Office Quarantine – Week 3

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Monday. I had spent the weekend wondering what was going to happen when we all returned to work on Monday. I had pleasured myself so many times my clit was sore with the work-out thinking of all the possibilities of the coming week. I strode confidently into the office and greeted the boys with a smile. It was clear Simon had informed them of my escapades in my office. Their grins widened as they took in my frame. In anticipation of what I hoped would be an eventful day, I had worn the shortest, tightest mini skirt I owned. The taunt navy fabric barely covered my arse. If I bent over it definitely would not have. I complimented the look with a loose white cotton blouse that was relatively see-through, especially since I wore my black lacy bra underneath.

The boys kept finding reasons to enter my office throughout the day. Jason brought me files that I really didn’t need. He placed them on my glass desk, leaning over to view my legs under the table. The bulge in his pants told me he liked what he saw. The full length of my legs was clearly visible, with my skirt exposing a hint of pink silk from my underwear. Jason gulped before catching my eyes and leaving the room.

Matt came in to ask a question that there was no way I would know the answer to. He stood at the doorway, with a clear view of my crossed legs under my desk. Keeping his gaze, I relaxed my knees letting them fall apart and giving Matt a glimpse of my silk clad pussy. The idea of these guys seeing more of me had made me wet and Matt could see my excitement on the pink silk. He took a moment, breathed deep, then returned to the conference room.

It was lunchtime before Simon came into the office. He brought me a coffee just the way I liked it, two sugars, lots of froth. He walked around the table to stand behind me. Leaning over my shoulder he placed the mug on the desk beside my hand. As he pulled back his fingers grazed my arm and my breast. I pushed my chest into his hand, willing him to touch me more. He grasped my breast in his hand, squeezing the flesh beneath my blouse. My eyes closed and I relaxed in the chair, my head falling back onto his chest. His other hand moved to grab my waiting breast, kneading and moulding it in time with the other. He pinched my nipples between his fingers and pulled them away from my body. I moaned, which only served to encouraged him more as he squeezed harder.

I moved my hands behind my chair to find his crotch. I could feel the hardening muscle constrained by the jeans he had chosen to wear today. Boardshorts would have worked so much better. My hand massaged the lump as he continued to play rough with my breasts. I leaned my head back further to look into his eyes and licked my lips. He smiled and spun my chair around so I was facing him, at the perfect height. He resumed the assault on my breasts as I freed his hard cock from his jeans. It was a beautiful muscle. Circumcised, neatly trimmed, with a bulbous head that begged to be sucked.

Grabbing the hard pole by the shaft I leaned in and licked the tip and slit of his knob. He shuddered and moved his hands to my head, attempting to apply pressure. I resisted. I wanted this to be a slow torture for him. Turning my head to the side, my lips began a slow glide down his shaft. My hand moved to the base and cupped his balls, gently massaging while applying light pressure. He whimpered. I smiled. My lips widened around the shaft of his cock, giving way for my tongue to lick the length of him. My teeth nipped the skin as my mouth travelled back down his cock. I replaced my mouth with my hand, squeezing and milking the pole, looking up at him, my mouth hovering over his knob.

As our eyes met, I plunged his cock deep into my throat. He groaned, his hands returning to my head, fingers interlaced güvenilir bahis in my hair. He grabbed a clump as I began the slow crawl up his cock before diving back down. His knob butted the back of my throat making me gag briefly before my throat relaxed and I took all of him in. My tongue began its own assault, lashing his cock as I began to suck on the rod in my mouth. I kept my eyes on him. My eyes locked with his. My hand ringed the base of his cock, strangling the pole. My free hand moved around to his muscular butt, fingers digging into the flesh through the jeans, as I pulled him towards me. His head fell back resting on the window, his mouth opened as a cry escaped his lips. My tongue concentrated on his shaft as my hand massaged the base and my mouth sucked harder on his cock. Everything tightened, his balls, his grip on my hair, my hand on his stiff pole. He groaned as he came, shooting his cum down my throat.

I held onto him, taking all he had to give me. As he began to relax, I sucked his spent cock, making him jump at the sensation. My tongue licked the tip as my lips slid up the length of him, making sure I had cleaned him completely of our fun. His cock popped out of my mouth and I licked my lips, staring up at him. His faced was flushed, his eyes glazed over. I tucked his softening cock back into his jeans, before turning back to my desk. I resumed my work, drinking the cool coffee he had brought me. Simon readjusted his clothes and staggered out of my office to the waiting guys. I sat at my desk with a cheeky grin for the rest of the day. I took care of myself when I got home.

