Off-Campus Landlady Ch. 01

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The It had been almost three years since Martina had bought the apartment building she now found herself running. It was situated just off campus, overlooking the running track of the biggest university in the state and was about fifteen minutes out from the capital’s city centre.

She had acquired it with a reasonably generous inheritance that had come her way from a former lover that had remembered her fondly. She had played the part of a sugarbaby for a time in her 20’s, but now at the age of 42, and having already seen the world several times over, she wanted to explore a few simpler experiences that had been denied to her in her youth. She had never had a chance to continue studying after high school, and had always wanted to try her hand at writing.

Being savvy and motivated enough to realise that any kind of inheritance would not last forever, she decided to invest a portion of her funds into the modest building that doubled as her residence. It was a guaranteed source of income that came loaded with valuable tax write offs, and it also gave her easy access to a part time opportunity to explore the student life at her maturing age.

At first she had enrolled in a couple of introductory creative writing courses, but after the first year found that she was spending more time tending to her landlady duties and the various problem tenants and lingering maintenance issues the previous owner had let slide, and hidden during the property’s sale.

Now in her third year, she had finally sorted out the last of the building’s problems and also managed to clean out almost all of the tenants that were overly disruptive, destructive, or constantly in arrears with the meager rent they were paying. She had been able to hand select her current selection of tenants and was back up to about half capacity.

And for all her efforts in the past two years, she had not managed to practice her writing in what spare time she had. Instead, Martina often found herself sitting on the deck of what amounted to one of the two penthouse apartments in her building on the fifth floor.

Sitting on the deck at sunset, drinking a sweet and strong cocktail, getting tipsy and taking in the view of whichever students happened to be training on the athletics field on any given afternoon.

And it was often that she would let her fingers roam as she watched any one of the given men’s athletics team members training on the field. This had become her wind down ritual.

But that had to come to an end. She had let herself become too absorbed with the endless tasks and considerations of her building up to this point and had lost sight of the purpose of her establishing this base in the first place.

Martina was thinking upon this very problem as she performed her monthly checks on each tenant’s apartment. She performed these inspections on the last Tuesday of every month, just after noon when all of her tenants were either at class, at their part time jobs, or generally out studying or socialising.

She found she was performing these inspections quicker and quicker now, finding fewer and fewer issues thanks to the well behaved tenants that she now had. It seemed like now was the perfect time for her to consider picking up her writing studies again. Time that she took advantage of mingling with the student body again too, and to take advantage of some of those cute and horny young men she had been watching from her deck. She had let herself indulge a little too much in porn to the point that it had become an easy means of relief at the end of a busy day. So easy that it had been encouraging her more and more to go down the online porn rabbit hole of excessive fantasies and desires. She had even expanded her collection of toys to the point that she had a small chest of various dildos, vibrators, and plugs.

That too had to change.

Even as that thought crossed her mind, she found her mind wandering back to her fantasies and a minor warm flush ran through her body. Distracted, she came to Apartment 15 and entered without knocking.

She was running through her renewed plans in her head. She would start studying again, start writing again… start fucking again, and shake this porn habit… mostly.

Passing down the entry hallway to the modest kitchen main room she froze in her tracks.

The tenant was home.

The blinds to the wall sized windows were closed leaving the room in darkness, and the tenant was sitting at the little round dining table with his back to the hallway where she stood.

The dining table was piled up with text books and paperwork and was a bit of a mess, while a large ultra widescreen monitor stood planted in the middle of the table, connected to a laptop.

On the screen, the only source of illumination in the room, was a multitude of pornography that she could see clearly. A video was playing on the majority of the screen with a couple of windowed tabs to the right. Tabs of picture slideshows almanbahis running in a loop.

With headphones on, she could see from the motion of his upper body and the sound of his focused breathing that he was jerking off intensely.

Martina watched him at first, and for the first time noticed the musty scent that was wafting her way from the main room. He had clearly been masturbating for a while now, or perhaps multiple times since morning, because the smell of cum, or pre-cum. was mixed with what seemed like the warmth of light sweat. The phrase “the scent of sex is in the air” sprung into her mind.

