Office Deals Cum and Go

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Yana walked into Anton & Associates wearing for her first week for her new executive assistant position with sincere enthusiasm to break free of her rural upbringing in Kansas. The striking 23 year old red-head was her family’s first college graduate, the product of Russia immigrants determined to make it in an America.

Tan pantyhose ran up her svelte legs from her conservative heels. Her plain, black skirt, though businesslike, featured her well-toned behind. Tendrils of crimson casually graced her milky skin as the remainder of her shoulder-length locks was pulled back with chopsticks.

“Good morning, Yana,” said Anton Pearson, her new boss and CEO of the Boston-based firm. “I have a slew of meetings this morning when you could take care of some of our messages from satellite operations in the Midwest. But after lunch, I was hoping you could help me with a special project for a client in my office.”

“Yes, Mr. Pearson,” replied Yana as she fetched a cup of coffee to get her brain moving. “Would 1:30 work in your schedule or would you prefer another time.” She smiled at her new boss, his dark hair accentuating the handsome face that sat atop his six foot frame. She smelled a faint hint of cologne on his Italian suit and wondered how Ms. Pearson had managed to let him out the door.

“Be there at 1:30 pm sharp,” he replied, focusing on Yana’s blue eyes. “This client has big intentions for our new Asian branch of operations. I know this is your first week, but being accommodating to her is our utmost priority.”

“Consider it done, Mr. Pearson.”

The rest of Yana’s morning was relatively boring in anticipation of meeting the new client. She typed memos, dealt with status report blunders in Chicago and Dubuque, took messages for Mr. Pearson in between getting to know a few of the other office staff.

Yana was particularly amused with the office mail boy, Sean, who was still working his way through Boston University. A native of Worchester, his brogue was as pleasant as his demeanor and the boyish face under his blond crew cut. She enjoyed the slight scent of Ralph Lauren cologne that he dabbed on his neck.

Yana caught him admiring the ample cleavage peeking out from under her sheer silk, blue blouse, the neckline forming a vee from her top button. He was kind enough for being a 20-year-old frat boy. He even politely tried to kiss Yana’s hand as she pulled away and accidentally grazed esat escort his hard stomach.

“I hear your summoned to work on a special project with our new client in Chiner,” Sean said. “Tha lady seems like a real pro, but she’s a little intimidating. I’ll probably have to interrupt ya with the afternoon packages that come in.”

“I could probably use levity to deal with the testosterone in the room,” replied Yana. “It’s only my first week and I got to help with some major negotiations”

“You’ll be fine,” Sean said as he gave her hourglass figure a once over. “Probably a lot better than the last assistant. She was wicked uptight.”

Sean glanced at Yana’s C-cup breasts as they strained against her blouse. Her blue eyes met his before he looked away. A flush of rose hit her otherwise ivory cheeks as she curved her red lips into a smile and repositioned her legs under her skirt. She tucked a strand of red behind her left ear and slyly responded, “I certainly hope you make an appearance.”

Sean just winked after he slew a box off his cart and continued through the office.

At 1:30 Yana knocked at Mr. Pearson’s door, she stopped upon entering and seeing a 5-foot Chinese woman with a pixie haircut sitting on Pearson’s desk clothed only in a silk robe. Yana felt a stirring between her legs when she saw that Mr. Pearson was kneeling before the pixie, still clothed, but with the toes on her left foot in his mouth. Up the Chinese woman’s graceful calves and muscular thighs, Yana could see her swollen labia peek through the robe, the lips on her mouth slightly parted in a gasp of pleasure.

“Yana!” Mr. Pearson said as he noticed her enter. He placed his partner’s foot on the floor as he turned around. “I want to introduce you to Sun Lee, the special envoy negotiating for our East Asian operations.”

“Mr. Pearson, I’m not sure what you had in mind for this afternoon, but I don’t think that this is an appropriate way to cultivate our international business,” Yana responded.

“You just haven’t been properly orientated yet, darlin’,” said a Massachusetts-accented voice behind her.

Before she could turn around, a strong arm gripped around her waist and a built body pressed against her back. A warm set of lips grazed her left ear when she realized the familiar Ralph Lauren scent of Sean. She felt her legs grow weak as her body melted in his dominant warmth.

“Sean, etimesgut escort what are you talking about? What’s going on?” she cried in an alarm that betrayed her inner rush of excitement. She struggled against him as he unbuttoned her thin top and grasped his other hand against her bra-covered breast.