Tuesday. Mood killer and a half. The CEO of the company decided to make an appearance today. He caught the boys off guard, walking into the conference room where the boys were sitting in their boardshorts discussing yesterday’s events. Edward instructed the boys to return to their desks and change into more appropriate attire for the workplace. The boys hurried off to change and promptly returned to their work stations.

Edward entered my office and closed the door. His solid build was visible under his business suit. The short beard under his lips made him look mature and experienced. I handed him the progress reports. His gaze lingered on my chest for longer than usual, my blouse open to show off my bosom. I looked up at him under my eyelashes and gave him a cheeky smile. His eyes bore into me, I had to look away. He smiled and walked out of my office. At the end of the day Edward announced he would be returning on Thursday for a full day of conferences with the accounting departments across all hubs.

Wednesday. Not wanting to risk being caught looking unprofessional again, the boys were back in their business suits when they entered the office. I had worn a long flowing skirt with a tight vest-type top which pushed my breasts upward, almost out. I greeted the boys as they came into the office space and sat at their desks. The mood had definitely changed since Edward’s sudden appearance the day before. Though the thought of getting caught doing… things made me wet, the boys seemed less interested. Or so I thought.

The day progressed as a normal workday would have. Each working at their respective desks. Minimal discussions. The boys had a quick lunch in the lunchroom before returning to their stations and resuming the days preparations for the conferences tomorrow. I had my own files to consolidate in anticipation of the meetings ahead. By midday I was feeling tight and needed a break. I stretched my back and arms before heading to the Ladies to freshen my face.

I was bent over the sink splashing water on my face as I felt a hand travel up the inside of my leg. Looking in the mirror I saw Matt smiling at me. His hand rested just below my pussy as he güvenilir bahis siteleri looked at me with a quizzical look. I smiled back. He moved in closer and resumed the journey, his hand cupping my pantie clad pussy. With one hand on my back, pushing me over he began to rub my pussy through the thin cotton material. I pushed my hips back onto his hand, spreading my legs to give him more access. His finger found my clit and began to tap the sensitive nub. My pussy gushed saturating my panties. He moaned. I moaned.

He turned me to face him, lifting me up on the counter and positioning himself between my legs. He traced his hand over my breasts, pulling one, then the other out of the vest. Bringing his mouth down he sucked a nipple into his mouth, biting the flesh. I arched my back, pushing my chest into him. His finger played a beat on my clit as he tugged hard on the nipple. I whimpered. I moved my hands to grab his cock, but he pushed them aside. Lifting my skirt up he exposed my blue panties, drenched in my excitement. Hooking his fingers into the lacy elastic my panties slid down my legs and onto the floor.

I opened my mouth, licking my lips, panting for the cock I was expecting. Matt dropped to his knees. He ran his finger along my slit, glancing my clit, making me jump. I moaned again. His finger parted my lips and hovered at my pussy. Leaning in he sucked my clit into his mouth as he drove two fingers deep into my pussy. I closed my eyes and savoured the sensations. It had been so long since I was eaten, I knew this wouldn’t take long. Matt held his fingers buried inside me, wiggling and bending the digits to play with the sensitive walls of my pussy. His tongue flickered over my clit while his mouth covered the mound. He alternated between sucking the nub hard and flicking it with his tongue. Each change made my body shake and jump and cause fresh juice to escape.

Matt slid another finger inside me and began pumping my pussy. The friction of his hand and the pulsing of the tongue on my clit brought me to an intense orgasm. My body convulsed on his face and fingers. I tried to straighten up, but Matt would not let go. His fingers continued to fuck me, sliding a fourth finger into my sensitive pussy. He sucked on my clit, burying his face in my snatch. His other hand held my hips in place. My head clouded with the intense feelings radiating from my groin. My toes curled in my heels. I clenched my fists and began to bite my arm trying to control the burning electricity growing in my pussy.

