Object of Desire Ch. 02

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Big Dick

This was written in collaboration with NotReallySure


By the time my plane landed, I had answered my own question. There was no doubt in my mind that, if the opportunity arose, I would definitely want to see Trina again. Assuming of course that I hadn’t freaked her out with my last words, which had just popped out of my head without thinking.

When I got back to work the next day, there was a friendly little note waiting for me. And so it went for the next few months. We exchanged messages almost daily, sometimes several times a day, often saying nothing at all, but just enjoying the chance to remind each other that we were still around. It was a silly thing, but somehow it made many things better just to know that she still cared.

At some point I even dropped a hint (or more than a hint) that if I ever had a chance, I would love to see her again. She never answered me directly about that, but I got the feeling that she was secretly pleased to know that I felt that way.

And the memories – ohhhh, the memories. I never got tired of replaying in my mind those unbelievably erotic scenes from that night I spent with her. The vision of her face hovering over me as her hips ground sensuously into mine. The way she glowed when she was turned on. I couldn’t even take a shower without getting hard. And whenever I did, there was a smile on my lips. It was like the “gift that keeps on giving”.

About six months later, I was invited to present a paper at an energy conference in Turkey. The project I was working on was going well, and my partners in Istanbul saw an opportunity for some timely publicity. I didn’t mind doing it, although the idea of getting up to make a presentation in front of a roomful of professionals was not particularly my idea of fun – I had done it often enough to feel confident in my abilities as a presenter, but I never felt any ego rush like some of the others seemed to.

The conference was being held at a well-known resort on the Sea of Marmara, about an hour’s drive from the center of Istanbul. It was late spring, before school was out, so my wife and kids couldn’t get away, which meant it would be just me and a bunch of engineering professionals. I would gladly have made my presentation and then gotten on a plane that evening, but it would have been rude to my hosts, so I resigned myself to another couple of days of boring lectures and professional camaraderie.

I checked into my room at the hotel, and threw my bag on the bed. I had to hurry downstairs – I couldn’t be late for the start of the conference, because I was one of the speakers scheduled in the first session. As I rushed out of the room, however, I noticed that the headboard of the king-sized bed in my room was formed by a series of wooden bars. I was instantaneously transported to a vision of a photo that I had received from Trina.

In the photo, she was lying nude on a bed, with her arms stretched over her head, and her wrists tied together with some kind of black material (her trademark sheer stockings, perhaps?), with the restraint looped behind a post in the headboard. Just like the headboard in this room. I had to laugh out loud – the visions of that woman followed me wherever I went. I loved it.

My presentation went well that first morning, and I even got some intelligent questions afterward. After lunch I excused myself from the group. It was such a warm sunny day that I just couldn’t bring myself to go back into that dark conference room for more lectures just yet. I figured that an hour or so outdoors would recharge my batteries – besides, I had done my part already, so I deserved a bit of a break.

I wandered out of the conference hall, through the hotel lobby and down to the pool, picking my way through the scattered lounge chairs. I realized that I stood out like a sore thumb in my jacket and tie amongst all those bikini-clad bathers. I shucked my tie and slung my jacket over my shoulders, looking for an unclaimed chair to relax in. I settled into one, next to a mother with two small children, and leaned back with my eyes half closed to absorb the warmth.

I let my thoughts drift aimlessly as my eyes wandered pleasantly over the surrounding bathers, picking out the lookers from the elderly matrons. I especially liked the good-looking ones lying on their stomachs, with the ties from their loosened bikini tops dangling down on either side – it was fun to imagine what they might look like if they rolled over. No imagination was required with a few of them – notwithstanding the traditional Turkish conservatism, the European custom of topless sunbathing was alive and well at this resort.

I was looking at one particularly delectable figure lying face-down, when I froze.

The curving legs ending in a delicious rounded tush. The wavy brown shoulder-length hair cascading off to one side. The cute upturned nose. The high forehead offset by pencil-sharp brows. I couldn’t see her eyes behind the dark sunglasses, but…..

Naaaah, it couldn’t be……

Could it??

I was up and out of my chair istanbul escort without even realizing it. I kept thinking that my eyes would stop playing tricks on me as I got closer. I was almost standing over her before I came to the conclusion that this was no mirage. Her eyes were closed under the dark sunglasses, but there was no doubt, as unbelievable as it seemed. I touched my hand to one soft bare shoulder.


