bra, and panties and beheld her gorgeous body. I could feel that her tight pussy was dripping wet, and I only grew even harder.

“You’re in charge tonight baby, do whatever you want,” she whispered.

“Of course,” I said, smiling.

I had her get off of me, and I pushed her onto her back, I started kissing her, and then her cheeks… I moved down to her chin, then her jaw… neck… shoulder… collarbone, and I stopped at her breasts. I started licking and kissing her left nipple, and then sucking on it. Her body jerked, and then I moved over to her right breast, and did the same thing. I kept moving down, planting kisses on her ribs, sides, tummy, and hips until I got to the top of her pussy.

“Do you know what happens to naughty little girls?” I asked deviously, my mood changing from romantic to sexy.

“No, tell me what happens,” she said, smiling.

I shot myself back up to her, and whispered in her ear.

“Naughty girls get their tight, wet little pussies licked, sucked, fingered, and fucked,” I said, smiling.

“Want to show me all of that?” she asked, smiling still.

“Of course,” I said, going down again.

I pulled her legs apart from each other, and looked at her pussy. It was so tight, and so wet, and we hadn’t had sex in a month because of how busy and tired we both were, so I couldn’t wait for her pussy.

I leaned forward, and started flicking my tongue on her clit and across it. I got her body to jerk, and I kept going. I continued to move my tongue all over her pussy, and then going inside her pussy a little bit, which I knew she loved. I loved the taste of her pussy. It was sweet, and tasted good. I kept licking her clit, and sucking on it.

“Oh yes, Topher…” she moaned softly. “Please keep going, I want to cum.”

“Of course, dear,” I said.

I went back to licking her clit, and she moaned even more. She gripped my hair and her legs started shaking, signaling to me that she was finishing.

I came up after I was sure she had finished, and smiled at her.

“How was that?” I asked, smiling still.

“Amazing, iddaa siteleri that was the best it’s ever felt,” she said, panting.

“Want to know what else happens to naughty girls?” I asked.

“What?” she said, smiling.

“They have to suck my big, hard dick,” I said, smiling at her.

“I’ve been such a naughty girl, baby,” she said, crawling over to me and then on top of me, pushing me on to my back again.

“Then suck my dick,” I said, smiling still.

“What would you say if I said no?” she asked, grinning cutely. I knew she wanted to.

“Suck my dick, you dirty little girl,” I said to her.

“Gladly,” she smiled.

She went down, and started licking all the pre cum off of the head. She moved her tongue all over my dick, and then finally took me in her mouth. She took me in as far as she could go, which was about 5 inches.

“Oh… Kiwi this is so good,” I moaned in pleasure.

She glanced up at me, not pausing to say anything back. She just had a faint smile, and went back to sucking, now harder and better than ever.

“Want to fuck now?” I asked after she had sucked and licked hard for a couple minutes.

“Of course,” she said, coming up off of my cock.

“Climb on top then,” I smiled.

She straddled my hips, and moved my cock to face upwards. She then sat on it gently, rubbing all of her wetness on to my cock, making me jump with pleasure.

“Oh baby, take me inside,” I sighed from pleasure.

She smiled, grabbed my rock hard dick, and guided me inside her tight, wet pussy. Oh god, it was so goddamned tight. I could feel the walls gripping my cock gently, and it was so soft, warm, and wet inside. I wanted to cum, but I stopped myself so that way we could cum together.

“Get up, and get on all fours,” I said.

“Okay love,” she said, smiling.

She got on all fours, and I then thrusted my big dick deep inside her pussy. She started moaning softly, and on the third thrust, I thrusted as hard as I could, and she screamed, which drove me wild. Oh, I love that scream. It shows I’m doing a good job in bed.

“Oh yes, Topher! Yes! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Yes!” she screamed.

“Gladly,” I growled, grabbing on to her hips and thrusting as hard as I could insider her tight little pussy.

“I want your cum in my pussy!” she screamed.

“I can make that happen,” I grunted as I moaned and groaned from how damned good it felt to fuck her.

“Not right now, let’s go a little longer,” she said.

“Then sit on my lap,” I said.

I sat down, legs crossed, and she lowered herself onto my cock, so my cock was once again, enveloped in her pussy. I started thrusting again as she roughly grinded her body against mine in sync with mine. I fucked her harder and harder so she screamed again. She wrapped her arms around me, and pressed her body against mine as we both came close to a finish.

“Ready for this baby?” I asked her, panting.

“Oh yes, baby. Yes!” she screamed.

I thrusted as hard as I could, and she screamed again, and then one more time, and I could feel the walls pushing against my cock, letting me know that she was cumming right as I was.

“Oh!” we both screamed as we came on each other.

My hot cum flowed insider her tight pussy, and then I pulled out, my dick covered in her cum.

“Baby,” she panted.

“Yeah?” I panted back.

“Best… sex… ever…” she choked out.

“I agree,” I said.

We cleaned up, she went to the bathroom, and we helped each other get dressed again. We got under the covers, and I pulled her close and had her wrapped in my arms as we both drifted into a deep sleep, cuddling with each other.

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