Then her eyes focused on the porn itself. He was watching a gangbang compilation video. Quick snippets of women taking three, four, or more cocks at the one time. She had seen glimpses of these kind of videos before too, but never found them appealing. She wanted some depth to her porn, not just a quick edit of endless fucking.

The more she watched, the more she realised how specific this porn was. This young man was not just into gangbang porn. Each shot in the video made it clear that these women weren’t simply taking a room full of cocks. They were the centrepiece that enabled these men to fuck eachother, cock on cock. Every shot was of a double vaginal or anal penetrations, or cocks rubbing against each other in a woman’s mouth. What was more was the slideshow images he had setup, they were focused on extreme closeups. One set of images looped between cum coated cocks struggling to fit between slutty lips, the other image loop was of enormous dicks doubling, or even tripling up inside of stretched arseholes, presumably of the same porno sluts.

Martina felt herself getting wet at the sight. The porn rabbit hole she had fallen down had led straight to gay, man-on-man porn. Her dirty secret obsession had become watching gay porn. Watching men pleasure each other had become her thing, and she especially fallen in love with the moment when her porn turned into cock on cock action. What she was seeing here turned her on even more. There was no way she would want those massive porno dicks on the screen doubling up inside her own anus, but the thought of her body being the means by which two men fucked eachother was turning her on more than she could have imagined.

As she felt her hand move to her crotch she caught herself. She quietly backed out of the apartment. She would have to think about how to deal with this situation, but first, she had to get back home, just one floor up, and dildo fuck the horniness out of her system. She needed a clear head, but right now, all she could think about was cock. Multitudes of big hard cocks.



After having led herself to several rapid orgasms, Martina had showered and formulated a plan.

She did a quick check through her records and noticed that he had been one of her better tenants. Late on the rent a few times, but only because he seemed to be so busy with his studies and multiple part time jobs that he simply forgot what day of the week it was. She decided to slip a note under the door to Apartment 15:

Alex in Apt.15

I was unable to perform the monthly inspection on your living quarters today, stop by tomorrow, morning to noon, to arrange a walk through. Some things I’d like to discuss with you.

Landlady Martina, Apt.19, Level 5.

Returning to her apartment Martina sat herself in her living room. Her table was not as messy as Alex’s had been, but she did have some maintenance paperwork and bills laid out in neat piles next to her laptop. It was on her computer that she was focused though, and she began to search for the type of porn she had witnessed hours earlier just one floor beneath her.

A lot of the videos she was discovering were trashy at first. Ugly porno sluts that were fucked roughly by massive, unrealistic porno dicks. Some of these tiny little whores were taking three huge cocks in their arseholes. While she found herself aroused by the cocks, she couldn’t get past the idea that these videos were just an excuse for the guys to get off on eachother. The slut taking them all lacked any real sex appeal, and the camera angles constantly focused on closeups of the dicks themselves. The real problem she had with it though was that the dicks in the video did not look that great either. They were not artfully, even lovingly displayed, the way they were in the gay pornos she had been getting off on. She had become accustomed to a certain standard, and these extreme gangbangs just were not living up to it.

She kept searching until she stumbled across a lower quality vintage video. A sexy, husky brunette from what looked to be the 90’s. She was taking three men, and while they weren’t the monsters of today’s porn, there was something about the way this woman held two of them together at a time while sucking them, and then taking a double dose into her pussy. It was like she was truly loving almanbahis giriş those cocks, not just “getting fucked.”

Martina found herself getting aroused again and was about to reach down to her pussy when there was a knock at her door.

She quickly slapped her laptop screen closed and called out “Who is it?”

“It’s Alex. From 15? You left me a note?”

Her heart skipped a beat. She felt giddy as if she were a school girl, caught red handed in the middle of her mischief.

Martina took a deep breath and went to answer the door.

Alex was standing there, sheepish and uncertain.