She started at the sound of my voice, then opened her eyes and looked up at me with a huge smile on her lips.

“Well, if it isn’t the wayward sailor himself!” she exclaimed.


There was something so naughty about it all – quite apart from the fact that he was married and I was almost married. Meeting on the internet, sharing deep dark secrets. Coming face to face. Then simply cumming. I had really got off on it all, enjoyed our night of passion so much I wanted to do it again. The danger just added to my determination.

As we exchanged emails it was obvious he would dearly love to get his hands on me again, but a repeat trip to London was never mentioned by him. And I wasn’t going to invite him – that would be too keen. The email chat was nice, occasionally sexy. I wanted to know if he thought of me while he fucked his wife. He dodged the question, which I took as a yes. He liked being difficult, I liked trying to embarrass him. But I wanted to paw him again.

He began talking about a business trip to Turkey, to a resort near Istanbul. I subtly got the dates out of him and began researching whether I could make it out there, as a surprise. It wasn’t a cheap place to get to from London, and a travel agent advised me to wait until the last minute to get a more reasonable price if I was short of funds. I was, but I was determined to go. The only problem being I would have to go with my boyfriend. There was no way I could come up with a reasonable explanation for going all the way to Turkey alone – I was just a glorified barmaid for God’s sake! So I told him to book a week off work for a surprise trip, told my mother she was babysitting and waited until the week of reckoning.

We got our cheap flights, and by now I had found out which hotel David’s conference was at. I managed to book a room there and, for two days, I booked myself in for every beauty treatment I could and bought some new holiday clothes – I wanted to look good. I did look good.

By my reckoning we were actually there a day before David. I made sure I spent as much time as possible with my boyfriend in that 24 hours, and made sure he was satisfied at night. I would need to try and lose him now and then over the following few days, to snatch some time with David.

On our second day I saw some posters advertising the conference, and saw David’s name. I would have gone in to watch him talk but a) it seemed I would merely stand out like a sore thumb on account of being the only female interested in the seminar and b) I had to quietly get rid of Chris. We had a nice morning looking round markets and stuff and I began to moan that I wanted to read by the pool. I knew Chris hated sitting by the pool – he would want to go out and do something – and sure enough in the end he suggested I go back to sunbathe while he took a trip out to Istanbul. Perfect.

He left me in the room as I was changing into my bikini, gave me a kiss and said he’d be back for dinner. I scampered down to the poolside after he’d been gone a good five minutes and found myself a lounger in view of the bar. I got bored of looking out for David after about an hour, started to read a magazine. The heat was making me horny as usual but I was determined to store it up. I got a drink, read some more, dozed, drank, dipped in the pool, dozed…

Then a tap on the shoulder. “Trina?”

“Well, if it isn’t the wayward sailor himself!” I replied, sitting myself up.

“What? How? When? Where?” The look on his face was priceless. I laughed at him, pleased with myself that I had pulled off my big plan.

“Fancy meeting you here,” I smiled. “It really is a small world.”

“I don’t believe it! Are you here for me?”

“Well yes I am. But my boyfriend is also here – I couldn’t think up any plausible explanation why I would come here alone.” David began looking round, obviously wondering where Chris was. “Don’t worry you’re safe for now. He’s in Istanbul until dinner. Better still, tomorrow night I have sorted a ticket for him to go and watch the big soccer match in Istanbul. So maybe we can have a drink?”

He bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Well, you look hot. In every sense I suppose.” He sat on the end of the lounger. “How long have you been here? Are you staying in this hotel?”

I filled him in on my devious plan, and he couldn’t stop smiling. Even more impressive was the fact that he managed to let his eyes wander only occasionally to my sweaty cleavage or crotch. He had two more nights at the hotel, which was what I’d avcılar escort thought. So we could have a play this afternoon, he would have to amuse himself tonight while I stayed with Chris, and tomorrow night – hopefully until late – there would be some fireworks. “I think it’s probably fair for you to expect a fuck or two on this trip, David,” I said, rubbing my foot on his leg.

“God I just don’t know what to say… Thank you?” he laughed. “Can I get you a drink?”

“You can get me a drink. Have you got to do more seminar-type stuff this afternoon?”