Matt doubled down on my clit, nibbling the small nerve cluster. It took all my strength and control not to scream. Seeing my reaction Matt drove his fist into my saturated cunt. I came again, violently, hands clenched, nails digging into my palms. My body shook so much I thought I would fall off the counter. Matt held my hips, his fist still deep inside me. His tongue applying pressure to my clit. As I came down, my mind clearing, he rotated his hand. A small cry escaped my lips and my pussy spasmed.

Slowly he removed his fist and licked my pussy, savouring the juices. I shiver. Matt retrieved my panties from the floor, wiping his hand on the cloth. He smiled at me and left the toilet, leaving me on the counter panting, without underwear. I splashed my face again before leaving the Ladies and returning to my desk. The boys smiled knowing I was naked under the skirt. I sat, gingerly on my chair. My pussy still throbbing from the fisting I had received.

Thursday. Edward was back in the office today. The boys were occupied for the whole day in various meetings. Working alone at me desk I had visions and memories of Matt’s skilful tongue and Simons hard cock. I had never taken a fist before and it excited me for the possibilities to come. Edward iddaa siteleri announced that he would be returning to the office from Monday to Thursday for the coming weeks. I felt empty as I left the office at the end of the day and saddened thinking the fun was about to stop.

Friday. It was the apparent last day that fun could be had in the office. I dressed for the occasion wearing the tan mini skirt that flared when I turned, exposing the white lacy g-string that barely cover my pussy. I had arrived before the boys and sat at my desk with my knees open giving them a full view as they walked into the workspace. Simon nudged Jason and directed his attention in my direction. I kept my head down, pretending not to notice, a wry smile forming on my lips.

Throughout the day I could see the boys looking into my office. Matt and Simon would poke Jason as though to encourage action from him, but he did nothing. Jason seemed to wave away any idea of instigating sexual activity. Lunch came and went. Nothing. I walked around the office area twirling as I turned, making sure the boys got a full view of my shaved pussy dressed up in white lace just for them. Nothing.

The day was ending when I had finally given up, disappointed that the last day of fun would go by uneventfully. Simon and Matt stood at my door, smiled, waved goodbye and left. Jason remained in the office, his back towards me. I returned my coffee cup to the lunchroom and prepared to leave for the night. To save walking back around my desk I leaned over to retrieve my laptop. I could feel a breeze on my arse as it was exposed to the doorway. My breasts lightly touched the glass table causing the nipples to become erect and fresh juice lubricate my pussy. Wasted.

Strong hands grabbed my hips. The thin material of the g-string was pulled to the side and I felt the immediate pressure of a large organ pushed into my pussy. A cry of excitement and pain escaped my lips as I was stretched by the large cock driving into my cunt. A hand slid from my hip over my back and up to my head. Jason leaned over my body to grab a handful of my hair, pushing his cock deeper inside me. With his full cock embedded within he began to rotate his hips, grinding my pussy. I bit my lip through the pain as his movements seemed to loosen my snatch.

As my muscles relaxed, he pulled back on the hair in his fist like a bridle, pulling my head up and back. The hand on my hip slid down to the small of my back, applying downward pressure. My back was forced into an arch, pushing my hips back onto his crotch. Holding me in this position he began to pound my pussy. His thick cock assaulted me with each demanding thrust, slamming in deeper, spreading me wide.

His heavy balls slapped my clit sending electricity radiating throughout my body. I gasped at the force of his thrusts. Pleasure and pain mixed into one delicious feeling. His hips slowed but he didn’t let go. He gently pulled his cock out of my pussy. I breathed deep feeling both relieved and empty. It was short lived. He gripped harder on my hair, pulling my head back till I was straining my throat and hammered my pussy with such force I thought the desk would break. His hips pounded his hard, thick cock into me. The onslaught of his thrusts sped up until he stiffened. His cock withdrew from my bruised pussy as he shot his cum over my bare arse. Spurt after spurt dribbled down into the small of my back and soaked my mini skirt.

My eyes were closed, my cheek resting against the cold glass of my desk, my panting breath fogged up the glass. I could feel a breeze at my arse once more. Looking through the desk I could only see my feet at the edge of the desk. My body ached from the pummelling I had just received. I reached forward and retrieved the toy from my desk. Still lying on the glass, I moved the vibrations to my clit. Within seconds my body shook with a tension relieving orgasm.

I gathered my thoughts, breathed deeply, slowly lifted my abused body off the desk, and gingerly left the office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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