Martina: “The note said tomorrow…”

Alex: “I know but, I have a class in the morning and it said you had some things you wanted to discuss. I figure it best to get that out of the way now than leave it to play in my head just before class.”

Martina looked him over for a moment. He was about six feet tall with a slim, athletic build. He was handsome enough, but not a pretty boy by any means. She liked what she saw. She remembered now when she had interviewed him regarding his willingness to stay on in the building over a year ago. She remembered that he had had a charming little smile that she liked the look of.

She gestured with her eyes that he come on in. She closed the door behind him and followed him down the short hallway to the living room. She eyed his ass. He wore well fitted jeans that showed he had a tight and firm backside.

Martina: “Take a seat.”

Martina thought to herself, the timing of this was almost too perfect, as if her plan was already playing out exactly how she had hoped it would, only now there was no time to reconsider if she should go through with it or not. No time to sleep on it and back out. She was in the moment and it felt right.

Martina: “Want something to drink?”

Alex: “Ahh… sure, okay.”

Martina: “Please, take a seat.”

He sat in the chair opposite the one she had been occupying before the knock at her door. Standing behind him in the open kitchen area, Martina poured a glass of red wine, spiked with a liberal dash of bourbon and a slice of lemon, then walked over to stand right at his side and hand him his drink. She returned to the kitchen to pour another glass of her own.

Alex: “Oh, I wasn’t expecting it to be…”

Martina: “Do you like living in this building Alex?”

Alex: “Uh, yeah, sure.” He turned in his seat to face her. “Why? Is something happening to this place?”

Martina: “What is it, specifically, that you like?”

Alex: “Umm… well, it’s incredibly convenient. It’s a little closer to my night jobs and it’s close enough to the campus but not too close like the dorms are. That and the extra space is definitely worth it over a shared room, not that I had a bad roomie before, but it’s just nice to have more than just a bed and a shared desk space to live in.”

Martina: “Go on, drink up” she encouraged as she finished garnishing her own drink.

He took a mouthful of his drink and paused as the bourbon kick passed.

Alex: “Woah. That’s… strong.”

Martina: “Is that all you have to say about the benefits of my building?”

Alex: “No. Oh no. This is the only place I want to stay while I’m studying. Ever since you took over the place has become a lot more… uhh…”

Martina: “More what?”

Alex: “… peaceful I guess. No wild little after parties being held downstairs into the early morning hours. No surprise puddles of vomit in the stairwells. It’s kind of respectable now.”

Martina: “I see. Respectable.”

Alex: “Yeah.”

Martina: “You like that do you? A respectable place to live in?” She smiled inwardly but held her neutral poker face in check.

Alex: “Well, yeah of course. It’s so much easier to study here now. When I moved in it was hit and miss. Sometimes I had to go to the library or even hang in the seats by the running track when I had some serious work to do, but now? Now this place is quiet enough that I can concentrate on whatever I am working on.”

Martina: “And what are you working on Alex?”

Alex: “Like what am I studying? Or what assignment am I currently working on?”

Martina: “Either.”

Alex: “Well, I’m preparing a presentation for my structural engineering class. It’s not that exciting to talk about, but it’s my major and I’m about half-way into it.”

Martina moved to sit back in her original chair, crossed her legs and took what was now her third sip from her drink. She gestured with her eyes that he also take another sip of his own drink. As he did so she noticed his eyes running down her legs, and over her body.

She realised then that she was still wearing her black satin night robe. It was barely 5pm, but thanks to her masturbation session and her extended little afternoon shower, she had already set herself up as though she were staying in for the night. When she had crossed her legs, the robe had slid open to reveal her naked skin, from bare feet almanbahis yeni giriş to safely cover her again half way up her shapely thighs.

Even though her robe was long sleeved and measured down to her ankles, the black satin accentuated the curves she possessed and made her feel sexy inside of it. She had taken care of herself over the years, but reaching her early 40’s her body had grown. While she still felt fit and trim, the reality was that her ass had become a little larger and well rounded. Her breasts once a perky and impressive C cup, now had a slight hang to them that just reinforced what was now a fuller, though not overly large, set of natural D cup tits. She had a subtle yet classic hourglass figure that was clearly on display, what with her robe tightly cinched at the waist.

