Off At College Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Opening Concert

The next day was the last full day of freshman orientation. I took my final placement examination, attended a lecture on sexual etiquette and harassment and registered for my first semester classes: freshman composition, introductory political science, basic geology, a freshman seminar on pop psychology and recreational swimming. My roommate, Julie and I registered together since our last names both began with letters near each other in the alphabet. While we were waiting in line to register we met a couple of guys that I thought were rather hot. Julie struck up a conversation with the guys, Bruce and Bob.

The two guys concentrated their attention on my roommate as she gave off the aura of being a hot, worldly college woman. Julie was dressed in shorts and a tank top which showed off her ample bust and tight ass. My loose t-shirt and baggy jean shorts, on the other hand, did nothing to display my feminine charms. We exchanged names and telephone numbers; although I could tell that they were really after Julie. However, I did learn that Bruce was going to be in my freshman composition class and my geology lab.

After we completed the registration process Julie and I decided to go and check out the library. We said good bye to the guys and ambled over to the library. I wanted my own study carrel since I knew that Julie would probably be entertaining guys in the room quite a few nights a week. Apparently, based upon what Julie observed the night before she thought the same thing about me as she told the library clerk that she also wanted a study carrel.

After dinner we were sitting around the room watching television when the telephone rang. Julie answered the phone and then handed it to me saying, “Jenny, it’s some guy that wants to talk with you. I think that he said that his name was Ken?”

I took the phone with a questioning look on my face since I did not know a Ken. He quickly introduced himself as a Gamma Delt telling me that he had seen my picture in the unofficial freshman directory that the college published. He then proceeded to ask me to the concert that the college was putting on the next night. With a little hesitation I accepted because I was wondering about Hank and Bruce and Bob. But I decided on the old rule of dating etiquette, first asked, first accepted.

Within moments of hanging up with Ken, the phone rang again. Julie answered again and based upon hearing only her side of the conversation I assumed that the caller was Bob who we had met earlier in the day. After some casual banter, I heard her say “yes, I would enjoy that.” After Julie hung up, I found out that my assumption was right, Bob had asked Julie to go to the concert with him and she had accepted.

The telephone rang again, and this time it was for me – it was Bob’s friend, Bruce calling me to ask me to the concert. I told him that I was sorry but I had already been invited to the concert, but that I would like to do something with him in the future.

The next evening we both prepared for our dates. We flipped and Julie got the shower first. When I got out of the shower, Julie was standing naked in front of the sink applying her make-up. As I finished drying, I could not help comparing my body to hers. She was a couple of inches taller than my 5’3” stature. Her breasts seemed larger than my tits; although I now know that it was only because she was taller than I was. I also noticed that she was nearly completely shaved around her pussy whereas I only trimmed my bikini line.

Neither one of us was dressed when the buzzer rang. It was Bob and Julie told him that she would be down in a couple of minutes and to wait in the lounge. She hurriedly slipped on her top and pulled up her mini-skirt before reaching into her desk to snare a handful of condoms which she put in her clutch.

I quickly zipped up my new hip hugger jeans and pulled my t-shirt over my head. I was looking in the mirror checking out how much skin was showing between my jeans and my top when the buzzer rang again. I answered it and told Ken that I was on my way down. As I entered the lounge, I noticed that Julie and Bob had not left yet; they were in a tight embrace on one of the couches. Even though we had never met in the flesh, I gave Ken a brief kiss on the cheek as we met.

Ken and I walked across campus to the Events Center hand in hand. After we entered the Center we found two seats and began chatting. Ken told me that he was a junior pre-med student and between his studies and the fraternity, he did not have much free time. I told him a little of my background and that I was thinking about a career in journalism or possibly politics. As the concert started, Ken put his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled into him, at least as much as I could with the seat arm between us. During the concert Ken’s hand eased off my shoulder and found my bra covered tit. We sat there enjoying the show while he slowly massaged my tit making my nipple stiffen.

At kadıköy escort one point during the concert, I leaned over to Ken and planted a full kiss on his lips to let him know that I was enjoying the attention. We only broke our embrace two or three times to applaud the band before the concert was over. On the way out of the Events Center, Ken asked me, “Would you like to go over to the House? I believe that there is going to be an informal registration day party this evening.”