“No, I’m free now. Well I did arrange to meet some of the guys for a beer but screw that.”

“In that case we’ve got about three hours of catching-up time haven’t we?” I smiled, taking off my shades. “Why don’t you fix me a drink in your room?”


I don’t know what startled me more – the boldness of her plan, or the brassiness of the woman who had come up with it. She was most certainly the most direct woman that I had ever known, sure about what she wanted and not shy about finding a way to get it. I really did love her for that.

And I was suddenly reminded, by a certain member which was rapidly coming to full erection, that she turned me on like no woman ever had before. I laughed out loud at the realization that she could probably wake me out of a sound sleep, ten years from now, and have me instantly hard with only a few well-chosen words.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I replied, “just that you could probably turn on a corpse. I want you so badly it hurts!”

“Then time’s awasting!” She stood up, slipping her arms into a short robe, covering her skimpy bathing suit. I regretted losing the view, but I knew that she’d make up for it soon enough. I stood up, offering her my elbow. She hooked her arm through mine, and we set off to find the nearest hotel elevator. The touch of her smooth, silky skin as it slipped over my forearm sent tingles up and down my spine, with the promise of much more to come.

I wasn’t particularly anxious to run into any of my Turkish colleagues – they had never met my wife, but they knew that I had come to the conference alone, and I preferred to avoid any awkward explanations. But they were all tied up in the conference, and I figured that no one would miss me for a few hours.

The ride up in the elevator reminded me of our first elevator ride in London. But there was no hesitation this time – as soon as the elevator door closed, I turned and wrapped both of my arms around her, pulling her to me. She turned her head up towards mine, with a smile on her lips. I stifled whatever thought she was about to express with my mouth, lips pressing hard on to hers. Her tongue was instantly inside my mouth, searching out mine. And her right leg snaked up, wrapping itself around my thigh, urging me into a total embrace.

We broke for breath just as we stopped at my floor. I said, “You’re not the only one who knows what they want.” I took her hand and pulled her off the elevator.

She smiled broadly and said, “Lead on, MacDuff!”

I fumbled with the cardkey to my door. I was about to push it into the slot when she snaked her tongue into my ear. “Ohhh,” I groaned, “if you don’t stop that we’ll never make it into the room!”

She thrust her moist tongue into my ear again, and whispered, “We could do it in the hallway, if you prefer…..”

Summoning all my willpower, I managed to find the slot and open the door. We tumbled into the room, tripping over each other. My need was so great that I didn’t even bother to make it to the bed – I pulled her down with me to the floor, twisting to roll over on to her. Her robe fell open as I pushed her bikini top up, exposing her jiggling breastflesh. My right hand engulfed one breast, kneading it and pinching the engorged nipple between thumb and forefinger. My mouth latched onto the other breast, sucking it into my mouth, my tongue laving the nipple.

Her hands grasped the back of my head, her fingers entwining themselves in my hair. Both legs reached up to wrap themselves around my thighs and under my ass, locking me into a tight embrace. I was intoxicated by her smell – a nuclear warhead could have gone off outside without distracting me from her lush beauty.

She panted into my ear, between whimpers: “Don’t you think that you’re just a little overdressed?”

I kissed my way from the valley between her breasts, up the smooth curve of her neck, licking her chin, and then sucking her lower lip into my mouth. Her hands grasped both sides of my face, her mouth sucking me into her hungrily as her hips undulated beneath me.

I reached down with both hands to unbuckle my belt, unzipping my pants. I grabbed my pants and underwear, pulling my knees up to push my clothes down to my knees without breaking our lip-lock. Then I reached up with my right hand to grab the side of her bikini bottom. As I tugged it down, she lifted her left leg, pulling it out of the bottoms in one smooth motion, leaving the thin wisp of material şirinevler escort hanging from the calf of her other leg.

Wrapping my arms behind her knees, I pushed them up to bend her legs to either side, turning up her ass and exposing her waiting cunt. I could smell the sweet pungency of her arousal. I didn’t wait for an invitation – my need was too great. Hunching my hips upwards, my rock-hard cock slid over the lips of her pussy – once, twice, spreading her pussy lips with each stroke. Then my cock head found the entrance, hanging up for an instant as she expanded to accommodate me, and then sliding slowly and deliciously all the way inside of her, as her wet folds enveloped my entire length. Her hips jerked upwards, locking her pelvis to my groin.