Martina looked him over and noticed he had gone from quick to talk to an awkward silence.

Martina: “Well, I’m glad to hear you like living here.”

Alex nodded as he took another sip of his drink.

Alex: “So what did you want to specifically want to discuss with me?”

Martina: “Right… what did I want to discuss with you!?!” The bourbon was starting to kick in, and she felt herself loosen up.

Martina pulled her laptop a little closer to her and opened up the lid, then began typing in her password.

Martina: “Respectable.” She said as she pressed the enter key.

The porno she had settled on had paused itself in a glorious moment where the brunette onscreen was lustfully rubbing two cocks against each other right infront of her outstretched tongue. For a moment in her growing tipsy state she examined the look of the woman. She had not noticed it before, but there were some distinctive features she shared with the woman. They both had the same straight, dark brunette hair. They both had a similar Mediterranean look to their eyes and overall face. If anything, had Martina been wearing the same makeup, it would have been easy to confuse her for this woman’s older sister, possibly her mother, or even her older self.

She let out a quiet “huh!” before spinning the laptop around for Alex to see the image onscreen.

She saw his eyes widen in panic. He was frozen in place as his eyes darted from the screen, to her, back and forth, back and forth.

Martina reached over and tapped the space bar to let the video continue playing.

Alex: “I….”

Martina: “Watch it.” She calmly instructed him.

His eyes fixed on the video. She could not see what was going on, but she could hear the audio. The moaning over the 90’s synth porn music. She heard a sleazy man’s voice encouraging the woman to “… suck those two cocks good.”

Martina watched Alex. His hands gripped his glass tight, and then moved down to his lap. She saw that he had hardened beneath his jeans and was trying to hide it.

Martina: “About that inspection…” Alex looked at her, still wide eyed and squirming at the pressure in his pants.

“… I saw exactly what you were doing today.”

He looked right back at her, his mouth had dropped open, wordless.

Martina: “Keep watching.” He looked back at the screen. “So why don’t you show me exactly what you get up to in that peaceful apartment of yours.”

Alex sat there, frozen, not knowing how to react. Martina was so calm, so relaxed, the dominant thought in his mind was that he was about to be evicted for being a pervert. She had gone to such lengths to clean up the building, getting rid of the rowdy students and holding onto the well behaved tenants.

Martina leaned forward and took the glass from Alex’s hands and placed it on the table. She leaned back in her chair and took another sip from her drink.

Martina: “I know this is what you are into. I saw exactly what you were looking at when you were jerking off today.”

Alex: “I…”

Martina: “So just pull your dick out and show me exactly how you would jerk off to this video if you downstairs in 15.”

To spur him into action, Martina lifted the leg she had previously crossed, in a single fluid motion, and reached it forward, pressing her foot into his crotch.

Martina: “Unzip those pants and pull out your cock.” Her foot rubbing against the denim, she could feel his rock hard cock begging to be freed.

Alex lingered for another moment, then grabbed his drink off the table. He downed the remaining half in one gulp, then reached down, desperately ripping his belt apart, tearing the zipper down and pulling out his now rock hard cock.

Martina took in the sight, moving her foot to the base of his dick, pressing her toes into the place just above his balls. His hardon looked nice and full. He was only average sized, maybe 7 inches long, but there was a swollen fullness to him that made her mouth water. His dick reminded her exactly of how all the gay dicks looked in the porn she had been looking at recently.

Martina: “Stroke it.”

She watched. He was uncircumcised and when he pulled the foreskin back to reveal the throbbing head of his dick, she noticed how soft the skin seemed. Soft, smooth skin over a hard dick.

He quickly moved from tentative strokes to firm, fully gripped pumps as his eyes turned from her back to the video on the laptop. His eyes narrowed as his pace quickened.

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