Looking up to him, I said, “Sure. By what I saw in the dorm lounge as we were leaving, I don’t think my roommate wants to see me for several hours.”

With that Ken slipped his arm around my waist and I did likewise. Was we began walking back towards fraternity house, I felt Ken’s hand ease downward to my ass. We continued walking like that chatting away. However, instead of taking a direct line back to the house, Ken steered us to a path along the river. Since it was a warm evening and I really did not know the campus, I did not know that Ken was taking the long way back.

When we got down to the river, Ken stopped and turned to face me. He put both arms around me and drew me tight against himself. Even with my heels on I was considerably shorter than Ken, so I stood on my tip toes as he planted a kiss on my lips. I opened my mouth and probed for his tongue. Ken let his hands roam over my ass to help lift me up. As we continued to tongue kiss, I felt his male hardness against my belly which got my mind racing about how good a hard cock would feel in my pussy. This caused me to grind my tits into his chest and we stood on the river walk necking.

Then Ken eased me back down to the ground and broke our kiss. He planted a chaste kiss on my cheek before leading me to the frat house. It was only a short walk before we approached the Gamma Delta Iota house – as we walked up the steps, I realized that this was the same fraternity that Hank belonged to. A quiet, “Oh, shit!” escaped from my lips.

Ken leaned over and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“No, Ken, no problem.”

“O.K. then. Would you like a beer?” He asked as we entered the front room.

“Sure”, was all I replied. Then I added, “Where is the bathroom? I should freshen up a bit.”

Before Ken could answer, a tall willowy brunette who was standing near the front door chatting said, “Hello, I’m Keri. Let me show you where the powder room is.” As Keri started to guide me down the hall, Ken gave my ass cheek a little squeeze.

As soon as we were a few steps away from Ken and the other guys, Keri asked me, “Are you a freshman?” Before I could answer she added, “The guys in this fraternity are so horny, it seems like they all go around with their pricks stiff all the time. But then, Ken is one of the cooler guys in the house.”

To the first question, I simply said, “Yes.”

As we approached the bathroom, Keri said, “I thought so. I have never seen you around campus before. Oh, and by the way, don’t let me scare you about the Gamma Delts, they are really no different than most of the guys on this campus – they will do anything to get in a girl’s panties. Here it is, I will wait for you.”

I slipped into the open room. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “I have not even been here one week and I am probably going to get laid for the second time. Oh well, it is what I dreamed about. I think!” I quickly adjusted my jeans, got a drink of water and got out of the room. Keri was waiting for me.

“You looked like you needed some girl talk when you came in,” she opened the conversation.

“I was just a little flustered when I saw what house I was coming to. I was here on Wednesday night with another guy and when Ken asked me out I did not realize that he and the other guy would know each other,” I answered. “It was only when I saw the house again that I even put two and two together why Ken would ask me to the concert.”

“Don’t worry about it. By the way, no one told me your name.”

“Jenny,” I answered.

“Like I was saying don’t worry about it, Jenny. I have slept with probably a third of the Gamma Delt brothers over the last three years. Two of them have been serious and the others just casual flings. Some one niters and others a couple of times. Yes, I know they talk, but it does not bother me because I know that my current boyfriend has slept with a number of my sorority sisters.”

By this time we were back near the kitchen and Ken handed me a cold beer. “Here you go, Jenny.” I took a long swig from the bottle and looked Ken in the eyes.

“Thanks for the beer. It tastes good.” I mouthed even though this was only my third bottle. With that I stood on my toes and planted a kiss on his lips completely forgetting my recent conversation with Keri.

Ken then led me downstairs to the game room. In the room was a pool table, a large card table, a couple of dart boards and a small dance floor. A number of the guys and several üsküdar escort girls were standing around watching two couples play a game of pool. After the current game finished, Ken whispered to me, “Would you like to try your hand at a game?”

I answered truthfully, “I have never played pool before. I don’t even know how to hold the stick.” Then I added, “I would love to have to show me how to play, though. Just not in front of so many people.”