Mr. Pearson, meanwhile went back to tracing his tongue the arch in Sun Lee’s foot. She giggled as her one hand drifted down to the rosebud between her legs, the other tweaking her left nipple. She leaned forward to wave her cum-covered hand in front of Mr. Pearson’s face, right before he sucked in her juices off the finger tips as they continued to play.

Still holding Yana, Sean whispered how he hoped she would be more cooperative than the last executive assistant. Yana merely responded with a slight whimper as she pressed her behind into his crotch with a tension that ran through her thighs. Sean briskly turned Yana around, penetrating her lips with his tongue. She gave into her desires, wrapping her right leg around his waist and returned his kiss as her arms wrapped around him. Juices flowed from the nether region between her milky thighs.

Mr. Pearson bent Ms. Lee over his desk, shucking his trousers before he brought his member against her shaven slit. Her mouth quivered, the right side of her face pressing against the top of the desk. She began to wiggle her hips and squeeze her slim A-Cup breasts with her hands, pinching the small brown nipples as Mr. Pearson nuzzled the tip of his cock against her clitoris.

“Ok, you win 53.3% of all operations in Yuang province, just fill me up now!” shouted Sun. With that, Mr. Pearson thrust his 8 inches into her slit, one quick movement making Sun wince in pain as her reddened lips enveloped his throbbing member.

Sean tore through Yana’s pantyhose and pushed her thong aside before penetrating his middle finger into the folds of her glistening vagina, her ivory thighs clasping around his hand. He ran his teeth along her ear as the tuft of red hair framing her labia became saturated by her juices. Sean got rougher with her vagina, tearing it slightly as he put up to three fingers inside. A trickle of red mixed in with Yana’s cum, pouring out of her slit as she cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure.

After Mr. Pearson came in Sun, she sat on the desk with her thighs apart as cum dripped out of her womb. With a satisfied etlik escort nod, he beaconed Sean to seal the new deal with China.

Sean picked up Yana with ease and slung her over her shoulder. Her damp legs fell slack against his chest, her juices dampening his shirt. He set her prostrate on the desk next to Sun, Yana’s ample breasts resting against the top as Sean removed her sensible heels. With one arm, Sean picked up the Slavic beauty so that she was standing before the Chinese mistress, legs about 1.5 feet apart.

“You must eat Mr. Pearson’s cum so your honorable company may produce its stock in our nation,” Sun said.

Though her body sweetly ached, Yana demurred with a slight nod before bending forward toward Sun’s now slightly swollen lips. She caught the sheen of white cum oozing out with a slight flick of her tongue. Sun began caressing her breasts as Yana shyly slurped her bosses cum out of Sun’s vagina, some of it being spread on her soft lips and running down her throat and between her hanging breasts.

As Yana cleaned out Sun, Sean gazed at her shapley behind, still partially hidden by a rumpled skirt and leading down to her powerful thighs. Unable to stand by any longer, he shucked his pants and underwear and maneuvered behind Yana’s bouncing butt. Without a word, he again pushed up Yana’s skirt and inserted his rock-hard penis into her wet vagina, pumping with a quickening pace.

Surprised at first, Yana wrapped herself in the erotic situation and began nibbling on Sun’s clitoris. Sun tweaked her nipples as bolts of electricity ran up from the redhead’s skilled tongue to her stomach, to her chest. Yana’s vagina gripped Sean’s member harder as she felt herself and him approaching an explosion. As cum shot out of Sun, Sean burst as his sperm shot up into Yana’s tiring pussy. Yana gasped as the fullness of Sean’s cum hit her g-spot and her legs began to shake.

Cum dripped out of Yana’s womb as they all took a dizzy step back from their sex, Sean standing next to Mr. Pearson as Yana lie down with her back on the floor, legs slightly appart. With gasping breath, Sun got down off the desk and brought her sultry lips over to Yana’s pubis. She lapped up Sean’s come , licking Yana’s clitoris as soft moans came from her mouth.

Sean quickly put his clothes back on as he got back to work. Sun and Yana, meanwhile nestled and spooned on the floor of the office, while Mr. Pearson put on his pants.

“Yana, you were perfect,” Mr. Pearson said with a grin. “Will you escort Sun back to her hotel and keep her company before she flies back tomorrow? You can take the rest of the day off campus.”

After a sigh, Yana said, “It would be my pleasure.”

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