I looked up to see her eyes locked on mine, smouldering in her arousal.

“Fuck me!” she said.


His cock felt so good as it finally entered me – I’d been waiting all day, after all. I was hot and sweaty and gagging for him. I begged him to fuck me, locking my legs around him as he began to nail me on the hotel room floor. His mouth alternated between my exposed nipples and my hungry mouth. I held him close, wanting friction between our bodies. I kicked my bikini bottoms away behind his back, opening wider for him.

A minute or so into our frantic, staccato grinding he groaned loudly, and paused, his face buried in my hair. I guessed he was ready to cum already and, to be honest, I’d have been somewhat disappointed if he hadn’t. I reached down beneath my ass and sought out his balls, squeezing them gently. “Cum in me now dammit,” I whispered. “Fuck me now. Hard.”

He pushed back, smiling. A few more thrusts and he was shooting inside me, crying out as we locked eyes and I locked my ankles behind him, gripping his waist with my thighs.

“Sorry, it’s just…”

“Shhhhh,” I interrupted him as I sincerely stroked his hair, his head resting on my chest. “I’m so sexy I made you cum too soon?” I giggled. “And maybe you’re not gettin’ any at home?”

“OK, maybe both of those things…”

“Well rest assured we can try again sometime. And we can keep trying until we do it right.”

He laughed, his cock still stiff inside me. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips and slid out with a satisfying slurp. I knelt, shedding my bikini top on the floor, and quickly looked round for something to do the honours between my legs. I saw David’s tie poking out of his jacket pocket and tugged it out, swiftly rolling it and catching his cum as it oozed out of me. He looked at me aghast.

“Um, sorry,” I said, realizing it was not the classiest thing I’d ever done.

“No, no, I … I’ll probably never get it cleaned. Souvenir.”

We found our way to the bed, a little small talk interspersed with kisses and caresses. Bare limbs intertwined in the heat of the afternoon, a lazy hour passed catching up and reacquainting ourselves physically. He was fairly hard the whole time, I was happy just brushing my hand or thigh against his cock every now and then, keeping him interested, keeping him on standby. Out of the blue he asked if he could tie me up, like in a picture I had emailed to him. I looked up at the bed’s headboard – it was perfect for a spot of light bondage. I wrapped my hands around two of the bars. “Like this, lover?”

“Yeah, just like that.”

“And my feet to the sides of the bed?” I asked, throwing one calf over him towards one side of the mattress and pushing my other foot in the opposite direction, spreading wide.

“Wow, yeah, maybe. I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Of course you can,” I kissed him, still in my position of mock-restraint. “Use me and abuse me at your will – but tomorrow night. I doubt we’ve got time to do it justice right now.”

“That’s certainly something to look forward to,” he sighed with a smile.

“In the meantime…” I left the sentence hanging as I rolled on to my front, my head on the pillow looking right at him. I slowly raised my knees on the bed and, with them, my ass. I reached between my legs and slid my fingers over my wet-and-waiting pussy. “Hmmmmm?”

David crawled down the bed so he was behind me, getting an eyeful of my rear. He kissed my ass cheek, letting his lips trace a path to my hole before his tongue sought out my pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his mouth trying to devour my wetness from such an awkward position. My fingers were still lightly pressuring my clit, though it was subconscious. He was on all fours behind me, his face buried between my legs, one hand on each of my calves as he probed and sucked me, pushing all sorts of involuntary gasps and moans out of me and into the smooth, white, virginal pillow.

I pushed myself up grasping the top bar of the bed’s headboard with both hands. I looked round to see him emerging from underneath me with suitably wet chops. He mounted me slowly, one of his hands guiding his stiff rod into me. I was deeply in need of an orgasm. I always was after a few hours in the sun, but today’s events had sent me off the scale. He moved over me, surrounding me, and I turned my head to kiss him as he slid all the way in. It was a beautiful kiss, the sort of wanton, lustful kiss that perfectly suits a doggy-style fuck: my hair in the way, his hand cradling a tit beneath me, our tongues doing battle as our mouths switched between sucking and panting, my subtle shifts in position trying to get more of him in me.

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