He replied, “Well, how about darts? Or would you just like to sit and talk?”

We played a couple of games of darts and Ken beat me every time. After he got us another beer apiece, the pool table was vacant and he tried to show me how to hold the pool cue and some basic shots. Needless to say, I got a chance to feel his crotch which told me that I (or some of the other girls) was having an effect on his concentration.

We finally tired of playing games and stood around arm in arm chatting with Keri and her boyfriend. Finishing our beers, we drifted to the Conversation Pit which is an area with low lights and a number of couches for couples to sit and “converse”. Once we got to the Pit, we began to lightly kiss each other exploring each others face and neck. This quickly led to some serious necking. After a little while, I felt Ken’s hand ease under my t-shirt and rub my skin between my belly and my bra. I leaned back and closed my eyes as his hand crept up the underside of my bra. We continued to play tongue tag while he began massaging my tits through the bra.

As Ken leaned over me I was aware that his cock was rock hard as it pressed against my leg. Then he eased his hand off my tit and slid it down to the snap of my jeans. Before I realized what was happening I felt my jeans loosen and felt his hand wonder down to the top of my panties. While I was beginning to enjoy the sensations of our session, I heard a girl’s voice from somewhere in the room purr, “Jim, don’t stop, your finger feels so fucking good.”

Unfortunately that broke the spell that Ken and I were weaving and I said, “Ken, would you stop.”

Ken immediately stopped what he was doing. He looked at me in a questioning manner. “What’s wrong?”

“You heard that girl?”

“Yep, did it bother you?”

“It sure did. What you were doing felt good and I want to have you inside me, but I don’t want half the campus to know what we do. Is your roommate in?”

Ken quickly replied, “No. He is the guy turning the girl over there on. If we get to the room first, then they will just have to find somewhere else.” With that he got off me and he led me upstairs. In our haste to get up to Ken’s room, I did not even take time to snap up my jeans; I just held them together as we climbed the stairs.

Reaching the top of the stairs, I reached up and planted a kiss on his lips.

Breaking the kiss I said, “I need to pee before we do anything. Where is the bathroom?”

“Down the hall,” was his reply.

I walked down to the bathroom, went in and closed the door. I pulled my jeans and panties down around my ankles and sat down on the toilet. Peeing relaxed me and I wiped myself. Then an idea hit me, I decided to take my jeans off and just go down to Ken’s room in my panties. I slipped off my heels and pulled my jeans completely off, then put my pumps back on. Standing up, I checked myself in the mirror before flushing the toilet and heading back to Ken’s room. As I was swaying down the hallway in my heels, I heard a guy’s sexy voice say, “Nice ass. I wonder who the lucky brother is going to be?”

I did not look behind me; I just turned and opened the door that I had seen Ken enter. Closing the door, I saw Ken standing across the room studying his cd player and choosing some music. Without looking up, he said, “Jenny, would you lock the door behind you?” As he heard the lock snap, he added, “Thanks, I thought you would like the privacy.”

I dropped my jeans on the floor and walked behind Ken. While I had been in the bathroom, he had changed into a pair of running shorts. I reached around him and pulled him back against me. His back crushed against my tits and I planted a sloppy kiss between his shoulder blades. Turning him around, we stood in the middle of the room exploring each others mouths. I felt his stiff cock push from his shorts against my belly. As much as I wanted to feel that cock inside my pussy, I remembered Julie’s words after I complained about guys that cum too quickly, “just give them a blow job; that will eliminate their urge to cum immediately after entering your cunt and these young bucks can usually get it right back up.”

With those thoughts ringing through my head, I reached down and hooked my hands into the waistband of Ken’s running shorts. Dropping to my knees, I pulled his shorts down and was rewarded with a stiff cock pointing at my face. I eyed his organ and the sac below it, but since I never had sucked a guy off, I was not sure just what to do. Kneeling tuzla escort there I grasp the cock in my right hand just below the head. I gently slid my hand down to the base as I studied the head of the cock. I detected some pre-cum on leaking from his slit and gingerly stuck my tongue out at his cock head. I started licking the tip of his organ and tasted some of Ken’s pre-cum. It tasted salty and I decided to continue. I ran my tongue around the head cleaning off all the accumulated pre-cum before starting to stroke my tongue down his shaft. While I was licking his shaft, I continued sliding my hand up and down his shaft.

