November Day

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It was a bright November day. One of those cold blue sky days when you can see your breath billowing in front of your face and steaming up your sunglasses. I felt a little foolish wearing sunglasses in November but the sun was bright and very low in the sky, I had the visor down in the car but was still screwing up my eyes. The time was ten forty seven and I had an eleven o’clock appointment with Hannah.

I was assured she was twenty nine, five seven, thirty six D and could offer a really nice Girl Friend Experience. We had exchanged emails and arranged this meeting. I was to arrive at the stated road and then txt her for the house number. My stomach was doing flips. I was chewing gum just to ensure I had fresh breath. I had had a shower and made sure I smelled nice. I just hoped the nerves weren’t going to get the better of me.

I texted that I had arrived and Hannah texted right back to say number forty two and that the door was open and to come right in. It was a neat little row of houses and number forty two had seen better days, it was certainly in need of a coat of paint but was clean and looked fine. The door was ajar and I cautiously pushed it open to reveal a small hallway and the inner door was also ajar.

I carefully walked forward and through into the main house.

“Hello, I’m Hannah come on in” said a cheery voice. There she stood, dark hair almost black, shoulder length neat and straight. She was wearing a little black dress. The dress was tight across her ample breasts, a thin waist, flaring out at her hips, the dress finished mid thigh and the long legs sheathed in black sheer stockings into black killer heels. This made her easily five ten as she stepped forward and kissed me fully on the mouth. I kissed her right back and her soft lips parted as we gently touched tongues.

“Hmmm you like to kiss then” she purred, “me too. So would you like a drink, tea, coffee, juice?”

“Er some juice would be nice” I said finding my voice.

“Come on through then.” she said leading into the small kitchen. “If you need to freshen up the bathroom is through there.” she said motioning to the back of the kitchen.

“No I’m fine thanks” I said, “I’ve just had a shower before I left home.”

“So have you seen many other girls?” she asked.

“No you are my first.” I said hesitantly.

“Really? I would never have guessed from that kiss, you are very sure of yourself.” she said with a small grin as she poured me some orange juice and then handed it to me.

I quickly gulped some to release the dryness of my throat. I din’t think I would asyabahis yeni giriş be quite so nervous.

“Well come on then.” she said “Would you like to bring that upstairs?” She seemed pleasantly eager and I found that my nervousness was being replace by excitement and expectancy.

“Shall we get the paperwork done first?” she said gently. I quickly passed her the agreed fee and she took it and just placed it on the table as she lead me to the foot of the stairs.

“Follow me.” she said with a wicked grin. She walked up the stairs fully knowing that I was getting a fabulous view of her long legs, stocking tops and just a hint of peachy arse. At the top of the stairs she led me into the bedroom, nicely furnished with a large bed a couple of chairs, wardrobe and a block of shelves filled with shoes.

“So, make yourself comfortable, would you like to do anything in particular?”

“No thanks I replied hesitantly, can we just go with the flow?”

She drew me to the bed and we started to kiss and I ran my hands down her back and stroking her slim body.

“Why don’t you get some of these off.” she said gently tugging at my shirt. I stood and quickly striped down to just my shorts. She stood and peeled off the LBD to reveal a Lacey bra and thong and the hold up stockings that I had admired on the way up the stairs. She drew me back onto the bed this time stretching out full length we kissed again this time my hands exploring across her waist making their way up to her large breasts. Nuzzling her neck I continued to explore kissing down her neck to her chest, by now I had exposed her breast and quickly found her nipple and gently taking it into my mouth I felt it quickly harden as she let out an encouraging soft moan. Emboldened I sought her other breast as my hands explored down across her flat stomach and diverting across her hips and down to her thighs all the time suckling at her nipple and swirling it with my tongue.

Slowly working my way back up her legs gently caressing the inside of her thigh and reaching that delightful area at the top of the stockings as she gently moved her hips forward to meet my touch. I could feel the heat of her as I gently stroked across her mound. We sought each others lips in a passionate kiss as I slid my finger down the side of her panties seeking her moist centre. She opened her legs a little more to as I ran my finger traced her slit through her silky panties.

“Hmm.” I groaned as I traced my finger from bottom to top of her slit. Our kisses becoming more passionate. At last we broke for a breath as asyabahis güvenilirmi in unison we each discarded our underwear leaving Hannah in just her stockings. I quickly got back to work on her breasts with my mouth while my fingers explored her delightful pussy. I could feel her soft touch across my back and shoulders as I worked my way south finally arriving at my destination.