I then slipped his hard cock into my mouth and continued to slide my tongue up and down his shaft and around his head. I heard Ken’s moaning, “Oh, shit that feels great.” Before very long he said matter of factly, “Oh, god that feels good. I need to sit down.”

With that I released his still very hard cock from my mouth as he stepped in front of a bed and sat down. I crawled over to the bed ready to continue. But before I could start again, Ken reached down to the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head and threw it on the floor by my jeans. Now I was kneeling in front of him in just my bra and panties – bending over to insert his cock back into my mouth and I felt damn sexy, I knew that I could compete with any girl on campus for a guy’s attention.

As I sucked on Ken’s manhood, he began rubbing his hands over my back. Soon I felt his fingers clasp the back of my bra and then unhook it. This allowed my tits to droop a little bit and before I knew it, one of Ken’s hands was under my bra cup stroking my dangling tit while his other hand was wrapped in my hair urging my mouth on.

Even though I was going down on him for his pleasure, having his cock in my mouth was turning me on. I sensed that my pussy was lubricating and I let my spare hand drift downward. I rubbed my slit through my drenched panties which only made them wetter.

As I was playing with myself I could feel Ken’s cock begin to swell. I knew that it was decision time. I quickly thought more about my conversation with Julie two nights ago when she told me at this point “there are four choices: you can swallow his cum; you can take it in the mouth and then spit it out; you can let him give you a pearl necklace; or you can simply stop and let him jerk off.” She had continued by saying that “option number 4 was the least popular with the guys; spitting rated somewhat better; while swallowing was most guys’ preferred option although on occasion some guys liked to jerk off on the girl’s face or boobs.”

While he had been moaning about how good it felt and how good a cocksucker I was, I was making up my mind what I was going to do when he shot his sperm. I heard him groan “Jenny, I am going to shoot my spunk.” Then like a gentleman he added, “Where do you want it?”

Thinking quickly I decided to take it in the mouth and swallow it if I could. I brought my hand up from my panties and began to stroke his cock with both hands. At the same time I brought the head of his cock to just inside my teeth and began to swirl my tongue over his head. My hands felt his cock pulse and I received the first spurt of cum in my mouth. It tasted similar to the pre-cum I had licked from his cock head earlier and as his hole continued to spew cum into my mouth I kept sucking and swallowing.

When Ken stopped spurting, I gently licked his cock head and then I looked up and him and ran my tongue over my parted lips to make sure that I got every drop of his seed.

I just knelt between his legs for a minute or two looking up at him and seeing the contentment on his face. This made me realize that Julie’s observation that “the surest way to a man’s heart is with a good blow job” was a true statement.

Ken reached down and restarted massaging my tits. Then he said, “My god Jenny that was fantastic. Why don’t you come up on the bed with me and let me repay the favor.”

As horny as I was after two days, all I could think about with getting his cock in my pussy. As I crawled up on the bed next to Ken, I eyed his soft shriveled cock and assumed that I would have to try to bring it back to life. However, as I reached over to play with his organ, he started to kiss my near tit and rub my far breast. His kisses, unlike Hank’s kisses and my high school boyfriend’s kisses did not start at the nipple; they started on the top of the breast and went in a circular motion around the upturned breast until he eventually worked his lips to my nipple. By that time I was squirming in anticipation of Ken’s cock in my pussy.

Once his tongue reached my nipple, he massaged it to a full erection and then continued to play with it with his lips and tongue. He would alternately suck on it, drawing it into his mouth and then nipping at it with his teeth and then releasing it only to flick it with his tongue. At the same time, his fingers were doing the same tricks to my other nipple. I was getting more aroused than I had ever been (well all four previous times) and I started to spread my legs and buck my hips upward as an invitation for Ken to mount me.

My breathing began to become labored as my body reacted to Ken’s foreplay. I whimpered, “I ne–ed you inside of me.”

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