I adjusted my self comfortably between her legs and kissed up the top of her thighs and into the join at the top of her legs gently licking around her gorgeous pussy and kissing across her mound gently teasing her until I just had to taste her fully. I gently slipped my tongue into her wetness and was rewarded with a sweet saltiness .

“Oh yes.” she squealed, “you are a naughty boy.” I continued to kiss and lick , pressing my tongue deep into her glorious hole.

I then started to work on her clit while easing my finger into her, probing deeper and working on her clit as she moaned. She soon started to gasp and buck,

“Oh yes, fuck, yes oh god.” she moaned as she came hard grinding her pussy, grasping the back of my head. Then she was pushing me away and wriggling to keep me away from her now over sensitive clit. She drew me back up the bed and kissed and licked her juices from my face. “Was that fun?” I asked wickedly, fully knowing the answer.

“Ooo very good.” she giggled. As she pushed me back onto the bed. “Now it’s my turn.” she whispered. She started to kiss my neck and stroke my chest. Kissing down my chest her fingers gently stoked my fully hard cock kissing across my belly and gently raking her nails on my thighs. She slipped her mouth over the head of my cock and gave it a quick suck. I groaned as a watched avidly as she licked down my shaft and delicately took one ball into her mouth. she then slowly took all of me into her mouth while she gently massaged my balls slowly drawing me out and then back down the full length of my shaft.I had never felt anything like it before. It was so erotic, so gentle, I could feel my excitement mounting very quickly, too quickly.

“Oh god thats too good.” i moaned as I gently drew her back up the bed and kissed her, “I don’t want to finish too soon.” I explained.

“Thats fine hun, just take your time. Would you like to fuck me?” she asked with a wicked grin.

“I think I would like that.” I stammered.

“Okay hun lets get you sorted.” as she then reached over me to the bedside table to pick up the condom wrapper that was waiting. As she reached over her breast brushed my chin and I couldn’t resist taking asya bahis giriş her nipple into my mouth and she cooed appreciatively. She eased herself away as she tore open the condom wrapper and expertly rolled it on to my cock.

“Now, how would you like to do this?” she asked.

“Err, I don’t really know.” I said nervously propping myself up on both elbows.

“Well why don’t we start like this.” she suggested as she straddled me and pushed me back down onto the bed. She then reached down and gently holding my cock she lowered herself onto me. I could feel the heat of her as she engulfed me. She took control of me and started to gently rock herself up and forward down and back, her fabulous tits swaying delightfully as I reached for them and stretched my head up to take a hard nipple into my mouth. Her tempo was gently increasing and I could feel her rotating her hips as she pressed herself onto me. I gently push my hand down between our bodies and found her slit with my thumb and rub her clit in time with her rocking.

“OH Yes.” she growled as her tempo increased. I could feel my excitement building as I’m trying to thrust in time with her rocking, all the time both of us increasing our tempo. What started as gentle rocking and swaying is now more thrusting. What was slow and languid is now more urgent and sweaty, what was civilised sex is now just fucking, no not just fucking, hard fucking, hot fucking, fucking hot, sweaty, hard fucking.

“Oh Yes Fuck No Ah Ugh Right Mmh God.” as she’s clenching and I’m spurting and she’s grinding and I’m thrusting as the muscles across the small of my back are spasming in that glorious release.

I pulled her to me as she collapsed on top and we just lie there panting and spent. After a short time she makes to ease herself off as I reach down to make sure the condom remains in place on my now softening cock. We just lie next to each other and cuddle with gentle kisses.

“That was fun.” I say finally.

“Yes it was.” she giggled and as I make to ease myself up she gently places her hand on my chest and says “Just wait there a minute.” as she grabs a pack of wipes from the table and proceeds to clean me up, finishing with a little kiss on my clean, soft, worn out cock.

The little kiss is, I guess, my cue to get myself together and I hunt down my clothes.

“So what do you have planned for the rest of the day?” she asks.

“Back to work for me.” I complain. “Still it pays the bills and for those little extras.”

“Am I one of your little extras?” she jokes. “The sooner you earn some more pennies the sooner you can come back. You will be back won’t you?” the last said with a hopeful little catch in her voice. Did we make a connection or is that just the shrewd business woman talking. It felt like we connected but maybe thats what I paid for. Either way it was money well spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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